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No one was here when we drove by..............

Military Checkpoint 29.03354, -114.15109

We stayed in the first pullout in the road in our van. Saw a sign that said “no motor vehicles” but we were not bothered. Held elk calling in the night and the views of the stars was magical! We would stay here again

Johnson Lake trailhead 44.80376, -111.14865

Nice hotel, currently under construction works but the rooms are really nice and spacious. the shower is hot and great pressure and they have a kitchen, although I couldn't see a stove only a kettle. no wifi as far as I could tell. 12000 CLP for 1 person for 1 night.

Hotel Zanelli -19.99431, -69.77167

Good for the night. Reasonably private. We seem to d the only ones. A couple of trains rumbled by, but it was a gentle noise. Didn’t bother us?!

Next to rail tracks 55.24471, -127.59446

Stayed a block or two west of here, arrived at dark and had brews and food at Fort George - highly recommend! It was pretty noisy - trains running, traffic, and garbage trucks around 3:30am (Monday morning). Next time I’ll try to find something a little further out.

Crash n bash 46.18870, -123.82432

Abandoned(?) particular house, next to the road. Anti rain. Big spaces.
Casa abandonada(?) sin usar junto a la carretera, la puerta se encontraba abierta, hablé pero nadie respondía. Con agua, espacio para acampar y salida a la playa

3303 Unused House 14.66590, -92.36860

Beautiful laguna
Paved road from San Pedro except for the last 8km which is a good gravel road, had no issue with our 2WD van
Buy tickets in Socaire (10.000/person for foreigners)

laguna Miscanty and Miniques -23.74544, -67.78911

Day use Area

A wonderful place with a great view of picnic tables around and the toilet

ein wundervoller Platz mit super Aussicht
Picknicktische ringsherum und Toilette

Coleman Creek 52.10931, -116.97214

It's very nice here. Surrounded by mountains. were canoeing. The forest fire smog by Jasper has enveloped the mountains.

es ist sehr schön hier. umgeben von Bergen. waren Kanu fahren. der Waldbrand Smog von Jasper hat die Berge umhüllt.

Preacher's Point recreation area 52.09062, -116.42288

Vente de propane en service continu grâce au motel à côté

Alignement UHaul 42.31766, -111.30693

Must use to book sites now. You can get on free WiFi at Visitors Center and book site for that day. Price in 2022 are 24 and with Sr pass 12.

Elk Mountain Campground (NPS) 43.56732, -103.49660

I'm surprised this warning mentions Sunday traffic. We drove in on a Sunday and it was quite okay. No massive delays, crowded, but most cars stuck to their "lane". We were told by the Lomas campsite Sunday is a good day to drive because of less traffic. We ended up staying at the airport though because the route was much easier.
As for weekdays a tour guide told us to avoid the roads before 8 or 9 am and after 6 pm, then is the most traffic.

Sunday Traffic Delay 3 Hours -16.49998, -68.17427

Arrived after dark, around 7 or 8 others staying the night. Pretty quiet night, got a good rest.

Bruhel Point 39.59927, -123.78461

Stayed 1 night. Still free!! A lot of place, little bit noisy because of the truck traffic.

SITLA and State Sovereign Land 38.74583, -109.73239

Large open lighted, dirt lot for trucks and large RVs. Smaller RVs could be in paved lot.
Hard to find a level parking space. Needed to shim tires. Low road noise at the back of lot.

Ohkay Casino 36.03337, -106.06134

Very nice campground, only $20/night for electric only. Not a ton of spots and they are all very close together. Very clean and safe, great place to stay if you are in Des Moines. All sites must be reserved online. I booked only 1 hour before arriving and there were still a couple spots available on a Thursday night in September.

Walnut Woods State Park 41.54199, -93.74039

Paved parking lot, right off the highway. Picnic table and port-a-potty on site. Arrived late, left early, had no issues. We did hear some fishermen arrive around 5:30am.

Garrison's Lake Boat Ramp 39.24238, -75.58785

Stayed here twice and no issues. Nice to have the 24 hr store access

Super 1 Foods 48.36954, -114.21091

Large campground,wide variety of campgrounds,most of which have electric and water hookups. Tent only sites some are beautiful lakefront sites.
A day use group picnic area available for reservations (125 guests).
30amp electricity, boat ramp,fish cleaning station, playground and hiking trails. 2 nice sandy beaches Center Hill Lake

Floating mill campground 36.04437, -85.76539

Great place to sleep the night. Gorgeous sunset and sunrise. Walking trails right near by. Please keep this place clean so they allow us to use it as it’s beautiful.

Parking north cape 47.05678, -63.99549

3 parking areas all within 200 feet of each other, the Marcy Field trailhead is no camping but the other two areas are fine. Both have picnic tables and are riverside. the trailhead and the northern parking area have restrooms available. Have good internet on both TMobile and ATT which is sparse in this area. Traffic until about 10pm starts back at around 6am. The southern parking area is wide open, had solid charge on my solar panels. large gas station with store about 10 minutes north of here.

Marcy Field 44.21798, -73.78673

Best private room we found in the meadows for 2500 roupis per night. Others were around 5000 per night
Pakistani clean room and linen
Electricity avaible 24h, hot water in the morning
Restaurant on site, Maaz (the owner) is a very nice guy and have lots of stories to tell

The Public House 35.38503, 74.57946

There is a sign outside saying 'Closed. No accommodation.'

Nomad’s Land -34.35212, 18.91317

Beautiful campsite
Perfect place to relax
The owner, Mauricio, is friendly and very helpful. He helped us repair our water tap and founds us a mechanic in town

Andes Nomads, Desert Camp & Lodge -22.98168, -68.18314

This is a boat launch site with a couple picnic tables, a couple park benches, a porta-john toilet and a faucet for fresh water on the end by the shrubs. All potential camp spots will need leveling blocks, and there are probably 4 places to camp.

Only 40 feelt from the paved road, so there is noise. We've camped next to the TCH and had less traffic than this road. And it goes all night long too. and at this time of year really loud farm harvest equipment is traveling back and forth late into the evening.

There were four vehicles here with boat trailers when we arrived. All left by the time it got dark.

This is farm country, there is a definite smell of barnyard on this calm, warm night.

Not much else in this area for free, so it is nice that it exists. We picked up a lot of trash, despite their being a litter bin and a recycling bin. Please clean up after yourself, since your mother isn't doing it anymore.

Descente bateau st damase 45.49248, -72.98137

very difficult to go there (awd is better) and a lot of noisy Motocross during the day.

pas evident d'y voir accès, sans awd et beaucoup de motocross la journée..

Near the river 46.29561, -74.29094

For many miles northbound this is the only rest area with pit toilets. Unfortunately no trash.

Gulkana River Salmon Spawning Viewpoint 63.10153, -145.49150

Not level, no privacy. Good for a break but not ideal for overnight stays.

Rest Area with a view 63.08988, -145.64023

Only regular gasoline. NO DIESEL. It is best if you call ahead as availability is not guaranteed. 907 388 63 61

MacLaren River Lodge Gas 63.11942, -146.53222

A widely popular spot with locals for ATVs, jet skis, swimming etc. You won't have any trouble finding a spot to camp either waterside or tucked away. We arrived on Sunday and there were loads of people but only 2 or 3 stayed the night. The only problem was rhe mosquitos, they drove us into our cars/tents at about 8pm. They were relentless, even in the morning! If you have a shelter with a net you need to bring it with you :)

Lafarge pond 49.71464, -96.25232

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