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Beautiful. Offroad MC, or cyclists only.

Harbour camping spot for tents only 58.99790, 11.12832

As described, beautiful view. MC or cyclists only.

Harbour camping spot for tents only 58.99789, 11.12836

Wrong coordinates. The place is s probably north of saltfjellet close to the Swedish border.

Langvatnet, Junkerdalen 65.21766, 12.05109

It is a place to fix vehicles or even sleep for days while the requested part arrives!!! It has electrical, mechanical and general services or consultancies for all types of light or heavy vehicles.
Es un lugar para arreglar los vehículos o inclusive dormir por días mientras llega el repuesto solicitado!!!

cuenta con servicios o asesorías eléctricas, mecánica y en general para todo tipo de vehículos livianos o pesados.

Taller Don Carlos 1.90634, -75.80542

Free parking places near the park of the rehabilitation center. But there are five lanterns that illuminate the whole night. Otherwise very quiet and secluded.

free parking - BMX trail, therapy centre 49.57817, 10.86664

overnight camping - campervan plus a 4x4

Home Hill caravan park -19.66225, 147.41817
Homeguinho Pelo Mundo

local tranquilo de semana aos fina de semana bastante movimento

Praia da Barra/Barra's beach -2.75886, -42.26356

Lloyd Inman Memorial Park, free parking, washroom, changing room. Nice and clean, lots of picnic tables with shade covers and some partly indoors.

Canoe Cove beach, Lloyd Inman Memorial Park 46.14726, -63.30394

Camping was open. It's first Come first serve and it's 16,75$.

Belly River 49.02548, -113.68623

Leaving Tz entering Burundi. Very quick and easy exit. Customs on your Right (it’s the first house/building you see. They take one of your TIP forms (you should have gotten 2 when entering Tz).

Then you can walk across to the Immigration side- across the road. Where they stamp you out of Tz.

Took about 15 minutes.

Get in your car and drive down the hill towards Burundi border.

There is a sign the tells you to switch to the Right side of the road- very helpful!

Manyovu -4.44145, 29.76696

Nice spot for a couple days. Seems fairly quiet and not many people around today. If you are passing by I would say give it a try. I am in 24 ft RV.

Rough Creek Park 32.41918, -97.78624

We shipped to Mumbai and they did the clearance for us.
-If you want to pay 2000 usd for customs clearance, go to Seco/Sadikally
-if you want to wait 3.5 weeks to get your car, go to Seco/Sadikally
-if you want to work with people who lie to you go to Seco/Sadikally
-if you to work with people who doesn't hang on to any agreements you made with them, go to Seco/Sadikally

SECO shipping services 18.93750, 72.83444

Good facilities. Recommend trying to book online as only just got in (were 3 vehicles though). Good campsite, busy.

Addo Elephant National Park Main Camp -33.44443, 25.74450

day use only sign posted here, and close to civilization

Coastal Dunes Parking Lot 43.66052, -124.20724
Brooke Beckwith

Great covered area that was clean and had plenty of space for our tent and bicycles.

Villagarzon #10 1.08468, -76.71041

Easy lake access, some road noise but beautiful!

Hidden Pullout next to street 47.95493, -114.03475

Fantastic views, very peaceful but popular. Had a car follow us up… first come first served…. Sorry mate! Lots of blow down trees sawn off some at road level, some at van height…9-10 feet. Bit tricky with a high roof 170, but the road is in good shape.

Hood Canal / Mt. Rainier Overlook 47.52761, -123.14548

Gravel Road that was very well maintained (we have a little ford C-Max energy car) and it handled with no issues, the site was sandy and great for tent camping with a semisoft bottom. the sunrise was beautiful overlooking a bunch of candle (fenced in) about a mile away. no water or amenities available and no shade etc. we did notice holes in the ground , maybe snakes ? but didn't see any present during our overnight stay. the train was about 50 yards away from the site so if that is an issue for you then this is definitely not a spot for you.

conclusion: overall a good spot and I would recommend this location.

Note: the app won't allow me to include photos for some reason sorry.

Lovelock Wild Camping 40.01868, -118.66884

Kinda cramped for more that 1 or 2 vehicles. I would suggest going on down to Whitsett, near the ballfields. Quite little place night lights and more secure.

Trailhead Parking Allegheny Passage 40.08874, -79.72944

future camp spot, Highway 108 long barn and strawberry

Wooded spot 37.56243, -122.05392

future camp spot Highway 108 strawberry and leavitt lake

Large dispersed camping off of 3N96 37.56241, -122.05394

Great spot to park for the night! Bathrooms were out of order when we were there but great stay overall, being down by the marina cut through the summer heat. Nice little small town to check out too, nice coffee shop near the marina if you end up needing a bathroom in the morning.

5th St Marina 33.47609, -81.95942

Decent accommodation in Clanwilliam
Single beds and double beds. Rooms as well as duplex units.

Haus Muller Accommodation -32.17656, 18.89318

endroit magnifique! coucher de soleil à couper le souffle
parfait pour tente, parfois venteux puisque c'est un cap rocheux.

apportez votre bois, endroits pour feu disponibles :)

baignade matinale dans l'océan, quoi demander de mieux!

Grand Étang Coast 46.55906, -61.03693

parfait pour les pièces d'import japonaises.

huge parts store Ford, Mazda, Motorcraft 7.12607, -73.12855

Campsite in the woods close to Otterlo. Good location for accessing the National Park De Hoge Veluwe. Cycle tourers do not need to book in advance, they guarantee a place.

Beek en Hei 52.09372, 5.76988

14,000 pesos for two bags of laundry. Picked up the next day. Laundry is nice and clean.

Lavanderia -18.47896, -70.31726

Gas station. YPF is an Argentine multinational oil and gas company

YPF -23.40131, -66.36722

Such a beautifull place. Spent 1 night. Perfect for our Bclass. Great beach and scenary!

Sandy cove beach 44.49870, -66.09853

Nice Camp ground available to get to buy car but easer to Walk to

Camp next to the Rock 47.78564, 19.93274

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