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Good place to stay for the night. Completely free. Only a few open spots when we got here, but still very quiet. Decent cell coverage

Rochester Falls 39.90820, -94.69169
A very long Honeymoon

It's still 20+8soles per person and we bought a small carpet for 25s and some coffee, bread and ice for 25s because we were expected to buy something. The tour was a bit inpersonal because I think we didn't visit his familys island but another one where he did not show us around. Also the tour took only 1.5 hours or so. But all of this is probably related to the festival that was happening the same time in town and that many people from the island went to visit (but he could have mentioned this when we booked). Having said that the whole concept and lifestyle is very interesting and we would still do the tour again even though we were slightly disappointed after reading all of the rave reviews about having an authentic insight on his familys island.

Departure Uros tour -15.81667, -69.99106

Looks like the hole for dumping is still there but no water anymore.
Le trou pour vidanger semble fonctionnel mais l'eau n'est plus disponible

Verner Arena 46.40847, -80.11602

A little oasis in the middle of a city. The family is totally friendly and helpful and can even speak a little English. There were hot showers and a super clean bathroom. We felt very comfortable and safe here. the campground has a big gate, plenty of shaded areas, portable water, electricity and WiFi was also available. We paid 285 MXN per night for our van and two people. if you stay 7 nights you only pay for 5.

Los Pinos RV Trailer Park 21.48121, -104.89325

We spent the night at the beach, it was very calm and no one around. There was no wind in the evening and at night. There is a trash bin but I think it’s better to take all your garbage with you. Really cute friendly birds in the morning.

Península -39.55995, -69.23096

A busy community park. Steep narrow road in, was fine in our 24ft RV but best not to meet another car on the way up! Lots of parking places. Kids playground. Toilets locked at night. Occasional train noise.

Thelma Stovall Park 37.26729, -85.88785

There is no camping here, it’s the end of the road and it’s private property.

Camping Las Huellas -39.27121, -68.82072

If the sites on Burnt Lake are occupied (ie holiday weekend), this was a pleasant place to spend a few days. Parking area is next to road, but little traffic. The gem is down a little hill - a pond with a creek burbling into and out of it. Saw 3 moose in the distance. 1 or 2 bars with T-Mobile.

Oasis near Burnt Lake 42.86447, -109.69668
the road to nowhere

stopped here for lunch. Sign clearly indicates 'no camping' - nice spot along a beach for a break though.

Plage Anse MchInnis 48.18054, -64.94234

We asked the staff in the park if we could fill up with drinking water here. Very friendly and their hosepipe reaches the street parking.

Plaza Mercedes -29.18413, -58.07338

Nice place for a break but not allowed to camp

Perfect Lake Beach 67.63622, 15.96550

Quiet spot to spend the night. I rolled in around 10 PM and there were no other vehicles on the road.

Pawnee buttes 40.65526, -104.09672

Really nice place, you can hike here through the canyon and take a dip in the pools for free. How more upstream you go, the water will be warmer. We stayed here for the night aswell with one other overlander, windy but lovely place to stay! The road from San Pedro to here is fine, doable with every rig. Really worth a visit!

Better than Termas de Puritama -22.73830, -68.06247

Petit spot au bord de l'eau et de la route (plutôt passante) et des trains de passage la nuit car proche de la voie ferrée.

Quelque peu achalandé, bruyant

Powder Mill Park 44.77141, -63.60691

We spent a pleasant night here in our Class B. According to the sign, you only have to pay for parking between 8 AM and 9 PM (7 days a week), during which time it is either $5 per hour or $20 for the day. You pay at the nearby machine, where you have to enter your license plate number. We arrived after 9 PM and left before 8 AM, so we didn't pay at all. In high summer, it might be worth paying for, and spending, the whole day here. There's a really nice beach, great cycling and pedestrian trails close at hand.

Stationnement Municipal Du Moulin 45.27185, -72.16056

Big open flat area right on the beach, next to a very nice beach bar restaurant. Room for lots of vehicles van or big truck accessibility 4x4 not required.
Great beach for swimming and fishing, about 10 campers there when we stayed.

Large flat area on the beach. 40.72788, 24.01713

nos quedamos 2 noches, fue seguro y tranquilo, los guardabosques son amigables y te ayudan con lo que necesites. Además hay una linda vista del volcán.

Pie Monte guardiania -0.03719, -78.07263

stayed there for one night. a really kind atmosphere. the owner and his family is very nice and help full.
the price is 15$ per person. if you ask he give you better price
ask for room +98 917 321 9271

Bishapur Eco Lodge 29.79886, 51.61704
Adventures of Staude

wather is clean and runing. top it works.

Chapais 49.77796, -74.84219

amazing view. a little bit difficult to find the way to go up but we managed it !

Hike to Lookout -21.40918, 14.19035

beautiful road with ostriches and springboks. 4x4 necessary. 1h to arrive to messum crater, following the tracks.

Route to Messum Crater -21.25872, 14.44987

Nice views at this rest stop. Pit toilets were ok. No cell. Starlink worked ok-ish (slow). Noise from road and train is not too bad.

Marias Pass Obelisk (rest stop) 48.31725, -113.35318

New price, $30 ppn includes the $5 camping fee for the park
Firewood included,

Bongololo/Mozhi -14.41042, 26.15442

On your left just past the front of the trucks

WB I80 Rest Area 41.69635, -92.23284

he asked $10 for 1 person."changed policy" .not staying!

Hosteria Farallon Dillon -2.19846, -80.86163

romms may be nice(?) but not a place where to park a camper! maybe a VW??small door and dont look roomy the parking lot anyway

Casa KoKopelli -2.19907, -80.85840

parked here.asked about a chochera. the little shop next to it said I could stay for the night.looks quiet

next to some restaurants-beach -2.20035, -80.87132

Closed and temporarily moved away until at least 2023.
Ignore previous comments for now. There’s no location available. You can find many spots for overlanding in the area. Tlaxco has many other parking options with more amenities such as a shower if needed.

Rancho Santa Sophia 19.55029, -98.18841

Small drive through parking area for park off highway. Trees between parking and road for privacy, pit toilet, full ATT service, very close to highway so still hear road noise. Nothing special just convenient place to rest head for the night. One other camper (big rig)

Jackman Flats Park 52.93124, -119.37238

nice spot. a bit disorganised but friendly people. updating as the previous location was wrong.

Hotel Nahima 21.64886, -102.97067

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