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Dianne Martin

Fabulous spot to stop for the night, very comfortable and quiet. It is right on the river, there’s a walking, biking trail immediately in front and a lovely park with picnic tables & benches to the side, there is a really disgusting pit toilet past the skate board area. It’s a great place to watch the title boar. There’s a number of parking areas- best for smaller rigs or camper vans. There is a place to fill water bottles at Old Bikey which is down the trail towards the skateboard area

Starving artist café 46.08728, -64.77286

like the other parking, with toilets. more quiet.
No WiFi.

Comme l'autre stationnement mais plus calme. avec des toilettes et eau potable. sans WiFi.

public parking 2 8.92374, -79.53858

The location is still correct, go to the big truck parking. Go there before passing through the immigration. They still dont know how to stamp the CPD, show them.

Border UAE to Saudi Arabia 24.13038, 51.62263

As described, still the same process. Once you found customs, easy process. 35 AED exit fees per person.

Border Guwaifah Exit Gate 24.12747, 51.61482

Posto BR com diesel S500. lanchonete com banheiros e ducha fria grátis para clientes. Área de estacionamento pavimentada com câmera e iluminação

Posto Linha Verde -12.30186, -37.89931

On the other side of the fence is the TenTom Waterway with barges and tugboats locking through the dam at Coffeeville, AL.
A small COE Campground with 32 sites. #1 - 13 all facing the waterway. All sites have E&W dump station in park. Large clean paved sites with picnic table and fire pit.

Service Park Campground 31.75469, -88.14755

Lugar tranquilo, há um estacionamento fechado para dormir por 15 reais, e aí o banho é de graça. Do contrário, cada banho custa 10 reais. Porém, é possível dormir na área do posto (perto do restaurante) sem precisar pagar nada.

Lugar tranquilo, hay un estacionamiento privado para dormir por 15 reales, y luego la ducha es gratis. De lo contrario, cada ducha cuesta 10 reales. Contudo, es posible dormir en la zona del posto (cerca del restaurante) sin tener que pagar nada.

Posto de Combustível - Shell -23.57823, -51.65333

Very clean, well maintained. The shower is coin operated. $1 for 2 minutes.

Idita-Wash Laundry and Showers 61.59522, -149.11777

Have done about 14 land borders across southern and East Africa. This is the worst one for harassment I have experinced. Fixers are not fixers here and cause a lot of drama and confusion. Highly recommend an alternative crossing because of hassle and harassment that wastes a lot of time. Vehicle process took 3 hours due to interference. Process is actually very simple.
Go to customs get form
Walk to exit gate to get someone to sign a paper to allow inspection - expect a request for tea money
Person arrives at car with fat lazy dog to inspect vehicle logbook and chassis number (thoroughly). No search is undertaken of the inside of the vehicle. The person who looks at the chassis needs to sign the same paper.
Go back to customs office to get them to calculate road tax-at the moment minimum payable is 14 days worth and everyone must do this.
Walk 750km into Kenya to bank. Down the main road on the RHS. (you must have your entry to Kenya to be ble to do this). Expect verbal sexual harassment.
Take bank receipt as proof you paid
Walk back to border with receipt to give to customs (fixer will probably mpesa this but with hassle and their constant harassment I did not use them and did the process myself)
Customs checked their bank account to see if the money went in (2400 ksh)
Customs officer then checked log book, ownership details, authority to have the vehicle, comesa etc
Customs very helpful when they understand you are not going to use a fixer - offered me a seat in the office and explained each step of the process from here
Many photocopies made. One original you keep with all the stamps on. Another copy is made for the gate and one for police.
Take one copy to police station in the building behind customs and they keep one and log your details in a book- you need your passport for this.
When police have done this you can leave with your vehicle. take one copy of the papers to the exit gate. Make sure the customers officer tells you exactly which one as the gate (and fixers) will try to tell you there is a problem and try take your originals off you and tell you they need to assist you back at the office. (they were pulling on the papers in my hand but I held them tightly as the customs officer advised me not to hand these to anyone)
The truck drivers around are quite helpful too.
Highly recommend you do not use this crossing and am sure there must be easier options. At this border the fixers are not genuine fixers trying to make a few dollars and genuinely assist you.

Malaba Border Post (Uganda-Kenya) 0.63737, 34.26952

installations fermées pour économiser l'eau suite à un bris.

Grand Canyon Camping service 36.05094, -112.12235

Still working, including rinse water. in back of the station

RV dump at Maverik fuel station 34.25838, -110.01768

Took the advice of other commenters and went for the right lane. Was asked if we had fruit or veggies and were waved through.

Fruit / Veggie inspection 25.49200, -108.28626

This is a park bordering Jensens Lake, where people swim, fish, and relax under the shelters. Swimmers’ itch seems to be present in the water so a free shower is provided outside the bathroom near the hill and A-line shelter. Water works but was cold when I tried it. If you swim at this lake, remember to shower with soap directly after your dip! There is also a water spigot near the A-line shelter.

Jensen Grove Park 43.20216, -112.35499

Only a toll booth. $24 pesos for auto. Does not accept VIAPass telepeaje tag.

Toll Booth 25.51338, -108.34876
Fuga de Rotina

Big parking lot, without height limit. Near the dock to Morro de São Paulo. We payed R$40 per day, and slept two days inside the parking lot. They have water, 220v electricity and a bathroom.

Estacionamento próximo terminal Fluvial -13.36874, -39.06955

open 9 am to 11 pm. entry is separate from hotel. front parking lot, rv parking at rear.
2.50 cad for top load, 3.50 for double load, 6 for triple load. change machine takes 5, 10, and 20 cad bills, toonies, and loonies.
allows to wash small bath mats and small rugs in top loaders only. no washing of sleeping bags or heavy blankets in top loaders ( but in double or triple).

Family Hotel 60.72681, -135.06242

Men’s shower open and available. Women’s shower locked but we found DNR staff on site and he kindly opened it. Clean and hot!

Harbor building 45.34257, -83.48580

Still the same, low season no fees. Many birds breading.

Camping Municipal Vedia -34.45543, -61.47812

Clean rest area with lots of garbage cans. Vending machines for soda.
RV dump and fresh water as you leave the rest area. It’s accessible from car or truck parking. Easy to pull off the freeway and to get back on.

Selah Creek Rest Area (West Bound) 46.69746, -120.44553

Tried to find this spot. There is no bridge and no tracks off the road. Maybe the road is new, since the spot was entered.

Route 76 -28.65768, -68.43699

Checked it out during a day trip with an organized excursion. Spot exists, but the access road is gravel. It seems suitable for 2WD, but if you want to go with a motorhome you may still consider what this road could do to your vehicle.

Refugio El Penon -28.47565, -68.83789

My door lock for my VW Combi was broken. I went to them, the part was "not on stock" but they had it within one hour on place.
awesome guys. 👍🏼
the owner speaks English, Spanisch and Portugese.

Auto Senna -22.90079, -43.18621

only 92 on tap today waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

OriYon gas station 37.49022, 71.53035

nice place, as described. very clean and seemingly new rooms. owner was being a little weird/cheeky and wouldn't name a price, instead asked us to propose one, so we just went with $15 pp based on the comments here. beautiful garden

Buni Hotel 37.69693, 71.54911

It is closed, maybe because of low season.

Estacionamento ao lado do camping -28.02113, -48.62331

Big thanks to the city for 2 nights free. Large flat paved parking lot. Had a quiet night we’re 4 rigs. View on st-Laurent river.

Le parc des pionniers 49.22693, -68.14400

We stayed here two nights. Enough space for big rigs, maybe because of low season.

Lagoa das Capivaras -28.02436, -48.62183

Take the Pe 12 it's better than the 123 and you can also find spot along the road to sleep. The road is better, it's got Holes and topes but its better than the other one.

Road Condition -8.66399, -78.30205

Really nice road with beautiful view. Love it.

Cañón del Pato -8.86297, -77.83021

super place got all you need Claudia will cook for you and organize all you want !enjoy your stay

Posada los Mudaderos -28.66266, -68.38701

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