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Chegamos na quarta-feira e no dia seguinte os guardas municipais nos informaram que poderíamos ficar somente entre semana, que aos finais de semana tem muito movimento e deveríamos sair. Então na sexta-feira no meio-dia fomos embora.
O local onde ficamos é muito tranquilo e fica completamente escuro à noite.

Praia São Miguel dos Milagres -9.26895, -35.36693
Eugene da Silva

Highly recommend for a coffee! Opened 2022, Cafe available during the day for outside guests and restaurant only for guests. Stunning cakes and proper coffee. Beautifully curated place with upmarket feel. Owners Costa and Tania have created a jewel in Malawi. We are overlanding and will go to a close by campsite. Enjoy your stay.

Kefi Hotel Cafe -15.37141, 35.32361

This campsite is closed at the moment due to logging… tree felling and huge trucks. But a really beautiful spot.

Kuchawe Trout Farm -15.35698, 35.30210

Great for fresh drinking water. We also filled tank but you can’t connect your own hose. Reasonably quiet overnight.

Hilton Spring water 53.37848, -117.69300

After filling up on diesel, we asked if we could stay for the night because we didn’t want to drive in the dark. The nice Lady at the cashier called the boss, yes, no problem at all. The gas station closes at 9 pm and opens again at 6 am. We were directed to a nice green spot behind a fence in the back of the station. Safe, quiet, had a good night’s sleep. VERY nice and friendly staff, they were actually delighted that foreign tourists didn’t just fill up the tank and went their way, but want wanted to stay and chat, especially with our truck :-) Toilets for 1 BZ$ available as long as the gas station is open.

Puma Gas Station 17.24493, -88.77695

Hard to find a place to fill water in this city, but free municipal dump station and potable water fill here. Closed in winter.

Friendship Gardens Water Point and Dump Station 48.38784, -89.26397

Campsite for family very nice place, pet friendly

Camping Saint-Majorique 45.94582, -72.60766

The Body 'N' Soul fitness center is open and charge $4 CAD for a shower. You need to bring your own towels and soap, etc. They do not take cash. Credit only

Body and Soul Gym 45.61668, -61.35570
Eltjo van wijk

Chris changed pricing regime based on nationality. Westerners pay 15 dollar pppn and SADC people less. So if you like to pay more you are very welcome ag his place.

Mabula Game Farm Campsite -17.55918, 25.99756

Still a good spot to top off a fresh water tank or fill jugs. There are two spigots, one has a hose already attached but you can attach your hose to the other.
There is still a sign that says no camping and there’s also another sign that says NO RV parking with a picture of a big RV. There is a large lot and tons of room. I’m in a Sprinter and had no issue hanging out for a few hours to shower, make breakfast, and grab water. I was the only one there for the first half of the day on a Friday.

Eel bay parc 48.01686, -66.36366

Great spot. End of a dead end street right outside of the distillery and a brewery up the street.
5g Verizon and quiet as can be. Lovely spot.
Just make sure you buy a drink and leave in the am before 9

4 Spirits Distillery 44.53107, -123.26931

I posted a few days ago, came back to the location after staying in the canyons close by. Found two more spigots, one behind the exxon and one on the other side furthest to the road. Employees come by to the little brick house and have not said anything.

Exxon gas station 38.97109, -109.71470

The truck stop has about five campsites that have water and 30 Amp, a couple have 50 Amp, electrical hookups. No waste water dumps. The campsites aren't the prettiest and it is noisy on the side of I-90, but, they have gas, diesel, showers $5, laundry $5 per load to wash and dry. There is a Subway and a convenience store. They have a dog park to let the puppies run. All this for only $20 per night. Everyone I've met from the staff have been friendy and helpful. Their maintenance person lives on site.

Big B's Truck Stop 47.20923, -118.22864

Well stocket supermarket, european type, normal prices.

European type supermarket 35.72739, 51.43189

Great stop by the five islands area. Combo platter is big enough for two. All local and fresh caught seafood. Ice cream selection is pretty good too.

Granny’s Seafood Restaurant & ice cream parlor 45.41326, -64.03241

Great little family run campground. We needed a place to shower and do laundry before passing the border. The campground is clean and well manicured. It feels like you are in someone so backyard. Some sites have privacy, some don’t. We had site 20 and it was very private. A mix of long term residents and tourists. The showers are spotless and you feel like in a hotel. $34/unserviced.

Scotties RV & Campground 49.08799, -116.50866

*** EXTREME CAUTION *** Must be used if you visit this spot on your way to somewhere else -you may not want to leave!

So it's just a long, wide spot at a curve along CO-72, next to, literally right next to, the Middle St. Vrain Creek, about 2.8 miles south from the intersection of CO-72 &7.

There are no signs, of any kind, at this location. It's along side a road, so there is road noise, mostly cars - did not see any semi truck while there.

When I visited there was a large pile of dirt, grading, at the south end. Obviously this location is, or could be, used by CDOT for road maintenance so in that regard it may not always be available. And while I joked at the beginning of this post about using extreme caution, it is alongside a creek, so flash flooding could be a concern. pay attention to the weather whenever you travel

large dirt lot near river off 72 40.13874, -105.48713

salmon spawning in the river between the two bridges right now. nice healthy pink ones by the lower entrance bridge, near done black and white ones near the S bend by the closed upper bridge. this in the spawning channel between park and highway.

Naxwit Park - day use area 50.67085, -121.96781

É um otimo local para fazer serviços no motorhome. Estávamos com um problema na suspensão e foi resolvido em questão de minutos.
Preço justo e bom atendimento.

Lennon Car -31.75444, -52.30101

Great little place to dump, running water available too. No signs to indicate if it’s potable.

The actual hole to dump is to the left of the gated area.

Decent washrooms too.

Dump Station Sherose Island 43.53572, -65.59931

Water- Sunset Lake  Park
Sunset Lake Rd New Hope, WI
44.5458651, -89.2724337

This is the Sunset Lake Portage County park. There's a nice little swimming beach, pit toilets, potable water (summer months only most likely), changing rooms, a small shelter and a few picnic tables with some charcoal grills. Nice spring fed lake with clean water. Gets busy during summer.
There is a power outlet on the wall near water yard hydrant and in restroom buildings.

Water yard Hydrant is off sidewalk between buildings and lake. It's approximately 100' from closest parking space. Has a hose fitting but doesn't come out there so unclear if it is usable. It may just be child proof so I can't figure it out. May be jugs only.  

AT&T internet here isn't that great here with about 4Mb down and .2Mb up so usable for basic browsing but you won't wanna upload much.

Sunset Lake Park 44.54587, -89.27243

Arret intéressant le long de la riviere Kennebec. Panneaux indicateurs. Tables pique nique. toilettes sèches. Pas d’interdiction d’overnight. Peut etre bruyant selon traffic

Scenic rest stop 44.93359, -69.83708

!! access road : I recommend you to pass by this point ( 52.446940,4.882189 ) and then cross the bicycle way if you are with bike to avoid costly barriers of the park) !!

it's a small place for bicycle or bike into the trees just close the parking.
There are some walkers until 20pm around but that's fine if you stay discreet.

further in the parc ,there are toilets.

hidden place into trees 52.44954, 4.88816

Some of the places along the river are closed for maintenance. We stayed at 52.00146° N, 116.48829° W, where there are two spots. The water in the Saskatchewan river is from a glacier (and contains too much silt to be used for cooking or personal hygiene) but there is a very small stream with clear water available at mentioned coordinates. Permit costs about CAD 6 for the WiN (a digital ID) AND about CAD 20 for 3 days OR about CAD 35 for a whole year. All prices per person. We came in for one night but stayed two.

Saskatchewan River 2 52.00145, -116.48830

Parking with high speed WiFi.
We stay here 2 hours, no problem.
Front of McDonald's

Eastern Shore of VA Broadband Authority 37.52045, -75.83149

great place in front of the shore. barbecues are available. a bit of cars driving through until midnigth.
Good for big rigs.

Tranquillo Pascual -34.75170, -56.46175

Amazing location, welcoming hosts. Green grass and all amenities you need. Checked in at the main farmhouse which was build 1830. great homemade food. Highly recommended

Mertonhof Guest House and Camping -32.15846, 19.18901

Cute little campground on the river. Tons of squirrels- one tried to move into our RV. A good stop with cell before/ after crossing the border. No potable water. Not too buggy now- there were more bugs when we were here in June.

Tok River State Recreation Site 63.32574, -142.83477

Quiet night. At least a dozen of us parked for the evening!

If you park near Tim Hortons, you can reach the WiFi.

Walmart 47.99230, -66.70269

Very friendly owner who takes the time to explain everything. Clean and neat showers and toilets. Lots of shade at each site. Up in the village there is also a nice restaurant which serves dinner from 1930 hrs onwards.

Camping A Bunda 43.80407, 7.67179

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