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We pitched our tent inside the picnic area. In the morning (Sunday) locals came by and were not happy about this. So better: Picnic area only for picnic, area behind good for tent (but there is no shade).

Nice spot between Tatev and Kapan 39.32833, 46.37573

Just a flat ground next to the road with a view on the lake, can park car here.

Roadside 46.65780, 7.80794

Washroom toilette and free wifi at the museum

museum 46.88430, -60.50694

Nice spot to park for the night. Felt safe and there were other campers there with us. Noise wasn’t bad even with the road next to the camping area.

lsle verte 48.00676, -69.34577
Katherine whitby

had difficulty understanding The Host. the room had such strong cleaning odors that I had to sit here with my door open. otherwise it's very dog friendly with a large yard out back for them. there is a nice swimming pool here. highway is very fairly close but with the door closed you really can't hear it.

motel 6 Arcata CA 40.90173, -124.08473

RV dump station with potable water right off highway 5

smokey point rest area northbound 48.17025, -122.19125

Red spigot next to the Exhibit Building that is next to Manti City Pool, it works, has good pressure. Spigot is on the right side of building.

Exhibit Building 39.35952, -111.58714

gorgeous spot at Lake Holmes. follow the very easy dirt road down to the boat launch. follow the 2 wheel dirt path a tad further to be away from the boat launch itself. any rig could get here. plenty of room to turn around. a little buggy since it’s near the lake. 4-5bars 5G TMobile / 4-5 Bars LTE Verizon. would def say here again. quite.

Lake Holmes 47.53834, -100.87557

Stayed here overnight without issue, but don't recommend it (especially for anything bigger than a van.) It's basically a turnaround that's surrounded by an overgrown area. There's a highway very close but the noise died down pretty early on.

Off Rt 9N 44.23275, -73.77884

Good stop. Clean cold water. Power. Could have washed van. Bathrooms closed.

Behind the skykomish mini train depot 47.70831, -121.35960

Still $5 Dollars and that is very reasonable for filling the water tank in an Expedition Truck!

Kenny Lake Mercantile 61.73641, -144.95313

20Bs to rinse it down yourself. Seems like the best option but will have it done again when I have the opportunity. Still a good rinse and well worth it.

carwash 'Lavado' -20.66128, -67.60792

we spend 2 nights here .... just a few meters away from the police station. Some shops and food market 300m away. Very safe and quiet. We were planning to stay longer but right now start the festivities of the virgin's town protector. So start to get really busy, fireworks, music and running bulls at the weekend.
Also close to the town (1 km aprox) You could visit the historical site of pampa de Ayacucho. Which was the place of the last ground battle for the independence of Peru and the last one in south America!

Plaza de Armas quinua -13.04897, -74.13956

It’s 8:00 pm on a Tuesday and there is very little traffic. Sitting here with another class A RV and a camper van behind us. Small cool breeze on what is one of the hottest days on record.

Pullout, Shoreline Hwy 37.93080, -122.68892

Good to spent the nights after Nationalpark. Very quiet. The train just passed by once in the morning (7am).
Gets busy Mon-Fri as a parking lot for workers.

A lot of space for all kind of Campers.
Low Rogers Reception but WiFi from „Ranch“ - we don’t know/ ask for password.

Lamont 53.75743, -112.78524

Perfect spot. Very close to the highway, so felt a little uncomfortable that everyone driving by could see us. So tucked our van in behind the bushes and we sat on the other side of it, away from the highway. Quite a bit of traffic while we ate dinner but it died down over night and we had a good sleep. Really only room for 1 van or truck, unless you are together and ok to be very close. Tight to turn around so you wouldn't want to go in with anything too long. We are 20' and it was ok. A few big ruts but easy to go over with 2WD if you go slow. Though wouldn't want to try it after a rain. if you're not sure, walk in first...
We also heard some voices on the other side of the lake, and someone chopping wood. There was another small road off the highway on the north side of the bridge, so that probably led to another site as well, but we didn't check it out.

graphic lake wild camping 49.60361, -94.07593

Really cool spot, a bit further drive off the highway than expected, quite bumby too for some bits (but our van has horrible suspension so might only be a problem for us lol), toilets were clean, 10 dollars per night/day, payment is done online, had good service for AT & T

Knoll OVH BLM 40.71486, -113.28447

The drive back to the spot is the same drive into the Carousel theater. It's a bred barn building. Right now work is being done on the trail. A couple small machines and a pile of gravel in the trailhead parking lot. Still room for us. The lot has a little slope so we parked more on the road. Irving gas station almost across the road has restrooms.

Penny Lake Preserve Trailhead 43.86081, -69.62915

Still there. We refuelled and ask for water. Gas station name has changed. No more Windstar but Linderos.

Linderos gas station 26.91901, -105.74194

We stayed near the view point. No need to go further. It was very quite. The drop toilets were not to bad. The view is nice. Can definitely recommend it!

Old highway 3 49.30866, -121.26400

We wanted to return our number plates here. They gave us a form and sent us to this coordinates N 27.27032, E 56.43162 for the car inspection which is basically checking the chassis and engine number. Once the form has been signed and stamped return here to complete the process. Try to get the car checked at police station, we could not figure out why certain cars were checked on site and certain cars had to go to the inspection site. Try to be there at 08:00 o'clock in the morning, it took us 4 hours to complete the whole process and they close at 14:00.

Iranian number plates 27.18708, 56.33155

stayed here 1 night, got in around 7pm left around 6am. lots of other cars, vans, big rig. definitely stealth sleeping. there is traffic, but no more then what your would have at a truck stop or rest area.

Durango Street Parking 36.18534, -115.27855

what an amazing place. Nice clean room $10 per person. parking space available for motorcycles. courtyard experience is awesome. The host is a great person who will keep you comfortable. a great place to interact with locals.

Orosi Hostel 37.27771, 49.58522

Fonte de água mineral com gás e sem gás , sujeito a fila, porém água boa e gratuita

Fonte de água 0800 -22.10926, -45.05519

Here I could get dollars out of the machine with 5 dollars charged on 300

Regional Bank -27.33208, -55.86481

Great place. We needed dentist and got all the help we needed and even more. So relaxing to stay here and easy to get to talk with other travelers. But if you need it you can also sit on your own. Lots of space and good kitchens, toilets, washing machines. Absolutely everything is great.

3GS Camping and B & B 40.13769, 44.77706
Amar e viajar sm

Ficamos em outro ponto próximo por 7 dias, ao lado do poste com energia e de frente ao banheiro, torneira de água e wi-fi

O local é bem movimentado de dia visitação rápida dos turistas e a noite movimentado pelos frequentadores dos restaurantes e das pousadas.

Um conselho, ao vir pra cá passe em um mercado de sua preferência e já venha abastecido, tem um pequeno mercado no final da rua porém um preço mais alto, se.precisar salva seu almoço TB.

Aqui encontramos o Ronaldo é um moto- táxi ele vende passeio e se quiser subir pra comprar algo ele faz a corrida valor 6,00 ida e 6,00 volta, pode te ajudar em uma necessidade. Contato 82- 98875-5383 vou deixar o cartão aqui.

Eu recomendo aqui carro médio, van e Kombi, ônibus tem um lugar a direita que fica de frente pro rio.

Neste ponto que ficamos tem wi-fi também vou deixar a rede e a senha. Miguel Arcanjo 5g ou somente a rede Miguel Arcanjo - senha piranhas15

Sinal da claro e Tim pega bem por aqui, não tive problemas.

Espero que minha experiência que deixo aqui te ajude.

Não esqueça de deixar seus comentários, poderá ajudar outros amigos viajantes também, como a gente usa o aplicativo não cai o dedo ajudar e fazer descrição boas outros viajantes, coloque suas experiências.

Siga a gente nas redes sociais. No insta/face irá saber mais sobre os lugares que ficamos.
Amar e viajar sm

Centro histórico de Piranhas -9.62519, -37.75521

A short gravel driveway takes you out to the riverside. There is a stone fire ring. Some grass for a tent. Probably suited for up to 32 feet rigs. You can turn around but maybe not well suited for a pull-behind camper. Not much traffic on the highway. Gorgeous view. No amenities. There is another similar spot just a bit north.

Riverside with mountain views 63.34694, -145.73310

Showers at the end of the campground parking. We just went in with our bikes, no registration needed.

1CAD for 4min, nice and clean showers.

Mowhinna Creek Campground 48.83986, -123.49196
Shawn Hedges

Pleasant enough spot for the night and no signs prohibiting overnight camping. Parked past the lakeside picnic benches near the Cumo bluff trailhead. Set back from the lake but a bit of a view from our truckhouse. Quiet and level with outhouses within a short walking distance.

Como Lake Recreation Site 59.60967, -133.67991

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