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Great restaurant ! Crepes are delicious. Fusion-cuisine : french and peruvian.

Crepisimo -16.39638, -71.53652

barrier moved up the hill for 300m, definetly not passable with a car. so you can show your rear driving skills on this narrow road, until you can Turn/Park at the old barrier. It's Not okay, that for this easy walking mountain a guide is it will be a long day from this point to the summit today.
Check your navigation system while driving up the hill. Take the road from Quetena Chico...i almost got stuck driving a supernarrow other trail osmand recommend;)

Road barrier ! -22.22460, -67.21964

Still open, good shop with helpful and friendly staff.

Perfectwater -21.17714, 27.51115

Galo Mall - Pick n Pay (poor meat), Woollys with small food section, Liquorama, Cape Union Mart. Food places such as Nando’s, Steers etc. Small parking spaces and busy but good mall for big shops. Relatively stress free as they go however Choppies at Tati River Mall is much less busy and more relaxed although poor meat selection also.

Galo Mall - Pick n Pay, Woolworths, Clicks etc -21.17722, 27.51190

Large, well-stocked Spar. Meat counter not too bad either. Much less busy and less stressful than Galo Mall. Easy parking with attendant.

Spar -21.17767, 27.51175

Be aware there are often speed camera checks in this area, limit 60kmph.

Police speed check -20.84344, 27.62728

Take one of the first tracks, the longer you follow the small road, the closer the motorway gets to the beach. It becomes unbearably loud. In addition, there were masses of large jellyfish in the water.

Good place right on the beach 42.44441, 27.62281

Sandy spots next to the river, made it through in a Ford transit high roof but road odd not great condition. Very windy during the day, but pretty cool temperature wise. Leveled out pretty easily. Very dog friendly place.

Keyesville blm 35.63616, -118.48631

nice place where there are wedding celebrated. it is private but when we ask to stay there for one night they weren't any problems. near a dam, nice view, no electricity, only toilets

uMlalazi Park -28.87309, 31.45678

great spot by the river, ideal for 1 car and 2-3 tents. very quiet at night except for the horn of the trains, not annoying tho. easy access 4x4 WD not necessary

blue river camp site. 52.10604, -119.28173

St Peters Roman catholic church
can stay 1 night - parking lot
no services available

St Peters Church 50.10975, -102.83632

parked in Church parking lot - checked with lady in post office who verified it was OK to park for a night

St Peters Church 45.21968, -61.37627

church parking lot suitable for Self contained units

St Peters Church 50.10972, -102.83628

secluded and quiet place. stone building with fireplace and table. mountain refuge.
reachable by motorbike or 4x4

Pian Dragoni / Ruderi di Selvatiche 44.01030, 11.69003

Todo bien, recomendable para pasar la noche. Sin servicios

Beach car park -31.75559, -71.51056

must see!
its only a parking place.
Parking 24 hours costs 15€!
one year ago parking was for free!
Its almost on top of the Peissenberg
if you pass the town Hohenpeissenberg you have to visit this place!
it is so beautiful!
you have a magnificent view of the alps!

Hohepeissenberg 47.80089, 11.01724

Large dirt parking lot. Coin operated showers, flush toilets. Next to Mike’s Tiki Bar. General Store serves breakfast, pizza and beer )$3 a glass. No tents or fires allowed. Good for van. Prime area for mountain biking at Kingdom Trails.

Parking lot 44.58603, -71.94536

Our site on C loop was quiet and level. Fire ring. Bathroom and a wash room for dishes. Only shower is in A loop and does experience some long lines in the evenings (3 stalls, no lines if you went by 4p). They don’t want any waste water (even wilderness wash) at the sites, so plan accordingly if you would usually shower outside. You need to bring your own soap for the restrooms. We almost never stay in established campgrounds, and this was a great experience.
We happened to book the last day of the reservations season, which meant we had dibs on the spot when the “first come” slots opened …we ended up staying 4 nights! 1 bar LTE Verizon.

Apgar Campground in Glacier NP 48.52498, -113.98344

Good place to stay, it's very calm in off season (September). We stayed next to the bakery with good wifi.

Ótimo local para ficar, em frente a padaria, com wifi. Ficamos uma noite durante a semana em baixa temporada (set).

Next to the park -18.42002, -39.70824

Update 2022:
Still open and a good place, if you like to stay in the city. Every evening it’s get full with local campers. Price 390.00 Rial for two persons

Ghadir camp 36.24409, 59.61343

Stayed in an open area right off of Snowmobile Trail rd. A little rough in some spots but if you don't go too far you probably shouldn't need 4wd

Moon River 45.06049, -79.78831

Nice spot to see the sunset but a lot of broken beer bottles and a fishermen came to advise us to take care of thieves with the so we decide to spend the night in a nearby spot.

Sandy Cliff 30.19179, -9.63173

Great spot for the night , nice vista of the river and very short walk to down town, food, parliament hill.

Parking along Ottawa River 45.43220, -75.69980

Gem of a spot. You call a number to check in, probably to limit stays to 7 days. There are no formal spots, just park off the road near a picnic table. Or drive to the end of the road to a large grassy area. We spent a quiet, peaceful night here all alone. One of our favorite spots and it’s free!

Eagle city park 42.47672, -93.14932

Great spot downtown, very close to food ,shopping and parliament hill.
Abit of city noise but it to be expected with the location , a couple other RVs and lots of space

Parking along Ottawa River 45.43169, -75.69977

wonderful people, TV room with Wifi. Supported small Zoom call for almost an hour. I was told wifi works at bath houses. Showers are .25 for 5 min, haven't used. All tent sites look pretty flat and come with fireplace and picnic table. Plenty of hammock trees!

Bar Harbor Campground 44.43223, -68.26646

nice campsite, trash and returnables bins. bathrooms are portta potties (pretty clean, though there is always pee on the seat of the nearest one to me) and shower houses, where supposedly wifi works. tent site are flat and come with picnic table and fire pit. plenty of hammock trees

Bar Harbor Campground 44.43223, -68.26645

We visited here and did the evening light show. The show starts at 730 and was ready good even though we do not understand Spanish. Lots of kids was there and enjoyed it too.

San Ignacio Mission -27.26693, -55.54005

Spend a quiet night here. It will not be nice after rain. But not too noisy. Barbecue facilities very dilapidated. Some grassy spots.

san ignacio Axion gas station -27.26693, -55.53996

Got here easily in our Subaru Outback 2007. Beautiful landscape

Flat Top Rock 36.95648, -108.72562

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