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Every campsite with a secluded area with private bath, kitchen area, a lot of shade. Lively pool with many chairs around and enough space to relax. Lovely restaurant,bar with views over the river and sunset. You can ask for veggies from their farm next to the camp.

Kaoko Mopane Lodge & Campsite -18.07927, 13.88456

Nice Place and it is possible to go down with ou Overlander Truck, but not too much space...

The Mushroom Farm -6.85161, 39.36136

New owner is very friendly! Not open now, will open next year in April under a new name!
We drived down and was allowed to look around, amazing view to the lake!!

Lukwe Farm -6.85161, 39.36136

Stopped by for a shower and it was great. Only four bucks with no time limit. They have hot water but the air is way too hot to use it LOL I was in an out in 10 minutes. I’ll be back once I start to stink in a few days 😅

Lazy Lizard Hostel 38.55571, -109.53525

Amazing spot with a beautiful view. 11000 feet of altitude. Road a little rough. Best if 4x4. Space limited for car camping or 1-2 small tents.

Near Mountaineer Creek 37.78084, -107.58192

There is four bars of LTE cellular signal here.

Rest Stop 57.51351, -122.92984

Our first iOverlander experience was great! Parked our 2 motorcycles next to our tent and what a nice place!! A local came by with his dog; very friendly.

Small camp on St Mary's River 45.25596, -62.06404

This place was great other than the traffic noise. It was really pretty and private. Wide open. Big enough for a big rig or two.

By the Lake 41.04833, -100.52462

Parking lot of Sobeys. Asked at customer service and no problem with staying here overnight. Gimli bylaw does not allow RV parking on streets. Decent grocery store. There is a pub across the street and I did hear talking at night (wasn’t loud) but put on my fan and couldn’t hear it over that.

Sobey’s 50.63126, -96.99575

Nobody here during hunting season. We hear every car on the road. Ok for one night. For small vehicles only.

Off Denali Highway 63.36440, -148.35612

Perfect place to spend a night when you arrive late on the ferry. Quiet and little traffic in the central parking slots. Shower available for 2€/20Dhr. Guarded all night.

Service Area A4 (Tanger) 35.68984, -5.67885
Wilde Weite Welt

Good free ocean front camping option at a small parking lot south of Elandsbay. Very few traffic on the gravel road, but close to the railroad with 3-4 trains a night. Quiet, safe, very slow H MTN Signal.

South of Elandsbaai -32.32657, 18.31588
André de Gatineau

Petit stationnement qui se remplit rapidement les fins de semaines mais se libère après 17h00.
Vue magnifique sur le fleuve fleuve et la côte de Beaupré.
La paroisse suggère un don de 20.00$.
Il y a une toilette publique à droite du Centre d’information généalogique.

Église de Ste-Famille 46.97389, -70.96330
André de Gatineau

C’est un petit stationnement qui se remplit vite les fins de semaines mais se vide vers 17h00.
Une affiche indique qu’on peut passer la nuit avec un don suggéré de 20.00$.
La vue est spectaculaire sur le fleuve et la côte de Beaupré et il y a plusieurs tables de pique-nique.
Il y a une toilette publique à la droite aménagée à droite du Centre de ressources généalogique.

Église de Ste-Famille 46.97389, -70.96330
André de Gatineau

Vue spectaculaire sur le fleuve et la côte de Beaupré.
L’affiche indique qu’on peut se stationner pour un don suggéré de 20.00$.

Église de Ste-Famille 46.97389, -70.96330

Definitely the best camp spot far and wide. The campground is huge and we were almost the only ones there out of season. The pitches are also suitable for larger rigs and are well located so that you have privacy. Electricity and water are available on every pitch! The showers and toilets are super clean, as is the pool. From the campsite it is only a few meters walk to the shopping street and the beach with many shops and restaurants (also vegan!). We were there for almost 2 weeks and were able to negotiate a discount so we paid about 315 pesos per night.

Ranchos Los Angeles 15.66556, -96.51972

Wide open area off the top of a hill. Plenty of open area or places for wind protection.

Optional wild camp 40.76945, -108.76984

Stayed here for a night, was wonderful, shared the parking lot with a larger RV, we stayed in our vw camper.

We came back 2 days later and I’m assuming the owner of the house on the corner when you first turn in came over to us and told us we cannot camp in the parking lot. And pointed to sign that is very small down the road by the sand dunes . I think the sign is suggestive of camping on the beach or by the dunes as birds are known to nest in them.

If overnighting wasn’t wanted in the parking lot I think the province would put a sign in the parking lot area. Or over by the garbages and porter potty’s .

We were respectful and moved on.

Crescent Beach Lot 44.23514, -64.41415
Arius Green

Nice place to visit. You can visit the mining town of Berlin or learn about the reptilian creatures that once swam the sea above this area. There are hiking trails as well. The campsite was primitive with shade and fire pits. Basic restrooms. The water had a boil warning (Sept. 2022).

Berlin-Ichthyosaur State Park 38.87009, -117.59509

We arrived late and left early. Most spots were taken. From what we saw the next morning in daylight, we would love to return. Very close to the national park entrance. Good Verizon signal.

Scoria Pit 46.94580, -103.58857

Really awesome views and rock formations! Primitive camping with no amenities but is a great spot to camp.

Mountain Top Wild Camping Spot 47.28269, -120.63514

Fiquei 1 dia nesta praça, ao lado da Igreja. Muito tranquilo. Pertinho fica a represa do Funil. Na praça consegue ponto de energia apesar de eu não ter usado.

Praça Ijaci -21.16827, -44.92534

This butcher filled up our 10 kg US propane bottle, without any problem. We gave it to him, together with our connecting/adapter cable, in the late afternoon, fuelled up and stayed overnight at the Shell fuel station (very quiet) and picked up our propane bottle early in the morning. 1500ARS for at least 8 kg, it’s not completely full.

Carnicería Giago -31.98663, -60.58638

This is a tie up for boat traffic traveling through the lock system. Washroom available but locked at night. Walking distance to downtown. Also has a public boat launch so can be quite busy during the day and obviously parking is dedicated to trailer parking. Stayed one night after boating all day.

Rivera Park, Lindsay 44.36380, -78.73680

Relatively large clearing with ample places to park. Suitable for any sized vehicle, and tents as well. There is access to water on one end, and more trails. Several fire pits already. People come to not only camp, but launch canoes, dirt bike, ATV, etc. The bugs weren't too bad September long weekend but in the spring, they can be awful. The road was fairly good, however it can be full of potholes, and washboards in spots, depending on what the weather has been- but still manageable with a car and some patience. No service with Koodo.

Roadside 45.81721, -77.45903

Really nice spot, directly on the shore of the lake. beautiful view and sunsets. We enjoyed the possibility to do some hiking again after long days on the road. Zebras coming to graze every evening. Bruce and Marlene are such nice people and very welcoming. They even ask if you need anything when they go for groceries. Activities like sunsetcruise, canoeing and hiking make you want to stay longer. Good to know they sometimes accommodate groups from schools to camp. If that's not your thing, check with them beforehand.

Lotri Bay -16.50454, 28.53490

Nice laundromat with almost all new machines. Loads are $6/wash in newer (40 lb) machines which run 24 minute cycles, and $2.50/wash in smaller older machines. Dryers (huge) are $1-2 to start a 30 min cycle, depending on size, and then 25 cents for each 5 min.

Change machine that takes 1/5/10/20s, and they also have an app you can use to pay.

Clean all around, including bathroom. Was pretty busy on a Friday night but still plenty of machines available. (A lot of laundromats gross me out, this one did not. At all.) Vending machine, lockers and plenty of seating and tables to work.

They also offer fluff and fold for $1.25/lb.

East 10 Laundry 46.87801, -96.72617

politely waved us through today. they really seem to step up security on the coast!

Police Checkpoint -1.46896, -80.76157

right off of the bat, great beer. come here for that. then stay for the fun environment. nice Portland Oregon vibe with nw styles of beer and cushy places to drink. dog friendly. outdoor area available. the woman with the tattoos and piercings spoke good English.

Andes brewing company -0.19454, -78.48560

Off 278 just down a hill. There is an established site about twenty min away where a lot of off road vehicle enthusiast camp at. Lots of side by side vehicles and dirt bikes using 278. Decent site, viewable from the road. The road goes back farther but definitely would need a vehicle with high clearance and I found no sign of regularly used camps within 5 min down. Nice site for the night.

Green mountain dispersed site 47.97179, -116.41145

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