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Entire Shell station demolished. Gated-off and sani dump is closed. Go up to the Chevron station sani dump instead.

Shell 49.82779, -119.63491

Nice flat green spot for a few tents or for a picnic. One or two hundred meters more on this path.

Flat grass 19.26565, -99.29607

Sani-dump behind Chevron gas station. No signage about payment. No fresh water. Waited in line for 30 mins on the last Sunday of summer to use. Tight area for travel trailers or 5th wheels to turn and exit.

Chevron Sani-Dump 49.82798, -119.63050

I couldn’t get Walmart wifi but by parking close enough to the Home Depot I got decent wifi from there, and elevator music all night. Haha.

Parry Sound Walmart 45.34611, -80.01063
Philip & Sharon

Nice showers (abundant hot water in clean stall). Of note: change machine only takes $1 & $5 bills.

Expensive Showers 44.31433, -68.21219
Amar e viajar sm

Passamos, neste ponto. Na minha opinião um lugar pra pernoitar a porta do carro ou fica virado para as barracas ou porta das casas.

Se eu tivesse visto que era o " Deu na teia do careca" nem tinha vindo. pq me ferrei com outra dica dele em Trindade.

Outra coisa, cai os dedos se falar que as ruas são apertadas, no meu caso é uma van um micro já ficava entalado.

Se for para deixar o carro tomar um banho depois, achar outro lugar melhor, o ponto serve. agora pra ficar eu não fico.

Fui pro ponto cabana d Dona Ana, não tem facilidades, porém muito melhor. Eu almocei pra ajudá-la porém se quiser dar uma contribuição, fique a vontade. TB tem mais 2 pontos aqui que dá pra ficar.

Sinal da claro é 3g e Tim pega bem por aqui, não tivemos problemas. Eu uso um amplificador de sinal de celular rural, faz contato que te envio a instalação.

Espero que minha experiência que deixo aqui te ajude.

Não esqueça de deixar seus comentários, sua experiência, poderá ajudar outros amigos viajantes também, como a gente usa o aplicativo não cai o dedo ajudar e fazer boas descrições para outros viajantes, coloque suas experiências e detalhes.

Siga a gente nas redes sociais só procurar pelo nome no insta/face irá saber mais sobre os lugares que ficamos.

Amar e viajar sm

Near church -10.34599, -36.30146

Tap on the right hand side corner visible from the visitor centre parking. local said it's potable, looks fine.

Tap at BC Liquor building 51.00032, -118.19630

Rua tranquila, ao lado do hotel, com muitas câmeras de segurança. Ótimo para passar a noite

Rua na frente da praia -23.76687, -45.75182

Shahnaz homestay was great! Shahnaz (or Shena) is a gracious host who made us feel very welcome. We had a comfy two person bed and slept like baby's. Good breakfast and engaging conversations too! She is a great help and knows her way around town. There's wifi available and secure parking. Can highly recommend!
Greetings from Bas (Abbas) and Carolien

Shahnaz Homestay 29.48099, 60.82895
Motorrad CH

for the spot is a border fence and closed off

rivoli veronese 45.57491, 10.81663

We slept in our high roof sprinter the night after the bushiness closed at 5:30 pm Saturday evening. Worked well as they do not open until Tuesday. Signs in parking lot state “This parking lot is for Rooster Brother Customer Only”. Nice picnic tables and stream but we did not cook at the site as we ate at brewery earlier. Tried to look like we parked here for the Union River Lobster Pot restaurant. Small quaint town. Would recommend be self contained and respectful of the space and leave early. The public do use it as a couple came and sat the tables after 7 pm. No one drove in Sunday morning.

Rooster Brothers Lower Parking Lot 44.54039, -68.42616

same description as the others figured I'd add a few photos. very quiet.

Swan Lake public area 43.46391, -94.94628

You can parking with a camper for free when you go eat in the restaurant

Babic 44.75802, 15.69769

Hay un grifo donde se puede cargar agua potable.

REFINOR estación de servicio -26.86356, -65.69582

free. no problems. stayed one night. just next to free dump station with non-potable water and free vacuums.

lowes parking lot 46.61880, -112.01340

Gifts of the Kalahari is not any more by this location. Because of the Covid-19 situation they operate now from home also in Maun.
I made with Morusinyane the owner of Gifts of the Kalahari a Safari to the Moremi Park in the Delta . He give me the best price of all agency I ask for this Safari. He is a exzellent Guide with a enormous knowledge for nature an animals . He now’s the delta like his on pocket. We slept in tents, I in my own one , the food was excellent . Never seen so much Game in my life before . 👍🦓🦒🐘🦁
I left my Motorbike by his home during the Safari . His contact is
+267 76 622 994 or +267 76 847 686
[email protected]

Gifts of Kalahari Safaris -19.98954, 23.42264

Everything about the right whales was explained here and our questions were answered. Our guide spoke good English.
Entry is free. But you can buy something in the shop and there is also a donation box there - but it is up to you.

[email protected]

Projeto Franca Austral - visitorcenter -28.33112, -48.70999

only parking we found is on the wharf good for 3 rv not more. No service.. Campground near by,was close for the season.

on the wharf in town 47.68435, -68.87384

7 places

Federal Parking for RVs near the indigo parking. Zone 94000.
Use Passport canada app to pay.

Parking fédéral mis à disposition par la ville de Québec juste à côté du parking Indigo. Zone 94000 dans l’application Passport canada.
Exclusivement pour gros véhicule, voiture/moto pas possible. Demander à la personne à l’entrée du parking indigo elle enlèvera les plots orange.

Vous devez avoir l’appli pour payer votre stationnement. Pas d’horodateur. 12$ le week-end.

Place des Canotiers, zone 94000 46.81557, -71.20116

this museum is only open seasonally (closes September 15th!). you should be okay to still park overnight, though.

Kluane Museum 61.35386, -138.99781

Beautiful campground. $10 non power. Immaculate grounds overlooking lake.
Terraced campground
Boat ramp. Kayak launch. Childrens playground

Rogers Park 42.19735, -92.08036

We spent two nights parked in this street with a 7m van, it's safe, quiet, the neighbours are very nice, we asked them for permission to stay.

parking in the street 6.22070, -75.57450

arrived on a Sunday afternoon. Had to call the numbers on the gate several times before the gate opened, but were able to dump in the end.

Dump Station Grimsby 43.19509, -79.53897

gorgeous spot with a short drive through an incredible neighborhood with homes/mountains set right into the side of the stone seaside. If you have limited mobility (I sometimes need a can and cant do steps well), I was able to walk out, comfortably, to the edge of the rocks. I did not boondock here, but I may come back this evening. Beautiful and safe area.

King's Beach 41.45565, -71.34254

Muy lindo lugar. Los baños son nuevos y los mantienen limpios todo el día. Justo en la playa. El dueño tiene un restaurant y te pueden hacer pescado fresco. Hay un súper Justo en frente cruzando la calle. El wifi anda bien pero no en los primeros lugares que dan con la playa. Se siente muy seguro adentro y afuera del camping. Hay kilómetros de playas para caminar. Muy recomendado. Nos cobraron 35 Rs. PP en temporada baja y por quedarnos más de 2 días. Si vienen por uno te cobran 40. Igual el lugar está para quedarse varios días disfrutando de la tremenda playa. Espectacular..!!!

Garopão -23.52822, -45.21847

Rest area on I 84W. cars sre separated ftom trailer truck parking with trees. Clean rest rooms. we didn't stay overnight here, but it would have been better than Box Elder CG.

Juniper Westbound Rest Area 42.07293, -112.90520

Sept 2022: lovely campsites, close to pavement, creek, deer!, ATV trail, Verizon signal.

Small Creek 37.45284, -108.22330
Rusty Baggins

No longer valid, the entire cul de sac is posted with No Parking signs. Even the similar cul de sac on the other side of Love's is posted No Parking. Looking elsewhere.

Between Loves and Microtel 38.72228, -104.72815
Rusty Baggins

No longer a valid spot. Posted No Parking signs, lots of signs, can't legally park anywhere on this short road or on the one between Loves and Microtel, new No Parking signs posted there, too.

side street next to Loves 38.72377, -104.72952

Eco-tax $150 per person for 30 days. Friendly guys

Municipal tax -25.62558, -54.54840

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