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Great spot. Very level and good size for truck camping. Nice fire pit. Running water across road. Very private sites. Noticeable road noise but not bad. Definitely recommend area.

Haystack Road, forest road. 44.25210, -71.57988

This place is permanently closed.

Ocean Blvd/Law St parking lot 32.80173, -117.25892

Nice campground. I had it to myself. Clean and sounds of the creek are nice. Bathrooms were clean. Logging trucks started around 5:30 am and would come be every 30 minutes or so. Campground is closing for the season on October 1.

Vincent Creek Campground BLM 43.77486, -123.75916
Janice Cooper Eddy

Oil change. This is an oil change place just like we have in US. Very friendly. They do not speak English.

DISPROIN -18.45485, -70.28432

There was lots of snow! For our van it was not possible to reach it

Nice place - beautiful view -54.12338, -68.70433
Gracies Landyn Campground

Not been given permission to use land

Cap Le Moine 46.48600, -61.08006
Team Bodyduck

Here live a homless family with a dog, you do not have control.

Rose Lake Boat Launch 46.88483, -114.04303

Very basic place. Turks toilets . No shower. 2 coqs. Secured place. Only for one night.

Campsite 27.17606, -13.39330

Friendly staff at restaurant and fuel station. Shower still cost R$ 5,00 and its on the fuel station, wifi at restaurant passworld: 08004942030 and no problem to sleep in front of it.

Funcionários amigáveis no restaurante e posto.
Banho continua 5 reais e fica no posto de combustível, wifi do restaurante: 08004942030 e pode dormir em frente.

Petrol Station On BR471 -32.85295, -52.70409

$30 for regular sites and $40 for "premium" sites. The showers are coin operated (supposedly 3 quarters for 3 minutes). The sites are pretty close together.

Memorial Campground 46.67637, -90.87901

The mission is actually just opposite the street . But we could camp here .

catholic Mission -9.65115, 20.38919

This place is permanently closed.

OHV area 39.06032, -119.69983

This place is permanently closed.

Axion gas station -31.55834, -61.89526

Very Friendly Staff, nice camping at a lake.

Oaster Lake Provincial Park 45.31615, -79.98293

Big safe parking lot for vehicles. If traveling by bike, the workers in the back of the lot will let you bring your bike inside the lounge building and you can sleep on the couches. Pool tables, games, tv, nicest rest stop for over a 1000 miles.

Gas station 26.83761, -109.36798

lovely camping site right on the river, ablution facilities great, very sandy entrance, but worth the while.

Nambwe Camp -17.87670, 23.31820

Lots of parking right off the highway. There was one other overlander here and it was pretty quiet

Dallas Divide 38.09926, -107.87119

This place is permanently closed.

Corrupt police check -7.09111, -79.52774

This place is permanently closed.

Police Checkpoint -7.15875, -79.44186

Make sure that you pay the visa in the TBC Bank Konto BEVOR you collect the visa. You spend a lot of time time with the registration. We have to open a bank Konto at tbc Bank and then we pay the visa on the georgian konto of embassy of Iran. It takes 2 hours to get the konto and the registration. A little bit complicated but it works well and we recieve the visa without problems. You need to have the stampt paper from the tbc bank that you pay the visa. You can not pay the visa directly at the embassy.

Iran Embassy 41.71009, 44.74309

This place is permanently closed.

Grove -51.54627, -72.57982

plenty of space at the sides of the lake. lucky to see a pair of hawk-eagles.

Barrage Ribesalbes 40.02321, -0.23671

Definitely can't sleep here anymore. We showed our tickets and they still turned us away. The guard called his boss and he said we have to go back to town. We ended up parking at the plaza in Tipon. Definitely won't be as peaceful, but it should do the trick.

Tipon parking -13.58258, -71.78308

Lovely camping site, kind owner, near Addo Elephant park entry. Great facilities, nice and clean.

Homestead B&B -33.53872, 25.68251

The hiking trail is not difficult for those used to hiking in the mountains and sure footed. The crest trail is not really marked but it is easy enough to pick a route to the cross. The second cross is actually a survey point but worth the trip as the views out West and down to the crater are very good. If you are experienced in mountain conditions you can follow the rim to the West to its lowest point then hike down into the crater follow the river back to the waterfall and regain the trail. A fantastic ridge walk under good conditions. There is no observatory

Viewpoint / Western Cross on Crater ridge -25.88557, 17.78175

I am traveling on a motorcycle.

Expensive campground for tent camping at $45. Makes sense because it’s close to Napa. The gentleman at the kiosk said that you need to book online instead of just showing up like I did:

RV and tent camping available. If you show up after 7pm you need to contact the camp host 1.530.796.1118

Showers, toilets, and potable running water. Very quiet and clean.

Skyline Wilderness Park 38.27750, -122.25048

Hard to find. I wouldn’t recommend it. Ended up in someone’s back yard.

Roman Creek Road 47.04052, -114.24738

Rural Very Quiet Parking Lot 5 miles from I-65 👍🏻

Walmart Rensselear 40.92344, -87.15488
Team Bodyduck

Hier lebt eine Optachlose Familie mit einem bissigen Hund, den sie nicht unter kontrolle haben.

Rose Lake Boat Launch 47.55349, -116.45810

This place is permanently closed.

Salam Hostel 40.36456, 49.83581

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