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A families home who welcomed us to camp on their ground, and said they'd love to have more travellers come by - perfect for cyclists using this road. There is a toilet and warm water was offered for washing, donations are welcome but not expected. Lovely family of husband, wife and teenage son. No concrete road access so probably best for tent campers

Contact Fanwell Banda on +263775877245
He works at Victoria Falls Airport so could walk you to his house if you have trouble finding it, he's head of security there

Banda Homestead -18.09669, 25.86194

Free showers. Was dark when we went in but found someone who told us no problem. Have to use the change rooms but can lock the door where the showers are. Nice hot water.

Digby Arena 44.61868, -65.76702

water spigot on the sidewalk near the vending machines

Buttonwillow Rest Stop 35.41714, -119.42399

Very noisy with trains that go by often and road noise. Has a large dog park.Will do if passi g through for 1 night and want free. Have earplugs.

Hobart Street Park 35.52858, -100.97150

Contrary to earlier comments, there is no camping allowed at this site. Belwin Conservancy's public hiking sites are for day-use only, and open from dawn to dusk for public hiking. Learn more at

Belwin Conservancy: Stagecoach Prairie 44.93708, -92.79658

Very helpful and fast. 200 liras/load.
There are very few possibilities but this fantastic

Lavandería 38.62742, 34.71659

Tres bon endroit au bord de l eau avec snorkeling a 50 m calme Il est ecrit interdit de camper mais personne ne dit rien. Je conseille

playa manzanillo 9.63365, -82.65709

This place now charges $20 per night during the week and $35 per night on the weekend, and that is year round including the off-season/winter

Quinault Beach Resort and Casino 47.03876, -124.17068

on both sides of the road their are 2 gravel lots, the north side seems like it might be more in use, the south is decommissioned.

large lot, no service, near enough to the road on the north side to hear but not see cars, south side you can hear and see cars. easy spot to camp if you can't make it to wood buffalo or better spots before night.

decent amount of dead wood by the forested area by the road.

2 gravel pits 60.70938, -114.77138

TOP SERVICE! I called Thimo at 3pm on a Friday, 1 hr before weekend and asked if he could put in a clutch master cylinder for me and him and his team had it all done and we left happily at 4pm! Very professional, highly recommended! Super friendly attitude, both Thimo and his girlfriend.

Thimo's Autowerkstatt -22.67096, 14.54368

We’re 6 rigs small rigs, some moise from trucks going down to ferry and a good night even though sings say contrary.

Baie de Tadoussac 48.14168, -69.72375

Wonderful narrow track off highway 101 towards the ocean. It's heavily overgrown so a large rig could only go about 100 ft from the highway, where there is still road noise but you're hidden from view. Bicycles, motorbikes or potentially even a narrow 4x4 could continue c. 1000 ft to an epic tent camping clearing with a fire ring overlooking the beach. An even more overgrown footpath continues down to a deserted beach rivaling Rialto. The track has no turnaround, and some mud ruts further down. No signs or gates. 3 bars Verizon.

Queets Beach Track 47.55225, -124.35497

There is a new road along the fence of the bodega that gives a much better access to the spot.
It’s popular with the locals, but cleaner than usual. Good view of the valley.
It is very bowl shaped, so flat spots can be a challenge.
Big rigs should be ok with the new road.

off off offff -34.29813, -71.26430

Not entirely easy to find a reasonably level spot for our 21 foot (6.5 meter) Promaster van, but a slight slope is a small price to pay for this spot. We found firewood neatly piled next to a huge fire pit. Enough Verizon to text and talk. Short trails radiate from this spot. No mosquitoes in September, other than occasional sounds of distant generators buzzing from across the lake. This campsite is isolated and delightful. The “privy” an open pit toilet is uphill across the very badly paved road complete with toilet paper secure in a plastic bag! A delightful touch. Up to four nights without a permit, we stayed three we like it so much. A popular recreation area even in September so we were lucky to find it open.

Horseshoe lake FREE primitive camp #3 44.12486, -74.61680

Still working .. No people showed up and so we felt pretty safe! Ocean is not the best for taking a swim.. Because its dark sand, the water is not clear!

By the sea 31.15381, -114.89176

Oh and i forgot to mention: The road to drive here is OK with good tires (or 4x4) but dont drive in to the beach! The Sand is very soft and we needed all 4x4, Lower Gear, and Sand ladders to get out!

By the sea 31.15380, -114.89179

super place nice stay but there is the gringo price you might have to pay ! the place is perfect and I really enjoyed the stay I asked for the price before for accommodation and breakfast which was normal but then payed twice for an evening meal !

Posada los Mudaderos -28.66267, -68.38724

The campsite is located above a mountain with a magnificent vien over saghru's mountains and also the atlas mountains welcome to everyone.

Camping Chabab Saghro 31.19931, -6.11575
Patrick Cashman

There are numerous pull-offs along the road between here and CO74, Evergreen Parkway. Several of them are big enough for big rigs. Most are not very level. We saw one large Class A parked in one of them for several days. For a quick overnighter or several days stay, there are many locations that would work.

Off-road dirt area 39.68431, -105.52665

This place has no sign of any interdiction. Lot of trafic from marina. Therefore we moved and spent the night on the parking of the wharf 250 m away. No sign of any interdiction neither.

Shelburne Marina Parking Lot 43.75821, -65.32177

Totally fine rest area, pretty quiet. We stayed longer than 8 hours and were not bothered at all. Clean bathrooms.

Rest Stop - South bound 46.87081, -122.97056

This cracker barrel has shortened hours- closes at 6 or 7 pm each night right now. But the parking lot was relatively quiet and we weren’t disturbed.

Cracker Barrel - Beaverton 45.49126, -122.79326

Public bathrooms open 24/7, water fountains, long strip of parking, some of it is level. The cars going by can be pretty loud and noise can be heard from the playgrounds, but it felt like a very safe spot. We stayed for 2 nights with no problems.

Gabriel Park 45.47609, -122.71792

For those who need Diesel e. g. expeditiontrucks, here you can get cheaper fuel. We got it for approx. 15% less. We learned, that in Canada you get cheaper Diesel in Truck Stops. In US it is the opposite. We guess this is a really important information, these times 😉…

Cheaper Diesel 46.13127, -64.72644

We spent one night in this street no problem very quiet also has public access to the beach. Public shower in the town center. Free bathroom also available at the chedraui market.

Public Beach Puerto Morelos 20.85520, -86.87222
Patrick Cashman

Awesome spot with beautiful views north and south. The road is steep and rough but there's a flat spot here large enough for big rigs with just a bit of leveling. We had no trouble getting our 44' 5th wheel in and leveled out.

This is NF land, and is not a designated shooting range, but there is a small parking area on the south side of the road with an open area and hillside to the southwest, so people come here to do target shooting. There are typically 2-3 groups per day. So if the sound of gunfire bothers you, don't come here. We had no issue with any of the people that came to shoot.

We also left several times in the evenings to go into town, and there was no issue leaving the RV unattended.

Cell service on Verizon is not great here. 1-2 bars at best. You can make calls but don't depend on good data.

Squaw Peak Fire Lookout Road 39.68117, -105.50540

A large place for many visitors, with tables and fire barrels. self registration 31 $ per night

ein grosser Platz für viele Besucher, mit Tischen und Feuertonne.
selbst Regestrierung
31$ per Nacht

Campground 51.22162, -114.71844
Snow & Curt

This is an emergency vet office open 24/7. During normal hours they can help with export papers for your pets. Recently (July 2022) the process to get the government export paper has changed. Once you have your health certificate from the vet you must apply online for your official export papers. Unfortunately, currently you need a Brazilian CPF number to access the system. Our passports would not suffice. The staff at this vet was wonderful in helping us sort out the problem, even though the process was new to them as well.

There are some English speaking staff and one vet.

We highly recommend this place for any pet needs and for your papers.

Pronto Dog (Vet) -25.54615, -54.58292

$20 camper, $10 tent.
50 amp and 15/20 amp
We arrived at 11 am on a Friday, and only one site was open. Luckily, it's on the water with some shade as well, so pretty nice.
Railroad tracks next to campground, but just one train in 72 hours here.
A couple of sites are long-term rentals to work crews (6 guys guys per site), but not loud, everyone just doing their own thing.
Middle of nowhere but two gas stations in town, and looks like a nice area. We need to be near Lincoln for some business and also need hookups due to 98° temps expected this weekend, so this was one of the cheapest options around.

Weeping Waters City Park 40.87038, -96.14748

Campground with some first come first serve sites and some that can be booked online. Has nice beach access to "warmest lake in area" $20 a night

Tally Lake Campground 48.41319, -114.58171

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