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Accessed by a 2wd low clearance vehicle (Nissan nv200 loaded down). The hill to get onto the campsite is the sketchiest part, but with some careful driving is doable. The campsite itself has a fire ring and room for maybe a couple vehicles. We stayed here Wednesday- Monday and seen a few people per day, but had no one bother us. On the weekends there are quite a bit of side by sides and atvs driving by stirring up dust, but it’s not that bad. Very good Verizon and ATT

Roadside dispersed camping in NF 40.24247, -105.88545

Nice free parking. We took some place next to the street where some benches are. Police passing by a few times, very friendly and no garbage around

Free beach parking right beside the caves -37.58367, -73.64259
Deon Visser

For a true farm experience come and stay at Draaihoek Plaas Kamp.
Situated in the center of the beautiful Olifants River valley.
Draaihoek Plaas Kamp is a safe and secure campsite just 2km from Vredendal.
- electricity at camp sites
- 2 bathrooms with hot water
- braai facilities with wood available
R100 per person per night

Draaihoek Plaas Kamp -31.68565, 18.49990

Large pullout on “main road,” but large enough that you are well out of the way. You can get here in any vehicle. Stayed for one night on a labor day weekend. Mostly hunters in this area at this time. Can get lots of “traffic” but overall it’s a quiet area and people tend to leave you alone. Beautiful VIEW of the valley. 3 bars Verizon and T-Mobile. All other sites near the area were either taken up by other campers/hunters, or were pretty sketchy even for 4x4. Bring your Discover Pass.

Roadside View 48.51978, -120.15145

I know, there are a lot of places, but these could be one for 4x4 /6x6 offroad big rigs who are looking for loneliness. The sand is hard, so normally you shouldn’t have a problem. We entered it from the north. Beautiful spot direct on the beach. People just at weekends. We loved it. A lot of possibilities to walk. And beautiful for swimming.

Alone at the beach 49.14256, -53.29098
Kip stone

its an open area gravel with a fire rim. no shade, quite at night and great for aurora viewing. not really ideal to load up with rigs unless you all know each other or want to become fast friends. I'd say no more than 3 normal sized rigs or 1 fifth wheeler only.

Big Forest Clearing, Liard Highway 58.80559, -122.71488
Miss Daisy

Everything as described before. Now 500 Mt pnpp. Boat to Santa Carolina Island 15,000Mt for 4 people for about 4 hours

Goody Villas Campsite -21.56167, 35.22562

Felt safe as per previous posts. I arrived on a Thursday and left on a Monday. They will come and charge you for the weekends. One guy want 200 pesos! Then the boss came over and showed me the ticket book and it’s 40 pesos per day on a weekend which I was happy to pay. Close to centro easy access in and out of town. No height restrictions. Good telcel coverage.

Estacionamiento Real del Monte 20.13583, -98.67028

Rec to park near the entrance and walk around before driving into the park. If you go to the right through the trees you will find a flat parking area near the bathrooms this is the only area in the park that is level. Couldn’t find a water tap to fill my rv. Nice and quiet felt very secure and good telcel service which was a bonus as there wasn’t a lot of coverage in the park.
50 for camping 25 for entry per person. Very nice people at the gate.

El Cedral Centro Recreativo 20.18255, -98.74793

Nice place at the Lake near the village Kapnophyto. Water is clear, the whole place is clean. And absolutely calm. 2 tables here, one with roof. Also a grill and a chapel.

Kapnophyto lake 41.28246, 23.52131

Some places along the road with direct access to the lake. It’s just near the road but quiet the night. We slept here with our 28 fts skoolie. No « no overnight ». You can swim, the sunset is beautiful.

Okanagan Center Road West 50.02487, -119.44557

Nice camping, as said before.
Just notice that it can be very muddy in rainy season and parking is not that easy if you want to find a flat place to stay.
The way up from Medellin, ( coming from Santa Fe de Antioqua) was terrible, very steep although we folowed the direction to the airport as recomended.
The bus going to AVI park is an adventure... then the telepherique and metrocab is perfect

Al Bosque Hostel & Glamping 6.22933, -75.49072

Beautiful view on thé bridge! 3-4 more camper van and truck. No one came To told us to get away.

Parking at Discovery Museum (near Sausalito) 37.83397, -122.47590

A road side long pull out next to the Madison river. No shade, but surrounded by tall grasses and hills. Quite beautiful and enjoyed the night here. But close to the road so road noise until later in the evening when it quiets down quite a bit.

No “no parking or camping” signs.
This river is popular with fly fishers so you see them walk by every one in a while.

Madison River Road Side 44.86598, -111.55746

I asked, he sais the water is "drinkable" and tested ok but he wouldnt drink it. I filled up a water botte just to test the taste and there was a lot of floating small plant parts. So we didnt take any water.

Eau potable 50.60522, -57.17154

great camp spot! had the whole place to ourselves. toilets, level, very little noise, nice level road leading there from main road, and a nice interpretive trail to stretch out the legs in the morning. would definitely recommend

Mullan road historical site parking 47.61989, -116.51715

Nice camp spot under 2 huge trees that provide shade. There's a stone table and a fire place. It's quite close to the main road, suitable for any type of vehicle.

close to Dolosha nice wild spot 42.14601, 44.86129
Jim Wahlstrom

This place is permanently closed.

Olds Lions Project RV Sani - Station 51.79628, -114.13055

A nice campground, very clean with his own sanitary area.friendly staff. You can Walk to the City

Swakopmund - Alte Brücke -22.68682, 14.52627

Free dump station and potable water. Dump station locate inside the parking lot along side of the road. No gate and open 24 hours.

Bretz RV Retailer 46.90986, -114.03291

As other says 24 hours free dump and potable water

Bret’z RV and Marine 46.90985, -114.03291

No password, we used it from the parking. Would say Wifi speed is like 3/10 to 4/10.
Works, but you can't use it to download anything nor send many pictures.

Ferry ticket office & Hotel wifi 51.20175, -56.77691

Just checking in to let people know these is still operational.

Petro Canada 49.74120, -123.13438

Beautiful BLM Camping for 6$ per night. In the forest with picnic tables and fire rings for bonefire at each campside. Very clean pit toilet. Very quiet night!
11miles unpaved road but very good condition, no problem for our Fiat Ducato 2WD!

Green Mountain BLM - Cottonwood campground 42.35810, -107.68430

estuvimos tres noches aqui, poco movimiento durante la semana y mucho durante el fin de semana..sin facilidades

Degrad Saramaca 5.01522, -52.69809

muy buen sendero para encender todos los sentidos y encontrarse con mucha fauna. dice que es nivel fácil pero nos costó hacerlo estuvimos 3 horas con desniveles considerables. vale la pena

Montagne des Singes (Monkey Mountain) 5.07154, -52.69287

Potable water available for free right by the Sun Peaks parking lot outside of the washrooms. Bring your own hose.

Sun Peaks RV water station 50.88402, -119.88853

for us we would have paid 110 euros. it really looks nice. but way to expensive

Isfahan Traditional Hotel 32.66607, 51.67476

Santa Marianita recommended to spend a day with the family in front of the river, a nice place, close to the road, you can park for $5 a night and enjoy the river, bathrooms, showers and typical food of the area.

Arenillas - Balneario Santa Marianita -3.56639, -80.04555

It's really nice place to stay for a night. Really calm and close to the main road. There was another van in this place staying for the night

Malibu Carbon Canyon Rd 34.04027, -118.65151

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