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Decent place to RV overnight - free. Need to obtain pass from front desk. Right on lake. Only one other RV while we were here. Good TMobile signal.

Seven Clan Casino Warroad 48.90171, -95.29502

This road is very bad in many sections going to Siavonga
I was fortunate to have travelled it when it was new back in 2018 but a severe storm washed lots of sections away.
use the route via Mazabuka, the east of the town has a new tarred road all the way to the Lusaka junction and is good at the time of writing.
Avoid this route the D500

D500 -16.58471, 27.94447

Excellent view. Very quiet after sunset. Almost no traffic during the night. Toilets and picnic tables and trash bins.

Chedabucta Bay Look Out Point 45.34846, -61.41410

Nothing special but good for the night, pretty private, only one car in the morning, able to level our van easily, would fit a smaller RV. Access is 2km gravel road slightly uphill which is nice, as even if it rains in the night you can easily get out.

Pull out on Hill 60 FSR 48.80317, -123.91216

Very friendly and helpful consul. Came in for us in Sunday morning. (phone number on the door). Visa was 25.000 CFA per passport for European passport holder for one month.

High Consulate of Guinea-Bissau (Ziguinchor) 11.87870, -15.63920

A small spot by a small road up the hill, about 8x4 meters. Cars pass really really, had a nice talk with a local woman, who told you can go to the nearest house if you run out of drinking water.
About 100m above the main road, so almost no noise from it. Although some of the passing cars here greet you with a honk, but that doesn't happen often.

By a small road -15.92275, -67.54379

Nice visitor parking at an apartment complex. Strictly stealth camping. Great in a pinch. Near a strip mall with Whole Foods, Starbucks and McDonalds.

Apartment Visitor Parking 41.83784, -71.40783

Passamos uma noite neste posto, estacionamos em frente ao hotel e foi tudo tranquiloe seguro. Há um restaurante, lanchonete e banheiros muito limpos com ducha morna.

Posto Sertão -7.83316, -38.10051

The gas station does not exist anymore. it's a bare lot. No water.

Diamond Shamrock Water Spigot 37.96256, -104.79389

Arrived Saturday evening with cars in lot. Everyone disappeared at dusk. Very peaceful evening. Awesome place to boondock.

Mendon Ponds Park 43.02987, -77.55837

Looks like a road, beautiful view on the ocean. You can camp at the end of the road. The place is good for about 2 or 3 camping van.

Bay view 44.63606, -65.66232

PUKANA SURF is one of the first surf schools in Peru. They have Surf lessons(20USD), surf rentals(10USD) and great beach tours(50USD)available just in the middle of the shores of Makaha beach, Miraflores. For further info please contact or Whatsapp +51997654166

Pukana Surf School -12.12905, -77.03656

It is a safe and quite place. Right on the coast. There are a small footpath close the parking area that goes along the coast to the right. With more beaches to the left as well. Fairly protected from the wind.

Skuitbaai -34.67021, 19.50050

Rest area off I80 east. 24 hour bathrooms, truck / rv parking and car parking, RV dump station, wifi

Lit area, handful of semis parked when we got here at night. Near some farm land, lots of crickets but makes it kind of peaceful!

Historic Amana Colonies Rest Area 41.69540, -92.23060

Very quiet side street, no problems sleeping here. Parking is at the side of the road.

Playa de Belen 8.21066, -73.23884

wonderfull spot !
we spend 2 quiet nights there (next to the "passeo artisanal" with a view on the sea. There was a playground and the beach for our kids.
Very friendly locals amazed by our big rigs

Seaside -34.70570, -56.70621

Big parking lot that is gently sloping. A little busy in the afternoon but very quiet at night, well that is until a big diesel class A with hydraulic slides and a generator shows up at 9:30pm, but hey, everyone travels differently and needs a place to stay. Nice town, birthplace of Judy Garland, there is a museum dedicated to her.

Walmart Supercenter 47.20216, -93.52749

chegamos a noite, um pouco antes de fechar
o frentista do turno foi super simpático
local tranquilo para pernoitar, não tem sombra e tem muito pernilongo
não cobraram o banho, porém se fosse cobrado não valeria a pena
situação precária do banheiro (masculino e feminino), ducha fria e a porta do box que tem ducha não tranca
aparentemente estão em reforma mas os banheiros estão lamentáveis
preço da gasolina bom - 5,29$ (09/22)
possui wifi - ler o QR Code com o Google lens

Petrol Bahia -14.15793, -41.20566

Didn’t use the shower but we found a water fountain in the other building to refill our big water can.

Ontario Park, Free hot showers 44.21688, -76.53183
A very long Honeymoon

Great place, right next to the police, seems very safe. Spent a calm night here and left the car as well while hiking, no problem at all. Spotty Movistar, good Claro internet cell reception.

Cabanaconde town square -15.62204, -71.98044

Was shooting g for a different site and the road dead ended at this spot. great views great su rises and sunsets, dusty buggy, but very temperate during this heat wave. slept like a baby. flickering verizon barely usable to text. only for overlanding rigs, road isn't so bad but I'm in a lifted 4runner...

way out here great views sunset and sunrise! 38.51970, -120.23696

Parking in front of the Paulo Freire municipal school

Estacionamento em frente ao colégio municipal Paulo Freire -22.76041, -41.88848

estacionamento tranquilo em frente ao colégio municipal Paulo Freire. Existe um ponto de energia dentro de um quadro de madeira, à esquerda.

Estacionamento em frente ao colégio municipal Paulo Freire -22.76043, -41.88842

Stayed a few nights longer than expected, but the Sinclare was very accommodating.... We did our best to observe the unspoken lotdocking rules and keep a low profile.

Please fellow travelers- be respectful of these businesses that allow overnight parking and don't abuse it! There was a trashy motor home with about three trapped out vehicles, a generator running at all times, and too many dogs that looked like it had been there all summer..... People like that are the reason overnight spots are getting scarcer. Please don't be that guy!!

Sinclair gas and truck stop 36.18041, -102.70390

Huge space to park. All vehicules is possible.

Ranqil Norte Cemetery -36.66558, -69.82532
M. Lamy

Potable water availble for free. Just put some gas to encourage

Flying J 35.57456, -78.14578

From north to south the first 35 km till Pasarela are top today. Drove 50 with big rig. Afterwards a mess. Drove 25 !!! Ripio finishes at the Laguna Nueva.

Ruta 40 Ripio start -36.03862, -69.72956

we spend a quiet and safe night here.... there is a narrow and gravel road going down to the river .... in the first 25 m you will see a pull over/parking for one or two campers depends of the size of your rig. Since the place is a little lower than the road is not can here the cars just a little.... the altitude is 2400m so a great place to acclimate of you are going to the pass ....

Nice campsite next to the river -13.60728, -75.39282

I called Markus as suggested and he wanted 100Q per night for a tent, kind of rude I didn't like the tone he was talking to me, very bad experience I didn't stay

Markus Vogel 15.63063, -89.00386

Duchas gratis, amplio lugar para descansar.

Rodo Rede -24.63242, -47.90549

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