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Here we were looking for a replacement for our tank, which was contaminated with diesel plague. Mauricio speaks a little German and took a lot of time to find a suitable tank. Unfortunately, none of the tanks really fit. We still have a second tank and are doing well with it at the moment and will eventually have a suitable tank shipped from Germany to Paraguay with Kunzmann.
Mauricio +55 47 98453-0669

SB Acessórios -26.86653, -49.09940

Designated spot #55. Flat spot for a 30ftbus. Can hear the road a tiny bit. Spot #56 further down is better if its free.

I collected an entire bag of garbage from the area on arrival. I wish people would be more respectful.

Nice views, flowers, few quail running about.

Strong AT&T signal

BLM Designated #55 37.20498, -113.23197

Typical large lot. Park away from front door and truck unloading routes. Associates gave permission and directions.

Walmart Branson West 36.69987, -93.37131

Food was cheap and okay. She let is sleep in front of the restaurant for free. But this is also a truck stop. So we spent the night between semis with running engines. Still better then nothing. We asked two times for wifi but didn't get it from them. Think they needed it for Netflix

Restaurant Melany 28.92429, -114.15341

Water tap outside. Washroom inside building

Adrian East Rest Area 43.63688, -95.98140

Honestly such a hidden gem. Incredibly quiet, great view of Mt Shasta, and a lot of privacy. I’ve been traveling for 2 months and this has been such a nice place to stay for a few days.

Verizon goes between 2-3 bars LTE, and TMobile was a full 4 bars of 5G.

Sand Flat Adjacent 41.34616, -122.24291

I had such high hopes for this place. But the insanely bumpy road made me want to turn around in my short bus. It’s not 4WD, and I would not recommend anyone going down that road unless they are not worried about their tires puncturing. I got to the end and there was only 1 bar of Verizon LTE. Decided to stay in the lot right across the road from the entrance which I stayed for a few days.

Sand Flat Wild Camping 41.35416, -122.24982

If others hadn't vouched fire this place, I would have been a bit hesitant to stay here as a single woman. But it's only for one night. It really seems run down, but I did see one very large, shiny, expensive RV at the campground, so it's not just dumpy trailers (just mostly.) Some of the spots seem to be occupied by disabled vehicles.

I think there is water and sewer at each site. I didn't need those, so didn't really check to see if they worked.

Since it's a Monday, and past Labor Day, it's not crowded, but the owner was nice and only charged me $15. It seems the price is somewhat flexible. There are showers and restrooms, but when I checked them out in the morning, there was no lock on the door, and the toilet stalls only had curtains, not doors. I think I'll pass.

Kadoka Kampground 43.83725, -101.52120

Super belle place au bord de l’eau. Endroit très tranquille. Belles tables à picnic et même une toilette sèche mais t’es propre.

Nipigon Marina and Campground 49.00781, -88.25603

Great museum about the history of Cumberland. Well worth checking out especially if your here on a rainy or smoky day.

Adult - $6
Senior / Youth (12-18) - $5
Children (6-11) - $ 2

Summer hours:

Tuesday - Sunday
11 - 4:30

Closed holidays

Cumberland Museum & Archives 49.61899, -125.03181

Seems great, but every site was occupied when I visited on a Monday. Took more than half an hour to drive up the rough road. Some big unavoidable potholes and pretty steep at parts given it’s dirt and rocks, but made it through in my (non-4x4) 170" WB Sprinter.

Wash Creek Numbered Campsites, NFS 35.41242, -82.64588

Beautiful place, completely silent. Bumpy dirt roads to get here but nothing terrible. Watch out for cows. Bathrooms and dumpster available, plenty of sites with fire pits and picnic tables. No one was here at all.

Salmon meadows 48.65973, -119.84060

Lots of dispersed camping along Notch Mt road on the way to halfmoon trailhead & campground. Rough dirt road but 2WD friendly (my 2006 subaru forester made it no problem). One bar LTE verizon. Pit toilets at halfmoon trailhead at end of road

Notch Mountain Road 39.51387, -106.42909
Hubert on Tour

Moderator Note: Travelers report that no camping signs are now posted on the whole road. Still a great road to escape the crowds for a lunch break

Cache Valley (outside of Arches National Park) 38.72789, -109.48280
Wind and Whim

As described- great place to fill up water jugs. Very popular.

Natural spring with views of the ocean 37.88945, -122.62996

As described, clean showers, friendly staff. Still open as of Sept 12th, however I didn't ask when they will close for the season.

Meeker Park Lodge 40.23426, -105.53030

super nice place 🚣

super schöner Platz

Accessible lakeside campground 52.29165, -116.37494

hot shower costs $5 for 6 min

heiße Dusche kostet für 6min 5$

Shell 52.47118, -116.07150

Coffee, sandwich with small shop fishing supplies, Dutch oven (a must), clothes
Gas station, bottled gas and propane

Kaffee, Sandwich mit kleinem Laden Angelbedarf , Dutch oven (ein muss), Kleidung
Tankstelle, Gas und Propane in Flaschen

General Store 52.47788, -116.07166

A nice campground with squares right on the lake. Day use places, unfortunately not open at the moment due to renovation. Price per night without service $28 with service $36

ein schöner Campground mit Plätzen direkt am See.
day use Plätze, leider zur Zeit nicht offen wegen Sanierung.
Preis pro Nacht ohne Service 28$ mit Service 36$

Fish Lake 52.45431, -116.14506

Es un área para estacionar junto a un río proveniente de la cascada El Salado. Es totalmente gratuito y nosotros aprovechamos a bañarnos, lavar la van y llenar el tanque de agua. Cocinamos y no hubo ningún inconveniente. El agua es fresca y limpia. La carretera está asfaltada, pero es bastante inclinada.

Cascada El Salado 6.13694, -75.56825

Water fill with hose threads and bubbler in park next to swing set. Water was on the hen we were there 9/12/22

Water fill and bubbler in park next to swing set 47.12308, -118.37078

Zeer grote ‘meadow’ met picknicktafels op ruime afstand van elkaar. (Privacy) Sommigen langs bomenrij, anderen in open veld. Rondom uitzicht op bergen. Direct toegang tot Provincial Park (wandelen). Op afstand van de highway en de trein dus heerlijk rustig. Alleen losse toiletten verspreid over het terrein. Cad 29 per nacht is maar iets meer dan op de drukke campings in het Provincial Park. Dumpstation en water aan de overzijde van de weg. Ook in het hoogseizoen nog nooit vol!

Rafter Six Ranch 51.07553, -115.03304

Parked with a few other rigs. No issues.

Walmart Parking Lot 40.02446, -78.44690

Just updating. Got some fuel, and asked the nice lady inside if I could fill up my water jugs. She said yes no problem. It’s on the side of the building facing the highway. Don’t need a hose if you have jugs. Just be respectful of course

Mobil Fuel Station 48.07656, -123.15668

We parked along the back wall, no 'no overnight' signs but the manager told us we weren't allowed to spend the night.
We asked at the real Canadian superstore, if it was up to the manager we were allowed to stay but they don't own the parking lot so not allowed either.

Costco - Kelowna 49.88170, -119.43264

Checked the place out, there are signs now saying no camping allowed.

Dog Park parking lot 49.95045, -119.36900

station de vidange et remplissage d'eau non potable. Prendre le chemin qui mène aux Giant sand dunes.

Te Paki Carpark -34.50520, 172.79659

It’s now a chevron complete with Oxxo, clean restrooms and showers. Overnight stay is fine

Pemex 26.27203, -109.04140

Great spot to get water. fast tap and lots of parking

Hecate Community Park 48.74287, -123.62686

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