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Commodore Keith


Sign says it must be boiled.

Water Taps/showers 44.64452, -63.34307

Two huge parking lots with beach access and unofficial old boat lunch. Beach has no sand but few cozy fireplaces, parking lot has lots of space right on the beach, can be pretty windy but beautiful free place for overnight stay in the Campervan

Gibson Beach Road 49.88962, -124.59459

Stayed here last night with some friends. Noticed two signs in the morning: first was "Park closed from 9PM to 6AM", second sign heading to the boat ramp was "No Camping" Perhaps this location should re-evaluated

North Bay Beach Road 44.99227, -78.07377

Very well maintained, clean showers, washing machines, dryers, beautiful nature, lots of campsites

Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park 36.25051, -121.78143

We let our van there for 4 nights for 20 soles. Now the parking is before the location and closed by a locked gate. Park when you arrive at the first house. The ranger who sells the tickets for Choquequirao has the key to open the parking. We went easily inside in reverse because the turn out was too small to go in normally.

Trailhead Parking -13.44247, -72.81056

Indeed a nice and quiet spot. High enough to get out of the heat, and very quiet and peaceful. Nice reservoir on the way up for day use only, but easy access to the water. There was a deer carcass nearby, and some trash, but other than that a very sweet spot. AT&T service.

Abajo Flat National Forest 37.83253, -109.38170

Did not stay, drove through to use sani dump. $10.00 for unregistered guests. Additional fee for potable water.

Campground is mainly permanent campers, some old trailers there. Grounds need some loving care and upkeep.

There is another park in town, just down the road Duncan RV (not in the iOverlander system), though I am not sure how the prices compare. Duncan RV charge $15.00 to use the dump station, if unregistered.

Riverside RV Park 48.76845, -123.70835

There is No overnight camping allowanced ! Please remove from list

Munroe Park 46.19289, -60.26522

Spent 1 night here with a big camper van. No problems. Quiet and calm, next to the beach and next to a couple of cafes where we used the restrooms at breakfast.

Overnight parking @ edge of dirt lot 35.44927, -120.90412

Water spigot works fine. Pressure was good, we managed to refill our big van without problems.

Cemetery of Monterrey / Dog Park 36.59725, -121.88741

We're not in the upper clearing but on the same small loop where there is one other small clearing for one vehicle. Great quiet shaded spot with some Verizon/TMobile coverage at the entrance to the loop. Unfortunately someone has used them to dump about 15 tires between two separate spots. If you have the capacity to haul them out, all would appreciate you tremendously! These forests are for our children and theirs to enjoy folks. Keep em clean and beautiful!

NF - open clearing 47.34820, -123.90534

Beautiful Park in the hart of the Sierra Madre Occidental, just an hour and forty five minutes from the Ocean Pacific (Mazatlan) and an hour and fifteen minutes from Durango, with areas for camping, cabins for rent, excellent restaurant that opens saturday and sunday, trails for hiking and mtb, rockclimbing, vía ferrata, zip line, birdwaching and canyoning.
Most activities you can do it on your own or there is the guiding service. The guides and personal that works there are very friendly and always willing to help!
The entrance it’s on the highway 45 , km 114 and the few meters of dirt road are in excellent conditions!
I recomend it widely!!

Parque La Piramide 23.71789, -105.50601
Carol Harvey Trixie

The dump station has potable water here too.

Stephenville Airport 48.54680, -58.56083

Funcionários muito educados. Olharam o Camper é só retiveram as laranjas.

RN 3 – Fruit Checkpoint and Police Control -38.73683, -62.54454

Beautiful cliffs where native Americans used to hunt buffalo. Free for Montana residents, $8 a day for anyone out of state.
Day use only. No camping. Pit toilet. Ok cell.

Madison Buffalo Jump 45.79454, -111.47226

Pareja de Argentinos que hacen Mecánica tanto gasolina como diésel y electrónica! Nos arreglaron el calentamiento de la furgoneta y estuvimos con ellos una semana!Además han sido viajeros!muy recomendable y buenos precios!

El Cordobés 10.25039, -85.71550

Okay there are TWO different water spigots here. One threaded and at an angle and one non threaded one a bit further from the road. I used the awkward angle one which was kind of tricky to fill up my 3gal jugs with. And the. I saw the better one farther away OOPS. unfortunately the water’s pretty gross. It has a weird mold taste to it. Been drinking it sparingly but plan to dump it out and find better water. (You can see both spigots in this pic)

Water spout & bathrooms at free day-use state park 35.58179, -121.12024

Belle place pour relaxer mais aucune intimité pour la nuit. C’est un stationnement sur le bord d’une rivière.

Terence Bay River Park 44.52752, -63.75953

Not possible to stay. Lots of cows and farmer did not like it. From here on to the south is not more RIPIO!!! Super good road till Raquil. There one can park.

Laguna nueva -36.59029, -69.82723

Free showers located inside Esso convenience store washroom

Esso convenience store 47.82598, -79.88410

Previous descriptions still accurate. Beautiful sunset

Boat Ramp 45.90035, -86.56581
Arpi and Gabi

As described. Thank you for the free water. Pulled in towing a 13’ trailer with a small suv. No problem.

Glen Cove Park - Drinking Water 44.13493, -69.09284

Passamos duas noites na rua próximo à igreja. No sábado teve barulho de festa, mas depois ficou tranquilo. Combinamos com o pessoal do Hostel Pajeú para usar o banheiro, internet etc..eles são muito simpáticos, vale a visita pois tbm é um espaço cultural. O local é muito seguro!

Rua próximo à igreja -7.83873, -38.10272

Yup showers are hot and the place is busy but when ya need a shower it’s the place

hot coin shower 44.31428, -68.21230

Updated comment with new pic showing the two spigots.

Water spout & bathrooms at free day-use state park 35.58179, -121.12024

showers in universal change room is $3
Only one private shower room so there might be a wait.

Cowichan Aquatic Centre 48.78299, -123.70207

As described, non potable water available

Squamish RV Dump 49.73628, -123.13441
Make Like An Apeman

Camping and overnight parking areno longer allowed at this location. We talked to the lady at the visitor center. she said that the lot is owned by the city and they recently put up the signs. She said that the authorities have been waking people up at night and asking them to leave. But she also said that rigs have been staying in the vacant lot adjacent to the east of this lot.

Sign Forest - Watson Lake 60.06451, -128.71436

Chegamos no local às 6:30pm e estava fechado. Havia um bilhete informativo dizendo que o horário de funcionamento era das 8am às 4am, de segunda a domingo.
Ficamos tristes porque o lugar é realmente lindo e não estávamos com outra opção para aquela noite.

Area de Recreación Nacional El Boliche -0.62449, -78.58650

Park & Ride parking lot with many spots, really quiet as the lot is situated a bit above the I376 and this Interstate does not have much traffic anyway in the night.
No signs which forbid overnight camping.
Not really ideal for big rigs as there are markings on the ground indicating the standard car parking spots and blocking these spots with a big rig would annoy the normal user of the park & ride facility...

Park & Ride in West Middlesex 41.17791, -80.43873

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