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Heather Raymond

3-5 acres of open field boondocking. would have been quiet without my neighbor 2 acres and a hill away running his generator all night. but free, clean and beautiful.

Cordell Hull Lake Horse Camp 36.31385, -85.79488

qbq hpapusa place with wifi and parkqkqbhhjqing on the street. pretty and secure qwqhwith fans blowing air

wifi big pretty papusaria with street parking 13.33838, -87.83985

Easy access also possible for BigRig. You can avoid low-hanging lines and trees (we are 3.8m high). At the lake, the place is very uneven. So we stood near the house. The place is really only suitable for self-sufficient vehicles and much too expensive. But you can negotiate. Very quiet at night.

Camping on the lake -19.13089, 33.40749

There's actually room for a third van, between the two official spots, though it's a little bit of a squeeze to get in. Blazing Google Fi / T-Mobile.

Nook on the Lake 46.55439, -88.21506

Water on the corner. Free. I’ve available. Clean restrooms. Nice folk.

Sinclair station 44.73059, -116.07905

Highly recommend camping here. $15/night. It’s a beautiful, peaceful location right on the Pacific. While the nearby beach isn’t particularly pretty, there are tide pools to explore and waves for surfing. Most importantly, the view is just really nice. Had lunch at the restaurant twice, both good. Happy hour is the best. The Tanqueray gin and tonic is surprisingly good and only $2.50. Tried our friend’s virgin piña colada and it was delicious. Bathrooms and cold shower are clean. Kitchen is nice, with a double sink, gas stove, and a few pots, pans, and assorted cookware. There is also a water faucet near the camping area. We were able to park on gravel/grass in the back and avoid the mud. Note that little seeds fall from the tree and leave brown color on awnings, etc. No biggie. There are, however, some dead tree limbs you’ll want to avoid parking under. Swimming pool is clean and beautiful! What a treat. Play structure for littles with swings. The one downside are the sand flies. They were worse than anywhere on our trip so far, more so near the end of our stay when it had been raining constantly. Still glad we found this place.

Hotel Playa Reina 7.62101, -80.99398

Two showers in the Laundromat building behind locked doors but we were told they’re currently under renovation, so did not get to check them out or use them.

Cenex Gas Station 48.41535, -114.04947

Little Laundromat behind gas station in its own building.
Half the machines were labelled out of order.
$1 to wash, $0.50 to start dryer (took about $1 to have our clothes dry- dryer #3 had a drying time double of #4 and #6). No change machine in the laundromat, but we were able to get quarters from the gas station.

Cenex Gas Station 48.41526, -114.04945

Day Use Only site. No camping permitted.

Fairfax Rock 39.19258, -79.48792

Stayed two nights at the one across from this iOverlander location, but either should be fine. It does have signs on the highway saying no overnight parking but as far as it looked it was not enforced, there were other people staying as well. Outlets for charging which was nice, and clean bathrooms.

Rest Area I40 West 35.43838, -78.53284

great spot close to 94. besides the road noise this would be an ideal spot! good for any size rig, clean pit/vault toilets, picnic tables, and fire rings. 10 miles of shoreline with a lake filled with fish. we stayed 3 nights and would stop again if in the area.

Sweet Briar Dam State Game Management Area 46.87280, -101.27415

The guy before us got definitely ripped of! There is no fee! The guy from the Campground told us to go there, because its free.. Its nice but there are millions of flies currently..

Punta Bufeo 29.90853, -114.45294

There is a "day use only, no camping" sign now. I stayed anyway, as did about 5 other cars, no issues

Carmi Trails Recreation Site 49.47361, -119.50639

Place was as described. No wifi but had 3 bars Verizon. We were in a rooftop tent and the highway noise was buffered satisfactorily by trees. We were exiting the park and this place was much better than those spots closer to the park, which were all quite side-of-the road. Busses running infrequently in morning in September, wasn't a noise issue for us.

Midpines County Park (Park & Ride) 37.54653, -119.92012

Bathroom very clean. Road to get up from YAB trailhead is very rough. Beautiful area.

Twin lakes 48.94981, -121.63779

Made it here with my 25ft Skoolie, bumpy and a little sketchy on the way up but doable.

Beautiful spot, quiet and dark at night, no one really around. During the day some OHVs coming by but nothing crazy. Could fit another 2-3 skoolies here. Very windy right now though, not sure if always like this but it's definitely windy!

Great TMobile service, working off my hotspot, zoom calls and all.

Wide open spaces 36.26690, -115.51203
Fish and Kitty

This is a wonderful location, overlooking low rocky bluffs into the ocean, with great views of the sunset, and far enough from the highway that you hear more of the surf than the road noise. We've stayed here on several occasions in our van, usually along with about half a dozen other vans, SUVs, and truck campers. I would say the length limit is around 24 feet without taking up multiple spaces, and there's probably room for about 15 vehicles if it were to fill up. There are "day use only" signs, but we've never been bothered. The area, I believe, doubles as a state rest area, and there is a restroom on site which may close in the evening. (We never checked.) This is also a good whale watching location; we've seen a few gray whale spouts during our evenings here. The surf is extremely rough and dangerous, and there is no beach access.

NF 56 Pull off 44.82894, -124.06529

Not really a place to camp anymore. The land is now used as farmland. We stayed at the gate of the army base instead.

Near Patsio 32.75537, 77.26047

lovely homestay, absolutely recommend this place over the hotel. dinner was standard potato stew with langman and bread, but the bread was actually pretty fresh and nicely chewy! breakfast was appropriately salted eggs and the closest approximation of actual sausage I've seen in a long time! very hot shower and very clean bathroom. tons of room to park vehicles. 80 som including both meals. A+

Guest House Aruf 38.18120, 73.97509

Tranquilo lugar para dormir con enchufe a 220 y todo.

Plaza Municipal -34.61193, -68.34839

It‘s a One Stop Border Post now. Immigration of both countries is in the same building. Coming from Ethopia custom was very fast, they not even checked the luggage of our car. We arrived on a sunday at 1.30pm and had to wait one hour until lunchtime was over. Otherwise it‘s now open on weekends. Not sure whether they’re closed during the night.

Moyale border Customs 3.52754, 39.05250

little parking lot with spectacular view of the mountains, it also give the opportunity to observe the vastness of an ancient meteorite impact crater.
no signs that you can't stay over night. but we haven't tried

Saint Hilarion-L'Astroblème de Charlevoix 47.56856, -70.41058

Water tap in the square, about 4 metres from the road

Potable water -25.12025, -66.16193

Not the dreaming spot but it is ok for one night. You don't see the road but you hear it during the evening, during the night there is no traffic. There is a fireplace.

Gravel area 59.95501, -128.15486

ótimo estacionamento com sombra, seguro, rio perto para banho, vizinhança solidária

Central Square / Praça Central -7.33439, -47.47276

As described. Felt weird showing near the playground, but a shower is a shower. And it was hot!

free outdoor shower 48.76088, -122.41930

Lindo Wild Camping (Vista maravilhosa), sem facilidades.

in front of las flechas -25.68147, -66.15407

Ótimo local para pegar água. Passamos aqui um domingo e tinha um carrinho de food-truck com uma boa mangueira e um ponto com água.
A torneira tinha uma boa pressão, conversamos com o dono da barraca e captamos água

Água -34.61327, -58.35784

Great friendly staff. Hot tub was out of service and pool was closed when we visited (limited hours).

Clean steam room, showers and changing room. Also has racquetball, basketball, weights/exercise room, and foosball tables.

Litehouse YMCA Pool/Gym/Showers 48.27271, -116.57562

Friendly staff, great fast machines. Reasonable prices ($8 to wash and dry triple load). Lots of dogs.

Laundromat 48.30974, -116.54389

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