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No sites available on a Friday night in September.

Gooseberry USFS 38.91479, -111.73258

Excellent street parking for a night or two quiet and private. no one ever comes through this street.

side street 36.97928, -121.96609

This space is reserved for local farm workers only and the rate is now $10 per night

Loosebay Campground 49.24078, -119.55746

Stayed here a couple nights. The spot is enough for 3 maybe 4 cars right off the road. Low traffic area but you can hear it since you’re right off the road. Very dark, secluded, easy to get to and right outside of Seward.

Glacier View 60.10193, -149.44220

Got here today the car park is actualy across from this spot. Plenty of people overnight here today as well. No "No Overnight signs anywhere. Police passed by a couple of time but did not stop so I asume it is fine to camp.

Riverside 39.94474, 20.68802

Very nice campground. From the restaurant you have a great view over an arm of the Quando River. Mark makes with us a tour into the Muduma National Park. We saw plenty of elefants, two groups crossing the river. Highly recommended.

Kazondwe Camp -17.94789, 23.32218

Initially the price to ensure our Landrover Defender for 30 days was K41.000 (approx $41) . After long and repeated negotiations, the price went down to K25.000. Interesting to note is that the price was negotiable at all while in Mozambique the prices were fix and at around $20 for 30 days.
There is no ATM near the border, and thus, it is advisable to exchange a reasonable amount of Kwacha already in Milange to be independent of the black market exchange rates that extensively make use of the lack of Kwacha.
As there is a police check 5 km after the border station that checks the insurance (including fines right away payable by credit card), and thus, there is no option to buy an insurance later.

Prime Insurances -16.07806, 35.73333

They did not issue visa upon arrival arguing that the visa application has to be done before hand online. However, after complicated negotiations, they issued a form allowing us to go to Blantyre to Immigration head quarters to apply for official entry papers.
We also noticed undocumented payments between locals and officials.

Immigration Malawi -16.07963, 35.73512

The area lies just outside a residential area that seems relatively well off. We went to check the place in the afternoon and decided to go back to town and come back at night. Around 9.30, some very friendly police officers showed up and told us they wanted to give us a fair warning about this place. They were just patrolling and emphasized it was completely fine for us to camp there, but sometimes crime happens here so they suggested to us to go to a campsite or at least lock all our belongings in the canopy. It was too late to move, and we decided on the latter. There was no problems for us, and we can't really judge whether there's a high risk staying here. Due to the ambient light at night, you could see the car from quite far away.

I would probably have driven out to the next site or gone further down the plateau before camping if I were to choose again.

However, the site is nice a with a good view.

Dune view -22.68036, 14.55500

Please, note at first the coordonates are those of the bus stop on the main road. Please contact Alex +260 97 9047030 (WhatsApp) to go into the village.

After few months of informal camp, it’s now an official campsite with all basics (water, ablution, internet…).
Basic but very safe and authentic, located inside the traditional village with wonderful people, this camp has been created to invest in a new pre-school.
It’s possible to visit the village and the school.
Alex can also accompany you on one of the largest traditional market of Livingston.
It,s an amazing experience.
Don’t miss it!

We spent one week in this school as volunteers, we were the first!
All the money will be for the kids (food and educational materials).

Tusoleke Trust School, Muke Village -17.79985, 25.68742

Good selection and great service. Even stocks beer.

OK Grocer Supermarket -18.06292, 13.84252

Parking lots near the hospital. Good for a night if you want to visit Mostar. Nothing special, no facilities. Teens with beer and music on weekends.

City park next to hospital 43.34232, 17.79267

Super place to stay in low profile, but very friendly and clean tented camp. Owner Does everything to make you welvome.

Oldonyo Orok Camp -2.38488, 36.84113

This road was suggested to us in Toro Toro as an alternative to get to Sucre. Well that was a bias call! The road is terrible, super beat up we struggled with our 2 heavy motos.
The river crossing is tough, was only 50 MCA deep but the rocks are very slippery. The few trucks that crossed while we were busy getting water out of our cylinder (you, laid them over!) all needed help pushing them through the river… inc. the 4x4 trucks!
Basically, I wouldn’t recommend coming this was… we regret doing it!

Toro toro to Tin Tin road -18.13452, -65.60543

Attention a bien respectér l ordre en premier payer la taxe de sortie a cote de la farmacia puis faire le queue pour l imigration et revenir sur ses pas 5 m pour les douanes. Sinon il faut recommencer. Beaucoup d attente a 8 h

Siaxola/Guabito bordercrossing, Immigration and Customs office Costa Rica. 9.50161, -82.61426

Stationnement pour véhicule récréatif mais on a dormi dans notre camionnette et tout c'est bien passé. La police est passé et a regardé dans notre véhicule mais ils ne nous ont pas arrêtés. Bâtiment près du terrain de base-ball avec toilette. Je ne sais pas si c'est accessible 24h/24h. Parfait pour dormir une nuit.

Stationnement VR St-Apollinaire 46.60909, -71.49734

informal site. grass. open and wide. peaceful

next to the road 15.65986, -93.15515

Quiet, 5km from the main road. A family live on the place (20 meters from the camp), and a village is in the forrest few kilometers behind the farm. Price K75 per adult per night, paid directly to the family on site.
The housse is no more useful, clearly "Haunted house"!
Toilets no more available : one is broken in two parts, the other one is really dirty and blocked.
OK for une night as wildcamp, and if you are ready to give some money to the locals.

Kalwa Guest Farm -13.22795, 30.35792

Nice Place vor hikingrounds with dogs near by the nothern sea

Parking Place Hybenspillet 55.79236, 8.18050
A very long Honeymoon

Very nice and big place! Friendly guard, clean toilets, garbage cans for different kinds of trash. Spent a safe and calm night here, not much traffic.

Bei der Mautstation -11.44313, -69.33145

nice owners we pay 2000 pre kilo he made everything in the same day

Lavandería El Roble 9.98020, -84.73634

No problems here. Some traffic noise from the road nearby, but not bad. Other vehicles quietly came and went through the night.

Cracker Barrel 44.70030, -93.28815

New, clean, comfortable, cheap (45soles big matrimonial),private bathroom, TV with Netflix, rooftop, kitchen, big garage, can book it on Booking. It's only 2km from the center. Neighborhood with different options for food.

Hostal Capac -13.16659, -74.21865

These coordinates are wrong.
Correct is:
-33.0980330, -68.8703730

virgin de lourdes mirador -33.09803, -68.87037

Virgen de Lourdes

virgin de lourdes mirador -33.10076, -68.88112

Place is closed no signs saying when it will be open again.

Parque de la Flores /Parque Vortisch -26.55577, -54.77269

Very quiet place. Can look on the Tide Bore…. Picnics tables. Better than staying at the tourist information center…

River Hebert Tidle Bore Park 45.68977, -64.37590

Spot was taken when we arrived, so we moved up the road a mile or so. There were a couple small pull outs big enough for our van. Okay for a quick night. Good Verizon cell service up here. Only a few cars in the morning.

FS-1004 - Spur off FS Road 45.28625, -123.86582

Look for signage for Hazardous Waste Center. Opening times are:
Tues: 8am-1pm
Weds: 12pm-6pm
Fri: 8am-1pm
2nd Sat: 8am-12pm

Kalamazoo County Fairgrounds 42.27876, -85.54800

Tried to access this place for water on 9/16/22. Nothing there but a locked gate with realtor and “private property” signs.

Covert Township Park dump station 42.30432, -86.31378

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