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Un mirador del valle central a 1800 metros de altura, apto para overlanding, hay rancho y bus para alquilar.

Alto del Rualdo 10.17111, -84.35382

There is a water filling spot just in front of express car wash. Low pressure but i filled my 200l water tank in 25minutes.

Aytemiz Fuel Station 40.23072, 28.78020

closed. only day time parking allowed. signs are placed

Windsor Falls 48.92442, -55.65169

lovely spot on the waterfront. hardly any cars during the day and at night none.

Campbelton 49.30664, -54.94541

hiking, boating fishing , swimming playground , camping, pets allowed on leash

Maturin Pond - Long Harbour NL 47.43132, -53.82645

Grates Cove NL, free RV parking , picnic tables, hikes, great view , small museum - donations , mini free library

Grates Cove 48.16750, 52.93930

Like it was 10 days ago.
Comme il y a 10 jours.

Notre-Dame-du-Nord 47.59225, -79.49530

small park , off highway 100 , 27 km SW Placentia , great Beach , picnic tables limited camping space , poor signage on highway , narrow gravel one way road to park , we made it down with 23 ft motorhome

Gooseberry Cove Prov Park Newfoundland 47.09560, -54.07429

Quiet place to relax for the day. Theres a bike path to walk and plenty of shade. a few shelters and lots of benches to sit at. Theres also a playground if kids are along for the ride! There are water spigots but they are currently inactive.

Waldruhe Park 39.60451, -84.22720

Very nice hostel close to the center. The owner is very nice and helpful. They have private rooms for 140bs or dorms for 50bs (with very good breakfast)
They have warm showers (not electric but real shower) and a collective space with sofas, tv, Netflix and travel books...
possible to use the kitchen
they have a small room where we could store our bicycle (safe place)
Very nice place !

Wake up backpackers hostel -16.49781, -68.13704

Quiet. Room for several cars. No amenities but there is cell service.

Trailhead Parking Allegheny Passage 40.08867, -79.72967

Great place to stay the night. Had 2 bars of LTE on Verizon. Very quiet and the stars were beautiful.

Happy Holler Conservation Area 39.96061, -94.78532
Mike Hysom Photography

In the park on the east side of the building towards the north side of the park, there is a red spigot. It has free fresh drinking water. Not sure if they shut it off in the winters. This is separate from the camping area that is on the west end of the park.

Lincoln City Park 39.04094, -98.13883

É um ótimo local para parar o motorhome. Na entrada tem uma casinha de segurança com um vigia, tem um local para abastecer garrafinhas de água.
Não tem facilidades, mas é na frente da rua principal e bem próximo da praia. Ficamos aqui duas noites e três dias e adoramos.

Free wifi -34.95861, -54.93853

Boss came out to discuss the price. I told him I normally pay 5.5/L sin factura and we were good to go.

YPFB - Grupo Colque -20.46978, -66.82004

Had a near breakdown and found this gem of a workshop. Promptly diagnosed my problem, the bearing and belt of the rodaje del templador??? was broken and he promptly fixed it. Front axle bearings had movement. Dismanteled every part on front an rear axles, cleaned and greased all the dry joints, plus change of fluids and filters, car and engine wash. worked 1.5 long days, charged Sol750. Now nearly all of my rattling nouses are gone and she pures like a kitten. great job. Ask for Elmer, phone 938 361 552

Competent Motormechanic -9.14906, -77.74333

24hr truck stop with large level parking lot, clean washrooms inside the market store, and a nice restaurant that opens early in the morning. A couple other RVs were here, and like them, we parked along the outside perimeter of the lot instead of taking a spot intended for the truckers. Very quiet overnight site. Friendly staff.

Husky Travel Center 43.15641, -79.15481

very nice and quiet spot ! stunning scrounging 3 cabanas from 3 bed to 8 bed super nice owner called Roxy will help you with anything ! I had an injury on my foot and stayed a week while Roxy was looking after me !priceless

Rodeo -30.18966, -69.11024

Source of drinking water next to the toilets 🚻
Source d'eau potable à côté des toilettes 🚻

Parc Saint-Maurice 46.53860, -72.74250

El lugar es tranquilo y de fácil acceso. Justo al lado hay un restaurante grande. El lugar es seguro ya que la policía pasa a vigilar y también a preguntar que tal estamos.

Public lake access road 20.28818, -103.23058

Thought we were in the wrong place at first - had to drive through a road with "Private Property" and "No Trespassing" signs all over, but the signs were only for the side of the road. Eventually got to public land and it was by far the best camping spot we've found in a long while. Each little turn-off was secluded and next to the creek which provided perfect sleep sounds. Will definitely return if we get the chance!

Mine creek near Creede 37.84674, -106.96553

Gorgeous spot… musquito too! Very quiet no nose but the sea.

lighthouse road 47.72664, -64.65022

Accurate description of the dump station except it’s $10. It’s only five if you have the SENIOR OR ACCESS. So tired of seeing people on this app say the interagency pass gets you discounts when it does NOT unless you’re a senior or disabled.

Mora Campground 47.91732, -124.60478

Shows as Private Land on the Ontario Crown Land Use Atlas - Ministry of Natural Resources, Northern Development and Mines and Forestry

Crown land 44.69742, -78.85959

grand stationnement tranquille pour une nuit

Saint Donat, Parc des Pionniers 46.31433, -74.22578
jokaphje and so clean! nice hot water and pleasure was good as well. as for the shower curtain the most anyone could see would be a silhouette. highly recommend

Free showers - Georgetown PEI 46.18084, -62.53227

Really nice spot. Direct at the beach. Nights are quiet. No problem to drive there with our big rig (MAN, 18 t).

Anderson Cove 47.57765, -53.56478

Vers Nice view of the area. Near a transmission tower.
Overnight parking allowed, no services except for a portable toilette.

Craig observatory 46.22470, -71.41733

Bonne place pour dormir. Proche de la route mais très tranquille. Table, banc et une toilette de chantier sont à notre disposition.

Sentier de la Vallée 45.97842, -64.55389

No problème to sleep. No signs. Beautiful view. We have a 11 feet camper van.

Near lovers point 36.62804, -121.92132

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