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lots of machines including big ones, reasonable price

Joshua Tree laundromat 34.13452, -116.31886

Craig Road dead ends at the campsite. Large boulders have been placed by the forestry service. Kind of trashy now.

Craig Creek Rd. 35.95644, -81.77245

We stayed at Amin Guesthouse. Cheap place, friendly people. Tailored to locals.

Wifi is really bad. Place not super clean, but definitely ok for the price.

There's a private courtyard where we could keep our bicycles, and where we had our food.

We payed 2,500,000 IRR for a double room with bathroom. Negotiation not possible for us.

Darya guesthouse and Amin guesthouse 38.07793, 46.28384

Stayed here for 2 nights. Price is 15 pppn. You can park in the alley next to the hostal. The wifi connection is perfect, its flat and you can use the hot shower / toilet and kitchen inside the hostal. Pisac is a nice hippie vibe city and so is the hostal.

El Parche Rutero Hostal Parking -13.42157, -71.85813

Very quiet and good views. 2 minutes off the main road.
A fire pit, table and benches are available.

Nice spot in the nature 46.57863, 6.72592

Big gravel parking lot, well lit, quiet, only during the weekend there were some drifters at night. We stayed couple of nights and had a good stay! Nobody bothered us.

Parc de la Baie 45.45790, -75.68918
Per-Erik Eriksson

Decent room with private bath for a decent price - 300 MAD

Hotel Barbas 22.05453, -16.74745

we were asked to pay 36 a night here for 2 people in a van, less then 5 meters so not very big. which is a bit much. it's a nice enough place, but I wouldn't call it great. the proximity to the beach is nice, the restaurant is tasty and convenient, as they take orders via WhatsApp and deliver to your spot, the pool is very clean,and the wifi is strong through the whole property. ok to fill water here as the TDS tester measured only 94ppm. I only found 220v here. the toilets don't have seats and are bucket flush which is kind of a bummer and no kitchen. big rig friendly but anything over 3 meters tall and 2 meters wide is going to drag on the branches getting back to the camping area. dog friendly, they have like 6 dogs too, but they stay over by the restaurant and don't come over to the camping area. I don't know who the owner was, but an older gentleman mocked me for not speaking more Spanish. everyone else was very nice.

3 Grillos Puntas Hospedaje, Zorritos -3.69635, -80.70623

there are no money changers at this border crossing, but there is an ATM right here in the middle next to the bank. 400s maximum withdraw. not prompted regarding fees or conversation rates.

ATM -3.51142, -80.25004

We stayed for one night and felt very safe and welcomed. There is a modern, clean shower and toilet. Stefanie is very friendly. We paid 20 Sol p.P.p.N. Beautiful place!

Casa Lena Camping -13.54393, -72.68775

We paid 10.700 for 15 days insurance. Make sure to check your name and car details on the form they give you, dus wrote down the wrong details for us at first

Amanat Insurance 44.89857, 55.99422

Car Park & Picnic & Fontaine in a forest. Starting area for interesting hiking

Gorbea - Pagomakurre 43.07873, -2.79171
Bryan Jones

The campsite is bush style with sand underfoot with little shade from the acacias, separate from the lodge and could maybe accommodate three vehicles at a pinch and their occupants. There is no electricity but the ablutions and scullery are nice with a wood fired donkey for hot water for which plenty of wood is provided. Very friendly new management team at the lodge which has a waterhole, restaurant and nice lodge accommodation. N$190 pppn.

Fiume Lodge & Camp -19.35436, 18.29028
Vários Blogs

Excellent service provided by mechanic Helder (9193949979), who attends emergencies and at home.

Excelente serviço prestado pelo mecânico Helder (9193949979), que atende emergências e a domicilio.

O Pinguim - soldagem e mecânica -0.62331, -47.34846

Large parking lot to maneuver your big rig in and out

UHaul Propane 47.29926, -122.22138

Road to the designated spot is a little washed out, some clearance might help, 4x4 not necessary. Place itself is quite level and nice, but not for big rigs. Ours is 24 ft and was perfect, see pictures.

(Note: We hiked the road further up, there are some more beautiful and even larger spots, but from the first spot on, the road gets rocky and really bad. If you’re traveling with a pickup truck or have some more clearance, go for it, the views are great up there! 4x4 might help after rain.)

National Forest 37.21551, -107.31501

Secured Parking near the city center 5 min walk. A good option if you want to visit the city. You can sleep in your van for 15 $ per night. (Closed at night)
The owner Dalia is very kind and helpful you can ask her if you need anything.
We were happy to meet them

Dalia Toledo

Parking near the centro historico -0.21439, -78.50427

Really nice campground. Stayed one night there.

Sunset View Campground 36.67610, -110.54308

We stayed here twice, on our way there and back from the coast.
Clean, relatively new family-run guest house with clean inner yard for parking in a calm residencial street with really nice unobstrusive neighbours and the neighbours' children.
Clean rooms with new mattresses, air condition and TV, mosquito nets at the windows.
Currently, they have 3 rooms ready, two rooms share one bathroom (2000 MT), the third room has an ensuite bathroom (2500 MT).
The bathroom was clean and ample with hot shower (which was installed while we were there since it was not working before, for the boiler to work switch the fuse switch in the bathroom).
Air condition and TV were working, some of the windows do not close properly. Electricity and water working all night. If there is no water when you arrive, ask them to switch it on (they close it when there are no guests).
The first time we stayed, the landlord (speaks portuges only) also prepared a breakfast of eggs, bread and tea for us the next morning. The second time he said there was no money to buy supplies for the breakfast. Maybe he was spoiled by us coming back to stay at the place again. It was not possible to get a receipt for the payment, he said he had to get the money to his padron and then he would bring the receipt, but he never did.
Give them a try - installations are fine, the service may depend from day to day.

Residencial Aleczandre -16.80759, 37.00836

Clean hostel with a secure car park (no height restriction) and very hot shower. We stayed one night for 100s for three. The kept our van for 2 nights more for 20s.

L'hostel est propre et a un parking (pas de restriction sur la hauteur). Nous avons payé 100s pour une nuit pour trois. Nous avons laissé notre van 2 nuits de plus pour 20s.

Hospedaje Arum Qurpawasi (also parking and camping) -15.62150, -71.97942

No visible police today , was a Friday afternoon after 17:00

Bled -13.34077, 29.94756

good spot for a night close to the river ! we were two that night with absolutely no car that passed by.

hard to found at night, use sattelite view and enter by the 107120

River side site 49.85987, -99.91286

Be aware, Sheriff is cracking down on overnight parking on Selva. Tickets issued for “cargo vans” & lots of knocks. Beautiful place but, not worth the hassle.

Strand Vista Park 33.46840, -117.71442

Salt lake flats very secluded , beautiful views. Exposed to sun / weather could be harsh we used awning for shade. Good to hike in morning before gets to hot. Gas station close by. Good for the dog

Silver Island Mountains Byway 40.78323, -113.95087

This is a very small site next to the Pine River. One rig max. Must have a tight turning radius or reverse a ways up the hill. 4x4 highly encouraged. There's some rough spots and a mud hole that can be fairly deep depending on how much rain has fallen recently. Absolutely beautiful though. A small hiking trail to some rapids. Not a lot of trash, but some that we picked up. Unfortunately some people not only left their TP, but left it close to the site. Zero cell service for Verizon and T-Mobile. We had our dogs with. Be careful if you do as this is a wolf pack territory.

Pine River Site 45.86344, -88.75939

wonderful place, with good bathrooms, very clean, The Internet was great, The kitchen has stove and oven ( we didnt use it) and refrigerator (very good). we took pans, plates and knife and forks (they dont have it). we paíd 35,00 per person and stayed in the camping.

Maracajaú Camping -5.41557, -35.30944

As described above. We were the only campers so had the ablutions to ourselves.
Very friendly hostess who greeted us and made us feel at home.
Cost r225pppn which was average for my cost on the road for eight months.
Would recommend to overlanders unless you are on a very tight budget but don’t believe there as any site nearby with the same value for money.

Kalahari Camelthorn Caravan Park and Guesthouse -26.98153, 20.78216

It seemed like a good place at first, but at dawn young people arrived with music and a lot of noise

Hell of villa carlos paz -31.40615, -64.48926

Nice place for one night, river to the side. A little windy but not so cold.

Northeast of bridge -18.25335, -68.66973

Beautiful spot, 10/10. Lots of different options for where to park. Stayed here maybe 5 nights while spending time in the Yoho / Banff area.

Waterside 51.23385, -116.65377

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