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Stayed 6 nights, Adding more photos...
The quietest nights we've had in a long time... The weekend had 6~10 kids come and frolic in the water. Most weekdays a fellow named Dubian comes and pans for gold, which he makes into jewelary and sells at the town square market on the weekend. After a few days we became friends and he invited us to his home for a meal.

Eco Parque Santa Rosita 6.47960, -75.03804

This spot is at Washington Pass in the Olympic National Forest (not to be confused with Washington Pass near North Cascades National Park) at the junction of forest service roads 2464 and 2441.

Be aware the dirt road is one lane with few pulloffs if you meet traffic. It's also steep. If you drive a heavy vehicle (such as a camper van), take it easy. We stopped for a photo halfway up and wheels spun in the gravel when we took off, again. I wouldn't take anything larger than a Sprinter or Promaster.

Altogether, we loved going to sleep with this beautiful view of Rainier and Hood Canal. If heights don't scare you and you're accustomed to driving one lane/two way forest service roads, you'll enjoy.

There was also an excellent Verizon signal.

Hood Canal / Mt. Rainier Overlook 47.52759, -123.14547

Note: not sure of the name of this hostel, the sign just says hostel. It's a great place to stay if y
ou're travelling by bicycle. Close to the centre, cheap (35 soles for matrimonial for 2 people with shared bathroom), quiet, and has a kitchen. The owner is very attentive. Clean but not fancy bedrooms.

Calle Consuelo Hostel -16.40044, -71.53990

Free portable water.

There is a green water fountain right before the park trail begins. Only for bottles.

Bayfront Park 43.26936, -79.87008

Very nice and quiet campground (expect on the weekend). Wanted to stay 1 night, we stayed 3 nights ;)
The road is doable for any kind of rig. We paid 50 pesos per night and 30 pesos per person for the hot river which is very hot.
There are some toilets available for 5 pesos and we ask the guard if we could fill up our water tank with his hose at the gate and he was ok to do it for free :)

3 bars of 3G to 1 bar of 4G depending where you stay.

Benji & Audrey🇨🇭travelling with our Truck Camper IG: @on.vagabonde

Parque La Primavera Campamento El Pedernal 20.71062, -103.57092

I pulled in around 8PM and there were 5 or 6 other RVs in the lot. Easy to access and right beside an Esso, A&W, and the Winnie the Pooh Memorial. Great spot to stay if you’re passing through.

White River Tourist Information Centre 48.59199, -85.27621

It seems they have a new computer system and don't know exactly how that works. After they realized what to do (that tooks 2 hours), they could do the whole process in 10 minutes and we had our new TIP. No inspection of the car

DIAN 10.47453, -73.24747

Parking spot next to tourist office
Place 8-10 places, pic nic tables, free fresh water, toilets, and grey water dump
Bit away from the road

And the view is absolutely magnificent with one of the two glaciers directly across the water

Holand fjord tourist office 66.72434, 13.69918

Posto de combustível com banheiros e torneira. amplo local de estacionamento pavimentado e com iluminação.

Posto Petrox Indiaroba -11.52040, -37.52281

we tried going here to shower in the morning and it was completely locked up. looked on google maps and they’re only open from 3pm-5pm M-F.

Montrose Rec Field House 38.47053, -107.87412

They charged us 25$ for 2 people, first they wanted 30$. Camping on the parking lot, toilets and showers of the swimming pool area can be used. Very good restaurant.

Emerald Resort (former Swaynes Hotel: “Swaney Hote”) 6.00072, 37.54934

Water spigot and bathrooms with flush toilets. No overnight camping or parking. Short walk to the beach.

Manhattan Beach 45.64037, -123.94108

Showers only were $2, no shower curtains or soap but they are warm and staff are nice.

Raton Aquatic Center 36.89920, -104.43535
K n C

It’s all been said and is true! Very good washing machine, drinking water (no problems for us after 3 days drinking) that you can fill your tank with your hose, fast internet, beautiful bathhouse with hot suicide type showers and an incredible host that will help you in any way you need. We found the lane to the north with a wooden sign easier access for longer wheel base vehicles. The more southern lane with a white sign is also do-able, but has a tight turn and an irrigation canal hazard that we preferred to avoid. The more guests he has, the more likely it is the kitchen can get built!

Camping Guadelupe Jaime Veliz Caraz -9.05506, -77.79501

Beautiful spot near the lake. There is a table and fireplace. Very nice place to see Northern Lights with the mountains and the reflection on the lake.

Lapie Lakes, Canol Road South 61.65921, -133.05952

Beautiful spot! We only do a test but for sure camp here should be nice.

Rose Lake - Canol Road - NICE 61.59821, -133.08286

Easy to find and sites looked decent.
Still had signage everywhere that the trails and the camping sites are temporarily closed due to active logging so didn't stick around. Not really sure why, it didn't seem to affect the sites at all, and there was another trailer already setup when I arrived.

Okanagan falls Ohv trails 49.34030, -119.50133

Located 2 km from the Balbina Highway. You enter a cross road at the left side heading to Balbina Dam.
A rough dusty road.
Big place for day use.
We talked to the owner and he gently invited us to camp and sleep one night, even it's not an camping place.
The only sounds we heard at night came from the nature.
Nice and clean river to bath. A small water fall. Many benches and tables around the property.
A very good restaurant.
You pay R$ 10,00 at the entrance.
Enjoy, and keep everything clean.

Cachoeira dos Pássaros -2.03761, -59.91526

vraiment bien. arrivé de noirceur mais facile car beaucoup de place... tel que décrit dans les post

Camp site 51.00574, -118.21526

Crossing still impossible . 2m high wall

impossible crossing -12.59343, 31.74762

River is deep , but doable because when we went through, it was packed with sandbags. See picture.
We have pick up 4x4 3,6 tons. Not suitablefor big rigs.

But note road outside thepark hping North is sandy.

Rivercrossing very deep. -12.44358, 31.71746

Very beautiful and calm place. It's closed between Novembre and April beause of snowmanagement. Then they will tow.

St-Lawrence river side parking rue des Oblats, old parking désaffeced old harbour 46.36737, -72.49616

very clean. 7am-8pm, 7 days/ week. washers $3/double. $3.75 /triple. $7.25/6load. hot dryers .25/5 min.
change machine and bathroom and free parking.

Back Door Laundry 42.77935, -81.19844

This was our favorite RV park campground ever!

As others have said, the bathrooms are AMAZING. Theyve got laundry, communal kitchen & dining area, great wifi, lawn games, and a dog park. They also sell snacks and you can pay for everything, including laundry via venmo, no quarters needed.

Our site had a shaded area with patio dining set, a hammock, and lounge chairs.

When we were there, there was even a farmers market & movie night. And the dark skies really were beautiful. So worth the $!

Dark Sky RV 37.02419, -112.47629

Excellent Casa Ciclista with a very welcoming family. Small house with two beds, bathroom and warm water, or plenty open area to camp. Mario runs it and used to have a bike shop so he can let you a hand or tools to fix any issues. We were also invited for lunch by his mum, delicious!

Casa Cicloturista General Alvear Mendoza -35.00132, -67.66471

pidieron la tourist card, no nos pidieron licencia internacional, somos de argentina

Immigration and Customs Albina 5.49603, -54.05688

A few pull off spots along this road. Good for a night passing through.

Tunk Stream 44.61675, -68.02932

Recomendamos este lugar pela atenção, disponibilidade e cordialidade dos proprietários, local muito espaçoso, tranquilo, seguro, silencioso, próximo a Buenos Aires capital, podendo deixar o veículo e ir de micro ônibus para capital pois é perto e com o preço acessível das passagens, evitando assim o trânsito pesado e muitos pedágios em Buenos aires. Tem wi-fi rápido, WC limpos com água quente, tomadas de energia, água potável.

Cabaña Adelia -34.94472, -58.74761

It was a sky center and now it is used as a xamping site and there are paths for motocross and mountain bike

Mont-Carmel 46.49654, -72.62843

Mr. Anton and his mechanics are a great team. They managed to organise 2 shock absorbers for our Ford from Lusaka within 24 hours and mounted everything properly in 3 hours. Many thanks to the friendly and helpful Mr. Anton and staff.

Mr Anton workshop -11.83632, 31.43140

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