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Casa Piedra wild camp at Ruta 40

Casa Piedra camp / Cabana at Ruta 40 -47.11849, -70.86002

In the city center. Access to kitchen, hot shower, wifi, water.

Price: 60 Arg peso

Hostal del Lago -49.33210, -72.88745

Tierra del Fuego, wild camp just south of the ferry

Tierra del Fuego, wild camp -52.52770, -69.39290


Price: 60 Arg Peso

Camping Hain -54.52590, -67.23215

Ask for permission to camp at the entrance to Haberton. They do also have some more free campsites on their estancia. Nice location.

Price: free

Estancia Harberton, Rio Varela -54.87643, -67.30460

Located up above town. Hot shower, kitchen, wifi.

Price: 70 peso

Camping La Pista del Andino -54.81283, -68.35125

Wild camp sites down by the Magellan Strait. Beautiful location inbetween the trees on the beach. No facilities.

San Juan (south of Punta Arenas) -53.69110, -70.97150

Camping in city center Puerto Natales. Basic facilities, a little run down, but no problems.No internet

Price: 9000 pesos

Camping Josmar2 -51.72860, -72.50368

Bush camp on the pampas. Just took off from the road and followed some old tracks a couple of hundred meters from the road. Quiet, but a little windy.

Camp Santa Cruze -50.49437, -70.80530

Nice municipal camp ground a couple of hundred meters from the beach. WiFi and hot showers.

Price: 30 pesos

Rada Tilly - Camping Municipal -45.91755, -67.55148

Bush camp by the sea. Nice views, away from the road, very quiet.

Camp Dos Bahias -44.90302, -65.58933

Okay facilities. WiFi on the sites close to the reception area. Small shop in the campground.

Price: 75 peso

Camping ACA -42.78085, -64.99965

Basic facilities. WiFi close to the reception. Two minutes to the beach and restaurants.

Price: 91 pesos

Camping Trentinos -41.05193, -62.83105

Cosy town with lots of crafts shops and nice restaurants. Fantastic pizza at “de la Mancha” on the main street. Camping has hot showers. No internet.

Cozy town -38.13390, -61.79473

This is a huge camping and picnic area about an hour south of Buenos Aires. Good facilities, but no internet.

Camp Laguna Lobos -35.27818, -59.13772

45 pesos (one person + vehicle)

El Faro -34.09655, -59.00643

55 pesos (one person + vehicle)

Top Malo Camping -33.71973, -58.68112

This is a backpacker guesthouse 2 minutes walk from the “old” town in Colonia. Great little town with nice, quiet streets, and okay restaurants. Relatively expensive. Parked in the street just outside the hostel, no problems.

Hostal El Espanol -34.47250, -57.84670

Campground a few kilometers east of Colonia. Basic facilities, no internet.

Camping Los Nogales -34.46315, -57.82538

Basic campground. Internet close to the reception area. Location is just next to the highway, noisy during the day.

Camping del Parque -34.74918, -55.70502

Nice camping close to the beach (not on the beach). Walking distance to a couple of restaurants and grocery shops. Internet and hot showers.

Camping Las Flores -34.81440, -55.32315

Located on the bank of the Zapatoca stream, it is a local rural spa, there is no infrastructure, it is approximately 2km from the urban area of Zapatoca, it is a beautiful place.

Bautisterio 6.81103, -73.28368

Great spot for a camp in Antigua Guatemala. Check in at the guarded gate, and they should let you stay for at least two weeks for free. If you ask you will probably get access to their WiFi as well. We were told that they close the gates at 10 PM, but we never had problems getting back in even a little bit later. It is in the city center just next to the market, and it takes a couple of minutes to the main square.

Price: free

Turista Police Car Park 14.55591, -90.73965

A quiet hotel just outside the town center (10 minutes walk) that will let you camp on their parking area. Okay place, but almost a little too quiet when we were there. The place felt kind of too big for only the two of us and two other guests..

Price: 100 quetzales

El Recreo 15.57558, -89.98418

Zephyr is a party place. It has a young clientel, and seems to be operated by temporarily employed backpackers. We were allowed to park in their drive way. Not really a parking area, but should fit two or three small campers. There is a restaurant and a bar, and everything goes on a bill that is paid when you leave. It was a little chaotic. Happyhour every day between 6 and 8. However, we had a fun couple of days, and the location is close to perfect!

Price: 50 quetzales

Zephyr Lodge 15.57964, -89.98122
Landcruising Adventure

Gold mine, spent the night at the station of the Policía Militar.

Lourenço- wild camp 2.30828, -51.63907
Landcruising Adventure

President of the Jeep Club is João. Perfectly quiet and lovely place to spend the night.

Macapá, Jeep Club 0.04175, -51.10747
Landcruising Adventure

Petrol station nNar the port. Safe, quiet, clean place to spend the night.

Petrol Station 0.02305, -51.16492
PikiPiki Overland Blog

Really cool website and place. Close to the park. Bathrooms are a bit old but workable.

Red Chilli Rest Camp 2.27746, 31.56482

Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary is also referred to as The Jaguar Sanctuary because there are several jaguars in the area. This is a wildlife park with some basic camping facilities. The area for vehicle camping is actually the halicopter landing area, so we were told not to park in the middle. Should be room for four to five small campers. Good starting pint for jungle treks, with or without guide.

Price: 20 belize $

Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary 16.78053, -88.45958

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