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It's a very nice park. we also slept here. noone bothered us, but normally It closes at 7pm. I asked the worker here in the park if I can get some water. they were very friendly and gave me also water bottles. refilling was no problem.

water in the park 25.42981, 49.69935

cycle mechanic with many basic parts. helpful if you have some of your own too.

cycle mechanic 7.42129, -7.55810

went to flying J in Albany,it was too noisy
so we got here in Wallmart 27 minutes from Flying J.
much more quiet.

Stewart’s Shop and gas station 42.68157, -74.45545

Passed through today. There was a long queue but they waved us through.

Police check point -15.94847, 27.85256

Cidade muito tranquila, bonita e segura. Dormimos do lado da praça da igreja Matriz, porque temos autonomia, mas há uma praça do lado da antiga estação de trem que tem água e banheiros públicos. Em outra praça do lado do prédio da assistência social vimos que tem tomadas (perguntar antes de utilizar). Volta Grande é o tipo de cidade que te traz paz. Pega 4G da Claro

Praças de Volta Grande -21.77087, -42.53923

Closed! Moved to Las Industrias 344, Calama, Antofagasta, Chile

Toyota Calama Auto Summit -22.50376, -68.93092

A bit rustic but clean. Clean hot showers, clean toilets, BBQ. Camping area away from the road and on the river. Price 10000 clp for 2 with a camper. Very nice hosts.

camping La Junta -38.85865, -71.81292

Unfortunately it’s permanently closed.

Hour Laundry 26.34457, 50.14672

Truck parking beside the road.
Very friendly at the arrival and good price! 20

controlled parking 33.27419, 47.56834

Great place for the night! There are about 10 designated RV spaces for big rigs and tons of regular parking spots by then for smaller rigs/cars.

Cracker Barrel 26.68324, -81.79698

Posto de combustível com espaço amplo. Dormimos uma noite bem silenciosa. Não é 24h mas tinha vários caminhões e um vigilante. Banheiros precários com chuveiro.

Posto São Pedro -9.54343, -37.28637

2 HR parking under a bridge at a park. This is the only parking lot that I could find that wasn’t a parking ramp. There is street parking around but it is $0.50 for 30 minutes.

2 HR parking 26.64295, -81.87321

We first wanted to stay in a secured parking but they were either full or not allowed us staying in the van so we parked here for one night and it was super quiet and felt very safe.

Street Parking in Americana District 20.67112, -103.36520

Nice spot 30m beside the road. Nearly no traffic after sun set. Very quiet, great view.
4x4 helpful.

Tarhoulit 31.64127, -6.53218

Stayed just the one night after arriving in the dark on this very secluded spot off a winding dirt road. Parked where we could see an overlook a little valley and watched the sunrise. Sunset would be nice here too. Came back to post more pics during daylight.

Couple small spots on bluff 37.61316, -112.09260

Around the corner from the popular Ridge Park spot, adjacent to the same park. Thought I’d have several van neighbors, but everyone else left by 10 which made me a bit nervous that maybe it wasn’t okay to park here anymore; however, I stayed the night with no issues. Frequent traffic died down after midnight.

I parked on the South side of the street (the trail side overlooking the hills & ocean). Enjoyed a lovely dawn (pics included). Good for a night, I wouldn’t stay parked all day or do consecutive nights due to it being in a wealthy residential neighborhood. May return again.

Verizon service is solid with 1-3 bars. Bathrooms, drinking fountains, picnic tables & trash cans at the park. Note that dogs are not allowed on the hiking trails and it is mountain lion territory.

Coastal Peak / Pacific Ridge Trailhead 33.60498, -117.80275

It’s 2 km from de Aduana Argentina. The actual border is some 100 km away!

ACA Las Flores -30.32164, -69.21073

Beautiful morning views and close to Waheap Bay Marina

Beehive Campsites-Glen Canyon NRA 36.93747, -111.49494

Long Beach but with a lot of trash. We cleaned up around us.
Few flat places for any size Rigs.
Very calm, we felt very safe

Fishermen beach 27.95663, -114.09146
Clay Lucas

very nice place to stay. Some areas can be a bit muddy after a rain but the views are worth it. Felt very safe. A few minutes after we found our spot a police man came by and took down our info and gave us a camping permit. I saw a sign that they close the gates 11pm to 4am.

Titus County Freshwater Supply District 33.08966, -95.01301

Only shower option in town. Friendly and attentive hotel staff. $300 pesos, hot shower, no time limit.

Única opção de ducha na cidade. Pessoal do hotel simpático e atenciosos. $300 pesos, ducha quente, sem limite de tempo.

Residencial Marisa -39.94805, -71.07469

Police and customs checkpoint. Checked our passports, CPD and asked where we are going from and to. Friendly, no bribing attempts.
We were on 2 motorbikes.

Manda checkpoint 13.33011, -13.83861

view point, scenic views, steep and sleepy short trail (30min up)
2$/p entrance via private property

Los Picachos de Ola 8.40319, -80.66522

Lugar bom é tranquilo para pernoitar

Great spot for a rest

Tecka YPF Station -43.49696, -70.80689

Great spot to stop hidden from the road. Very windy but that's just how this hole area is.

Beautiful mould by the lake -47.35620, -71.75225

Yes, also got our gas bottle filled here! Seems they can fill any gas bottle you have. Gave it to him and received back a few hours laters.

at the sailing club of Dakar 14.71178, -17.43106

a great stop! plenty of easy parking for trucks/ trailers/rvs/ cars. nice walking paths and steps for exercise for ppl and pups. very clean

Rest Stop South 38.61634, -78.70649

place to camp or park your motorhome, recharge water and dispose of wastewater

Campo La Alicia -36.74456, -62.96458

its a nice place. we stayed here for lunch, but you can perfectly stay the night here. the toilets are open and free, there is a tap outside with running water. the showers are closed. you can put your tent under a shelter, there are also tabels.

Municipal Beach camping / picnic La Trichera -35.10987, -72.20110

Beautiful beach with the sight of a shipwreck and nice spot to go snorkling!

You can only get here coming from the north (Haql). The road along the coast going south is closed because of the NEOM project.

We asked the coast guard for permission to swim here, it is allowed on the beach next to the shipwreck, do not go near the shipwreck. They also told us I was allowed to swim here as a women and that it did not matter what I wore. Nobody was around so we went snorkling in normal bathing suit!

There also is a very new and neat toilet building with showers on the outside (:

Haql Shipwreck beach 28.87697, 34.83358

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