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Nomad Katia

Tried to stay at this campground today. It was closed, nobody around, even being the day after an extended holiday (All Saint's holiday in Nov 1st). Tried another campground around, also closed. Headed to Los Angeles, 35km ahead.

Camping Playa Hermosa -37.21832, -72.36755

According to the Paris, TX Chamber of Commerce website, the sites are $35 per night. Not sure how you pay or make a reservation. Spent the night in the huge parking lot with 2 other Sprinter vans. Very quiet and no problems.

Eifel tower in Paris 33.63994, -95.52429

back open and serving great food and beer. dog friendly.

Barranca Beer Company -12.14856, -77.02104

We took the road opposite the entry to the thermals. Space enough for a lot of people. Locals friendly greeted us while passing by. The end of the road let's muddy but the bottom of the pools are solid.

River Side Camp -44.01386, -72.57182

Reservation is a must, this is not a COVID matter. You have to reserve a slot if you want to be sure to take a bath. The gates can be closed but that is to keep the catle in.
There is no camping here, no tents and no campers, but there is a nice wild camping spot across the road, see other entries.

El Sauce Hot Springs. -44.02903, -72.53299

Pretty constant flow of folks to get this natural spring water. Bring your jugs and fill up!

Free Spring Water 34.51851, -93.04955

save and remote place to stay over night. A cartrack leads into the forest to an open space hidden from the road. One local guy passed by with his sons and welcomed us.
No village close by!

in the forest -13.07335, 26.35424

Quiet night. No one else here and checked with a parks guy who was indifferent about us being here. NOTE: the park will be closed 11/3-11/6 for a tournament.

Splinter city disc golf course 33.65902, -78.92926

way to the quarry was closed by a selfmade gate incl. traps warning, some fresh tire marks around. as it was late we found a spot to parallel park the van on the first section in, about 60 meters from road and 75% covered, surprisingly level. I am closing the spot for now but would rate as emergency or quick night stop for small vehicles up to 20 feet or something. it is very quiet a night and car traffic dies down after sunset.
ADD: old farmer came by at 8 in the morning to check his gate, just a quick Buenos Dias nothing more, so stay off track when parked. But overall just a quick overnight to find here.

New Balance 24.03648, -110.64499

trailhead in the woods, with quite a bit of parking and a pit toilet, set back away from the road, though there isn’t much road noise anyway. no “no” signs.

just make sure you’re at the trailhead in the mason neck wildlife refuge portion of this road, NOT the one in the mason neck state park, as the state park has much stricter parking rules. ranger came by to check the bathrooms this morning and didn’t bother me.

1 bar of phone service on Verizon. can send and receive texts but that’s about it. but during the day you can work from the picnic area in the state park if you’d like — it’s lovely with very good phone service.

wildlife refuge trailhead 38.72074, -77.12708

About a week before summer season starts, only campground along the way we found open all year round. Large campground, space for all size rigs. Expensive at 1500pp, but again, few options right now. Warm outdoor shower(with curtain) basic bathroom facilities - Pool only on weekends and mid-summer.

Cabaña Costa Azul -33.14748, -68.45826

Another quiet and pleasant evening parked on the street with almost no traffic. There are covered picnic tables here so we stayed dry while brewing our coffee on a rainy morning. We liked this spot so much, we came back!

Ridge Park Rd 33.60478, -117.80303

A flat concrete base big enough for 2-3 vehicles at an disused military base.

Korita 42.49064, 19.53480

road under construction after landslide
huge remodelling. expect some waitingtime up to 30 minutes.

road construction -5.88782, -78.14159

This can now be considered a “parking lot” where tourists gather (especially during sunset or down) to walk into the dunes though many don’t venture very far. We did find a drivable (4x4) passage into the dunes and camped in one of the undulations.

dunes de Merzouga 31.17710, -4.03206

small clean campsite with quiet hot water in the off season
very good welcome but the most expensive we had: 3000ARS 2pers motorhome

Camping Club Ina-Lauquen -41.03677, -62.81737

Parking area at overlooking Fontana Dam has free hot showers in the bath house. Part of the Appalachian Trail, there is an AT camping shelter not far down a path, as well as tables for food and designated areas to camp. Just park and go down the path to the right to get to the bath house.

Fontana Dam camping and shelter 35.44905, -83.79644

As described, water still running as of nov 2.

Maverick Gas station 42.84223, -112.41328

Take one shower hère. 50pesos, good pressure but not hot and good wifi outside the hostely. very friendly

Todos Santos Hostel Shower 23.45119, -110.22305

Stayed one night in our Promaster. Lots of street parked cars to blend in with. Loud cars rode by occasionally throughout the night, but it was an alright place overall

Wright Park stealth camp 39.72244, -105.13902

Very nice and quite place but we were out off high season and w-e ! Ok for very big rig (6x6 Man truck) and no signal claro!

Reserva Hidrica "La Toma" -30.87582, -64.93749

Good overnight spot. Felt very safe. We also parked underneath the mango trees, where it was surprisingly quiet (we slept very well in our pop-up roof even without ear plugs) Relatively clean and cold showers. The WiFi at the little shop is super fast.

Good place for spending the night -4.08077, -54.91940

We spend 1 night there and it was very quite. Felt safe.
We paid 50 pesos to enter and sleep.
1 bar of 3G telcel
IG: on.vagabonde

Balneario Ojo De Agua Tlacotepec 16.53569, -95.20145

Ótimo camping, preço justo. 800 pesos 2 pessoas + Motorhome. Ducha bem quente, eletricidade e água a vontade. Wi-Fi só na entrada.

Camping Municipal Santa Maria -26.69642, -66.04173

stayed here last night. as described- huge parking lot. any rig could get in there. however- i don’t know how inconspicuous you’d be, the bigger the rig. but lots of room, none the less. about 3 bars 5G TMobile. 2 bars LTE Verizon

Doubletree Hotel Parking Lot 41.06005, -73.86344

Good ACA campsite. Nice place to stay, hot showers, potable water, electricity etc. available. Only the WiFi is almost not existing, the signal is only at the reception and speed is very slow... We paid 3600 ARS (1200 ARS ppn plus 1200 ARS for the car).

Rada Tilly - Camping Municipal -45.91760, -67.55153

We are not 4x4 so couldn't make it to this spot but stayed at the first open area by the gate. Bit of rubbish but good for a quiet night

Angeles NF wild camp 34.54484, -118.56080

Been there for my 24 ft motorhome ford 1989 after trying in Ensenada in 2 garages without enough space and equipment, and bad feeling about the time that it could take... Finally I drove to San Felipe and had a good service there at Ralloʼs (oil change, tires rotation, breaks check, add 2 suspension blades and repair stabilisator in front). Good equipment indeed, and raisonable price!

Rallo's Suspension 31.03029, -114.85089

Nice views! Flat area, accessible with 2WD. We stood at the lower platform. Nobody else there. Sadly much toilet paper at the beach, please take it with you. In evening and morning some cars and fisher boat. Quiet at night.

Bridge -46.84450, -72.80248

A campsite with all the comforts and a few meters from the town. Highly recommended.

Un camping con todas las comodidades y a escasos metros del pueblo. Muy aconsejable.

Camping Nautic 40.88671, 0.80508

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