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Great little campground. Friendly owner. 8000 pesos/night. Small, but lots of spaces in his large yard, may be able to accommodate one or two smaller RV's in his driveway. Wifi, hot showers, secure parking in driveway. Covered kitchen, outdoor laundry sink. Walk two blocks to town.

Camping Tierra Viva -42.91399, -72.70697

Great little campground. Friendly owner. 8000 pesos/night. Small, but lots of spaces in his large yard, may be able to accommodate one or two smaller RV's in his driveway. Wifi, hot showers, several power outlets, secure parking in driveway. Covered kitchen, outdoor laundry sink. Walk two blocks to town.

Camping Tierra Viva -42.91399, -72.70697
Life with Spock

Did laundry here today use their Crossover machines. Pricey but I did double the loads in each machine machine per the assistant’s recommendation so it wasn’t bad. The clothes came out really clean. Great Wi-Fi, clean restroom and warm on this cold November morning. Highly recommend. The first snow today!

Neighborhood Laundry 36.18980, -94.15683

bountiful place with a pit toilet and a lot of fire places around. 1 bar T-Mobile

On the road to Painted Canyon 33.61362, -116.00853

21.01. Driving south. Cheaper than the station north. 22.69 there.

Pemex 28.00468, -114.01147

Very easy fill up. Not busy. Beautiful view of the Rio Grande.

Pilar 36.26796, -105.78939

Water still there but there is a lock on the tap. Ask the attendant and they will open it for you.

Fry’s Supermarket 35.19418, -111.63510

Right in front of somebody's house?! There is other better places

Explanada Libre , Muy Tranquilo -43.69993, -66.47491
A very long Honeymoon

Beautiful little walk. Unfortunately this time of the year too risky to go to the end. Had to stop about 1.5km before the glacier because of snow/ice fields that covered rivers.
Road is a challenge, we needed to use lower gear and even lockers at one spot (but road is currently not maintained due to the strike).

Sendero Glaciar Pichillancahue -39.45932, -71.85218

camping and camp fires are prohibited in this site by National Park laws

Lake view wild camping -41.23584, -71.43003

I stayed in a single room with outside bathroom and shower (warm) for 60Q
I got towel and soap too.
Wi-Fi is available but did not work in my room.
Very clean and very good value for money.
Single with private bathroom are just 75q

La Posada de don Martin 14.76162, -90.99156

Still 2$ for 8min, you can get change at the office.

Showers were all dirty, we choose the cleanest and the sheet say it wasn't cleaned since the 7th of this month so...11 days...

Shower at campground 36.99843, -111.49758
Ricardo Araujo

Camping association in Paso de la Patria, Argentina

Camping Petróleo y Gas -27.30587, -58.54443
Ricardo Araujo

Viemos para tomar banho apenas. 100 pesos argentinos por pessoa. 1500 para dormir no carro, por pessoa.

Camping Petróleo y Gas -27.30588, -58.54445

This campsite is sitting at the end of the path that runs along the dam. For camping it's 3,000 pesos for the night + 400 per person. There are showers (but they are not hot), toilets and barbecues and tables to eat. Water available and the lake beach is beautiful! we had a good time here

nautic campsite -34.57719, -68.70525

it's a nice, even parking lot, just before the 4 wheel road starts.

near private entrance to trail -46.11222, -72.18750

This restaurant was recommended to us by the owner of the lodge we were staying.His exact words "if you want to eat normal food, not too oily, meat or fish, then this is the place". Our previous experience in Chaitén were not so good. This restaurant hit the mark. No menu, just the best of what today has to offer. i had a fresh crab meat stew, awesome!!! the owner is a no nonsens lady.

El Volcán Restaurant -42.55948, -72.60478

Reasonale though the toilets where dirty. Has vending machines. AT&T reception ok. Nice views of rocks. I spend a few hours working here but decided to go elsewhere to sleep.

Arizona Rest Stop (both sides of Hwy) I-10 32.06010, -110.07847

big, free, parking space straight at the beach, next to police station. There are a couple restaurants, (solar powered) lights, toilets, showers and electricity. All free!
Asked the lady from one of the restaurant if it's safe, she said yes.
Some people drinking at night but they didn't bother us.

playa el esteron 13.17024, -88.06738

Good place to stay overnight, the entree fee includes use of the thermal pools and showers. Very clean. RV parking lot is good levelled, electricity possible. Noise from nearby road, at night more quiet. Very friendly and helpful guy. Some locals take a bath with their families (we was here during the week). We payed 140 Ps. per person, open from 8 am to 6 pm. Security guy at night, seems to be safe.

Balneario El Mirador 19.90778, -101.14976

Good service, they fill also built in tanks. Highly recommended.

Maracaibo gas imperial 19.91033, -100.46037

lugar muito tranquilo para passar a noite e o dia. não há trânsito. próximo a uma unidade da polícia. a praça é super agradável e bonita.

In front of the Hotel Los Pinos Lodge, Caraz -9.04906, -77.81417

Parking lot for HB Sports Center. Pay $1 to park all day from 5a to 10p. Bathrooms & drinking fountains available. I see several other vanlifers & RVers here daily. Next to the library and a large park (another great place to spend the day). A few spots get shade but most are in full sun all day.

The Arco a block up the street has some of the cheapest gas in SoCal (I’m a HB local, had a couple apartments here before they made it so expensive it wasn’t worth it to pay rent anymore lol).

Try Issara Thai on Warner Ave for excellent noodles, soup, & egg rolls but stay away from the fried rice, it’s too bland.

HB Sports Center Parking Lot 33.70049, -118.00472

Lugar tranquilo para dormir. O posto fecha às 21h00, mas é muito seguro. Pessoal muito simpático.

Posto BR Baldessar -27.99347, -49.57075

Called and their rate is $48 for 30 amp hook up

Cajun Heritage RV Park 30.33509, -91.70973

Got a hot shower here as the Cove aquatic center apparently only let the public shower at lap swim time.
Planet fitness staff were awesome, amazing and super helpful

Planet fitness 31.55878, -110.25430

Open again (see picture), but maybe it’s been moved? It’s much closer to the entrance than the original marker for this location. Dump and potable water.

Rest Area 30.61528, -100.74280

exiting Nicaragua. All I can say is that it too exactly 30 minutes in abd out all included. I guess timing of the day matters. We were after a group of 50 bikers from Mexco. who we got stuck behind in the CR Auuana. all comes out in the wash. waiting somewhere: :)

ENTER Nicaragua 11.20991, -85.61174

great hot shower! one of the best in long time. Still 3min 1 Token. 1 Token $3, 2 for $5.
also great stop for having your lunch view the views and the ocean sounds.

Arena Cove Pier 38.91460, -123.71034

Small road with marker near roadway. there are some pretty large trees for shade in the wash. I had visible service when I arrived but it has been spotty. Area is pretty clean. I did find two golf balls and a pile of wire duct. This spot is pretty close to the road but gunfire seems quite a ways away. Sixty percent less pew pew than Cattle Tank Rd.

BLM Wash with shade 32.60961, -111.24529

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