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As described. Didnt go to the zoo as it seems weird.

Chamber of Commerce Alamogordo 32.90375, -105.96072

Free for 5 days but donations appreciated. Electric, water, dumpster, dump station. Porta potties in nearby park. There were 6 other RVs there. Felt safe. Nice park to take a walk through with my dog.

Coleman RV Park 33.17272, -102.27604

The park has a front entrance and a rear, a large rig can easily maneuver the parking lot and exit without turning around.

park spigot 36.54060, -114.44193

It is a perfect place to protect from the wind. It has some short trees. We use this place as cycletravellers. It has no water and it could be dangerous if you come here with pets.

Ruta 40 -43.11159, -70.88547

Behind the petro port in the grass area. Asked at garage and permission was granted. Very quiet. Toilets at garage. Mugg and Bean 08:00 to 18:00.

Total Petroport -33.96710, 23.93010

Best place to stay in Uyuni, it's a clean Hotel out side of the busy centro of Uyuni and very safe. Anna the alma of
the property is ver frindli and helpfull. She
even went to the gas station to bring me gas oíl for local Bolivan prices. I higly recomend Annas Hotel. I even met a lot of overlander with their cars to relax in beetwen the tours. Thank you Anna for your hospitality. Un abrazo

El Nido del Flamenco -20.46789, -66.81596

Lesly the farm owner is a very nice guy.
The camp is on his farm, surrounded by sheep and goats. The ablutions are shared and very basic, but they do the job. The 3 camp sites are very private and have shade by trees. The price was 125ppn (probably can negotiate a bit). I paid 140 instead and got a sausage for the Braai on top and was allowed to use some wood from the donkey for the Braai. The sausage’s sheep and goat taste is very special and probably not for everyone, but I enjoyed it.

Barby Guest Farm -25.85889, 16.56028

É um posto para quem está de passagem. Possui toda a qualidade da rede Full, o que quer dizer hma ótima internet é ótimas instalações. Mas é extremamente barulhento, e por isso ficamos apenas uma noite.

Río Gallegos - YPF -51.62278, -69.26097
Anne on an Adventure

easy enough to find in the dark, decent handful of pull of spots right along 58 in addition to this road. parked in the first spot right at the start of the road and did not venture any further.

Jefferson National Forest FS 90 Turnout 36.65309, -81.70496

very loud place, not peaceful at all.
the view is beautiful though!

National Mall 7th Street 38.88974, -77.02202

do not take this "short cut". worst gravel road on RT 40 an Carrtera Austrel
fist gear most of the way

Bad gravel road -50.60000, -71.10000

flat parking, gorgeous views over ocean and green grassy land with cows. Missed the sunset, but the sunrise was also beautiful.

Layby on a cliff - insane views! 52.10503, -10.45532

nice little site 150 ft off the main road. fire ring and only enough room for 1 vehicle. setup allows privacy from road if you park correctly. 2 bars Verizon 4gLTE and 2 bars TMobile 5g.

FS525 Side Site 34.91024, -111.91448

Beautiful hidden spot under the trees! We chilled here, had lunch and waited till the afternoon for the wildlife to come out. ;)

river spot -20.07428, -55.65197

N380pp, which although may sounds expensive, comes with private camp grounds (each with their own patch of grass). The most impressive private facilities we've seen, private ablutions with hot shower, laundry sink in addition to kitchen sinks and undercover area you could set up in the rain. the restaurant overlooks a private waterhole not 15m away; we saw zebra, giraffe, oryx and dikdik while we were there.

Tamboti campsite - Onguma reserve -18.78255, 17.06059

Nice hill, with a amazing view. We saw giraffe, and the birds song's also very nice. Would be a perfect spot for overnight and watching the sky

Amazing views over the Riverbed -18.60520, 12.86033

At the beginning of Old Culp Valley Road is a pull-out just before a sign that says “no camping beyond this point”, implying that camping is allowed up until that point. Stayed overnight with no issues and enjoyed a STUNNING pink-tinted dawn.

Just up the dirt road are two more spots to park and hike around. One on the right has a sign that looks like it’s marked for camping, but it’s just that someone scratched out the red line marking it NO camping. I did note that someone spent the night at one of the spots.

Old Culp Valley Road is currently rated 4WD only by the state park website, and starts getting washed out just past the two hiking spots, so don’t take your 2WD rig past there. I did hike up to the road’s summit, where there are some archaeological remains to be viewed. This is sacred land, I could feel the energy there, so please be very respectful when exploring here.

INSANE VIEWS, spectacular scenery, will be back many more times. Verizon service had one bar but couldn’t send out a text. Further up the hill I had two bars.

Old Culp Valley Road 33.20983, -116.45349

Go past the truck stop and down the road past industrial buildings. You’ll find a section with no parking signs but once you go past that it’s all open. Nice dark area away from the noise of the highway and gas stations. There were some unhoused folks living in tents in the area but had no issues and felt safe staying there in my van.

Road behind Love’s 36.38347, -114.90037

Day use only, swimming, no parking or camping from 9pm to 5am. Picnic tables, pull through loop, toilet. Just outside the small town of Mitchell

Mitchell day use rest area 43.44510, -81.14580

We stopped here for lunch, but it's a pretty cool place to sleep. Very close to 40, however, the trees camouflage and you can't see the cars on the highway. There are designated places to make a bonfire.

Paramos aqui para almoçar, mas é um lugar bem legal para dormir. Bem próximo da 40, porém, as árvores camuflam e não dá para ver os carros da rodovia. Há lugares sinalizados para fazer fogueira

Rio Pichi Traful Free Camping Area -40.48730, -71.59627

We stopped to sleep here, but a policeman told us that we couldn't stay. We slept in the city's central square.

Paramos para dormir aqui, mas um policial nos orientou que não poderíamos ficar. Dormimos na praça central da cidade.

Bus station parking lot -40.16055, -71.35715

Gasolinera con tienda y restaurante. Área de descanso muy limpia con baño y regadera gratis. Wifi gratis 5/5mbps. Estacionamiento muy grande para todo vehículo pero si ruidoso con camiones entrando y saliendo día y noche. Lugar muy seguro.

Gas station with restaurant. Very nice rest area with bathroom, shower and free wifi 5/5 mbps. Huge parking lot. It's loud as trucks coming day and night. Felt very safe.

GasMaz Station 22.78471, -105.68976

Wat 3 spots on this gravel road uphill are manageable to get to but after that it probably requires 4x4. Great views but if it’s windy don’t recommend

Parking all along dirt road near Carlsbad 32.20562, -104.33032

Very clean patisserie wirh 2 nice girls. Cakes, juices, coffe.. Hood for breakfast or for a snack! Reccomended!

patisserie 33.92131, 8.12913

a flat area behind the hills, a former digging place, not very nice but OK for staying overnight on the way south or north. Big enough for big rigs. LTE ok

near to Ruta 40 -31.88611, -68.52873

Really nice spot near Pucon. Really remote, just some very friendly fisherman. Right next to the beautiful lake and lookout over the mountains. Just a 10 minute drive to Pucon. Stayed here for 6 nights because we needed some car fixings done.

Lakeside -39.30080, -72.06803

Road is rutted with lots of rough terrain. We got through with a 2500 truck and 26ft trailer, however, it was rough. High clearance definitely needed based on current road conditions. Beautiful view of the gorge once we made it to the rim.

West Rim Rio Grande 36.38290, -105.73976

As Described. the thermal baths are nice at 200 pp. locals with some music until around 9pm and then quiet.

Termas Quebrada de Hualfin -27.21344, -66.86572

Big park with 3 campgrounds that are available depending on the season. We stayed at site 7 in the highest campground called juniper. No showers due to drought. Limited water at only a few faucets. Cars and vans must climb a steep twisting road at 10 mph for 7 miles to get to the juniper campground. You can hike up to the summit on yet a very steep almost straight up trail or drive the additional way. I am not sure how big of an RV or trailer can negotiate the road so call ahead. But the park has amazing views.

Live Oak CG 37.84945, -121.93677

What a stunning place! We stayed here for three nights and enjoyed this hidden gem on the way to Kasanka NP. Watch a group of Kingfisher hunting in front of you, listen to the Fisheagle, go fishing, walking or just use the hammock and relax. 8 USD pppn incl hot water and firewood. We will come back for sure. Absolute Recommendation.

Shigu Farm -13.90354, 29.33486

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