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No longer any COVID checks or police stops anymore

Police check COVID -49.33399, -72.88353

Water was yellowish with a lot of debris floating. Check before contaminating your tank.

water at infopoint el chalten -49.33742, -72.88114

Tap is here but water was not running.

Clear water -49.32031, -72.89497

Asked the attendant and he said its no problem to fill the tank.

Shell water spigot 29.53676, -95.01920

Cheap and small and secluded. Bare basics as they are building up. Gravel roads to access it. They have 15 acres. Pet friendly. Water and dump and electricity available. Cheapest around but no amenities.

RV Pad Rentals 35.04558, -106.12819
Life with Spock

Spent the night here, I thought I had come to the wrong location initially. The parking lot was jammed at 8 PM and I saw no other campers. Decided to take a chance and this morning I saw seven other campers. May stay through Saturday as 26 mile an hour gusting winds predicted.

The usual Walmart experience, traffic noise from the highway, yahoos screeching through the parking lot until after 10 PM but seemed safe to me. A plus, as someone else mentioned, you can get Wi-Fi in the parking lot.

Wal Mart Chatanooga 35.09397, -85.33040

not bad for a night.u turn around the trees twice to the river so in the night ir not visible.bit of trash around but ok stop

Riverside 6.55558, -75.86042

Beautiful spot! I recommend getting here before dark so you can see the sandy spots in the campsites that you want to avoid. You should generally be fine with 2wd. Spots are nicely spaced and lovely!

Joshua Tree SE 33.67397, -115.79987
MiLi Weltenbummler

Very nice and clean Hostal in the centrum of La Candelaria/Bogotá. We booked the Hostel in The price for one night in a double room is 64800$/ 13 US$.
You have a kitchen to use and shared bathrooms.
There is a parking next to the hostel. Save parking for Motorcycles 5000$/ 1 US$ per day

Astromelia Hostal 4.59951, -74.06980
Chateau Ski

Very quiet. We parked in the back just across from the tennis court washrooms which were all locked up. We wanted to avoid the people going in and out of the arena. Great sleep and nice little town for a stop.

Blind river 46.18179, -82.96476

Road to this spot is closed as of 4 Nov 2022. there might be another way in but it looked like someone's driveway so I didn't try

Close to forest road 40.84379, -123.48727

could not find this place, looks like it does not exist anymore

Casa Hospedaje El Totoral -12.11420, -75.82641

Easy to find and accesible water but super dusty and buggy. Not a place to relax and chill, good enough to sleep.

Ruta 7 -46.17133, -72.71586

Stopped there for lunch, pretty views but full of garbage and TP all around.

Quiet green flat place next to Rio Murta -46.44673, -72.72139
Thomas Knight

Followed previous comments to back of building and filled with water at "this is not a dump station" sign

Camping World of Jacksonville 30.42143, -81.65796

Superbe spot, au bord de l’eau, avec plein de place. Dommage pour le bruit de la route qui passe juste en arrière.

Parking Lot 44.62618, -73.24125

Nice place to camp. Generous amount of wood if you buy a case at check in. Stray dogs everywhere. Very strange how many are out here. Also hear coyotes in the distance. If you camp here you want campsite T7-10 with 10 being the absolute best.

Goulding's Camp 37.00745, -110.21563

plenty of parking in the back. well lit lot. lots of highway noise. okay for a night.

Cracker Barrel 35.99859, -85.04395

Outstanding quality Peruvian food. Out of the town centre, plenty of parking. Come and have some really good food and not expensive. The owner speaks good English We had a platter to share between 3 for 38 Sol. Sausage, chicken, pork, tamales,choclo, green beans, onion, carrot

Araujo's Polleria -13.62032, -72.87308

run of the mill truck stop. pretty chill

Pilot Rest Stop 36.93852, -80.99258

Still a free dump station with a hose and hose connection. Located in front of the Burger King by the uncovered gas pumps at the shell station. Might be a bit of a tight spot for bigger rigs but it is right by the entrance.

flying j dump station 30.81189, -97.61172

I stayed on a Friday night, and there were many others sleeping here as well. I parked further down the road, across from what seemed like an empty lot. The bathrooms were super clean, and there's nice walking trails. It was very quiet and peaceful most the time, but some locals must be upset that this spot is used. Twice, at 8:30 and after I'd gone to bed at 10, someone drove down the whole road with their horn on. Other than that, nobody bothered me or seemed to care.

Mendocino Fence Rd 39.30508, -123.79869
sonny jadun

stayed here last night. one other RV on site. camping Site was vacant. No electricity no water pet toilets excellent Wi-Fi with T-Mobile

San Pedro - Amistad Nat. Rec. Area 29.46826, -100.95351

as before: flat area opposite the parking of Terma Rincon with a nice steam engine of 1912😀. we parked there after our visit of Terma Geometrica at about 5 pm and nobody bothered us when Terma Rincon was closed. Best place we found in this valley.

Termas El Rincon Overnight Camp -39.50751, -71.85570
Micah Bond Photography

this place wasn't open when we arrived at 7pm. Though it did seem open in the morning- we slept across the street at the little restaurant. They have wifi (35p). Paid 100p to sleep in the enclosed area. Wasn't amazing but okay if you're stuck like we were!

Terramar Restaurant and Hotel 29.04500, -114.15333

What a magic spot in front of the islands! There are plenty of (leveled) options along the road. Pure nature around you. We stayed the night there and launched our kajak the next morning.

Isla Quinta -47.75007, -65.93791

It is here. Red and white building. There is a better stocked super market on the road next to the beach.

Mercado Hnos Ojeda 26.71029, -113.57477

They said the water is potable when I asked inside.

Maverick - Water 37.12226, -113.61771

Posto 24 hrs grande, com água potável e amplo estacionamento pra pernoite.
Todo pessoal muito amigável, indicaram um bom lugar para para o motorhome.
Vimos vários pontos de luz mas não precisa, então não pedimos para usar.

Posto Petrobras -3.75821, -41.02310

Stayed here a night w no problem. Saw multiple other rvs, vans, and trailers. Personally i didnt see any no overnight parking signs but i didnt look very hard. The wifi reaches pretty far which is nice. I parked on the left side of building if facing the walmart. On the lot across, not directly next to the building and the wifi still reached

Walmart. Conway, NH 44.01811, -71.10648

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