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This place is permanently closed.

Greasy Spoon Designated Camping Area 34.87546, -111.90365

This place is permanently closed.

Sassy’s Sedona hideaway 34.85203, -111.92485

This place is permanently closed.

Monkey Bay Beach Lodge -14.07015, 34.91690

This place is permanently closed.

Caseta de Cobro Palenque 17.49280, -92.02343

Great easy place to fill up. right by camp host but we didn't see them. no issues.

Haystack Reservoir 44.49464, -121.16074

This place is permanently closed.

Fjord 61.05997, 17.16062

Ótimo camping no Park com água, luz e Wi-Fi. Valor 500 pesos por pessoa ( Veiculo não paga).

Campground Prov. Park Ischigualasto -30.16277, -67.84177

1000 pesos a night for two people (and our 3 dogs). Luke warm showers but close to everything in town. No frills.

Hotel Mulege 26.89067, -111.98633
Kees Veth

A very nice place, good toilets, nice nog so cold shower, a lot of covered places. electricity on every tree. The owner takes a lot of time maintaining. Beach in front. Supermarkt and restaurants at walking distance. Go there!

Camping las Brisas 9.52829, -84.49914

Passes by Nov. 18 to stay for the night but the damages caused by the Ian storm are still humongous! the church serves as a help center so we did not stop.

Beach Baptist Church 26.44352, -81.92959

I did check in for this place mentioning that it was wrong on the map but don't know if it worked

Beside Home Depot 25.92949, -80.17356

Palapas on a sheltered cove. Near hot springs. 600 pesos per night includes hot springs access. Very lovely and calm today. Good hot springs soak at high tide.

Puertecitos 30.34979, -114.64063

Closed!!!Maybe temporarily ??

Lakeside 32.78936, -117.20911

Espaço para pernoite reservado, com água, várias tomadas de energia, wifi, banheiros limpos com banho quente, restaurante, venda de utilidades para viajantes, 600 metros de mercado, atendimento muito simpático.

posto coqueiro -32.08295, -52.24683

camping in this site is not permitted by Nacional Park rules

wild camp Lago Gutierrez -41.23584, -71.43003

Great spot for a night, we are in a 3.5tonne defender ambulance and it’s pretty soft gravel to drive on but totally worth it!
Not properly out in the wild as the main road is reasonably close.
Take the turning immediately after speed camera sign

Flamingo spot 38.84847, 20.73035

Not sure why this is marked closed. We called ahead and they said that they do allow overnight parking. Plenty of people here for the night.

Cracker Barrel parking lot 33.30646, -111.97426

This place is permanently closed.

Eco Camp -25.32221, -57.12239

Called and they over overnight no longer than 2 nights in a row. Easy to park. 3 big rig spots in back. Not a lot of road noise. Great for an overnight.

cracker barrel 35.64177, -86.90065

beautiful! you can almost drive with your car just next to the lake. its a bit sandy, but we managed with our 2wd car. There is one big house with sight on the spot. if you sit with your back to the house than the view is amazing!

Black Sand Beach -39.48946, -72.14636
Ricardo Araujo

Corrigindo, cobraram 1000 pesos por pessoa, para tomar banho em chuveiro a gás, em banheiro não utilizado há muito tempo.

Camping Petróleo y Gas -27.31046, -58.56457

se puede hacer duchas
muy limpio
cobran $750(us$2.5)

YPF Aduana Uspallata -32.59361, -69.37036
Rachel Vickers

This hotel is now open and fully finished. Nice looking hut style rooms with a pool. We visited here and talked to the manager about sleeping with our roof top tents and eating in the restaurant but he was not amenable to that. Friends ate in the restaurant and said the food was good.

Hotel Beau Sèjour 7.41607, -7.56522

Parked on the left side lot and we get a super good wifi signal . We did upload YouTube videos from inside our van . Quite night ! Strongly recommended !

San Antonio Walmart 29.35292, -98.47809

greater place. very big camping area.
they have shower with hot water (11am until 11pm), running water, electricity. they don't have WiFi, but has 4g signal.
they accept money and debit card.

Las Palmeras -31.24636, -57.96071

Rolled in from quartzsite mid afternoon. Yuma is beautiful and clean. The opposite of quartzsite. The Cracker Barrel parking lot at the back was perfect the highway was close but not too loud. The best thing about staying at a Cracker Barrel is having supper at a Cracker Barrel…Located next to a hotel that has free wifi. bonus…There is also a 24 hr diner on the street behind us (skipping distance) I’ll be skipping there tomorrow morning for a coffee.

Cracker Barrel 32.69567, -114.60323

Open, 1600 pesos pp (less than 6 USD at the dolar blue rate), both Graciela and her house are fantastic, definitely worth staying here!

La Casa Azul De Graciela -53.80034, -67.67274

lugar maravilhoso para acampar, tem energia elétrica, iluminação, os banheiros são limpos e tem até papel higiênico, as duchas funcionam perfeitamente. pagamos 3000 pesos para duas pessoas e a barraca.

Club River Plate -34.24006, -59.48856

National Park rules prohibit camping in this site

Lake view wild camping -41.23383, -71.43047
Camping Castillo

We are a campsite located in the heart of Villa Cerro Castillo, Ramon Freire #208, we are focused on sports and relaxation. We offer accommodation and breakfast service, we do tours and guided visits around Patagonia. We have rental of tents, mattresses and bags to improve your stay. Light, electricity and shower with hot water. Contact us

Camping Castillo -46.12159, -72.15881

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