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Camping Castillo

We are a campsite located in the heart of Villa Cerro Castillo, Ramon Freire #208, we are focused on sports and relaxation. We offer accommodation and breakfast service, we do tours and guided visits around Patagonia. We have rental of tents, mattresses and bags to improve your stay. Light, electricity and shower with hot water. Contact us

Camping Castillo -46.12159, -72.15881
Oklahoma Overland

Overnight camping is not permitted. Lake is officially closed if you are not fishing at 11:00 pm local time.

Lake Overholser 35.48920, -97.68797
Oklahoma Overland

They have standard connectors for tanks sold in the USA. They fill my 10lb tank whenever I need propane.

Tractor Supply 35.60478, -97.74231

Great spot, worth stopping here just for the view. We spent the night completely hidden from view, no noise from the road. There is enough space for a couple of cars.

Bamboo Viewpoint -9.07712, 33.85595

The Room are clean, no problem. But all the rooms even with 2 Big beds are for 2 people. We came with our kids and they wanted us to pay double for one room just because there is 2 beds. So we decided to negociate 1 Big beds + an extra little mattress on the floor. We paid 50.000 kwachas.
They have like 100 rooms in the hotel and gave us the only one (the best as they said) just in front of the Big generator...the day before they assured us the generator won't start ...but it was wrong! it woke up us at 4.00!!!
And they also told us that we have to pay an extra breakfast for the kids because the 50.000k were just for the beds and 2 breakfast.
We negociated to not pay and have 4 breakfasts included in the proposed Price. It was hard but we did it.
The woman at the reception is not kind and really difficult to convince.
I do not recommand, they are plenty of other lodges and hôtel at this place.

Mwanza Hotel -15.58837, 34.50689

and to collent the bed, you have to sleep on a wood plank! the mattress are terrible!!!!

Mwanza Hotel -15.58837, 34.50690

If you want to be perfectly alone and hidden, follow the track under the power line until you find another well marked track on the right. It goes to an abandoned house under a big mango tree.

Nobody saw us here, although we heard locals along the main road.

Exact GPS coordinates are (-5.2696550, 38.5078988)

Power Line -5.26970, 38.50784

Lovely campground. Could easily ask some money for this, but it is free! We didn’t stay because there had been heavy rainfall during the day, causing most of the grass sites to be flooded. Close to the road, so probably some traffic noise. Self Contained Vehicles only, even though there are toilets available.

West Oxford reserve campground -43.30206, 172.16796

Informal campsite near Cust. Playground for the kids, a large playing field and toilets available. Certified Self Contained vehicles only. Very quiet!

Cust Domain campsite -43.30172, 172.36897

Springfield public dump station. No fresh/potable water. Small campground nearby, too.

Springfield public dump station -43.34311, 171.94121

If you are so unlucky to have gotten Iranien license plates this is the place where you can deliver them before going to Pakistan.

Opening times:
Saturday to Wednesday 8 am to 2 pm
Thursday 8 am to 12 am
Friday closed

Police station - delivery of licence plates 29.52211, 60.84689
Amar e viajar sm

Ficamos aqui apenas um dia, o local fica próximo a uns prédios populares, como havíamos indo em uma oficina JC Truck Diesel ( no Ioverlander), aí passamos para pernoite aqui. Aqui próximo tem farmácia, mercado e padaria, bom para repor a dispensa da casa. O bairro é Barra de Jangada.

O lugar e bem tranquilo e seguro, tem uns senhores que ficam batendo papo a noite, eu fui até apresentado a um que mora aqui na frente que me ofereceu água.Se precisar de um apoio para pernoite até mesmo para ficar uns dias, passe aqui.

Sinal da claro, Tim e Vivo pegam bem por aqui, não tivemos problemas. Eu uso um amplificador de sinal de celular rural, faz contato que te envio a instalação.

Espero que minha experiência que deixo aqui te ajude. já estamos a 9 meses morando no Motorhome

Não esqueça de deixar seus comentários, sua experiência, poderá ajudar outros amigos viajantes também, como a gente usa o aplicativo que nos ajuda, vamos fazer boas descrições para outros viajantes, coloque suas experiências e detalhes.

Siga a gente nas redes sociais, irá saber mais sobre os lugares que ficamos.

Amar e viajar sm

Barra de Jangada Local Motorhomes -8.21953, -34.92962

spend the night with our van.
perfect for small Van .

Cracker Barrel 36.12907, -86.90113

Estacionamento enorme, movimentado pelo fluxo de caminhões, seguro, viaturas da polícia passa constantemente, pernoitamos aqui um dia. só não gostamos muito do atendimento da convivência.

YPF -31.42474, -62.12748

Diesel at 17 per litre. Very much open, firewood in layby at entrance.

Puma Fuel Station -17.95515, 24.67617

Entrance fee is still 8 Kwacha, water is very hot, not possible to take a bath in summertime

Chinyunyu Hot Springs -15.26132, 29.02409

Nothing here just wasteland …….we’re turned around

Bird Santuary -22.96547, 14.53807
Wendy & Graham

2200 pesos for 2 people and camper. Very interesting location with fishing boats along the waterfront. The bathrooms are still bad, no improvement from 6 months ago. However, the showers (follow the sign inside to 'caballeros'??) are very good. Lots and lots of bugs.

Camping Municipal Victoria -32.63547, -60.16450

Not self service but the owner loves land rovers and is very friendly

Laundry 38.83188, 20.70166

Very very clean and comfy rooms. Payed 5200AP for one night, two persons. Had a double and a single bed in our room, basic kitchen, ok wifi. Very friendly owners.
We would definitely stay here again, can 100% recommend it

Hospedaje Guillermina -44.04958, -70.59105

Beautiful up close many hundreds of Fleming ones

Hundreds of flamingoes -22.97379, 14.48535

Local Farmers Market that has many local farmers and Craft vendors. Open every Saturday from 9 till 1 . Easy access from I 95 and I 20. Excellent place to stock up on fresh and local food items.

The City Center Farmers Market 34.19928, -79.77312

Slow tap but seems ok to use it.
At edge of big car park by marina
Possibly harder to fit a big truck in here but if it’s a quiet day then maybe

Lefkada Harbour 38.83057, 20.70797

Good spot to camp, clean bathroom with decent shower, kitchen and hammocks.
$6USD worth it. Hostel beds and privates too looked nice enough and very peaceful.

El Peligrino 11.55154, -85.69520

Good value for money colombian food-
Delicious, many options, excelent and friendly service

Restaurante El Paisa 3.12575, -73.75313

Site has plenty of shade trees and a relaxed atmosphere, 60% are occupied on a all Yr basis. 3 pools restaraunt where you can have 2 meals and drinks for approx 20£, 2 persons in November 9£ per night. lovely quiet site.

Camping Canelas 37.12224, -8.35151

we stayed here 3 nights and it was okay. Its really good wind protected. Winds are crazy here, up to 150km/h. The boat Trip to the glacier is now 85000 CHP, ours was cancelled because of the strong Wind. The bar in the Hotel ist really nice and servs good Cocktails with a spectacular view on Torres del Paine!

Hosteria Lago Gray Parking -51.12337, -73.11581

Good fereterria where I found screws, cutter, liquide for breaks, straps for trucks...

"Perno Centro " Tools and Construction Shop -16.54598, -68.07462

We went there to paint our car door, nice job, fast (one day). It cost 550bs for 1 door, it is a good price and an honest job from what we saw here in lapaz. We went the on the recommendation of Marcos of camping Las Lomas. A friend went there to change brakes and other part of his car.

taller automotriz Marvi -16.54740, -68.05854

It's okay. No real grass around for the pups to run. The first vehicle I saw drive around had 3 bullet holes in the driver side window.... lol. Not sure if that says anything about the area, but that's not really normal where I'm from. If you're a light sleeper, this probably isn't a good location to sleep.

Walmart Brunswick 31.21364, -81.48695

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