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stayed in the gravel lot by the big cow. worked great for one night. there is also a paid RV area with hook ups. went in to restaurant. very mediocre, smokey and generally a tacky place

Longstreet Casino 36.41080, -116.42369

we won't recommend this place for camping.
the facilities are okay (cold shower, clean toilet) but nothing more. there is no water hook or electricity. they charged us 42q pp, starting 2 yrs. so we ended up paying 173q for night.
the park itself is nice for kids- there are turtles and like Tikal small buildings. nice, for kids.

Parque Nacional Naciones Unidas 14.49780, -90.61398

There is a sign saying "no parking after midnight" and could be subject to fine.

Mary Laveroni Community Park 37.83542, -120.21667

A great place to spend the night in the car, it has a large convenience store, food and very clean bathrooms.

YPF -49.29604, -67.78355

Nice view, clean bathroom, not too much noise. We would stay again.

Las Cruces Overlook rest area 32.28105, -106.86582
Scott Jones

Clean, quiet and well run. Communal kitchen. Hot water.
Marta, the owner, is a delight responsive and attentive. She speaks Spanish only. However, her two twenty something sons both speak excellent english.
Actual name of this facility is La Casa Cuencana. Whatsapp
+593987119550 Andres

La Casa Cuencana -2.90216, -79.00292

No More Parking Here. There’re building something by 04/11/2022

36 Peabody, Nashville 36.17012, -86.78248

This place is in the wrong location, but I'm not sure where it is!

Venda do Brillio restaurant -22.50131, -47.92144

Large camping area, atop the hill, next to race track, shooting range and dirt bike tracks. 3 campgrounds (2 with hookups, 1 dry); only the Chaparral (with hookups) is open in the off season. It was like a paved pkg lot, small sites squished side by side. There was a lower section that may have had larger sites. Don't know what the other campgrounds are like. In Nov there was no one else here so it was ok but would never want to stay here when it is full! We were originally assigned a terrible spot, in the shade, with no view, right beside the washroom building (we could have reached out the window and touched the building). There was no one else around, so we moved to the other side of the campground, had some nice evening sunshine and a beautiful sunset. Large clean washrooms. Free showers, tho the bldg is not heated and the water not very hot so chilly in November. Very friendly guy at the check in gate. You can reserve online, or if you are there before 6pm you can check in at the gate. There is security personnel at the gate after 6pm, thru the night, so very safe. Could hear the shooting range (which is down the hill) off and on till about 8pm, then again about 9am. The race track and dirt bike tracks have no events scheduled thru the winter, so no noise from there! It was pretty windy atop the hill in the evening but it died down later. Overall, I would stay here again in the off season.

Laguna Seca RV Park 36.52540, -121.92352

Drinking water but no chance of driving directly in front of it. 10 m of the road.

Drinking water 41.92168, 45.46222

There are dump stations at the campground portion at the park. There is water at the visitor center but only the jug fill.

Valley of Fire 36.42251, -114.54908

The day use only area was open, however the gate was closed to the campsite. No notice or signage posted. There were several other spots to boondock along the same road (very nearby)

Pocket Primitive Camp 34.56310, -85.10180

Ponto de apoio com banheiro e estacionamento, não sei se pode dormir nesse estacionamento, mas um bom lugar para preparar sua refeição

I75. Mile 346 NB. Rest Area 29.10035, -82.18476

This place is permanently closed.

el rincon camping olmué -32.99362, -71.15004

This place is permanently closed.

Camping for Cerro La Campana -32.98281, -71.13419

Came in hopes of scoring a shower, but they are only for paying guests.

Tonopah RV Park 38.08026, -117.25817

This place is permanently closed.

Mittry Lake Overlook 32.81588, -114.45978

correct, just changing the category to overnight

Currituck County Rest Area 36.31808, -75.93795

This place is in wrong location - it is located at 14.60101, -90.51580

Taller de Cámaras 14.60101, -90.51580

Had no issues spending the night here. Quiet place & I saw no signs saying No overnight Parking

Walmart 38.93503, -76.73892

This place is in wrong location - it is located at -14.61081, 22.70224

Katoyana Campsite -14.61081, 22.70224

Still here. Just had a good swim and I smell. Don't swim in the like her it's really nasty. There's a bathroom with a shower if you need that. There's really good 5G cell service here for all providers. I wouldn't come here in this summer if I were you it looks like it's gonna be so hot.

Mecca campground 33.49030, -115.90255

Decent place to camp I'm here On November 4th and it's about 72゚ at the hottest part of the day and this is really cool phenomena that happened when the Colorado river backed up into this Valley and informs the salt and sea there's a lot more to it than that but you get the idea it's a cool place to camp There's really good cell service they have places with hook UPS if you need it but otherwise that you have to park in a parking lot and then kind of go over to a picnic table and then the beaches a little further out but it's really cool you should come here.

Mecca campground 33.49034, -115.90246

Nice place, need to walk maybe 100m or direct to the door with a motorbike.

500 cfa for a big ball of cheese.
Good but need to add salt.

Local cheese 6.27782, 1.82371

Hacking with the payment. We paid 1000 pesos approximately over what we were supposed to pay. Like it’s my husband who pay usually, I did not catch the hacking while paying…

Parking in front of Pemex station. 20.86175, -105.42544

This is a professional workshop and they are used to working on foreign cars. They can source part from. But it can take a while. We waited 10 days for our parts for a Toyota Hiace 2000 petrol. Wilson speaks English. He kept us informed Al the time. They also try and get original parts when ever possible. They prefer not to use low quality parts. Workshop is very neat and wel organised. They are not cheap but also not super expensive. I think they are good value for money.

Mecânica Moser -15.65759, -47.78772

the place seemed to be closed. maybe temporary?

Hostal Intiwatana -15.84202, -70.02927

This is a Mobil gas station now, we just get in and try to stay overnight. From now on everything is ok and there's police security . Just half a mile from downtown cienega de Flores.We had a great night, truck noise almost all the night so if your hard to get asleep with noise this place not for you. Oxxo on site and delicious Mexican homemade food across street.

Pemex Gas Station-Cienega de Flores 25.96146, -100.15809

I wasn't able to find this place.

Giant parking area on BLM land 44.66933, -117.61078

Beautiful, third visit here. Nice quiet camp spot.

Carmen's Cave 28.11946, -113.30265

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