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This place is permanently closed.

River side site 49.85987, -99.91286

I wasn't able to find this place.

Casa Hospedaje El Totoral -12.11420, -75.82641

The big blue trap is locked with a heavy concrete tab. No longer access to the canal.

Canal from the river -22.90176, -68.18622

This place is permanently closed.

casa do capitao -23.45761, -45.05914

No overnight parking or camping signs posted at entrance.

Netul Landing Parking Lots 46.12101, -123.87691

Large camping with a lot of space per site. Now 2000 peso pp

Camping Los Maitenes -42.89155, -71.61398

Small clean park, $18 for an unserviced site with showers. Much better than a noisy pull off with the winds today. 4 bars Verizon at the top sites by the host. very clean washrooms.

Humbug Mountain SP 42.68971, -124.43520
Tucks' Truck

There is no military base here, this location is a beach resort.

behind military base 31.01866, -114.83430

place clean and quiet, we have 41' DP and a 26' trailer, no problem.

Cabellas 38.31410, -85.57083

Nice local campsite at the craterlake. View and surroundings are really great. You can swim and there is a bar with some drinks (not really cheap). 45 min from main road (quite bumpy and dusty) but beautiful surroundings. Nice introduction to Tanzania when entering from Malawi. Be self-sufficient though. There is no streaming water or shower. Toilet with a bucket. Considering this, it is quite expensive for what you get. Though still a nice place to visit. Locals playing soccer and swimming at the lake, but quiet after sunset.

Kisiba Campsite -9.33602, 33.75748

friendly new owners have a good selection of drinks and small meals, especially nice offer of 2 pisco sour for 6000 CLP to enjoy the sunset in a friendly atmosphere. Lola speeks english very well and helps with local information

Galaxis Bar -30.12496, -70.49407
Karen Way Culbertson "Kasy"

I wasn't able to find this place.

Hurricane Creek Camp 35.71879, -83.01460

Nice hotel with nice owners. There is a car park, although this is on the street. The owner says its safe and he checks on the car once in a while apparently. Hotel with clean sheets and very nice hot shower. Good restaurant for room service as well. Bargained price down to 1300 roepies for one night.

Hotel Athens 30.66682, 76.81689

Easy access to airport with a huge hyper market to fill up. Great spot if starting from jo-berg

Holiday Inn Airport -26.17785, 28.24394

Flat area next to the transmitter with nice view over the valley.
There is a small and steep road to this place. 2wd it’s okay, but it can be difficult with long vehicles.

Roadside 19.89404, 41.42549

Showers are now $16. Back lot for trucks/overnighting has been very busy this weekend with a lot of engine idling and many trucks coming and going all night. Quite loud if you have to sleep with windows down.

Showers at Love's gas station 29.19535, -95.45599

As described previously. Old quarry behind rest area with plenty of room to camp.

24hr Rest Area West of Yalata -31.40619, 131.61603

During the night I could heard some guys close to my tent but they didnt see me
If you are going to put a tent, I leave a photo with the exactly location. you have the reference with the building

Nice quiet and peaceful 34.83635, -5.92661

Great service, I was made very welcome. Hostel very well decorated and clean. Excellent heating and good rooms. Silent. I recommend.

Kau Karskam -54.50796, -67.19678

Great service, I was made very welcome. Hostel very well decorated and clean. Excellent heating and good rooms. Silent. I recommend

Hostel B&B Kau Karskam -54.50796, -67.19679

Nice facility, straight forward, full hookup for $25. WiFi ok, but slow. Sites are flat gravel. Rick and Karen were most accommodating. Excellent “regrouping” location and well worth the stay.

Westex Living RV Park 30.91930, -102.86796

Endroit magnifique bordé par le fleuve et le levé du soleil, 2 bornes de recharge pour véhicules électriques, salle de bain neuve accessible 24h, propre, contribution suggérée de 20$ pour véhicules récréatifs

Église St-Laurent 46.85986, -71.00562

500 Mets pppn, we used chalet ablutions. We stayed one night. Lovely views and friendly staff.

Bonito-Bay Resort -23.25747, 35.49377

We slept at this location after visiting the "volcano", but you can easily pick any spot just off the road for a nights stop. There are just a handful of farms around and spread sparsely. We parked at 5pm and the only cars that came by were the 3 other visitors of the volcano. During the night we had complete silence, the loudest noise being our own breathing.

Beware of the altitude (3994m) because you can't get to a lower point anywhere in the next 2-3 hours of driving, a coca tea saved our asses after going up from Nazca in one day.

It's very windy during the day, but completely dies down as soon as the sun sets.

Also fuel up in Nazca (or any bigger town if you are coming from the North / East), because they are no gas stations for about 300-400km. Some tiendas in the villages claim to sell fuel, but I wouldn't count on it.

No cell service at all.

Roadside -14.12069, -74.26924

I was camping out of town when police came and sent me nicely away to this village square. Huge square, peaceful and quiet. Nearly deserted. Playgroud for Kids, I parked opposite of a heladeria, and dogs can roam and stiff freely.

Village Square -31.01066, -60.91026

Lugar limpo e tranquilo, uma rampa p pescadores, mas com um estacionamento amplo, sem energia e nem água potável, tivemos uma noite tranquila

Auscilla Boat Ramp / St. Marks WMA 30.12463, -83.97055

Nous y avons passez la nuit. Très belle endroit avec un magnifique lever de soleil

Hawkesbury 45.61526, -74.59919

Places to stealth park in this community that has lots of places to park where you’re not in front of someone’s house. Bushes, green spaces, etc m. Make this a good place for a arrive late, leave early scenario

Quiet residential street 35.21811, -80.91433

Great location directly downtown on the water in a well lit and walkable area. Spoke to some locals and someone who works for the marina and said they encourage vans and very small RVs (no big rigs) to stay overnight and explore the city. None of the electrical outlets work on the side for parking, there are others on the other side but you'd need to let vehicles run over your cord. Water also available at the marina.

5th St Marina 33.47620, -81.95890

Empty lot near the road. We arrived around 6:30pm and at 9pm, the police came.
Apparently the lot is owned by the ranch that’s far behind and they called them. They checked our ids and after a nice talk, the owner which they had on the phone let us stay for the night.
If you want to come here, try to go ask to the ranch first

Empty lot 21.01966, -100.79423

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