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Bud's Mobile Taxidermy

Closed by BLM. Tried to stay 11/18/22 and there was a fence across the entrance. Sign says closed by BLM due to health and safety concerns. Bummer.

Gila River Recreation Area 33.01987, -110.74158

$0.50/gallon or $2.50/5 gallons. The machine takes cards, a $0.10 surcharge. Easy to use when other public water is turned off for the winter!

Safeway - Glacier water kiosk 44.04670, -121.33045

Very well kept campground. No garbage, which is real nice!! $30/night with full hookups and $20/night for dry camp. Wifi works good from where we are in lot #1.
Trains steady though so might not be great for a light sleeper. Token showers. Not good for swimming.
Enjoyable stay and great staff at the park!!

New Camp 33.50424, -115.91432

This place is tucked away off the road on the side of a hill. 2/3 solid bars of cell service and no one to be seen. A few gun shells around the area but no glass as of writing this. Great spot with privacy.

Tucked away on a hill 31.72009, -110.58286

Ranch with a well. Place for catle to drink.

Ranch and well 28.96168, -113.79224

Beautiful place to camp. No service once you get in, but just a minute or so back towards the highway I had good service. Super packed on a Thursday in November. There was on bus blasting Miley cirus until 11pm and that was kind of annoying. Beautiful place to wake up and the night sky is AMAZING. Highly recommend.

Craggy Wash 2 Mile 34.59365, -114.33526

Stayed here for one night - 3,000 pesos for two people and a van. The views are spectacular!

We had the campsite to ourselves so any pick of the pitches which all had a picnic table and a fire pit. The toilets are a bit wanting but the showers were hot and spacious! The owner was considerate and friendly.

A great place for refresh for a night and super close (just 10 minutes) from San Martín which is a nice town and great for an ice-cream!

Camping Lolen -40.17471, -71.40395

value for money: ok
not the warmest welcome but we still got a smile

Restaurante Adriana 9.62165, -79.56327

Nice secluded spot to camp. Many spots to choose. Went further out and no one came to collect money.

Playa Conejo 24.06515, -110.99465

nice little Camp Site in 3 km Walking distance to town. well managed and Clean. with 4.000 Pesos for 2 Persons and 1 campervan a little Bit too expensive.

Camping Nahuel Pan -42.90927, -71.28857

Spent a night here in November 2022. Price was 40k IQD for two people breakfast included. At the beginning they were asking for more money but we could get price down a little bit.

Basma Al Safeer 36.40161, 44.34447

Wonderful peaceful campsite right at the lake. Good facilities, Tsh 20000 pppn. Look out for the monkeys and make friends with the Zebra! Loved it here.

Jakobsen Beach Camping -4.91052, 29.59898

beautiful spot! perfect setting under coconut palms at a sandy beach with a high chance of tortugas at night and some fishing and surfing. very quiet, far away from the main road and felt very safe. stayed 3 nights. best to reach when you drive almost to the end of the gravel section just before it turns into cobblestone (private rich vacation residences at the end of playa but still far away from spot) and take a left towards the beach right in front of a big white and rusty sign. whole track is hard packed gravel with a final dash through some soft patches.

Playa las Tortugas 21.33856, -105.24103

Great view on the river, but very very much noise in the weekend of cars, music and people hanging around until the sun comes up. So be prepared! 🙉

Costanera Gualeguaychú -33.01742, -58.50436

Large gravel lot with level spots. Other vans, trailers even tents. Dumpster on site. Beautiful BLM land site near Carlsbad Caverns NP which, highly recommend. You will see a sign that says no camping keep going down the road to this spot where you will see sign that says Chosa Campground and your there.

Chosa Campground 32.08844, -104.43186

2 very big flat areas near an old church and some antennas. The view is very nice from up here and there is no noise from the road. After you pass the bus stop, at the intersection continue on the road to Guangora for a few hundreds meters and then turn right on a small dirt road that goes uphill, when it splits keep right and you’ll see the yellow church. The road is a bit narrow, not ideal for big RVs (maybe check it on foot before taking it). Tent campers could have a roof on their head.

Iglesia vieja -3.94818, -79.26842

Big rocks block the entrance for cars. Still possible to camp, but giving the distance the place uphill next to the church and antennas is way better.

Behind bus-stop -3.94911, -79.26962

We spent 3 nights there. Heated bathroom, very clean and hot shower with strong stream. Wind protected. We paid 3000ARS 2persons/night/car with roof tent. BBQ, electricity reduction provided for free,just ask at reception. Best campsite in area.

Cabañas Camping Calafate -50.33487, -72.26000

Hay un camping con mesas y parrilleros un poco más adelante que este punto, junto al arroyo, con acceso al arroyo. Tiene baños, solo con WC. Bastantes árboles y sombras, muy tranquilo..

Ruinas del Cuñapirú -31.52304, -55.59178

I really dont recommend this place. Food was the worst we had in south America (and we travelled peru and bolivia). And overpriced (10 USD pp)

El Aquila -24.21884, -66.32112

Very nice owners and place. Recommended.

La Nutria -46.61379, -72.87338
Iara Fernandes

Não dormimos no local, mas encontramos banheiro limpo e grátis com água quente para banho.

... -19.35105, -46.13453

Nice flat campground on privat ground. found this place while driving the to the waterfall nearby. but it was to muddy to get to the waterfall.
i saw on maps, that there's a access to the river. so i asked the owner if i can sleep here.
they agreed.

Camp with beach field -23.81575, -56.34027

Remote flat land next to an abandoned building. We added the coordinates few minutes after leaving the site so keep driving till the end of this dirt road till you see an abandoned small building. No one bothered us, absolutely stunning sunset.

Remote peaceful abandoned building 26.46910, 74.54414

Rescue area for animal that can be visited. Amazing animals! Lions, hyenas, turtles, eagles, monkeys, baboons...
We payed 2000 sdg per person.

Animal rescue 15.40620, 32.71866

my house! you are wellcome, the street a little climb but its ok to minicampers and cars reno2529 to contact! 3182849782. call me Reno😉🤗🤜🤛 hola me llamo jose pero todos me conocen como RENO por las energias renovavables, espacio para acampar al cubierto, y para caravan o pequeñas furgonetas.

san jose mirador 3.46532, -76.49582

Small (!) Parking lot at a public Kayak launch. Stayed here one night (late in, early out) in November (a bit out of the season) without a problem. Only suitable for Van Campers or similar.
Brewery across the street looked good, but we didn't go there.

Powathan Creek and Blueway 37.23801, -76.76781

Great spot. We were alone - except for the tour van who came watching to the stars from 9.30 to 10.30 PM.

lonely tree -23.02803, -68.20063

The village has confusing roads, check map carefully. Google maps lead us the wrong way.
Eventually you will see a sign at trees giving the direction to playa las docas. You can reach the top spot by car (bumpy road!), by bikes you could even master the sand wall to find a sheltered place amongs the bushes. It was very windy, but beautiful.
Could see a few 4x4 at the beach for camping too. Only saw two neighbors who watched sunset at the spot. Recommended

Playa Las Docas -33.13886, -71.70344

Sulaibikhat Mall. Small mall where you can find a supermarket (carrefour), a bank to change money (good rates) and two internet providers to do a kuwaiti sim card (ooredoo and zain in the lower floor - we can recommend Zain. 1TB data, valid for 2 months for about 20€).

Sulaibikhat Mall 29.31198, 47.86552

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