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Nice lake spot. Plenty of room for a few vehicles. We stayed up on the main part under the trees at the end. A few locals came to fish but didn’t mind us. Picked up a whole bag of trash and glass from beer bottles

Pebble beach -39.77869, -72.41326

A great campsite. It’s sheltered because of big trees and near the river. There’s no toiletbuilding ore showers but Daniel, the owner, has also rooms available and can let you use his shower in the house. He let you camp for free, you can give him a small commission, and therefor let you use his campsite, wood, river (you may fish if you want) and he knows some trails in de neighborhood. In this area are some of the biggest and oldest trees in the world. Daniel is just so kind, we were soaked and he let us dry our clothes in his warm house, offered us tea. When we woke up in the morning he brought our jackets because it was raining again in the morning.

Parque Los Ríos -43.43419, -72.36450

Payed 25 000 for one person room with fan. Got pretty hot during the night so would probably recommend air con. Was allowed to have my bicycle in room. Clean

Hotel Los Alpes 3.22590, -75.24467

If you like expensive and boring tasting food with slow service. This is your place to be! :)

Curcuma vegetarian meals -49.33046, -72.89054

A great little campsite right on the beach. The spots are shady but you’re right there next to the sand, sun and sea so it’s the best of both worlds!

I think it was 1500 pesos per person per night. The toilets weren’t great but there was a little shop you could buy snacks from which was nice and ultimately I think you’re paying for the location!

The owner was friendly and had kayaks for hire. We didn’t test the showers or wifi but both were available.

Camping Arrayanes del correntoso -40.73968, -71.66849

Gas station with ON the RUN.

Ultramar 45.27091, -75.31224

Site is a long drive from the main road, up a winding country residential road that eventually turns into a forest service road. There are developed campgrounds along the forest service road, but they require a fee for use. This spot was free.

Undeveloped Site w/picnic table 36.30714, -121.57225

the camping is near from city center.
they have a good area, but the bathroom was not clear.
we pay 40 reais plus energy we use in our RV.
they also have community kitchen, restaurant and swimming pool.

Camping Internacional -25.55904, -54.57623

Pasamos una noche, no usamos las duchas.
Eran gratuitas.... Baños impecables de limpieza.
Tienen un restaurante / buffet de comida x kilo muy recomendable.

We spent one night, we didn't use the showers.
They were free... Impeccably clean bathrooms.
They have a restaurant / food buffet
per kg highly recommended.

YPF Ituz -27.60550, -56.68488

Buena estadía, duchas calientes por la tarde únicamente.
Dispone de una pequeña cocina con fuego y un freezer para usar por los campistas.
Pagamos $2000 por dos personas en carpa.

Good stay, hot showers in the afternoon only.
It has a small kitchen with fire and a freezer to be used by campers.
We paid $2000 for two people in a tent.

Puerto Mario Cabañas/Camping -27.29280, -54.19533

Transitamos esta ruta en día de llovizna y si fue necesario la 4x4 baja y desinflar las ruedas. No encontramos nada en la ruta salvo propiedades privadas y en muchos tramos rellenaron con piedras filosas para evitar lodo estancado.
No recomiendo bajo ningún concepto hacerla en automóvil común.

We traveled this route on a drizzly day and if necessary, the 4x4 would go down and deflate the tires. We did not find anything on the route except private property and in many sections they filled in with sharp stones to avoid stagnant mud.
I do not recommend under any circumstances to do it in a standard car.

Ruta Provincial 21 -26.96528, -54.08096

RV needed repairs so we rented a cabin for 2 nights which was great with large dogs. $2100 pesos per night with full breakfast. 3rd night stayed in RV. Didn’t try electrical but it was an empty former KOA campground with lots of room for dogs to run around. Restaurant was good. They let me fill my rV with potable water. Camping is now $200 pesos per night. Several dogs live on site but were all friendly and in decent shape.

Hotel Villa Mexicana 27.74138, -107.63626

what a wonderful camp site, very helpful staff, especially manager Tita and his brother. Very easy to go to town center either the bud stops just outside the campside. Very clean toilette and showers with hot water a common room for everyone's use with good WiFi. We ended up staying four days.

El Mangrullo -32.85599, -68.89410

lugar muito bom, limpo e com atendimento ótimo Wi-Fi de qualidade boa, silencioso vale a pena. recomendo.

YPF -25.61769, -63.27289

lugar tranquilo com Wi-Fi banheiros limpos e atendentes muito atencioso, tranqüilo e bem sossegado.

YPF -25.61770, -63.27289

Dreadful experience at this border. Tried it twice and got rejected by Bolivian customs twice, for different reasons. They seemed like they were looking for excuses not to let us in. We are foreigners with Chilean plates and got rejected by Chile Aduanas both times as well, but after sticking around and asking them to read the law that allows foreigners to leave if they have declaration Jura they finally let us through. First time Bolivian customs were nice enough but wouldn’t budge that the padron needed to be in my name. We stored the van in Arica and spent a month in Peru, and returned with the padron- they then said that I needed to be a resident of Chile. Super rude & complete lack of compassion from most aduanas we encountered.

Bolivian Border Post -18.27878, -69.00718

An amazing spot next to the lake with view on the Sri Venugopalaswamy Temple and an amazing sunset!

good for big rigs.

4G works.

peacefull. some locals come but don't bother.

next to lake 12.44269, 76.57951
Des routes & nous

Still possible to stay.
Assaid before they open toilets and shower and we olso have access to water.
We stayed 2 nights. Very nice peoples.
There is a bar in the area. 500 cfa the beer.

Catholic Mission 2.06592, 11.49286
Des routes & nous

You can stamp your CPD here If they didn't make it to the border.

Bitam, Gabon Customs/Duoane 2.08238, 11.48966
Des routes & nous

Still the same as before. Passeport stamped here. They ask for a copy Passeport and copy Gabon Visa. Quick and easy.

Immigration Gabon 2.07938, 11.49248
Des routes & nous

100 cfa for one copy.
You can put two Passeport/Visa in one page they accept that at the immigration.

print shop 2.07935, 11.49245
Des routes & nous

Still accessible.
Go to the bottom it's better and hidden from the road.
We crossed a local who told us that you can see elephants from the other side of the little lake.
There is a treck to climb the cliff. Nice view.

Gravel Plant 0.32896, 11.41508

What a unique experience. They way to get there is rough but once you enter the gate is totally worth it. Super quiet and relax atmosphere. Really back to basic, toilet is a hole in the ground. The shower is amazing and solar warmed (super hot during the day). Great wifi near their house. And you have to try his beer (especially the white beer). Price is 1500 pppn and electricity was 300. You can park the van next to a nice wine yard!

Utopia Overland Camping -25.36738, -66.23443

Dormimos uma noite. Com bastante barulho dos locais até meia noite, mas ningue nos incomodou. Com vista para o Villarica. Tem banheiros públicos no valor de $500 pesos.

Skate Park Camp Lakeside Villarica -39.27962, -72.21983

Didn't stay overnight but excellent menu for lunch (10 Bn). Owner was very sweet.

la Chuñuña -15.53559, -69.25368

Camping worked, not totally sure of the legality. No ATT. Lots of washboard on the way out, take it slow.

Spiral Jetty 41.43829, -112.66630

Lovely campsite by the lake. Just a warning for cyclists on heavier biketouring setups: The drop down to the campsite from the main road is significant and rather steep at places, and warrants quite a lot of pushing up on loose gravel when leaving the campsite. Otherwise absolutely great.

Camping Catritre -40.17403, -71.40283

We stayed here for about 6hrs before hopping on the 0530 ferry. Perfect spot for it. Quiet, no cars passing by. No one really around at all while we were there. Right by more commercial area so not a lot of people around at night.

72 hour Marina Street Parking 48.49369, -122.68442

We were sent to Jalisco by the VW workshop. The were too busy and had no room. At Jalisco there was ample space to wait for my new clutch to arrive. I have a VW T4 syncro 2.5 TDI. It took 2 days to take the clutch out and see what was wrong. Then 10 days for the replacement to arrive. They installed it on a Saturday by working over time. All went well and we could continue our trip after 3 weeks. I can recommend this 3 man family garage. Often there is an English speaking family member present. We were so happy to get on the road again that we came back with a cake. Total cost was Pse 6000 for the labour cost. The clutch from Europe cost a lot more.

Frenos Jalisco (Danny) 24.13959, -110.31552
Roadtrip 2020

In the middle of the night we were bothered by security that sleeping in your car is not allowed here. Parking and staying awake no problem.
So as long as security isn’t suspicious somebody is sleeping inside you’ll good. Otherwise I consider this place as closed.

Oyo Casino 36.09929, -115.16749

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