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David J Cattell

Very large pullout off forest road. A couple of fire rings already there. Almost a view. Some trash around. Steep but smooth dirt road in. I used 4WD in a transit but 2WD May be possible.

Large pullout off forest road 45.54413, -123.85425

Unfinished red brick building without roof but great windshelter. Good spot to break up the distance between Uyuni and the start of the Lagunas Route or if the afternoon headwind gets too gnarly. Two rooms both with enough space for at least a two person tent, a bit scattered with building material inside but I cleared out one of the rooms. Quiet night, morning sun. Only minor anoyance was the little wetland I crossed to get to the house but your feet dont get wet.

For [moto]cyclists: Unfinished building -21.30337, -67.36005
nick s

Primitive campsite up on the hill. 4x4 required. 3-4 parts that were mildly off roady. Did this in November 14th and it was open, not sure if they close for the winter.
Not a ton of flat space at the site but it’s a huge space 100’x50’, just mostly hilly. Maybe enough room for 6-8 tents if you use all the flat space.

Gobbler’s Knob yellow post site 34.31167, -117.58326

Very nice place to sleep. The price is 15 pesos per hour.

Parking at Rodolfo Manriquez Cota 22.87914, -109.91132

we paid for fumigation here but saw locals just drive by and no one asked us for proof of fumigation so not sure if this is mandatory

Treatment Service (a.k.a. car fumigation) 13.17058, -88.06825

Vet clinic where we got the certificate for our dog to cross the boarder to Argentina.

Perro Verde -32.30950, -58.06961

Lindo hostal, con vista al mar 100 soles para un habitación doble, pero como somos viajeros en moto nos dieron un descuento y pagamos 70soles. Muy amable la anfitriona Yenny. Algunas personas nos dijeron que era peligroso el sector por estar cerca del muelle, pero nos pareció linda la zona y no salimos en la noche, para evitar malos ratos.

Sunset Hostal -11.57299, -77.27083

immigration was pretty quick but took forever to get the documentation for TIP even though I was only one on line.

IF you are travelling with pet have a health certificate ready . and email [email protected] for a pet permit application form.
send it back to them with the health certificate 3-5business days prior to entering and they will issue you the Pet permit and you need to pay BZ50 while entering
we missed sending the completed form to baha for the permit and was forced to pay a penalty for 300BZ$ @.@

Immigration 18.48594, -88.39960

There are no parking restriction signs anywhere along this street (El Sol Ave) the dog park is at the end of the street and has water fountains that accommodate water bottles and 1 gallon jugs. there are running toilets up the block, at the park.

29 Palms Dog Park Street parking 34.12569, -116.08337

drive car through fumigation
park and pay for fumigation

If you have pets, Quarantine office is down 2 doors in same building with fumigation payment

Main building to left for immigration stamp and temporary vehicle permit
you need copy of stamped passport, vehicle registration and driver's license.
we drove through on Saturday and bank on-site was closed so went to a vendor outside ( convenience shop) for photocopies and to pay for TIP online. she charged 200Q including fee. TIP should be 160Q at bank

the fact that they don't make copies or accept payments on-site makes this whole process very cumbersome

Guatemala to Belize 13.17055, -88.06832

shop name:Comisariato de quimicos
Here you can buy alcohol for cooking. supermarkets and farmacias only have 70% alcohol

alcohol 96% -2.18735, -79.88909

Love’s with parking and showers. Carl’s junior. Oo parking lot for a night if you need something in he area.

Love's Travel Stop 30.89353, -102.85189

Dormimos em frente a uma lanchonete aberta 24 horas, havia um ponto de água e foi tranquilo nossa permanência aqui. @todapaisagem

promenada -34.61029, -58.35887

We were asked to move on from here. There were three other motorhomes here and no signs so was a bit of a surprise. Nice of them to tell us at 6pm rather than moving us on late at night!

Walmart SuperStore in Waco 31.52294, -97.16584

Road wasn’t bad. Made it down in my low clearance sedan. However, I couldn’t make it back out. The gravel was too loose and couldn’t make it up the 1st hill and had to get help. It was pretty quiet when we were here, probably because it’s November. Good signal. It’s not super clean, there’s broken glass and fireworks. Please be considerate and keep this place beautiful and clean. The wild donkeys are friendly and will let you pet them, just clean up any food they might eat. We also saw and heard coyotes at camp.

Kingman Wash 36.03621, -114.71031

Rolled in at 5 parked by the garden centre as the wifi works great there.
Many big rigs on the other side. Perhaps wifi works there as well.
What a day at white sand national park. it was beautiful. $25 admissions per vehicle. Well worth it. You can rent sleds to coast the dunes. Looks like fun.

Deming-Walmart 32.27036, -107.74824
La Famille POOS

The camping is the best that we have done and Bentura took care about us. Alone on the beach. little noise of the trucks on the road. I recommand this site . 4 nights here.

Costa del Sol - Camping 19.24094, -90.82010

Arrived with our rooftop tent. Easy to find, just look out for the green doors with doorbell mounted high to left. Paid 75 GTQ. Very nice flat grassy area perfect for tents, camper vans etc. Decent toilets but no showers.Highly recommended. We seem to have the whole place to ourselves so far...

Verde Eventos 14.56136, -90.74009

super quiet, big area. not too much going on after 10:00 on the highway next to you. some trees to break up the wind. lots of space. Big Rigs can fit here

Rest Area on US60 near AZ/NM border 34.20607, -108.92115

Secluded from Hwy 8. Flat lots of places to park About 4-5 min off the hwy.

Camp spot off dirt road 32.73718, -113.74074
Chase Nelson

Stayed here for a night. Right off the road and pretty quiet.

Ruby’s Hideout 36.97561, -109.31943

oficina mecânica geral. nos atenderam muito bem. precisamos engraxar os cubos do rolamentos.
contato 945627678

José Morquecho (Chino) -4.10685, -81.04076

Pernoitamos nesse estacionamento pela segunda vez :) Chão de areia, em frente ao mar. Noite tranquila, sem problemas. Não há nenhuma facilidade. Apenas um local agradavel, frente ao mar e totalmente gratuito. Ficamos por 3 noites.

Mancora Parking Lot -4.10669, -81.05953

We found the same „no camping or overnight“ sign as in the parking lot nearby. But we saw some RVs parked there anyway.

Large Pullout between Moolack and Beverly Beaches 44.71019, -124.05988

parked in front of the library. plenty of space and wifi

Gander Public Library 48.95848, -54.60834

nice park with restrooms, drinking fountain and a spigot to fill up water bottles. tennis courts, playground, baseball field.

Prospector Park 33.44096, -111.54250

You CANNOT stay on the “island side”. We got a knock at 8:15 PM being reported by someone in the neighborhood. Please be respectful of the laws in place and do not park here.

Beach Access #22 34.21133, -77.79208

Good for one night ! Next to the road = a little noisy but safe ! We ask to the « cabañeros » if it’s allowed and safe ?
Answer : no problem !
Good stop to go termas

Parking next to policía -39.27775, -71.97832

We found this place on Airbnb, its a beautiful place in a calm and idyllic location with a big garden and fully equipped shared kitchen, washingmachine and dryer!They have big clean cheap rooms with hot shower and the owners are amazing and helpful with everything!They have enough place to park, even under roof and are happy to receive Overlanders!Perfect place, can really recomand it to everyone!

Airbnb Habitacion en Potrerillos Arriba 8.68283, -82.48064

The original location is the wrong coordinate! We spent a night in lot H, no problem and quiet.

Wheeling Island Casino 40.06125, -80.73095

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