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one broken window now. better than outside

Refugio6(128km E of PorV) -53.32112, -68.81490

Otimo local para parar o motorhome. Sem facilidades.
Passamos aqui dois dias e uma noite, nao fomos incomodados. Necessita-se parquímetro que pode ser colocado online ou nos kioskos (conferir endereço nas fotos).
Tem wifi no centro de turismo.

Costanera -40.80980, -62.98632

Bought insurance here for a motorcycle. Few other shops visited first wouldn’t do insurance for foreigners. Price isn’t cheap (967.47Mad)/1 month.
Friendly staff.
Can be reach on whatsapp:0661 19 96 79

Allianz assurance california 33.53400, -7.61225

quiet place to camp. near the river or in the orchard. 1500 pesos pp now. electricity at the place, nice view, wifi at the reception. no cellphone coverage.

Camping Abuelo Daniel -42.55578, -71.58432

Spigot by the dump station. Over by the propane. Don’t use the one by the gas pumps (non potable). Can also dump hete ($10)

Loves Truck Stop Water Fill 35.25585, -80.98130

just to be clear, these are public outdoor beach showers that are obviously meant for rinsing off after the beach. men's and women's showers are visible from the parking lot and beach and openly facing eachother, so ain't no way you can be naked and properly clean yourself here. if you are particularly desperate for a shower I guess you could shower with your swimsuit on, but there's no changing stalls with doors/curtains or privacy or anything. toilets were closed today, maybe they are seasonal. really beautiful beach though!

Public Toilettes & Showers 34.40293, -119.69694

$10 to dump if you are from out of state. They only take check or card, no cash. You have to backup towards the dump station & it’s an open grate kind. It’s kind of gross and a pain but it did the trick.

Hampton Public Works Department 42.92775, -70.82121

There is no overnight parking signs throughout the lot, however there were a lot of vans & class A RVs here overnight. Didn’t seem like anyone was enforcing the no overnight parking rule.

Walmart Supercenter 42.92972, -70.82726

Clean and well maintained machines. Here during the day and the area seems safe. Customers and lady running the place are nice. Bill changing machine as well as coin changer. Good if you only have a $20. Recommend

Sun City Laundromat 31.81156, -106.44366

Great find, thanks for posting! Everything as described. Clean & easy to find. Trash is also available but no recycling. Great water pressure.

Free dump station 43.11944, -115.68418

Potable and delicious fresh spring water available at Saratoga spa state park. The State Seal spring is the only one that’s drinkable—the others are saline tasting mineral waters. Plug in state seal spring to your gps and follow directions to the water supply. Free in off season, but I think you need to pay during the summertime to access the park.

State Seal Spring Water 43.05028, -73.80419

Fresh spring water at Saratoga Spa State Park in the Joseph L. Bruno Pavillion. Free in off season and I think free in the summer too since I didn’t see a state park fee booth when coming in from route 50.

State Seal Spring Water 43.05793, -73.80385

Passamos 2 dias, lugar sereno, grande, varios locais p estacionar, pouco movimento e só no final da tarde, arborizado, banheiros, local de parrilha, pode banhar na lagoa e abastecer os reservatórios, recomendamos.

Laguna Zeta -42.89272, -71.35603

Stopped here to cook lunch.
Nice view over the volcanos if you ignore the fish farms

Parking spot next to the sea -41.53800, -73.04078

Most of the spots around Big Bear require you to drive higher in elevation up dirt roads. It was supposed to be cold and snowy last night so instead I parked at the (free) public parking lot. There are 2 port-a-potties in one corner, and the spots near that corner seem the most flat. Didn't see any signs regarding overnight parking and didn't have any problems. I was even able to get decent wifi from a business nearby.

Public Parking Lot 34.23933, -116.91361

No overnight parking. If you are camping in a car, maybe you can get away with staying here. Otherwise, no way. We arrived in the morning and like ten times, Portland city officials knocked and told us we could stay parked during the day but needed to leave at night and that they would check. They seem to come by every hour. Quiet spot and great walking trails.

Kelley point park 45.64363, -122.76514

Nous y avons passé une nuit sans aucun problème. Le quartier est calme. Se garer côté WC, seul endroit où la nuit est autorisée aux non résidents.

Park Hotchkiss 34.00634, -118.48395

Beautiful and quiet spot.
Lots of dolphins, go down to the beach to see them "surf" in the crashing waves

Corona Bluff Viewpoint -41.78044, -73.90338

lavanderia de auto serviço. tem 3 máquinas de lavar (10kg) e 2 de secar. Internet, banheiro, mesa para trabalhar e estacionamento. custa $3 USD lavar e $1,40 USD secar. boa opção em Quito

LAVANDERIA D1 -0.10799, -78.49276

Excellent waterfront camping on the mouth of the Nehalem river. About 38 transient spots, 9 right on the river bank. Very quiet. power, water and sewer (non waterfront) with a dump station. Showers and well equipped club house. WiFi sucks but we had full ATT signal. We paid the Passport America rate $22. Otherwise $44.

Paradise Cove Resort and Marina 45.68856, -123.90177

The spot and many others around it are part of a dirt and rock road that also lead to the other listing on iOverlander. I have found that this area, which is just as awesome as the area 3/4 miles away, is less busy and easier to access (the spots closer to the road anyhow, and I don’t mind the odd-car sleepy traffic on the main road, is far enough away). Amazing sunsets, beautiful views of Las Cruces down below, and you’re right in front of the Organ “Needles” - super dramatic and sharp mountain peaks. There’s homemade fire pits but otherwise no amenities.

alternate entrance to Baylor Canyon Rd Camping 32.34242, -106.61344

free, though no water in November. probably turned off for the season.

cloudland canyon state park 34.83044, -85.48214

Big shop with great selection of different products. Small propane tanks, local beers and canned food.

Emporio vecino arno -47.25098, -72.56117

Great place to dump your tanks! They were all super friendly inside and had everything that you might need

Camping World 35.40288, -82.51580

Clean with really nice staff. The machines come in different sizes. I washed my clothes, sheets and comforter here. The lot is big enough to park my skoolie, which was great too. Another laundromat had some parking but it felt tight.

I don’t love that they use cards, but I mentioned that I was only passing through to the attendant and she gave me a free card, which was nice.

WaveMAX Laundromat 33.40751, -111.77441

3100 pesos, for a night, 2 pax and a motor home, is expensive, specially for the offered services 😡
the road to reach the place (5km) is difficult .

Paso de Alonso -33.09971, -59.27083

unfortunately, the camping is closed.
With Big rigs, it was very difficult to reach the camping, due to electrical cables.

Camping Frey Luis Beltrán (free) -32.78200, -60.71852

Parque muito bonito e seguro. Muitos prédios por perto. Parque movimentado porém quieto. Passamos uma noite boa. Sem energia ou água.

Great spot. Lots of big buildings around. A lot of people around but nice and quiet. No water or electricity.

Parque plaza Biarritz -34.91999, -56.15451

Amazing bodega. The place is beautifull and the wine great. The visit was interresting and the owner was super friendly.
The visit is free but you have to purchase a bottle (100bol).

Tierra Roja winery -20.97539, -65.23232

has the typical products: bread, sweets, drinks, alcohol and other stuff (matches, a bit of medicine,...), a bit hidden between the houses, has a inca cola sign over the door... nice place to shop and then rest on the nice plaza

small tienda -11.34420, -76.40592

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