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side of the road, by a park. joined by a few other vans. bumping wedding music on a Saturday night! cute town

Point Reyes Station 38.06789, -122.80434

A beautiful Sandy beach area with only a few people around. I talked to some fisherman and they said it wouldn't be a problem to stay here. If you are here on a Saturday look for the ladies cleaning the beach. I had the chance to help them out and it was a lot of fun.

Pozole beach 23.59256, -106.72335

We couldn't find out any details about this place. I is an abandoned official camp site obviously out of order.
We dropped in because we saw the sign on the road. There was a young lady dressed in official Conservation site uniform and asked for 50 Kwacha p.p.n.
Hot and cold shower, far to dirty to be used, similar the toilets. If you have everything with you, the place is perfect for a night.
If nobody there, just drive on the place and find your spot. Some braii stands are available. Don't pay more than the 50Kw.

Chintumukulu Conservation Community Centre -12.46114, 31.06902

Fuel, a shower and restaurant for late travelers. No cost. There’s a guard all night long

Frango assado posto BR -21.38245, -47.70454

Graal Paloma - Raposo Tavares pouco antes da saída para Castelo Branco, no sentido de SP. Energia, Wi-Fi , pessoal amigável e atencioso. Necessária a contrapartida do abastecimento, não exigida mas recomendável . Bom local para pernoite, ótimo restaurante

Shell Station and Graal Restaurant -22.80723, -49.53249

Pagamos 60 bolivianos por persona, tarifa fija sin descuento, habitación doble amplia con baño privado, wifi, desayuno incluido, como salimos temprano aceptaron prepararnos el desayuno a las 6am. Estacionamiento incluído con espacio suficiente para parquear cualquier tipo de vehículo. Nos volveríamos a quedar aquí.

Residence Marian -18.90161, -66.77300

3.75 bol si llenas con gasolina un bidon plastico para tu moto.

YFPB -20.52455, -65.13950

We spent a quiet night, close to the highway, good for an overnight stay and onward journey.

Passamos uma noite tranquila, perto da rodovia, bom para pernoitar e seguir viagem.

Laguna Alsina -36.88136, -62.22271
Larry the Van

Stayed on the road here in public parking spaces (not the lot) - very quiet, nobody bothered us. Felt very safe.

236S Belardo Rd, Palm Springs 33.82041, -116.54774
Daniel Zanardi

Recebemos um papel para ser entregue na saída de São Vicente.

Got a small paper to show/hand over at the next checkpoint.

Checkpoint -16.27214, -60.06189
Daniel Zanardi

Entregamos o papel do checkpoint anterior

We delivered the small paper that was handed to us in the entrance of the city. No bribes or anything.

Military Checkpoints -16.27009, -60.07557

Another update: even though the sign only mentions 2 km of construction, this is plain wrong (at least as of 11/2022): all the way to hidroelectrica (closed point to Machu Picchu that you can reach by car) is under construction, with mostly single lane dirt track . So it's more like 30-40km of construction, that's also why it can take between 4-7 hours from ollantaytambo to hidroelectrica, while the train only needs 1:30h. it's also 150km one way driving vs 35km bee-line from ollantaytambo to hidroelectrica.

Road construction with long full closures -13.00480, -72.62502

Really nice set up. The cabañas are situated in a Forrest like surrounding, providing shade when it is too sunny. The spacing between is good, providing privacy and quiet. Our cabaña was well equipped, wifi, tv, microwave, refrigerator and a stove. as well as plates, cutlery and cooking utensils. good bedroom, bathroom and living area with open kitchen.
Ignacio the owner, speaks Spanish and English. He is helpful and has good advice on what to do and where to eat!

Chucao Bosque y Cabañas -42.91340, -72.71149

Nice camping municipal, free place , shower ,wc electricity very quiet.some trees on the grass perfect for tent

Santa Ana village -32.16882, -58.79066

Just as described. Off the highway maybe 6-7 minutes will get you to a quiet spot. Road is funky at the entrance but my Sprinter made it easily. Great spot, beautiful sunset. 3 bars Verizon. (Oh! The train (!) it’s infrequent and not loud so it didn’t bother me at all.)

Sunset Avenue 35.01273, -118.04238

Dormimos do dia 18 para o dia 19 de novembro de 2022 nesse posto. Foi bem tranquilo! O posto tem banheiros limpos, chuveiros, Wi-Fi e segurança a noite.
Dormimos atrás do restaurante, perto da casa do dono que fica ali. Bem tranquilo, sem barulho dos caminhões! Recomendo.

Posto Tamburi -25.44575, -54.40013
Marie-France Ulrich

Nice place to stay, large garden, nice room with private toilet and shower. We were alone there as outsiders. Sad that a neighbour played his music very late.

Centre Focolari 7.39886, -7.56675

Lugar maravilhoso!
Banheiros limpos, com banho quente, Wi-Fi aberto(internet rápida), ponto de energia, água potável, vários quiosques com tomadas, pia, churrasqueira. Área para motorhome!

Lá também tem restaurante e sorveteria.
Lugar muito tranquilo!
Achamos muito seguro o lugar.
Só tem a questão que não pode pernoitar lá mesmo, mas a uns 15km tem um posto muito bom para passar a noite. Posto Tamburi!
Vale super a pena. Recomendo!

Terminal Turístico Alvorada de Itaipu. -25.36612, -54.49989

Very nice place but the police came see us and ask us to leave. We can’t stay overnight.

Public Parking lot 14th Street 31.99366, -80.84641

Beautiful place at the peak to park and take some pictures and videos of the snow mountains.
Don't miss this place.

Mirador -13.63858, -71.10221

Clean rooms with private shower (hot) and toilet. Very friendly people. And fairly priced for 500 bob for a single room, 600 for a twin and 700 for a double. The entrance looks a bit like a bank, but on the front of the second story there is written Sirimon quite big.

Sirimon 0.01525, 37.07755

We sleep one night. Good and quiet place. Good for going on Charleston City.

Walmart 32.95051, -80.15693

Pullout on Y-50 at the Río Verde. Good enough for big rigs too. Very quiet. Simple and free.

Río Verde -52.67574, -71.43879
Amar e viajar sm

Ficamos aqui por 2 dias, qndo chegamos tinha um Motorhome santo início parado aqui. Então e ponto pra parada de Motorhomes. O local aqui é uma grande área pública de chão, que os carros estaciona, tem sombra em alguns lugares.
Como tem vários quiosque, você consegue água e energia. A noite vimos aqueles guardinhas passando buzinando a moto.

A praia não é a mais bonita, porém uma água Calma para banho é. uma piscina natural.
O lugar e tranquilo e seguro. Os vizinhos vieram nos dar boas vindas e oferecer água. Ficamos parado em baixo de uma árvore, frente carro sombra e placa no sol.

Aqui não tem mercado, então bom vir preparado. Como era final de semana não estava tão barulhento, tinha movimento porém nada e anormal.

Sinal da claro e Vivo pegam bem por aqui, não tivemos problemas. Eu uso um amplificador de sinal de celular rural, faz contato que te envio a instalação.

Grande Estacionamento Praia do Capitão -7.83773, -34.84595

Lugar lindooo e pode passar 2 noites. Somente Motorhomes. Guarda do Parque nos disse que pode e as placas no lugar também dizem isso. Não passamos a noite , mas vale a dica !

Beautiful spot and you can stay for 2 nights there. Motorhome only !!! FREE! NO Ranger told us is allowed to stay and therw are signs too.
We didn't sleep there but I think it's a nice tip :)

Pernocte Exclusivo Motorhome -42.80169, -71.71895

entrada $500 pesos pp, mais uns $200 pelo estacionamento. lugar tranquilo para conhecer, há uma subida, mas é bem tranquilo. banheiros limpos.

Pukara de Tilcara -23.71918, -65.45950

Dump is still $5, best price for this area. We asked if we could fill water as well and they said we could use the hose at the office.

Landa RV and campground 29.70802, -98.12925

Nice open space between the trees. Quiet, away from the road. Nearby a little creek. Indeed a lot of mosquitos.

Hidden Pasture -47.47761, -72.79089
Francine the Travel Machine

Cool restaurant in a bus. Gluten free so ordered the burger plated and came with lots of grilled veggies. Fries took about ten minutes longer so we took them to go and they were delicious. Good place to stop after the Cerro Castillo hike.

La Cocina del Sole -46.12078, -72.16161
Francine the Travel Machine

Drove through here today (it's a Saturday) and roadworks is happening. They closed the road behind us right after we passed. Stuck behind a work truck for a bit. Ripio Is always a joy! 🤯

Roadwork -46.16397, -72.64070

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