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As described very nice quiet rest area at visitor's center. A few other campers over night, large parking area, clean facilities open throughout the night, guest wifi available just outside visitor's center. Spent one night with no issues.

Outer Banks Visitors Center 36.09857, -75.71494

Ótimo para passar a noite, chuveiro grátis, e Gasolina mais barata que Comodoro ou Puerto San Julian!

YPF Gas Station -48.12425, -67.64339

Beautiful View and quiet by trail and playground. The old GPS coordinates made you go through the very expensive tollway when you put it on Google Maps, so I submitted a correction (33.6057307, -117.8027081).

Note that this is NOT off the highway, but a small road parallel to it. If you use the advice coordinates it should be fine.

When getting there in the dark be mindful of RED-painted curb (no parking) areas; they're a bit hard to see in the dark and I didn't realize it till the next day that I was partially parked in one.

Other than that, beautiful and quiet place. As stated before it gets busy in the morning with people riding mountain bike and hikers.

Ridge Park Rd 33.60589, -117.80220
Francine the Travel Machine

Beautiful quiet and peaceful setting on the lake with great views. We were at the site closest to the water in our truck camper and there is a gate between camp and the lake. Clean bathrooms (toilet seats but no toilet paper) and hot showers. Weak Claro 3G signal. We felt it was quite expensive at 1800 ARS per person. We intended to only stay one night because of the price but stayed two because it was such a pretty spot. Owner doesn’t negotiate nor allow music. We were told to turn it off at 9 pm.

P.N. Nahuel Huagi - Paloma Araucana -40.66643, -71.35742

Nice spot! Use to sign up and buy the permit while the check-in is on or just check-in in person, the two websites confused us for a bit. It is now $7 per night. There is a $5 convenience fee as well for online purchases. Sucks to see all the affordable spots disappearing.

Also important to know you can't reach the dump station at the visitor centre from here anymore, there is a gate. Takes nearly half an hour to get there as you would have to turn around on the interstate twice.

Crawford landing 30.30173, -89.70789

Parking lot is right next to the wharf. Walked to dinner and live music. Pretty cool spot if you want to walk around and check out Por Angeles. Was pretty quiet with very little traffic overnight.

Public parking of marine center 48.12003, -123.42949

Large campsites. Views of Mt Whitney and sunrise over Owens Lake. Plenty of available toilets. Clean campsites.

Tuttle Creek 36.56518, -118.12823

Typical Cracker Barrel. Quiet space for the night. Security came around a few times: once when the restaurant closed and another time that I noticed, around 4am. Didn't bother myself or fellow RV camper.

Cracker Barrel 33.70548, -78.92190

Kuelap archaeological site is closed because of landslide of one wall and the danger of instability of the whole ground. Guide told us that end of december 2022 a decision shall be taken if the site will stay closed longer and needs severe reconstruction or if it can be reopened!

Road closures on road to Kuelap -6.43075, -77.96591

Nice place, very interesting when sun is at peak because lot shadow

Cracker Barrel 30.24848, -81.59764
Rob Knight

Open and free. It’s in the front of the station, next to the air pump. It was easy to pour out my 5 gallon gray water tank.

Speedway Station 35.20287, -111.61572

You are not allowed to sleep in the Walmart lot but just beside.
Everything was ok until the nights.
Drugged people not nice just behind us, knocking at our door many times to ask cigarettes and so... They where very high. One just gone with a big crowbar and Jerrycan haha...
We felt really unsafe
We moved to the other spot.

Victorville near Walmart 34.51037, -117.39633

Spent a quiet night here. There are a couple of dogs that did some barking when they saw my dog but once we went to bed it was calm and quiet.

Tara Inti - Isla del Sol -27.51693, -64.88305

The only place to camp for cyclists in this absolutely gorgeous cuesta. Big building with plenty of rooms and a nice view of the sunset.

Abandoned Building -27.63850, -66.17732

Note that the "quarry" is rather a parking for those who are coming to enjoy the hotspring. So, be careful at night, you might be disturbed. We actually did. At daytime, there was not a single car but at night 3 cars passed through that road. We though it was curious. The last one, came to park. They were a bit chatting si we asked what was going on. They actually asked us to switched off our headlamp because they were hiding from the police...!! They said they were crossing with people without people. We didn't asked more and they finally left.

Wildcamp with hot pot -18.34428, -69.17568

You can spend the night here before your tour. A beautiful place for stargazing.
As this is close to the observatory you need to turn off all the lights at night.

Parking near Observatory -24.64439, -70.37832

Spent a lovely three nights here. $380mxn for a palapa on the beach. We would have stayed longer but our reservation ran out and we couldn't extend anymore. Staff were so friendly and accommodating. Clean bathrooms had flush toilets and hot water in the showers. The cafe had delicious food and fast wifi. No cell signal. Our favorite spot so far!

Campo Archelon 28.97148, -113.54650

Best place to stay in Sucre !!! It's at 5min of the center. Warm shower and clean toilet. The garden is beautiful. It's 100bob for vehicule (2 peoples) for a night (free for children).
Moreover, Alberto, Felicidad and their familly are very friendly and helpful. They helped us change a car light. Caroline and Miguel, the children, speak english.
Carolina's number :
+591 72876378

C'est le lieu où séjourner à Sucre !!! Le camping est à 5min du centre ville. Il y a deux salles de bain très propres. Le jardin est magnifique. C'est 100bob par véhicule (2 personnes) et par nuit (gratuit pour les enfants).
Alberto, Felicidad et leur famille sont adorables et aidant. Ils nous ont aidé à changer le phare de notre van. Carolina et Miguel, les enfants, parlent anglais, allemands et un peu français.

Camping Alberto and Felicidad -19.04300, -65.25499

Well-located, well-maintained hostel about four blocks north of the main street. Parking for cars and motos in their own lot behind the hostel. Pleasant common areas - lounge with sofas and a breakfast area with a kettle and microwave. I paid 8,800 for one person in a twin room, which at current “blue” rates is about $34, which doesn’t seem bad for Ushuaia. Breakfast is a reasonable coffee and croissants. It’s well heated. You may have to open a window if you’re not a hot-house plant. This place seems to divide opinion but I stayed four nights and I’d happily stay here again.

Hostal Rio Ona -54.80231, -68.30325

Nice campground next to a soccer field. We went in rainy season so we’re very happy with the shelter! Suitable for 3 cars even with rooftop tent. Shower and toilets were clean, you have a refrigerator with freezer and a place to cook and sit.

Santamaria's Night Walk Camping 10.32669, -84.82930

Nice, quiet place. saw some other campers nearby. T-mo cell service but kinda slow.

Wide open spaces 36.26690, -115.51203

Stayed here for 3 nights; everything practical that should be said hass already been said but I do want to comment and make clear that this spot can get very windy, the locals up the hill definitely don’t want you here and there is a LOT of glass on the right side where the MTB trial starts. But otherwise it’s a decent place to crash near Santa Barbara only 20 mins from downtown. The road up has some short turns, but the views are amazing. Later I stayed further up in Los Padres National Forest in the hills near Goleta which you can get to by taking the 154 up (which is a lot easier to drive up) and I wished I’d stayed there for all of my nights. A lot less wind with the same conditions, no angry people glaring at you, no glass, still amazing views. Up to you!

Gibraltar Rd 34.46765, -119.66904

we spent one night here, however it is quite visible from the street and it is full of trash (some cats were playing with the trash during the night). there is a spot a bit more inward but not with bigger cars and rigs, nor rooftoptent would have space - plus also even more trash :/ in the morning, when we were about to leave, some locals were coming to this spot to smoke shisha.

Ad Dchira Oasis 27.04275, -13.09427

stayed here for 3 nights, loved it! Clean toilet with plenty of toilet paper. Picnic table with pavilion, fire ring, and all the spots were flat for parking. A couple of trail options start at this campground parking lot too. We got the last spot on a Friday night, but the other 4 sites are far enough apart that noise from any other group didn't make it to us. Would definitely come back again!

Laguna Mountains Blm Campground 36.36753, -120.82953

Got our 3rd party insurance with carte rose here. Three months for 38.000 XAF for a sedan car.

AGC insurance -1.15510, 15.97272

Prices still starting at 10.000 for a small room with fan, 20.000 for a bigger room woth AC. Restaurant not working, enough place to park quite a few cars.

Hotel la Fleur -0.00534, 15.62267

good place for café and breakfest

t. excellent terrace

café safari weekend 32.68077, -4.73641

Closed for season. No entry. Dont bother.

Granite Flat Campground 39.32036, -120.20867
Sanddragon II

The campsite is very simple, with old bathroom, toilet….. All site has 220 power and water. We were here on 4 Nov by ourselves. But way to expensive as it costed 80 real for 2 person and a 6meter motorhome. Internet very weak……

Camping Pachuca -33.65836, -53.25031

Fantastic service, if in a big rig (height garage 10.8 max) park on the far side away from the drive thru and they will do the oil change with a cart. Do an extra safety check as well as a standard, fantastic 👏 👍

Norfolk Take 5 Oil Change 36.76834, -76.25285

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