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Clearing and shade by a muddy pool, nice place to camp away from main road. Different times of year might be clear water.
Two dingoes here.

Canning Well 24 -23.10943, 123.34364

friendly campsite, spacious pitch but with cobblestones. you need a self-supporting tent.
the bathrooms are very spacious with bathtubs!
the restaurant is very good.
the location of the campsite at the entrance to the reserve is very good.

The pine lodge -34.00901, 25.68818

Posto com ótima estrutura, passamos a noite e foi bem tranquilo. Abastecendo ganha o voucher para o banho masculino, o feminino é gratuito. A área para banho é no Recanto do Caminhoneiro. Banheiros limpos e com boa estrutura.

Gas station with great structure, we spent the night and was very quiet. Fueling wins the voucher for the men’s bath, the female is free. The area for bathing is in the Truck Corner. Clean bathrooms and good structure.

Posto Ipiranga - Graal Estrela -22.53029, -44.75134

Overnight on 11/14/2022. Arrived late. Nice quiet campground on the Deschutes River. Flush Toilets and showers, both clean and maintained. No hot water in the toilets. Non-OR residents $41. Low cell coverage. Paved drive to campsites.

Tumalo State Park 44.12754, -121.33025

I experienced it to be quite difficult to get a warm, not too expensive, shower in this area. So I was very happy when I found this one! You can park for free at the street someone else mentioned before. Then get tokens at the reception, there is a machine behind the reception. It takes dollars or card. When you use your card, it automatically gives you 10 tokens = 20 minutes, for 5d. The shower wasnt too clean, so bring your sandals, but it is was nice and warm. (and I timed the tokens, they really last 2 minutes ;))

Carpinteria SB 34.39301, -119.52282

Nice, clean laundromat. Lots of machines and parking space and good wifi.

Midtown Laundromat 34.27842, -119.27259

very relaxed and quiet place next to little restaurant directly at the beach. owner Abdu very friendly and helpful. no 4x4 needed to get there. everything basic but one of the nicest places in this area if you like local relaxed atmosphere.

Camp Palm restaurant 35.43659, -5.08312
Rachel Vickers

Great place. Staff friendly and welcoming. Tranquil but easy access to town. 2000 cfa for camping with roof top tent, 1000 cfa for breakfast and 7000 for clean room with shower and toilet. We used their laundry service too!

Centre Bethanie 7.41653, -7.56497

This is an excellent place to sleep with a motorhome, a calm, safe place, with an infrastructure of bathrooms with showers, you can kindly get water and I believe electricity too.

loja e posto HAVAN -27.66070, -48.67779

Dump open and fine, potable water is confusing because the sign says potable but the sticker on the pipe coming out of the ground says non-potable. did not fill

Squamish RV Dump 49.73639, -123.13437
[email protected]

Very clean place. No WIFI and no electricity. Very quiet even on weekends. Arrival best via Nuevo San Juan Parangaricutiro. 7 km dirt road, good to drive even with large vehicles.
100 pesos for two persons. A little above you can get spring water, it is drinkable.

Centro Ecoturístico Pantzingo 19.49308, -102.19875

We stayed a second night here. It was perfect. Thank you for the spot.

40/5000 At the exit of the lagoons near the road -23.03967, -68.12485

A good place for an overnight stay. If you eat something in the restaurant Teonanacatl (right building) you can stay for free. We did, but what we ate was not good. Next time we would stay at the reception of Hotel Las Cabanas (left building) for 50 pesos.

Restaurant Parking Lot 16.17308, -96.50575

Did not see any signs up, looked closed.

Cabanas Puente Rio Palena -43.81253, -72.35412

Still closed. Sign says open and ring the bell, but no one was there.

Puerto Vallarta Trailer Park 20.63518, -105.22855

Hospital and corona test center. For everybody who needs a test for the Mauretanien border.

Hospital Dakhla 23.71427, -15.92356

Washboard dirt road in, and when you hit the National Forest, the road gets worse. I would recommend high-ish clearance, though I saw plenty of RVs and vans (I'm in a shuttle bus). Definitely scraped my battery box on some of those dips. You don't need 4wd if you follow the road, but if you go into the washes, there is deep sand. Worth the drive if you stay for a little longer. I stayed for about a week. There are plenty of spots, but it seems pretty popular at this time of year. Go early in the morning to get a good spot. Lots of good hiking!

Dragoon mountains 31.87034, -110.01822

Motorhome area, 16 completely flat seats, gravel floor. The overnight stay costs €12 with electricity, if you do not use electricity €10. The water is free.
Everything is booked and managed online, including payment, which is made with credit card details. There is no shade and it is on the outskirts of the town of Calamocha.

Área de Autocaravanas, 16 plazas totalmente llanas, suelo de grava. La pernocta cuesta 12€ con electricidad, si no usas electricidad 10€. El agua es gratis.
Se reserva y se gestiona todo por internet, también el pago, que se hace con los datos de una tarjeta de crédito. No hay sombra y está en las afueras del pueblo de Calamocha.

AC de Calamocha 40.93950, -1.29453

Very quiet, amazing view on Ohio river, but not for big rigs. Small and very narrow roads. Campsites are accessible for small rv only (mountain road, gravel pavement, pothole).

Hartig Wildlife Reserve Park 38.84695, -84.78800

We met Maged on a Couchsurfing meetup in Kuwait. He’s a super friendly/trustworthy guy that often hosts travelers from around the world. He offered us to use his washing machine/shower and gave us a great tour in the city. We are very thankful for his hospitality and would definitely recommend meeting up with him.

Laundry and Tours 29.25370, 48.07977

We tried to come here on Friday night but there was a very loud party, so we went to a campsite further away. We came back here on Saturday and it was quieter, the space is large, good structure with BBQ and tables, water, clean bathrooms, and the prices are cheaper, we paid ARS$200 per person and ARS$400 for the Kombi. Hot shower with good pressure, really excellent!

Camping Municipal Santa Maria -26.69590, -66.04091

Excelente Vinícola com 150 anos, tour com degustação super completo e atencioso. pagamos $ 100 pesos por pessoa pela visita com degustação cortesia de 3 rótulos.

Há degustação de outros rótulos por um valor adicional de $ 500 pesos a taça. Super recomendo.

Finca El Recreo -26.08889, -65.97854

Quiet side street walking distance to some bars & restaurants. Good spot to sleep.

Street Parking Near Main Street 27.33778, -82.53753

parking by the river. quiet at night many people on weekends. close to the center. any size vehicle.

parking au bord de la rivière. tranquille la nuit beaucoup de monde le week-end. proche du centre. toute taille de véhicule.

Parking -51.61197, -69.22019
1,2,3 e foi

ótimo lugar para passar a noite, cidade muito pequena, então o posto é relativamente silencioso, pessoal muito receptivo, banheiros limpos ... em frente ao posto tem 2 pequenos restaurantes

Ypf gas station -43.88489, -68.41273

Such a nice camping!! Bouke is a lovely host. We had our laundry done for a fair price. The breakfast was amazing and he gave us some nice tips for hikes and offroad routes. The place itself is wonderful. Charming tavern, beautiful view of the valley and the mountains across. We loved our stay here and def will be back!

offRoadventure 47.67265, 24.64187

Nice and quiet place on the lake. Shadow , playground and water available.

Bragado-Lake Camping -35.08497, -60.46410

This is a ferry on the road from La Macarena to Vista Hermosa.
You can not take the other route Google suggests (via Caño Cristales) as there is no ferry. 15000COP for a motorbike, but be prepared to turn your bike on the side stand, while balancing on a small boat.
There is also a very big ferry which should be able to take vans over the river.
The road the Vista Hermosa definitely needs high clearance and probably 4x4.
There was some deep mud but not too much. However, you could see that after heavy rain the road would turn incredible muddy and difficult to drive.

Ferry La Macarena, Vista Hermosa 2.27374, -73.69499

Along the street in this area are water taps. we asked, and were able to fill up. not clear if it is for drinking

Watertap 20.26472, -13.23680

can Not confirm the positive Feedback from Others: boat very crowded, really full of people. 30 min to go full Speed to the whale, 30 min to watch and 30 min full Speed Back. 15.000 Pesos p.p. as all the other companies in town.

Peke Sosa Tour -42.57567, -64.27562

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