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Stayed here one night. It was very quiet.

Mundy Park 49.25284, -122.83502

Asked the staff inside if it was ok to spend the night. Some people over-welcomed their stay, so she was not really sure. I told her it was just for one night. She was fine with it.

Overnight Parking — Otter Co-Op in Chilliwack 49.15058, -122.00700

Beautiful campground in Pima county, actually called Gilbert Ray Campground. Registered at office, $20/night. Gorgeous views with various types of cacti and beautiful sunsets. Watch for mice, there’s tons. Need to buy colored flashing lights as a deterrent.

Gilbert Ray Campground 32.21886, -111.14497

Nice big flat area among hills and pine trees. Nice view. Not too far from the paved road.

A cool place -2.01819, -78.75347

Hermoso lugar junto al Lago Oribe, hay calle para llegar y algunos caminos que pasan por la orilla del lago. Muy lindos bosques. Lugar tranquilo para estacionar, hay carteles de prohibido acampar y hacer fuego.

Beautiful place next to Lake Oribe, there is a street to get there and some paths that pass along the shore of the lake. Very nice forests. Quiet place to park, there are signs prohibiting camping and making fire

Lago Oribe -31.65337, -55.95165

pulled in on the off chance they had water. guy was very nice and pulled out a hose from inside their small service shop. potable. and free air as well. you will need to ask tho as it's in the shop. they were very friendly!

Shell Gas & Service Station 45.50365, -122.64456

They no longer allow any parking here. Sheriff was polite (thank goodness). New owners of building are cracking down. I hauled off a bag of trash prior to parking. Solvang is a campers desert! They will tolerate day parking cuz they want your cash. But please don’t park here, it will just be drama.

McMurray Rd near Albertsons 34.61041, -120.18953

Clean! Has trash cans! $3.00 -$5wash. Has large commercial washers. .50 dry. Has hair salon and little store near to explore.

Solvang Laundromat 34.59675, -120.13875

Along the entire street you can drive into the forest on gravel roads and find a quiet spot for wild camping. Beautiful area… some people walk here but not many.

Cork trees 34.05471, -6.55080

poin of water in the karanak town with good parking, perfect to full the tank after visit de place

point of water 32.34572, 54.66752

ENG: We slept here 2 nights, very quiet place. No facilities but near to the center.

ESP: dormimos 2 noches acá, es un lugar muy tranquilo. No hay servicios / facilidades pero está cerca del centro.

Close to Church Plaza Iglesia San Roque -19.05391, -65.26308

Working saturday and sundays..
Phone +56985230829
Fast and empatic mechanich

taller Valdes exhaust pipe fix -30.60863, -71.19358

great park, very clean. nice hot showers. not crowded, good amount of space between sites. shaded tables. prickly pear everywhere!

Lake Colorado City State Park 32.32495, -100.93105

From Iran to Iraq.
Iran side was surprisingly well organized and straightforward. First go to the customs building and stamp out your Carnet, then go to the passenger hall to stamp out your visa and do some copies.
Then you can drive to the iran-iraqi border gate. (The staff will tell you where to go.)
Before you‘re allowed to drive on the iraqi side of the gate, you have to do some papers at the many container offices at the iraqi side. By foot you have to go to several offices - there is no system, everything is very chaotic. But just ask around - they will exactly tell you where to go next or show you the way. We were very lucky, the border was not busy at all and it wasn‘t that hot this day.
In one office they will do your visa on the arrival (sticker and stamp in the passport). It‘s 75$ pP + 2$ fee (better have the exact amount with you!). In another office they will do your Carnet and the temporary car importation (it‘s 100$).
Then we were allowed to drive to the iraqi side of the gate. Short custom check.
Again we had to go to several offices: they did some pictures and we had to pay a car insurance (24$) and the custom check (24$). They also do about 4 copies of everything which you have to hand out at the first exit gate, the second exit gate ect… at the end you will not have copies anymore.
The whole border crossing took us 5 hours in total. Everybody was very friendly.

Shalamcheh Borderpost 30.50412, 48.02645

Nice hotel. Room was not super clean. But the breakfast is good and the staff is really friendly. Some of the staff speak very good english. Big parking behind the hotel. It was about 35$ for 1 night with breakfast (2 people). Good place to relax after the stressful border crossing.

Almsafir (Traveler Hotel) 30.51652, 47.84410

Easy to access and pretty stop but the water seems to be turned off for the season

Lake Hemet Forest Service Picnic Area 33.67059, -116.69341

Aberto ao público, no inverno pode estar alagado em época de enchente.
Pessoal com som automotivo fica perto eventualmente.
No geral muito calmo, silencioso para dormir e quando calor pode tomar banho no rio Jacuí.
O BAR ao lado pode fornecer energia caso precise.


Open to the public, in winter it can be flooded during the flood season.
People with car audio are nearby eventually.
Overall very calm, quiet to sleep and when it's hot you can take a bath in the Jacuí River.
The BAR on the side can provide power if needed.

Praia dos Ingazeiros -29.99448, -52.37930

I spent a Sunday night here for free no problems.

the parking lot has several police vehicles, so I'm sure its safe

UCSF Mission Center parking 37.76718, -122.41338

amazing host. clean rooms. kitchen is clean and perfect. away from any loud noise. homey feeling. secure parking. Cost 40$ usd for single bed. cold showers.
highly recommend

se ua 9.62674, -82.66891

Showers swimming pool and hot tub. $7.35 entry fee for non-residents

Newberg Aquatic Center 45.30717, -122.96154

Philip is a lovely German (and maybe the world's slowest overlander!) who has set up a beautiful permaculture farm. He is super keen to have people to stay, learn, help or just enjoy his wealth of knowledge of the local area. If you're looking for somewhere to stay for a while he's also really keen to have people live for longer periods and help out on the farm (I think you would both learn a lot and have a really good time - he also adventures in his 4x4 around the area all the time and can show you his favourite finds in the beautiful plateaux area). He is working on setting up local nature reserve protecting trees for people to enjoy. It's worth coming up and sharing some stories together. The entrance to his place is marked by a huge termite mount on your right if you pass the road to golden eye (which is not really open any more but does have a fantastic outdoor shower overlooking the best view in Togo which is well worth a visit!). Enjoy!!

Perma Togo 7.24782, 0.76605

Some changes in the application process

Need 2 passport size photos
Application form
Copy of passport and original
Entry permit application issued by the Ministry of interior of sudan, which is completed by your host or hotel in sudan. ( without that don’t even show up or they kick you out and won’t explain how and where to get it)

Booking of hotel was not necessary since they are the ones who filling out the entry permit application

Sudanese Embassy 9.00628, 38.74514

Here you can fill up your propane. Really nice people!

Gallup Propane 35.50254, -108.84886

Nice town! Pueblo magico, but guidebooks seem to overlook it. We enjoyed a stop here. Beautiful plaza, nice church, some market and some nice traditional eateries.

Magdalena de Kino 30.63033, -110.97285

Right by the side of the road with the most amazing view and great protection from the wind.

Abandonned house -32.47713, -69.23477

My instagram:

Laundry and Tours 29.25370, 48.07977

Really nice state park, small lake, several hiking trails. Winter rates for campers $20 all spots ($10 for senior citizens w/pass), RV hook up spots $35. Prices increase in summer months. restroom very clean with shower. We were only ones here at this time. Sites are fairly small and close together. Great when you're the only ones here Tho!

Sun Lake State Park 47.58923, -119.38754

Great place for camping. Some hiking trails around and good chances to see the Cotopaxi. Ranger station sells fire wood. Not allowed to park with your rig on the gras. They made an exception fpr us as we already pitched our camp. Bathrooms are clean.

La Rinconada -0.67830, -78.55417

lovely place, nice family
near Dakar pista

Camping Benyakoup 34.02334, -3.24775
María Isabel

Espacio en la Costanera. calle en sentido único, frente al río con electricidad, bancos, iluminación. Muy seguro y tranquilo.


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