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Very nice but windy when we were there. Very good for a free stay,nobody bothered us and there were a handful, most waiting to get out on the beach at 7am sharp for surffishing.

Beach access ramp #43 35.23592, -75.52736

Parked here for two nights. No issues with ‘the lady’ at all - was very quiet. The only disruption was a street sweeper each morning around 4:30am.

Street Parking 33.82530, -116.54903

I appreciate the free night stay but would likely not stay here again. There's is something eerie about this place with the beat up car at the end of the lot and questionable people wandering about. Pretty sure we heard some gunshots across the road in the evening too. On a positive note, the bathroom was nice.

Walmart Taos 36.38659, -105.58561

I went up the little path, didn't see much as I arrived at night. Quickly found a spot, though. A good place.
WiFi actually so weak I couldn't connect, some coverage with my Argentine Sim card (Movistar)

Wild camping El Baden -33.24760, -66.17930

Looooot's of pulloff's along this road and Nanaimo Lakes road. Expect the usual mild noise and early morning hikers but good for a night.

Trailhead 49.13303, -123.96966

Update on prices $59 with hook up and $54 without

Three Rivers Hideaway 36.45882, -118.88127

Apesar de o ponto marcar que estava fechado, passamos dois dias e uma noite aqui bem tranquilamente.
Depois acabamos mudando de lugar, mas não tivemos problemas.

Waterfront roadway -42.76104, -65.03636

Like others described. Very well maintained and very nice showers with toilets. We had site #10 which was a joint site for two parties traveling together which I had never seen before. It was recommended at check in because we wanted to be as far away from others. Only about 6 others in A loop. Not sure why but B loop was busy and that is where water and electric is provide while we only had electric for $27. Would recommend this site to any type of traveler.

village Creek state park 35.16372, -90.70992

Rest area off hwy 93. No bathrooms, no water. Close to highway so not quiet. Several campers were parked there overnight along with me. Got cell service (T-mobil) but it was slow.

Panranagat Rest Area 37.23213, -115.08986

Beautiful sandy beach camp spot next to the river (and plenty of grassy/flat areas too). No more tables though. (cycling/tenting)

Rivera río Cisnes -41.95778, -72.67912

Took the first open space after the toilets where camping becomes allowed, road after that point seems to degrade quickly. Nice quiet location and decent cell reception

Penrose Commons BLM 38.49442, -105.02919

The ablutions are now fully renovated and are very good. Otherwise, as per comments below.

Mountain Zebra National Park -32.22445, 25.47880
Rebecca R

Stayed for a night with no problems in my van, 3 other van/RV/campers parked along the park as well. Neighbourhood felt safe and the bathrooms were fine, weird to not have doors on the stalls but they were clean and they weren’t busy. Left around 10:00 am and bathrooms had been unlocked when I checked around 9:00 am.

Kenton Park 45.52702, -122.72734

if you're looking for authentic Kerala coffee visit this shop on the roof top of a local restaurant 😉

Munnar coffee 8.73552, 76.70483

Beautiful spot. Only 1 other camper while I was there. Easy access and plenty of spots to choose from.

Hippie Hole. 33.37855, -114.70678

Goggle maps still routes you through the old Ruta 40. Its your average patagonian ripio road. Relatively smooth, very few washboards. Comparable or better than the unpaved Carretera Austral.

EX Ruta 40 -48.40525, -70.51603

We spend 3 nights at this campground. The price is € 6,50 per person + 0,50 cent. for the tourist tax, €8,50 for the spot for the van, € 2,50 for the electricity (optional) and € 1,00 for the hot shower (optional).

There is no toilet paper in the bathroom, so keep that in mind. The shower is 4 minutes, so you might need two token for a single shower.

It’s just ne of the fewest campsite still open in November.

Make sur to stop at La Vigna Degli Dei for there wine and local products. The owners offers cooking classes and dinners which are one the best in the region.

San Lázzaro Agerola camping beata 40.62476, 14.56642

37°00′05.94″N 111°35′33.65″W coordinats are wrong, nice place, quite, far enough from Page, amazing views, firepit, nothing else than stars

Page 37.00164, -111.59265

8$ per Person entrance fee, you cant travel with RV, ATV or Motorbike trough the Park, only with a paid jeep Tour. you cant reach the visitor Center without paying the fee

Monument Valley 36.98241, -110.11180
El Carrito Azul

As described. The road toll is now 5$. Ranger showed up at 5pm and wanted us to leave. After a very friendly discussion he let us stay for 1 night. Banos are brand new.

Cayambe - Coca Nationalpark -0.32533, -78.14825

You really need 4wd to get down by the water, which is a nice spot, but we stayed at the top (van); there is a spot to back up into, tucked out of sight from the road…it’s not the flattest, but good for a one nighter. Quiet area.

Bear Cove 44.14485, -66.19312

Quiet camp ground. A little windy and narrow on the 130 coming in, but easily done with two wheel drive and a heavy vehicle. DO NOT TAKE QUIMBY ROAD!! I blew out my brakes coming down that road. Steep all downhill. Stick to the 130. If you have a lighter more maneuverable vehicle, it should be fine. But learn from my mistakes :,)

Joseph Grant Campground: Santa Clara County Park 37.34068, -121.71991

Passei o dia nele e tinha wi-fi tbm além de tudo que está marcado já aí em novembro de 2022. As porções de comida são generosas. A área de camping é gramada e limpinha, pontos de água e energia, tem churrasqueira e bancos com mesa de concreto se quiser. Se quiser utilizar os quiosques com geladeira e fogão tem um gasto a mais. Tem piscina, banheiros com chuveiro um deles era quente. Tem pesque pague tbm. O ruim é que só funciona finais de semana e feriados.

Agora na Roça -16.39283, -47.82723
Des routes & nous

After the reany season the water is not clear at all. Okay for lunch or to rest a little but not sure for a night as it's close to the road and everybody can see you. Not very flat area.

Lovely site next to the river. 6.53742, 11.56249

Free hot showers! Private shower in ladies locker room. 🙏🏼

Showers 35.73501, -83.44723

the cleanest ruins we have seen so far! really nice place to stay for a night.

Ruins 18.04909, 32.46687

Only accessible by 4x4 vehicle and Motorbikes that are dirt road capable.
A open Camp ground on private land. It is a perfectly flat plateaux with great 360 degree views. There is 4G cell reception.
Price is 150 Thai Baht per Person per night.

Dong Phaya, Bo Kluea District
Nan 55220, Thailand

Ban Huai Me Camp Ground 19.23361, 101.20821

being there during the week. We where the only ones on the site. It might become crowded on weekends.
Expect temperatures over night to be as low as 10 - 12 degrees Celsius in the winter.

Ban Huai Me Camp Ground 19.23361, 101.20821

Spend already a few nights here. Never seen so many campers on a Walmart parking! Even in November.
Quiet at night.

Walmart 49.72105, -123.14953

69$/night, 2 people with 7m motorhome. Accept Passport America for 1 nigh, half price. Bus 42 to the River Walk area just in front of the entrance, day pass 2.75$/person.

Travellers' World RV Park 29.37453, -98.48216

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