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A very long Honeymoon

Very nice place, absolutely loved our stay at this peaceful place close to many wineries! 4000 pesos per night, 1200 pesos for a laundry currently. Access to Shower, Toilet, Potable Water, a power outlet and a kitchen sink. Hans is extremely nice and helpful!

Posada Cavieres Wine Farm -33.01200, -68.75569

Nice campsite. Some sites with private ablutions.
Grass, paved and gravel sites. Some shade.
Power, tap, braai and gravel roads.
Can drive around the game park.
Kiddies play area

Hot and cold pools.

Sondela Game Reserve -24.90535, 28.41221

rather pricey for a hostal, 65 000 for double with private bathroom and breakfast. Secure parking. Owner speaks French and some German. Nice fireplace but not burning. Central heating but only after 19:00.

Hostel Lluhay -41.86604, -73.82850

here you can get your visa to Chad. The cost is 35000 SDG (about 60$). you need a support letter from a travel agent in Chad.

Chad Embassy 15.56482, 32.54611

Correct location of the Eritrean embassy. No visas granted at the moment due to COVID rules.

Embassy of Eritrea 15.57338, 32.56942

Here you can arrange a visa to South Sudan. Additional permits required to travel overland.

South Sudan Embassy 15.60311, 32.53813

Open 24 hours so there is some minor noise as folks come and go. The other storefronts are boarded up except a Church in the mall. Note: the gym is not open 24 hours on weekends and with a Church here is is probably best on weekdays. But we had a nice, undisturbed night here. Bonus: if you are a member of Planet Fitness you can use the bathrooms and showers and even workout. Well worth $10. Per month!

Planet Fitness 31.21826, -81.49111

Good place to stay if you are arriving late or leaving early with the ferry.
A bit hard to find when dark as it is integrated in the terminal building. It’s on the top floor next to the huge parking area. The white modern building with the big blue „gate numbers“. The Hotel is „gate number 10“.
Motorbikes may park inside, guarded carpark with nice guard and CCTV in front of the hotel.
Clean rooms, fast WiFi, English speaking staff.
We payed 55€ for a double room with all amenities, huge breakfast is 5€/person extra but worth the money.
Credit card payment possible, good if you don’t have local currency yet/left.

Hotel Onomo 35.88409, -5.49859

At Maroc Telecom there is free Fiber Optic Internet. Passcode us 12345678
You can sit in the mall and up/download with highspeed.
You can also buy simcards here:
Orange: 130D/10Gb
Maroc Telecom: 120D/10Gb
Parking is guarded.

Maroc Telecom Fiber optic 35.74624, -5.84419

make sure to change official rates in Bank of Khartoum before heading to the black market. we actually change money in the bank with a better rate 1$ = 576 SDG at this date.

Currency Exchange 15.57989, 32.54428
A very long Honeymoon

Good for a night, free, felt safe, lots of space in the back.

YPF full -32.92982, -68.75425

On the main road outside Azul. Excellent parking. Clean and neat rooms, good showers. Wifi extends into the rooms now. 4,000 for a single room with bathroom and breakfast. Restaurant next door opens at 8:30pm.

Los Alamos Hotel and Restaurant -36.79247, -59.84170

Ndemaha waterfalls is one of the majestic attraction in Korogwe District. it offers amazing experiences combined with Tea plantation and sisal plantation and village hiking.

Ndemaha Waterfalls -4.74717, 38.29722

Good place to spent the night on our way to Colonia. Police drove by in the night, no problems.

Campsite at River -34.31873, -56.70810

Parking in the municipal park and next to a school and close to the local police. Flat and large place, relatively far from the street. We spent one night here, until around 07:00 PM some movement of people walking in the park, then very calm and quiet. The night a police patrol passed but did not stop to talk to us.

Municipal Park -22.90979, -45.95094

Close to the road but is possible hide tent and motorcycle

Wild camp (only bikes) 10.16095, -11.51987

$3 for swim/showers. FYI all public pools in the city of Albuquerque charge $3 for a swim and that also includes access to showers.

West Mesa Aquatic Centre 35.09526, -106.71764

Pernoitamos aqui por ser próximo da oficina onde vamos, muito barulho do trânsito da rodovia e hoje bastante quente, não chegamos a utilizar os serviços como ducha e outros. estacionamento um pouco apertado p manobrar. enfim p uma noite até da p passar...

YPF -32.92768, -68.82115
Buffelsrivier Riverside Camping

Peace and quiet, the nature is beautiful in the Karoo.

Buffelsrivier Riverside Camping -33.12620, 20.88591

nos gusta viajar por el mundo lugar espléndido para vacaciones

Mario flores -34.78998, -62.19998

One of the few campsites in New Jersey that are Open this time of year (winter). $30 a night. A little pricey but it does include Showers. Be advised that the Shotwell campground is the only campground that allows dogs.

Stokes state park 41.22875, -74.76136

Very quite (noisy guests not welcome)
Nice large and hot showers
Strong Wifi all over the place
Electricity and water on sites
High quality price ratio
Owners are very nice
A bit hilly
Maybe not the best place for large rig
Green policy and charitable works
Loved this place

Ash Grove Mountain Cabins & Camping 35.14696, -82.70739
Great White Roamer ER#224

A beautiful boutique hotel set right on its own private beach area. Multiple bungalows, pool, beach huts and chairs, restaurant, etc. , along with kayaking and other activities. A great first stop upon entering Peru or last stop when preparing to exit through Tumbes. About 90 minutes from the border. Private, gated parking for moderate vehicles. Not big rig friendly. No camping or tenting. Very professional and friendly staff.

Punta del Norte Bungalows -3.92928, -80.91198

We didn't stay. The symbol for this site is OK, the text is not: it is not free camping. The site is nice, along a small river. Very small entry for vehicles, grassy area. No cellular network for claro and Tigo.

Camping Pozo de la Vieja 5.67816, -73.54220

Price seems to be 100/person and 20/vehicle parking.
Still good value, clean, friendly, English spoken, fast WiFi, nice courtyard, safe parking next door, quiet location.

Hotel Sahara 35.46751, -6.03167

Nice camping ‘under construction’. Showers are hot, the toilets are barely usable as such. Still green (mid-November) and the owner Gustavo (first contributor to this listing) is trying hard to keep it that way. Lots of power outlets (some European) and fast WiFi

Camping El Establo -29.32757, -68.21956

Very nice spot! Amazing sky full of stars, very quiet, with some passing vehicles in the background. If coming from Cuzco I'd recommend to U-turn for any type of rig, very sharp turn, especially when there's cars behind you, no space to manoeuvre. Enjoy!

Amongst trees, flat. -13.81508, -71.55275

when we arrived Djibril tried to charge us 5000cfa per day supposedly that we were in the somone park. we refused and the next day we went to eat in his restaurant which is overpriced: 20000cfa for 3 plates of fish and rice. in short it was good but too expensive. so I would say avoid.

Les tortues pondeuses de Gereo 14.49877, -17.09061

Basically a small town city park with picnic shelter and open space. There is a row of 12 electric boxes, hydrants, and sewer pipes. We have full bars of Cricket. Train tracks nearby, but we didn't hear a train. No restrooms. Actually, I haven't seen much of anything else in town . There is a Shepherd Staff convention center and a Shepherd Staff boarding house. I see no other open business. A closed gas station and restaurant. Price is $30 a night. We paid $15 with Passport America which is too much. Also, Lots of goat head stickers.

Shepherd Staff RV Park 39.47079, -100.74368

Great spot for the night when you came with the ferry. Very quiet and also some other overlander's.

Grassy spot (close to the ship yard/harbour) -51.74066, -72.49679

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