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FREE. This is public land.

Plenty of options in this general area. Soft ground aplenty so take care. There are a few rather tired looking trees to offer shade and a measure of privacy from Dillon Rd.
OHV area at the weekends and wouldn't risk entering hereabouts during the rainy season.

Indio Hills 33.75299, -116.18480

As described nice campground with open layout, great in off season as nobody around even on Saturday night. Clean facilities. Great surf beach at old lighthouse. Do yourself a favor and go to Orange Blossom Bakery for pastries.

Cape Point Campground, North Carolina Outer Banks 35.23563, -75.53847

This place is no longer a campsite. Talked to the owner and he said to camp at the church. Ask policia for permission

La Clemira - Shop and Bakery -26.95106, -66.13465

On nous a recommandé de faire la route 41, et nous ne le regrettons pas ! Nous l’avons prise à Los Antiguos direction Lago Posadas. Nous avons dormi à Arroyo Lincoln (spot parfait pour passer la nuit). Avant de partir nous avons entendu que la route était coupée juste avant la route pour accéder au Paso Roballos, après avoir consulté Police et Gendarmie nous sommes parti. La route est faisable en camping car si on a pas peur des situations difficiles. En revanche, le passage de la route barrée est impossible à passer sans 4x4. Sauf si la route à été refaite depuis.
Pour finir : la route 41 est incroyable de diversité. Infiniment précise et sauvage.

Scenic drive Ruta 41 -47.33582, -71.00074

Camping very quite, of course we are alone, nobody there. The pool is out of order now, I think it will be Ok, when the Season will start.
Price 2 people and a motor home 3000 ARS daily.
Water and électricité avalaible on site, no dump station.
Sanitory block OK.

SMATA Camping -32.43365, -63.17882

We started here for 3 days, nice place the sowers are hot and clean. The pool is very nice, the rest of the place needs a renovation.

Carrefour des Nomades 29.82872, -5.66484

Backyard of a nice lady’s house, enclosed by wooden gate. It’s better suited to people in tents but there’s 1 or 2 spots where you can fit a car in, just a bit tight is all. Toilets, hot showers, potable water and wifi for 5000 clp pp/night.

Doña Martina -41.96250, -72.46687

Spent a quiet night here. Soccer games on all 3 fields so we parked by the stadium.

Patriots Point Athletic Complex 32.79452, -79.90441

Camping perfeito para crianças! para os adultos é uma area de camping bem estruturada :) tem banho quente, area para parrilla (vendem carvão), area para cozinhar e ponto d'água. tem também uma mini loja. $2000,00 pesos argentinos por pessoa por noite. recomendo!

Camping Bonanza -49.24311, -72.89199

Aparcamiento al lado de la Rambla. Seguro e con cámaras en la entrada. A 15 minutos del centro.

parking free rambla -34.91133, -56.19981

Initially we stayed close to the main river, 1.6km south of Cepita. But warning for severe rainfall made us decide to stay closer to the village. The square is very nice, but just north of the main square, close to the football field, you can stay on a quiet flat spot, just next to the small river. River is not accessible because of steep fortified walls to cope with high water.

Cepita Plaza 6.80166, -72.99307

Nice flat area. You could certainly pitch a tent, however you’re not far from the main road. It looks like the spot is just down from the pull-out. No signs or anything posted about parking or camping.

There is some road noise from the street, but it’s not a busy street.

Chippawa 43.05002, -79.06333

Cheap water refill station / behind the cashier station

Walmart - water refill 42.47149, -71.02391

Very quiet place, only a few cars pass here daily. You can safely park next to the road, levelled spot not hard to find. There's a wooden bench in front of the lake you can relax on. We had this strip of the beach to ourselves. Lots of food stalls about a 20min walk, 5, 10 mins more to the center of town. You can have your car blessed at the basilica, don't forget to give your ride a hat!

Lake Titicaca -16.17579, -69.09650

Lugar tranquilo, espaço ample para estacionamento MotorHome, Energia, Água (gratis), Lixeiros. Local limpo.

Parque Malwee -26.50803, -49.12947

Successful SOAT for three months! Came here with another gringa and we both were able to get insurance for our USA plated vehicles. We waited a long time, then realized just go up to window 5, 6, or 7 when they are open. Took about 5 or 7 minutes after we figured that out. We also were getting it for our spouses, so you can get insurance if you're not the main name on the vehicle. Buen viaje!

Pro tip: free coffee in the vending machine.

Sura Seguros Insurance HQ 6.20008, -75.50276

Spent a night, super convient since you can get a shower in the morning. Met a local who was curious but very friendly and mentioned some other spots near the water (they're all listed already).

Around midnight a few cars were racing around the lot, seemed like kids joyriding on the weekend. It was quiet for the rest of the night though.

South Surry 49.04190, -122.81687

Checked it out and it didn’t look quiste open yet, probably will look better in a month or so.

Ecocamping Lerun -46.62749, -72.67574

No signs that it’s a Hospedaje, look for the blue building next to the 2 story building - they rent out the rooms. Perfect place before crossing borders. Riders choose bottom rooms inside of secure court yard - you can park right next to room.
Simple clean rooms, friendly checkin lady, paid 50 soles.

No name Hospedaje -11.65530, -69.23495

Nice grassy aera to camp. Mina and her daughter are very nice. Toilets and showers are clean and there is 24h hot water. Walking to Pyramids is 2.1km.

Trailer Park Teotihuacan 19.68292, -98.87041
Yee-haw on the road

Amazing place, we spent two days in total peace. Beautiful sunset, Beautiful sunrise just amazing. Amazing desert landscape feeling. Nice places to walk just mind the giant fire ants nest. Highly recommended. Enjoy it and take care of it

Mesa del Pino 22.06980, -102.38210

I called ahead and was told overnight parking was allowed. Navigating from the interstate to the parking lot was easy. The lot was well lit and there were no unexpected noises during the night. It’s always nice to start the day with a hearty breakfast from Cracker Barrel.

Cracker Barrel 39.19074, -81.53104

As described, it’s a big lot to park in but they no longer charge you to park. Still a 3 night max stay. Register your vehicle through security after getting a players card which matches your play for the first $10 and you only need $1 to start playing! The little restaurant inside offers a great breakfast special with the players card. Lots of large screen tvs inside to watch sports and sit at the bar. There is also a rec center across the street that is only $8/day pass to get nice and showered up. I’m super impressed with our stay here!

Bear River Casino 40.62846, -124.20612

EDIT: It looks like the land to the right of Balsolmo Rd until you get to Kramer Road is actually private property. Left of the road, and past Kramer Rd is BLM land.

Nice flat pull out off the mining road big enough for a couple vans or a trailer. The mining road is smooth and easily drivable. If the spot is occupied, or you care to venture further, the roads into the desert are endless, especially if you head out towards and past the radar dome. Plenty of places to find solitude.

Had a strong Verizon signal. This spot was extremely windy with 40mph gusts the night I stopped, so fair warning. You might be able to venture in farther and find a more sheltered spot, but I got here at night.

Black Rock Mining - Balsamo Road 35.05748, -117.57107

take ave B straight toward water and you've arrived when you see the large concrete star sculpture. lots of art on the beach and in town. worth meandering about to find nooks and crannies of interesting stuff. lots of the art spots are on google maps. ski inn and american legion offer food and beverage (ski inn more predictably open). lots of room. i stayed 3 nights and only had 1 other van for company 1 of the nights. be very careful if you want to drive farther down onto the beach. i saw several vehicles get stuck and have to pay for recovery. can be windy and smell briny....but overall beautiful nature (even if horribly toxically polluted) and quirky art!

Bombay Beach 33.34767, -115.73282

Stayed in the gravel lot across the street from the gas station. Nice, quiet place.

Terrible's Road House 35.78171, -115.33284

Got a shower here for $5. Decent facilities. Good hours.

Red Rock Climbing Center (R2C2) 36.15870, -115.27175

We filled our truck camper with water here using a standard water hose fitting. Very convenient. It cost us 140 peso for around 50 gallons. Roads are wide in this area too.

Agua Purificada 16.73416, -92.65436

This place was an ABSOLUTE rip off. $1,600 per person. Shower is an extra $200. Expensive food and beverages. No place to throw away trash (they told us to take it with us). There are hundreds of free camping sites all over the beautiful valley.

VALLE HERMOSO -35.16000, -70.20725

I tried to use this place but it was not open at 9 am on a weekday. However there was another good lavenderia by the water fill up spot on this road.

Laundry 16.73447, -92.65463

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