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We love this location for the good service and being 20 min from town. However, there are definitely people who seem to live in some spots and gunshots are heard day and night. The weekend warriors were the worst tho.

Table Mesa Road - Multiple spots 33.98771, -112.16958

Parking lots at a quiet street, beach in front.

Parking at the beach 28.65247, 48.37955

If you want to pamper yourself a bit while in Lahore, this is the place. Very nice studios, with a small kitchen. There is also a menu for room service. Very friendly staff. Clean and quiet with safe parking. Ask to park in the fenced in garden. I paid 10,000R per night. Just opposite Jinna Park, a sight in itself. Around 400R with Indriver/Careem to the center. A nice base for exploring Lahore.

Hayyat Luxery Apartments 31.54871, 74.32793
Escape 21

Open year round. The park has 35 standard campsites, six partial-hookups sites, 15 primitive sites that require campers to hike up to half a mile from the parking lot, two primitive equestrian sites, four cabins, one RV dump station, two restrooms and four showers. Maximum site length is 35 feet (may have limited availability).

Battle Ground State Park 45.80234, -122.49240

Hotel compound in a very quiet area, about 2km away from the town centre. Small clean rooms with bathroom and AC start at 7k Naira.
They have solar power and a big generator, so you get electricity at all times.
Drinks and food available.
Friendly owner and manager.

Perfume Garden Hotel 7.49326, 4.56550

Public dump station 2kms outside of Hokitika with fresh water available.

Hokitika Public dump station -42.69788, 170.98616
Escape 21

Standard RV Park Rates
Back in Sites
$55.93 plus tax = $55.00 ( no discount)
$45.83 plus tax = $49.50( w/10%discount)
$32.41 plus tax= $35.00 (Military discount)

Pull Thru Sites
$55.56 plus tax = $60.00( no discount)
$50.00 plus tax = $54.00 (w /10%discount)
$37.04 plus tax= $40.00( Military discount)

Weekly back in only

$277.78.48 plus tax = $300.00

Monthly for back in only
$800.00 + electricity

Kit Fox RV park 37.46811, -121.17665

An approved parking lot free of charge for camper caravans.

P2 Stellplatz Malbun 47.10420, 9.60619

Still a nice and lovely place. Receptionist speaks very good english. Showers are hot. Good Restaurant around the corner. Save parking is next door for cars and bikes. One bike 20MAD.
200MAD for two in a little cozy room with french size bed for 2. No taxes charged.

Hotel Sahara 35.46741, -6.03175

Very beautiful narrow canyon! You can drive in the first part, but after a while it gets too narrow for cars so you can continue on foot. Definitely worth it to walk further in the canyon! Some locals took us with us crawling through the last part of the narrow canyon, nice experience!

We camped around the corner of this canyon, but there are so many beautiful spots around to choose from!

Pharaoh’s tomb 28.57091, 35.73224

This place is such a gem!
Beautiful location amongst the banana/coffee/papaya plantations.
The rooms are nicely designed and comfy, I think all with en suite toilet and hot shower.
Price is only $18pn for a double room, incleuing breakfast for 2. Plus free flow banana and coffee from their farm, and a free fruit bowl each afternoon. Amazing value!!
They also offer a free tour of the farm, plus guided walking tours through the forest to nearby waterfalls (20k-50k TZS) and other activities. 3 course dinner available for $5pp.
For the road up, it was fine going 2up on a very heavy motorbike. most cars should be okay (if dry). call ahead about parking if coming by car, as there isn't much parking space.
One of our favorite places - we highly recommend.

Banana Farm Hostel -3.36334, 36.75318

Indeed amazing place but update for 2022/23
Prices are much higher
Dormitory is 87000pp (only 4 beds) with breakfast
Cabana is 150000 (no breakfast as has kitchenette). Can order breakfast at a price.
Inc breakfast and wonderful hosts
Not any cheaper places to stay here unless self camping
Can also ask to have dinner (wine and beer available)

Konkashken Lodge -51.23664, -72.98425

Passamos uma noite neste posto de gasolina. Próximo da rodovia mas não muito barulhento. Possui restaurante com bom lugar para trabalhar. Estacionamos em frente ao hotel. Possui café da manhã por kg na conveniência.

Auto Posto Blue -9.72865, -36.66457

Shell with shop. unleaded and diesel. also orange shop

Shell with shop -21.69586, 21.65188

apartments with bathroom, kitchenette and braai area

Plot 19 -21.72304, 21.63193
Registro de Viagem

Quiet location near Praça dos gaviões in Itaipuaçu.
It is a public parking lot close to Lona Cultural Beth Carvalho. On the day we were there, there were chemical toilets. It does not have water or energy available, but to spend the night it is worth it. We don't feel insecure.

Local tranquilo próximo à Praça dos gaviões em Itaipuaçu.
É um estacionamento público próximo a Lona Cultural Beth Carvalho. No dia em que estivemos haviam banheiros químicos. Não possui água e nem energia disponível, mas para passar a noite vale a pena. Não sentimos insegurança.

Estacionamento Público -22.96726, -42.97834

Nice ATM in the parking lot behind the hotel. Works great.

ATM at Hotel Le Refuge -0.70056, 10.24718

Spent a quiet night tucked in to the southern end of the auto lot. Larger rigs need to be in the center of the main lot. Very clean bathrooms and extensive convenience store along with a Dennys. Truck lot was very full.

Flying J 31.13969, -81.57800

Clean place, very simple, just right to spend a night.

3000 pesos (blue dollar ratio is 285 now) for 1 person in a room with 3 single beds

Associación Mutual -38.90275, -70.06684

Parking lot in front of Polideportivo. Illuminated, quiet an safe. There is a Usb charger, hot and drinking water station

Polideportivo -32.16784, -58.39707

Nice location, but no facilities. Astonishing view over lake. A lot of flamingo - we did not pay anything.

Campo Loma -35.89841, -62.47881

Yes there is an official road tax, 500 CFA for a car, you get a receipt

Road Tax 12.23668, -15.75814

Wohnmobilstellplatz für 18 Fahrzeuge unweit der Innenstadt von Hünfeld.
Der Platz ist kostenpflichtig.
Die Parkgebühr in Höhe von 6 Euro pro 2 Stunden muss am Ticketautomaten entrichtet werden.
Mögliche Zahlarten : Kreditkarte, bar oder per Easy Park App.
Die Entsorgung von Grau- und Schwarzwasser ist kostenlos möglich - auch Restmülltonnen stehen zur Verfügung.
Frischwasser ist gegen Gebühr erhältlich.
Für jeden der 18 Stellplätze besteht eine Anschlussmöglichkeit an den Landstrom. Die Gebühr beträgt 60ct pro Kilowatt.

Parking area Hessisches Kegelspiel 50.67579, 9.77732

Easy border but two guys asked for 1000 CFA each to write our information and the car, another guy told us it’s not an official payment so be aware :)

Here it’s possible to pay directly the « road tax » 10 000 for a month, just ask the guy

Passavant is still in Sao Domingos, we paid 2500 for 15 days

Guinea-Bissau immigration post 12.44621, -16.21792

Huge fenced and 24h guarded parking lot + parking garage suitable for all vehicles. No height restrictions for the outside lot, for the garage it’s 2.20m.

Parked our rig for 3 days and had no issues.

Cheap hourly rates and special overnight rate 15000$ per 24h. Area felt very safe, also at night.

Huge fenced parking lot + garage 6.23815, -75.58713

Without a doubt the most spectacular sleeping spot so far. With the view of the lake as you come over the mountain in the sunset. Stunning. We parked at the marina and had great fish and chips. Rosie was even allowed on the patio. There was a fee to Stay in the RV site there. But a nice gentleman told us that there was a parking lot by the road that was free of charge. It was unbelievably quiet “as quiet as an ant thinking about peeing on cotton“ it would probably be a lot busier in the summer but we were here in November And it couldn’t have been more perfect.

Roosevelt Visitor Parking Lot 33.66936, -111.13402

ok, some Hwy noises, but in winter you closed all windows, huge parking lot, huge wakmart

Wallmart Ceadar City 37.65316, -113.08713

Hermoso lugar para pasar la noche frente al lago. Al menos para mi fue una noche silenciosa. Recomendable

Lake Fagnano, Tolhuin, Arg -54.50088, -67.20277

family house.
It is important to deliver the covered carafe because its refilling is prohibited. $350 Argentine pesos per kilo. very kind sir.

777 Constitucion -24.19746, -65.31547

Very good place to exchange for example euros to PKR. Rates are open market rates, which meant in our Case:
Google: 1€=229PKR
GLAXY: 1€=240,5PKR
In this way we paid our shipping, which was much cheaper than any bank transfer with western union or wise.

GLAXY money exchange 24.84938, 67.00223

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