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Ótimo posto para pernoite. Tem estacionamento e uma estrutura agradável para passar a noite.
Perto do fim do dia os motorhomes vão chegando e aumenta a sensação de segurança. Muito bom.

YPF north of Trelew -43.22817, -65.30095
Two Dusty Travelers

This place is utterly amazing!

We lost a wheel on the road and had to limp it to Chipata. We were recommended this place through a friend and we couldn’t be happier with the service! It was extremely affordable as well.

The owner took the time to talk me through everything that they were doing on our Land Cruiser. They are a Toyota Authorised Service Center and they do amazing work. Our Cruiser is a frankenstein of many different cruisers and he was able to identify all the parts and tell me from which model they were from. His team is highly professional and they do high quality work. They went above and beyond to inspect the rest of the truck and make sure we were totally ok to head to Nairobi.

If you ever need work done on your Toyota in Chipata I cannot recommend them enough!!

FYI- they don’t take credit cards so be prepared to pay with cash.

Golph garage - Toyota Authorised service centre -13.63159, 32.63732

our first night in the Lut was very very windy, we feared for our roof top tents. So second night it was very important to find an even more sheltered place than first night. This place is sheltered from 3 sides by kaluts and small dune. Often wind from north. Here you are sheltered. Also shadow in afternoon and morning. Beautiful surroundings. Walking up the Sandy slopes nearby you can enjoy the sunset.

nice place to camp betwwen Kaluts 30.51177, 58.72573

if you follow mapsme tracks in order to cross the plateau towards the drive into the Kalut Valley choose here the left track of the two tracks indicated on mapsme. Both left and right takes you to the valley but going left here it is much easier to follow and drive.

Crossing Plateau 31.00019, 58.49726

Great quiet and flat spot.
We moved from Walmart street because it was unsafe and we had a good night here.
30ft rv

Earl gate Treet 34.49804, -117.37137

Steps at the curve of the road lead up to. Locked metal shack. Doesn’t seem to be open to public. Nice view and can be a rest stop on half way mark to paso Mayer

Capilla Ronchi -48.30922, -72.42497

This is the correct location. Not the steps off the curve 500 m earlier

Capilla Ronchi -48.30323, -72.42562

Fill up any size water container for 25 cents a gallon. No hose connections. Delicious reverse osmosis filtered water. Several 24 hour dispensers outside the building. I was able to easily fill my two 5 gallon containers.

The Water Store 34.72753, -112.00930

Now 150 pp plus 70 for parking. The small hot pool is nice. We got there right when they open at 9:00 a.m. on a Saturday and had the place to ourselves. Room temperature showers outdoors as well. They close daily at 7:00 p.m.

Thermal Baths -27.50431, -64.85906

Nice place next to the bridge. Enough room for 2-3 campervans, was no one else now. Close to park entrance.

Below Bridge -50.40028, -72.73417

yes, great place to camp - flat and grassy. you can choose between different terasses, thanks for the tip!

Tent Campsite on Plateau -12.36212, -75.76379

30,- plus Tax now for a tent-place. I explained, that we don‘t need a serviced place and then she became very unfriendly. Even water filling up has to be paid extra! „I wanted an unserviced place! I have to pay for water!“
We were tired, otherweise we would travel to an another place..

Mountain View RV Park 37.88186, -109.34156

Dormimos aqui uma noite, local tranquilo, sem barulho. Estacionamentos no final da rua atrás das dunas. Nascer do sol muito bonito no local. Sem outras comodidades.

Park or stay behind a sand dune -34.16870, -53.68443

Perfeito, abastecemos a caixa do motorhome. Água potável, local tranquilo para Abastecer.

caixa de água do município -34.04723, -53.54967

Best spot to camp out if you are staying in the Santa Barbara area. The hills can get really windy but there is a big pull out, which could accommodate 2 vans or a big rig, nestled in the corner where there is barely any wind. Amazing views, definitely better than the other spots up in the hills right above Santa Barbara. Do keep those hairpin corners in mind ;)

Los Padres National Forest - East Camino Cielo 34.50672, -119.76156

beautiful place, oiwever it is no longer possible to wildcamp here, there are signs saying so, plus a local in a shed on the beach also said its not allowed due to "military stuff". it's allowed to take photos at least

Plage Portorico 23.48190, -15.95013

Nice Camping and Bungalows on the beach, mostly for fisherman, but others welcome too. Run by Ali, local fisherman. Camp has toilets, hot showers, a restaurant and beach bar. Price was 100DH per peson plus 150DH for the car (with rooftoptent). Only approachable with 4x4 (on sandy road, plus deep sand uphill to get to the entrance at the very end - here you should air down the tires). Also note it is very windy.

Camping des Pêcheurs 23.54897, -15.92647

small street food with places to sit down, 500 francs per meal

Local street food place 1.61510, 16.04509

i parked there for one night. very nice spot .They hung a sign. Parking for vans is prohibited. but i parked a few metres after, no one told me anything.

Grassy lakefront -27.59882, -48.46369

Arrived early afternoon, was quite windy and only a few other cars arrived after me, they all left before sunset, had the place myself, was quiet and safe :)

Playa Piedras Pintas cerro Tetakawi 27.93990, -111.08586

Quiet place on the N2. Perfect for one night if, like us, you had a long driving day. We parked our car on the "hill" - the place of the original description is not available during rainy season and few weeks after. So, Not really hidden from the N2 but nobody came to disturb us and We didn't really heard car noises during the night.

under the tree 10.01688, -10.93433

We enter Guinea through the Border in Sitakoto.

Heremakono 9.89164, -11.06197

Probably the easiest border in all west africa ! Friendly officers and everything was easy and fast. Entry stamp on the passeport and entry stamp for the CPD are made in differents "offices", 15 meters apart. We were here on a Saturday, officers are not on site all day but the people called him and he arrived 15 minutes later.

Guinea Border Post 10.04888, -11.70002

Probably the easiest border in all west africa (same on the Guinean side) ! Friendly officers and everything was easy and fast. Entry stamp on the passeport ONLY (for the CPD, it's another checkpoint - we had it on the map). Border open everyday.

Simple border post 9.99749, -11.68404

Huge Walmart, we stayed here for the weekend while sightseeing. No hassles. Moved to the Costco spot in the daytime and took public transport into the city from there.

Walmart 29.94903, -90.18088

Lindo Wild Camping em frente ao Cono. O caminho de Antofagasta até aqui é Maravilhoso.

Cono de Arita -25.01203, -67.74175

Small store with very friendly staff.
We were cyclists on the Baja Divide and they let us sleep in their garden and made lovely breakfast.
Water, cold drinks etc

Tienda Disconsa - Mercado 30.94862, -116.01234

Tried to fix this online but the free camping seems to only come in combination with a permit varying between a day pas of 4 dollar or fishing/hunting permits... too much hassle for a free spot, we moved on.

Chikahominy Wildlife Management Area 37.31362, -76.89562

Angel is a super nice guy, he works 8 months in the US and 4 months here to pay off his workshop and to support his family.
He's hard working and dedicated, he made himself available right away and we found some great solutions together.
Entrance to his covered and enclosed workshop is possible even for big rigs.
Call him at +1 734-444-7318

Refacciones García 17.83476, -97.78762

quiet, safe and lovely place with sea view. garbage bins.nice sunset with the lighthouse in the back. nobody came around from 6pm to 7 am. we were lucky to watch whales, the only problem is no wind protection :-(

Kleinbaai -34.62491, 19.34781

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