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Very good place to exchange for example euros to PKR. Rates are open market rates, which meant in our Case:
Google: 1€=229PKR
GLAXY: 1€=240,5PKR
In this way we paid our shipping, which was much cheaper than any bank transfer with western union or wise.

GLAXY money exchange 24.84938, 67.00223

we just came for an early afternoon picnic. Unfortunately the place was full of litter and waste and a terrible smell of toilet around.
We didn't even leave the car and turned around.
We told the stuff to clean up before asking for any money. And didn't pay anything.
btw. prices have doubled 40 K now for a car with two people.

Chisonkolo Falls -11.72877, 31.49258

Real Belgian fries and beer! This place is run by a Belgian guy who sells Belgian fries, burgers, broodje kroket and other things you might miss from home ;) Worth a visit if you suddenly miss food from home.

The place also has some Nepalese craft beer.

Frituur No.1 28.21163, 83.95814

No problem but as it’s said be careful to have all your documents, they asked for everything. We had a passavant, they insisted to stamp it (not needed but why not) didn’t ask for money but I could tell he was about too. We are two girls so I think it helps with corruption ! Just be aware :)

Police Checkpoint 11.95225, -15.64882

Mixed experience.
We got a quote, they were the cheapest. (Around 3800usd to Germany).
We agreed, and arrived in karachi one week before shipping date. Time passed by, after more than a week waiting and asking what the problem is we switched to another company. It’s called Sealiners.
I would not avoid this company, but it’s better to have a plan B.

Ocean packers and movers 24.84919, 67.00246

Mercado grande e organizado. Usei Wester Union bem fácil.

Walmart & big mall -27.46648, -58.86423

Posto policial logo após pedagio. Passamos numa quarta meio dia. Não fomos parados. Grande movimento de caminhões.

Puente Gral Belgrano -27.44490, -58.88869

Very close to the highway, if you are a light sleeper, it is noisy.

Cracker Barrel 32.69483, -114.60361

Only wanted to sell diesel in a bidon. Finding diesel is a nightmare in Bolivia

Cucuta -16.47003, -68.29369

waste recovery store: bags, jewellery, etc.
it is possible to take a coffee and tee

nozidano -33.81070, 25.59856

Tshaa is in need of some love.
What a beautiful spot, but it is run down:
Site 1 is the only with water. Lovely but too close to the 'managers'. Site 2 looks at site 1, pass. Site 3 had litter everywhere. Site 4 hadn't been swept in a long while so was a bed of acacia branches and definitely an elephant hot spot. Site 5 is a stunner on a river bend, but facilities have been actually torn out. Like, sinks on the floor. Anyway, it's peaceful with loads of birds, will spend two nights here!

Tshaa Community Camp -19.21004, 23.97901

Great Mechanic!!
This is the place you can go with real problems or just to replace parts.
The owner (German) is super friendly and speaks a perfect English.
We had a fuel delivery problem and they found the cause quickly. The stuff was well skilled and even express ordered the parts within half a day.
Prices are more than fair and reasonable.
Highly recommend!

German Race Shop 31.85347, -116.58989

I stayed overnight here and have been using the wifi, parked between the church and library. Unfortunately the signal wasn't strong enough for me to be able to sustain a video call. It may work for you if you just need basic internet access or you're willing to sit inside the library. Signal comes and goes.

Bluff Public Library 37.28415, -109.55395

Good place to rest for a few hours/overnight. Close to the highway, standard rest area noise.

Rest Stop 41.39415, -89.56680

Finally a place who wants to fill us up with diesel (at a very good price!)

Outside La Paz -16.51035, -68.26999

Did the visa today. Got in there. The lady was very friendly but we could only communicate with google translate cause I don't speak French. She gave me the visa in less than 1,5 hours. Paid 50€ and 81000Kz, all in all approximately 200 US dollars. Tried to get the price down and told her that I don't need 30 days that 15 days would be enough and that I don't care when It takes a few days. But she said it doesn't make a difference. Now everything costs 200 US dollars. Provided Hotel reservation, photo, Passport copy and passport. That was it.

Republic of Congo (Brazzaville) -8.81703, 13.23776

Not possible to get the visa as a German. Tried everything and now Im stuck here. Somebody told me it's possible to bribe them and pay 400 US dollar to get it, but thanks no.

ambassade REPUBLIC DEMOCRATIC CONGO -8.91374, 13.17790

Seriously the best "official campground" in all Angola. Like the previous people commented Luis and his Wife are super friendly and after a few days there it already feels like home. They go above and beyond to make you comfortable and try to get you the best help possible. There is also a Garage with a pit and tools so its possible to do some repairs here. Im pretty sure Luis would help you when you have questions.
Go there to refuel. You won't regret it.

Kakuako Lodge -8.79263, 13.39891

good location for one night. stood at the parkinglot beside the artesanìa and queso house for free. by using electricity you have to pay 5$. open wifi does not reach the parkinglot. claro doesn't work here. not too noisy during the night.

Runa Wasi -3.64838, -79.25516

Easily in our top 3 park-ups. This place is absolutely beautiful and so peaceful. No other vans/campers during our stay. 2 bars Verizon, 4 bars with booster. 7-10 Mbps hotspot. Some people trickle in and out on bikes or in cars. Had a car stay in the lot with us overnight. Not a huge lot, could accommodate maybe 4 small rigs. Trash cans available, Walmart about 20 mins away for groceries. KEEP THIS SPOT CLEAN SO IT LASTS. It says it all over the concrete barriers outside if you forget I said it!

Burtons Shore Beach 37.65059, -75.65095

the water fall is not very great, not too many water, may be due to the season !
We have seen 2 Condors, very very far.
Cost 200ARS/p

waterfall -31.70982, -64.89821

close to montevideo. friendly guys, WC, electricity, perfect place. you pay what you think is fair. thank you.

Viajandocampinguruguay -34.47062, -57.84925

we parked in front of the church. it was VERY safe to spend the night. two little girls came to "receive" us and teach some Spanish. it was so cute! lovely place to stay.

Iberia plaza central -11.40741, -69.48903

the only place that we could withdraw money from western union. really fast.

Western Union -12.59371, -69.18142

Nice place like a wild camp. Only bad thing is the noise of the trucks coming to take sand from the river but they stop at 17.30. Cost 16000 for two and a car.

El taurete 6.28307, -75.07746

Nice place like a wild camp. Only bad thing is the noise of the trucks coming to take sand from the river but they stop at 17.30. Cost 16000 for two and a car.

El taurete 6.28307, -75.07746

We took water at the green spigot but for us this is not a potable water, however is was perfect to fill our water tank (shower and wash the dishes)

Water spigot 33.66135, -78.92861

Stayed two nights. Pretty quiet this time of year. Some “locals” seem to drive back and forth a bit. Only a few other campers in 1/4 mile of me. Would have liked a sunnier spot this time of year. Most have a lot of shade.

Kaibab National Forest 35.98666, -112.13195

Gasolinera con lavabos y tienda. Suficiente espacio para poder dormir. Muy tranquila y abierta toda la noche.

Gasolinera 26.66033, 32.71918

Nice restaurant with cold drinks, fried meat, rice, chiapati and vegetables. The lady spoke English and was very friendly!

a lot of shops and restaurants around also.

Hotel 1.98777, 37.91645

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