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Quiet place on the N2. Perfect for one night if, like us, you had a long driving day. We parked our car on the "hill" - the place of the original description is not available during rainy season and few weeks after. So, Not really hidden from the N2 but nobody came to disturb us and We didn't really heard car noises during the night.

under the tree 10.01688, -10.93433

We enter Guinea through the Border in Sitakoto.

Heremakono 9.89164, -11.06197

Probably the easiest border in all west africa ! Friendly officers and everything was easy and fast. Entry stamp on the passeport and entry stamp for the CPD are made in differents "offices", 15 meters apart. We were here on a Saturday, officers are not on site all day but the people called him and he arrived 15 minutes later.

Guinea Border Post 10.04888, -11.70002

Probably the easiest border in all west africa (same on the Guinean side) ! Friendly officers and everything was easy and fast. Entry stamp on the passeport ONLY (for the CPD, it's another checkpoint - we had it on the map). Border open everyday.

Simple border post 9.99749, -11.68404

Huge Walmart, we stayed here for the weekend while sightseeing. No hassles. Moved to the Costco spot in the daytime and took public transport into the city from there.

Walmart 29.94903, -90.18088

Lindo Wild Camping em frente ao Cono. O caminho de Antofagasta até aqui é Maravilhoso.

Cono de Arita -25.01203, -67.74175

Small store with very friendly staff.
We were cyclists on the Baja Divide and they let us sleep in their garden and made lovely breakfast.
Water, cold drinks etc

Tienda Disconsa - Mercado 30.94862, -116.01234

Tried to fix this online but the free camping seems to only come in combination with a permit varying between a day pas of 4 dollar or fishing/hunting permits... too much hassle for a free spot, we moved on.

Chikahominy Wildlife Management Area 37.31362, -76.89562

Angel is a super nice guy, he works 8 months in the US and 4 months here to pay off his workshop and to support his family.
He's hard working and dedicated, he made himself available right away and we found some great solutions together.
Entrance to his covered and enclosed workshop is possible even for big rigs.
Call him at +1 734-444-7318

Refacciones García 17.83476, -97.78762

quiet, safe and lovely place with sea view. garbage bins.nice sunset with the lighthouse in the back. nobody came around from 6pm to 7 am. we were lucky to watch whales, the only problem is no wind protection :-(

Kleinbaai -34.62491, 19.34781

Estacionamento plano na avenida costeira com asfalto. Próximo ao centro, com sinal de Internet Entel, calmo e seguro.
Sem estrutura, não há pontos de água, banheiro ou energia.

Flat parking on the coastal avenue with asphalt. Close to the center, with Entel Internet signal, calm and secure.
Without structure, no water, bathroom or power points.

Malecón los Organos -4.17480, -81.12751

Lugar maravilhoso. Seguro e tranquilo durante a semana e também de final de semana. Pode deixar o motorhome e ir passear tranquilamente. Ficamos 4 noites.

Great and safe spot. Nice and quiet. You can leave your motorhome there and walk around, it's safe.

Puerto Madero -34.61748, -58.35882

Very neat spot to spend a couple of nights! The area and the columns were gorgeous, made for great climbing right out of the car. There are two sites, each with many different spots to choose. In November, we had one whole side to ourselves. Definitely lots of use here, lots of trash left behind. Very Rocky (and sharp!) so drive slowly and be cautious. Had cell service with T Mobile. Pit toilets were super full and a little gross - there are much cleaner ones down the road a way’s drive at the boat launch.

Frenchman Coulee 47.02785, -119.96708

sort of ghost village. Several abandoned houses that seam relatively new. sheet metals make noise in the wind. A bit spookey...

360 degree view -6.84793, -78.03594

We arrived at this point around 3:30 p.m. with the intention of buying tickets for the next day to the Lagoons Miscanti y Miniques and Piedras Rojas (Salar de Aguas Calientes Sur). However, they only sell tickets paid for in cash for the same day. So we asked if we could sleep in the parking lot to buy the next day, they were very friendly and said yes, no problem at all. The night was very quiet, but it is a cold place, so come prepared. The tourist office sells tickets from 08:00a.m to 03:00p.m. We recommend buying tickets at 08:00, because around 08:10 the tourist vans and the long line start to arrive. @edu.e.carol

Chegamos neste ponto por volta das 03:30 p.m com intenção de comprar as Entradas para o dia seguinte para as Lagunas Miscanti y Miniques e Piedras Rojas (Salar de Águas Calientes Sur). Porém eles só vendem os bilhetes pagos com dinheiro em espécie para o mesmo dia. Então perguntamos se poderíamos dormir no estacionamento para comprar no dia seguinte, eles foram muito simpáticos e disseram que sim, que não tinha problema algum. A noite foi muito tranquila, porém é um local frio, então venha preparado. O ponto de turismo vende os ingressos de 08:00a.m às 03:00p.m. Recomendamos comprar os ingressos as 08:00 em ponto, porque por volta de 08:10 já começam a chegar às vans de turismo e da fila grande. @edu.e.carol

Tourism information -23.58722, -67.89135

Great location. Beautiful views and so close to the river, you could fish. Room for tons of vehicles and very flat. Could hear cars going by, but hidden. A few spots are grassy, some in the dirt and some on the river stones.

Futaleufu River -43.42660, -72.08929

Pretty spot w lots of dispersed camping. Was muddy when we came but not too bad

Dalton Wells 38.72292, -109.69051

Great place to use free dump station, get drinking water and use restroom. Starbucks, Einsteins, McD, Wendy’s and gas stations nearby.

Welcome Center Colorado, Fruita 39.15339, -108.73647

Parking still available, despite the hotel (still) being built. Went there on the weekend the city was packed, weekdays the place is more than quite. Toll for the tunnel is 58 Pesos. Not many international tourists, which is good though! It was quite hard to find a toilette on a Monday morning when all tourists where gone. Rumor has it there is another street into town without using the tunnel. Take a walk off mainstreet, away from the crowd, it's magical!

Valley overlook 23.69777, -100.88937

Entrance now is 500 pp for foreigners. The botanical garden is nice but not spectacular. The walk to the monument / ruins on top is nice! Closed on mondays

Pukara de Tilcara -23.58600, -65.40406

Great places to stop for the night, plenty of room for big rigs. Convince store and casino in parking lot.

Railroad Pass Travel Center 35.96790, -114.91010

Be sure to bring $30 cash for over night stays. They have a dump station but no sewer hookups at the site. Very quiet and a ton of space. We stayed overnight and it was nice.

Elks RV park 37.29606, -120.55170

Spent one night here. There were several different little pull off areas, so it was well spread out and felt like I was alone. Peaceful and quiet spot if you need one while in the area.

Utah-Arizona Border 37.00076, -112.51682

Good little restaurant with friendly staff and decent food… not too many other options around

El Nihuil -35.03212, -68.67493

Same timing for dance. Now 150 pp. give about 2 hours for this place. Dance about 40 min, falls 30 min, tour 30 min

cultural village and waterfalls (matenga) -26.44311, 31.16051

Regret coming here as a camper with RTT. More than 10 cars came in and out for the bar and restaurant all evening past midnight. You are camped in full view and 3 metres or less from the public carpark, which means when the cars arrive and leave, their high beam will be right in the tent and you’ll hear them come and go.

You can also hear all the traffic from main road, awful revving engines from bikes and trucks

Manager promised that bar would close by 11 pm and it will be quiet but it was the exact opposite. Bar started playing loud music past 11 pm, people shouting across the block and still playing pool within

Not much protection from wind as well. Should have just wild camped at the dam

View is pretty average

Altogether a really terrible way to end our Eswatini trip

Avoid if you want a peaceful night

Sobantu Guest Farm -26.13524, 31.21583

Hostel with dormitories, has a garage for one, maybe two bikes. Ask in advance because it is a garage that is in use for woodworking.

Hostel Mambembe -22.91620, -43.18108

when we arrived ~5:30pm there was no one there. we were told the nurses who live there were working in another pueblo and would come back around 6-7pm.

while we were biking around town to figure out where to camp the chefe del pueblo saw us and offered us to stay in the town's free hospedaje, just a tiny house with some rooms. very nice!!!!

Centro de salud -19.27503, -68.27875

I think the bush coverage people talk about has been removed. There was a large flat grass área but it was very visable from the road and from 4 closeby houses. Not for us.

wild camp with sealions and dolphins -42.00510, -72.72448

They painted the wall and changed prices...200 pesos per vehicle per night, 100 for the day, 250 for 24h. Still kind of negotiable, staid the day and the night for 200.

El Mirador 31.72575, -116.72298

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