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Pretty good spot. First time to Texas, we stopped at trader Joe's for some dinner, they got cheap frozen fried rice I like. When we came out I searched for a spot to sleep and saw this posted I was like man I was thinking that lot looked pretty chill. It was. there were allot of cops coming and going. I don't know what they were doing. Maybe just chillin waiting on calls. Pretty sure the squad car closest to us knew we were in here. You can kinda tell when we're watching movies thrift our curtains. But they didn't bother us. We just have an econoline van but there's solar and a fan on the roof, not super stealthy. A big rig would have to take up a bunch of spots, idk if that would be chill. But was fine in the van.

Parking lot near Trader Joe’s 32.88097, -96.77148

Still open and free to use! Non-potable water though.

Travel Plaza 32.67138, -107.15314

An absolutely stunning campsite just on the outskirts of San Vincente de Chucuri. We paid 40,000 Colombian Pesos for our truckcamper for the night. There is wifi, beautiful outdoor showers (cold), sink, toilets, sheltered area with hammocks and an area to charge your devices. They have a huge field for tents too. Super quiet with just the usual farm animal noises. Horses and goats on the property and plenty of orange and mandarins for the taking. There is a waterfall nearby which we‘re going to check out. The nearby town is huge and has everything you need. Definitely recommend.

Camping al Caravanas 6.89333, -73.40041
Partiu de Motorhome

Local tranquilo e seguro.. 20km da cidade com 4km de rípio

Partiu de Motorhome -45.72008, -67.34375

POW memorial in the middle of the corn field, please be respectful
NPR 89.5

Italian POW Camp Chapel 34.74580, -102.42458

One of the nicest nights I’ve spent at a Cracker Barrel, even had someone come by to break into my van while I was in it. In broad daylight. Don’t park in back and leave your vehicle unattended here.

Cracker Barrel 29.78338, -95.69226

Still working for withdrawals with no fee - we used a UK Starling Mastercard debit card. The BCI ATM in town charged us 8000 CLP to withdraw.

ATM in Pharmacy -22.91167, -68.19976

Using a UK Starling card this ATM charged us 8000 CLP! The ATM in the pharmacy was free.

BCI Bank -22.91155, -68.20025

Great place to stay overnight, safe and quiet. There is good quality Wi-Fi in the front restaurant. comedor2021

Ótimo local para pernoitar, seguro e tranquilo. Tem Wi-fi no restaurante da frente de boa qualidade. comedor2021

Gramado - Los dos Hermanos -26.51026, -61.17778

Nice spot, it was very windy so we parked next to the container.

Brimnes old ferry dock 60.47081, 6.90732
Francisco kohler

Estacionamiento para MH y CR en estacionamiento de casa de familia que acoge viajeros por estancias breves ( sin costo ) puede estacionar facilita electricidad y agua de la llave ...lugar con linda vista a bosque y laguna

Nómade Apartamentos -34.43373, -72.02415
Lake Olancha

We offer cabin rentals, 50 RV sites with 50amp and 30amp electrical plugs, and tent sites in our 100-acre RV retreat, settled along a one-mile circumference around beautiful Olancha Lake. From our campsite you’ll find the majestic, snowcapped Sierra Mountains to the West and Death Valley to the East. Enter a 400-foot, rock walled entrance to our serene, lakeside surroundings.

Lake Olancha RV Park and Campground 36.28193, -118.00174

Just before the bridge on the left (if heading to the volcano) large grassy area suitable for any size rig or tents. It is visible from the road but there is hardly any traffic at night.
We were joined by a Swiss couple in a rooftop 4x4 who also checked all the other marked spots and found this one to be the best.
Access to the river, shed from some trees, level… what more can you ask for!

Puente Blanco -39.90817, -72.14841

Place doesn’t exist anymore. Website doesn’t work.

RainboltUtopia 30.20830, -81.78901

If you leave Argentina you don‘t have to come here. You have to drive directly to the Aduana Chile „Los Liberatores“. We entered here and were told that it is not necessary and we need to drive further.

Border Crossing - Chile To Argentina -32.82157, -69.92264

Thanks for sharing :) Quiet spot for a tent, by a river, frog sounds :), a few cars drove by in the morning

Green riverside -35.38242, -67.64765

on the 254 there is a small road to go to high rock river trail that does not show on the map. there is a no tent sign at the trail parking but not going down the hill or on the beach.. it's writen 4x4 recomended but did it with a 19ft ramvan3500 no probleme. on the beach you can go pretty far if you want privacy. pretty sure your not supposed to overnight but we slept there with no probleme.

Rock Beach 40.38111, -123.92308

Paramos pra tomar um café e descansar. Bom lugar pra ponto de apoio, passar a noite, ducha quente por 100 pesos, banheiros limpos e bom sinal de wi-fi. Assistimos uma simulação de incêndio e foi muito real,em um minuto tinha ambulância, bombeiros e canal de TV. O repórter até fez uma entrevista conosco e a Kombi Muttley que sempre chama muito atenção, até por ser amarela,vai passar no Caleta Vídeo Cable, canal local de Caleta Olívia.

YPF forecourt -46.80753, -67.33754

must stop ! can overnight . keep it clean

Meadow 38.86714, -112.50377


Paramos pra tomar um café e usar a internet. Bom lugar pra descansar e bom sinal de wi-fi. Limpo e pessoal muito educado.

Gas Station (YPF) -47.02230, -67.25266

Good water and potable.

Água potável, fica numa torneira ao lado do calibrador de pneus no IPF, pelo lado externo ao terreno do posto. O frentista que nos indicou.

Water tap next to YPF -49.29690, -67.78442

The road was blocked today 600p for passing

Road blocked by robbers 16.50318, -94.43835
Wendy & Graham

This DIA is open from 0800-2200, with no afternoon closures. You can buy fresh fruit and vegetables here.

DIA Supermercado -32.22249, -58.14845
Wendy & Graham

We experienced a quick and easy visit here at mid-day on a Wednesday. Exchanged $400CDN for 69,000 pesos.

Western Union -32.48779, -58.24939
Wendy & Graham

Lovely place to visit. Free in November. Showers are cold in Area B.

Las Canas -33.17164, -58.35515

Easy and welcome. Nice to enter in Belize.

Immigration 18.48594, -88.39960
Wendy & Graham

Easy crossing. All checks to Argentina from Uruguay are done before the river crossing. Be prepared to pay for bridge crossing after you have gone through formalities. No check for fruit or vegetables for us today. Argentinean authorities did not stamp our passport.

Border Control exit Uruguay -33.11204, -58.24563

exactly as others say. clean, easy in and out. 3.00 to dump 3.00 for water.

Desert Trails RV Park 32.77128, -115.55195

Posto com ducha gratis, estacionamos em frente ao hotel.

Posto São Cristóvão -7.98362, -38.28655

The road was blocked today, 500p was asked

Bribery - Roadblock 16.33386, -95.28273

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