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we slept there; it's nice e quite place; there are free energy and water beside restaurants

BR Fuel Station -25.10338, -48.72257

Very easy crossing. Before the bridge you get the exit stamp and surrender the TIP. 10-15 minutes and you're done.

Cruce Fronterizo Lalamor -4.47730, -80.39576

Segundo nos informaram na portaria, não é mais permitido entrar com motorhome no parque. Conversamos na portaria e eles permitiram que a gente entrasse, mas com um horário limitado, sendo obrigatório estarmos fora do local até as 13h00.

Entrance to 'Backyard to Valle de la Luna' -22.91797, -68.35284

great facilities. Used the showers ($15 for 1.5 hours and they provided towels ) friendly and kind staff. great bang for your buck.

Little America Travel Center 35.19268, -111.65963

Water is still good! Between pumps 7 and 8

Maverick 38.99487, -110.18023

You don't need to stop here. The aduana of Argentina and Chile is on the side of Chile.

Border - Chile To Argentina -32.82157, -69.92264

You don't need to stop here. The aduana of Argentina and Chile is on the side of Chile.

Integrated Border Formalities -- Eastbound Only -32.82085, -69.92394

You don't need to stop here. The aduana of Argentina and Chile is on the side of Chile.

New/temporary checkpoint to leave Argentina -32.82109, -69.92314

We made the border crossing from Argentina to Chile in one hour. This border is very busy and they are very strict with the vegetables. They took also the dried beans, lentil and corn from us. The staff is very friendly.

Argentina - Chile Border Crossing -32.84648, -70.11707

Campsite pretty basic with ablution not spotless but fair. What made it very nice to stay here is that when staying on the campground, you can use all facilities from the hotel next door. Free wifi, restaurant, nice toilets. The restaurant serves a breakfast buffet and an a la carte lunch/dinner. Ray the owner was very friendly and offered us a coffee on the house because of the Dutch winning the first football match of the world cup. Had a lovely chat with him and all other staff was very friendly and accommodating. Springbok itself is quite small but a good place to stock up before crossing the border to Namibia. We paid 250ND per night per campsite.

Namasta Lodge Springbok -29.68973, 17.88427

Slept here for a night, no issues. Quiet street since there is detour near it currently. When you get directions to this place you’ll have to take an alternative route.

Arden Grove St Parking 29.43537, -98.48395

We do NOT think, that this is a safe place. So we left before sunset

Riverside -25.13142, -65.01528

Big place away from road. Reachable by gravel road

Place on gravel road 18.94249, -15.31202

From the place at gravel road nearby you can also move to the dunes. The ground was mostly solid. Time we where there it was dry, check out! Follow the lanes from other cars. 4G with mauritel

at the dunes 18.91991, -15.30056

Stay it was great with Beautiful🌺 facilities.Stay was great with beautiful facilities. Dogs were handled by their humans responsibly. Affordable

Giant Redwoods RV & Camp 40.26239, -123.87738
Tucks' Truck

Chatted for a while then asked for some money, wanted US$ 'propina'. When I explained I don't have US$ as I'm not American, he gave up asking and let us go.

Military Checkpoint 27.29019, -112.92673
Tucks' Truck

2 beers and one tiny (not very tasty) starter-plate of Nachos came to 410MXP!! When we went to pay with a 500MXP bill, she assumed a 90MXP tip and didn't want to bring us any change!!!

Rancho Grande Bar and Restaurant 27.28407, -112.89800

Very kind! Let me keep my bicycle under a roof and pitch my tent at the porch (also under roof). I payed 30 pesos for one night. Also let me use the shower and the lady cooked me dinner and breakfast. Really apprecierad it!!

Finca Pavo real 4.52230, -74.47936

Oh and i think i was actually suppose to pay 15 but they just didn’t have any change!!

Finca Pavo real 4.52230, -74.47936

Great place to stay for a night (or more!). For cyclists it's 100 pesos pp.
Toilets, cold showers, Wifi, kayak rentals, good vibe.
There's few little shops in the village for snacks and drinks. It's possible to get drinks here too.
Our tent is right by the lake and there's shade under the trees.
The owner is really nice and the whole place is clean and quiet.

Balneario Buenavista 18.87914, -88.23713

Four workers tried to scam us here. Luckily we were with two, so we managed to keep our oversight, protest and pay the right amount.

Like with previous posters they told us that we can only pay cash. Something about because of rain there is no connection to pay with card. Strange.

One started talking to our rider in front, asking questions about our travel, while another one put gas in the first bike. He only filled it couple of liters, stopped, hang the hose back and was suprised we asked for full (which we already did in the beginning). The meter reset and started running again (luckily we saw the amount that we got on the first run, before it reset). The attention was still drawn to the guy asking the questions. And after filling up both bikes, the amount and price was suddenly wayyy too high for what normally goes in (luckily we gassed up countlessly so we know exactly what it should be). We protested, and suddenly they started making a lot of noise, telling us to relax, coming up close to us, and looking back now creating more confusion, and then suddenly the price and amount on the gas meter was dropped to almost half! Really weird, they must have compromised the machine altogether.
When we gave them 400 pesos and turned around to talk to eachother, one 200 bill was quickly swapped with a 20 bill and we should pay extra. We protested again, getting angry by now, and then we got the correct change back.
We reckon lot of tourists that rent scooters here, have no idea about how much fuel goes in, and if we had not been together, the confusion would got me. You can be easily tricked by this.

So pay close attention to the amount and price on the machine, and on what you pay and receive back. Don’t let yourself be distracted!

Fraud at the PEMEX 20.21316, -87.45754

Stayed here for two nights, fantastic free camp ground!

The area is huge with many spaces along the river or in the grassy area, rigs of all size possible.

There are no facilities but you can swim in the river and there are many fire pits around. You can collect wood for the woods on the other side of the river bank.

A wonderful place full of campers and exceptional it is free to use. There was a bit of noise from other campers throughout the night but this is to be expected in such an accessible spot!

Lago Villarino -40.44637, -71.54565

A fantastic hike! Roughly 8 km out and back with around 1,000m of ascent. It takes around 6 hours and is well worth the effort, the views are magnificent.

The hike is relatively short in distance but is steep. The path is a bit scrambly at the top with bigger boulders but nothing technical.

The route is well sign-posted with arrows and red dots to follow and doesn’t required much nav. There are other paths winding off so worth keeping an eye for the red dots, particularly at the beginning and end when it’s a little less defined.

Even if you don’t make it to the top, doing the beginning of the hike is great fun! After an hour or so of walking you have fantastic views of the lakes and the terrain is varied and fun!

Cerro Falkner Hiking Trail -40.46662, -71.54499

Great place to stay with excellent facilities. Amazing shower and upper area is wonderful to hang out. Staff are amazing also. We stayed for 8 days to work on van and was helped by staff to find a propane repair man. City was also beautiful and enjoyed exploring.

Casa Estrella Wellness Center 21.04196, -101.25982

Melhor camping de coroa vermelha, melhor preço e melhor atendimento.
ótima infraestrutura, energia 220v, água e local de descarte.
Banheiro com água quente.
Vale muito a visita.
Alex o proprietário é nota 10.

Camping Rota 367 -16.34280, -39.00766

This is a great place to spend a few days. The guys from Green Bike have plenty of space for campers and motorhome, kid-friendly, pet friendly... Nice garden and great moments within this community. Do not hesitate to come!

green bike park -1.15918, -78.58325

They are putting campers on the lawn between the chalets instead of in the old campground. We were given access to a chalet that had a working bathroom and electricity but no mattresses on the beds. We should've squatted in the chalet because we pitched our tent on an ants nest, which was awful as the ants got in everything. No credit card facilities but I was able to pay in Rands cash. $10pppn.

Lion & Elephant Motel -21.70560, 30.49990

Great place to spend a few nights. Clean, quiet, easy drive. Was cool at night (around freezing) due to elevation. Many spots to choose from. Enough other rigs around to feel safe but not at all crowded. The first night here we came off Broadway. The next night we came off Sun Mesa. Passed a few abandoned rigs on Sun Mesa, did not feel as safe, so we headed back down towards Broadway.

Joshua Tree North BLM 34.17293, -116.22466

Nice view, but it is simply a very busy and not so quiet car park. Frequently cars are coming and going, during the day (hikers), in the evening (sunset spectators) and even during the night (???).

Playa Larga -54.81814, -68.18777

Warning! the welcome is friendly on arrival
at nightfall the guard made us understand to give him a tip and $10 is not enough

Soberania Park Headquarter 9.05834, -79.63896

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