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We paid 20 pesos to park in the big parking lot on a Sunday night. There is a festival going on, loud musique, inflatables for kids, food stands.
We felt very safe though!

Parking in the sports park near the lake bay 20.28692, -102.71122

Theres a giant no overnight parking sign and no other cars here.

Intervale Rest Area / Scenic Overlook 44.07506, -71.13987

Quiet spot on 5th Street. Close to restaurants. No Wi-Fi here

Point Reyes Station 38.06819, -122.80883

tents and vans are welcome here; this is not the case for all the LTVAs. lots of open space for camping. pretty quiet in general.

La Posa LTVA South 33.60895, -114.20182

Stationnement de Pemex/Oxxo sécuritaire pour une nuit

Oxxo Gaz Station and parking overnight 25.63564, -100.76817

Vibes were a little sketchy. Didn’t feel super safe, and then also had literally NO cell coverage..? So I left.

Point Fermin Park - Street Parking 33.70803, -118.29298

Hide your camera.. Otherwise you have to pay 50 peso for it!

Pahñu 20.50377, -99.68410

i almost stayed there, but no internet. i’m mostly making this review to let those who are pulling a small trailer know- there is a parking lot for a trailhead, up the mtn- where you can turn around. i’m pulling a small teardrop and there was nowhere to turn around before that spot. i did not go as far as this listing on iOverlander so cant speak to that spot. i also would not pull anything up this road bigger than a teardrop/pop up/a-frame. i seriously doubt you’d be able to turn a 5th wheel around up there.

GWF National Forest 38.67209, -78.59374

currently closed because it's flooded. They have closed street borders up and you can see the water completely flooding the entrance

North Beach 27.83267, -97.38052
Jamie Z

If other restaurants in town are closed, there is a food stand here which stays open late.

Copper Canyon 27.03028, -107.73819

Decent size parking lot overall but only a few longer spots and at an odd angle. Right next to I-44 overpass with loud traffic all night long.

Cracker Barrel 36.11815, -95.88878

Flat area next to the small town. Quite and direct at the Sea. Water station directly next to the place water runs from 17:00 to 20:00

Seaside 36.59555, 23.06115

Lugar muy tranquilo para pasar la noche. A una cuadra de la plaza central, dos cuadras del mercado, casi frente a la iglesia de Tilcata.

Plaza Sarmiento -23.57689, -65.39223

Possibility to park in the middle, near playground. Police came, but it was OK for one night. Tents seem not to be allowed.

Kosar Parking 34.31712, 48.78802

Huge park at the river, iranians camp here too. Some entrance fee.

Alikaleh Park 32.40374, 48.40764

The whole malecón is now a no parking zone, so you can't park anywhere here. not sure about a tent.

By the lake -13.60975, -73.33715

The whole malecón is now a no parking zone, so no car camping anywhere here anymore.

Laguna Pacucha -13.60660, -73.33737

We arrived at 18:30 and finally did find the place, but everything was closed and even though we pulled up with the car in front, nobody reacted. So not sure how to contact the people and we didn't want to just park there and get a surprise in the morning.

Restaurante challwa -13.60680, -73.33787

Posto 24 horas, bom para passar a noite, tem água e banheiros limpos, amplo estacionamento.

Posto Delta -26.46493, -52.23137

Slept here the night with a bunch of other campers. Not an issue and plenty of parking

Walmart 30.77821, -81.62077

Open again, but the gate to enter closes every day at 3. We didn’t stay (arrived too late) but had breakfast at the tables and it looked very pretty.

Park National Altos de Lircay CONAF campground -35.59974, -71.04416

exactly as described. Perfect spot right on the water. Didn't use the restrooms or showers.

Magnolia Beach 28.55831, -96.53222

We stayed at South side, there is a few spots for trailers and RVs. Restrooms, picnic tables,

Fort Craig Rest Area. North and South I 25 33.62236, -107.13923

We saw the sunset and on the other side a big fullmoon. It's soo beautiful. There is a fireplace and a great few to the ocean and hills. Very windy.

Grand Étang Coast 46.55904, -61.03689

This is just a dead end road near a medical complex. No “no signs” at this spot. Almost zero traffic on the weekend and very little after 5pm during the week. This is a good spot for an overnight or two but wouldn’t exactly just set up camp here. Full bars on Verizon service. Spots are flat and level. Room for about 4 vans or possibly some bigger rigs. Longest spot is 40’ long, shortest is closer to 25’.

Loxahatchee groves park is about 1 mile away, easily walkable, and has flush toilets. There is also a free dump station down the way a bit, you can find this on iOverlander as well. Please be as discrete as possible, we need to keep spots like this available.

Dead end road near medical complex 26.68597, -80.25107

Continua 700 pesos pelo espaço independente da quantidade de pessoas! Muito limpo, tomadas, wifi, duchas quentes das 10:00 às 19:00

Camping Municipal - Puerto San Julian -49.30584, -67.72100

Good place to spend the night before border crossing. The lagoon is very nice, a beautiful spot in the wilderness.

Laguna Azul -52.07404, -69.57993

Great place for coffee and FAST WiFi. The cakes are enormous. No dinner needed afterwards 😃

Cafe Martinez -51.62229, -69.21535
Francine the Travel Machine

Beautiful campground on the water with hot showers and toilets. Across the road are two trailheads - one to the cataract cascada that is only 1 km one way and beautiful, and the other is a longer trail - both are nice. 1200 ars per person and no extra charge for truck camper. 11 am check out. Friendly host.

Camping Agreste Arroyo Cataratas -40.62679, -71.49453

Just adding some photos. To show some changes to the area.

Cabot Trail 46.53121, -60.41768

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