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Perfect spot for one night! Much better and same price than Brunos and Mar Marine! 75q per campervan. Amazing bathrooms with hot water, clean spot, nice staff, we enojoyed watching the big boats. You can hear a little bit the cars at the road but not as loud as Brunos.
We went to Livingston for a couple of nights and left the car parked at Brunos that is $25 per day and the colective boat can pick you up there.

Ram marina 15.65990, -89.00194

We didn’t slept here because there was too much noise from the road and the night club at front. RAM Marine is much better for sleeping but this is a good and cheap option to leave your car parked if you want to go to Livingston ($25q). The public boat can pick you up here (they can help you to book it)

Bruno's Hotel (Marina) 15.65992, -89.00200

Beautiful spot. Few other vans there for the night. Peaceful & perfect. Defs a 5 star resort for vanlife

W Beach Road 41.33634, -71.72187

Very nice refuge outside Villa Mañihuales. Owner is really cute and helpful. There is a basic kitchen with fridge. Hot showers and bathrooms are clean. No WiFi. We stayed with the van and it was no problem at all.
7000 pesos per person. We would stay again :)

Camping Tres Pinos / Las Margarita's -45.18488, -72.15951

Best coffee I found in town and some of the most reliable WiFi. Really friendly folks running the place. The breakfast is good too!

El Andador Cafe- Wifi 26.01040, -111.34264

We made the full tour with Panchito (First Office from the water side). It started at 15:00 and took 2,5 hours. Paid 30000 p.P. and it was really really wonderful. We had the english speaking guide Carolina. Totally recommended!

Excursion-Offices -46.62258, -72.67378

didn't stay but there is Loves and Flying J exit 151

Love's Truck Stop 35.13566, -118.42480
Philipp Budweg

Nice place close to downtown, walking distance 5min of main road. Lot of shadow for tent's and RVs. Clean bathrooms and very good hot shower. We leave one day to go with our camper to the glacial and the owner reserved our camping lot so when we came back we could stay at the same spot. AR$ 1500 pp.

Cabañas Camping Calafate -50.33448, -72.25935
Sanddragon II

Great place to fill up the tank and use their restaurant fast WIFi!

Petrol Station On BR471 -32.85294, -52.70414

Delicious honey and friendly seller
You can try all of their 6 different kinds

del bosque honey -41.95262, -72.53149

This place is permanently closed.

36 Peabody, Nashville 36.15889, -86.76936

This place is permanently closed.

Playa Piñuelas 9.09895, -83.68580

This is a dirtbike playground! great spot, tons of room & easy for any vehicle from a honda civic to any size RV. Stayed 3 nights. Gorgeous sunsets surrounded my the hills & mountains!full bars 5G on verizon. bigger dirt bike camps set up & a few trucks towed in porta-pottys(usually not here) seems to be a little event this weekend.

Spangler Hills 35.52037, -117.67147

Nice rest stop, there is a free dump station (get attendant to unlock), and water (abt 500 ft away. You have to back track to it, so be careful.

Mississippi Welcome Center 34.22120, -88.23283

Estacionamento público free ao lado posto gasolina da copec. Água fornecida pelo posto gasolina. Não tem banheiro. Procure pelo ALEJANDRO que conseguirá um local para ficar. SEGURO. Deixe uma gorgeta para ele (regalo-presente)

Parking next to Copec -33.42973, -70.62385

This place is permanently closed.

Venabygds fjellet 61.69704, 10.13853

arrived at 5:30
no room for 21' trailer and truck. very few rv spots and truck area was packed solid. They were nice enough but told us they don't encourage rv's

Pilot/Flying J Travel Stop 38.17833, -121.39977

This place is permanently closed.

La Quijana cervecera, Traveler's Shelter -42.06717, -71.52003

This place is permanently closed.

La Granja -42.06875, -71.52208

Rolled in after travelling from north of Toronto. Clean, it’s busy but the sun is just going down. Bonus it’s close to the highway for our trip across the border in the USA. Can’t connect to Walmart free wifi yet. Probably not close enough. I heard the garden centre is where the signal is strong but still no luck

Walmart Niagara Falls (Oakdrive) 43.06734, -79.12052

Lugar muy bonito, buena atencion de los dueños muy buena! Baños limpios

Top Malo Camping -33.71926, -58.68113
Sanddragon II

Very nice place for a night or two. Limited facilities but if you are self efficient, then it’s a nice place.

chacara do forte -30.50677, -53.50121

very big very busy... sigh says no trucks overnight but the parking lot is filled with rigs and full size motor homes...only going to sleep for a few hours then hitting the road....

Walmart Parking Lot 36.85694, -89.58414

some grass next to a gravel road - 1 km of the 219 (main road). on a cliff next to the ocean. can't wait to see it in the morning 😁

Grand Étang Coast 46.55947, -61.03670

Wonderful stop just before Amarillo heading west on a cross-country trip. Right by the highway, easy access , super clean restrooms open 24/7 with lots of overnight parking. A few other RVs parked for the night and the HWY40 noise is pretty soft, specially if you park right behind the building. Trucks park further away so running engines are not a bother . Great safe overnight stop.

Texas Travel Information Center 35.19156, -101.72573

This place is permanently closed.

Casa Campestre -22.91134, -68.20677

This place is permanently closed.

in the park -32.30800, -58.09545

long nasty road to get in, and no obvious signs. But we made it, looks like a lot of work going on for improvements/repair. Here for a week, and hoping we have a great time. $2160mx for a week. 30 amp power is good, water pressure good as well.

Roca Azul RV Park & Home Mobile Community 20.26634, -103.42247

Wide parking area in YPF petrol station. Showers available: womens free, mens 100 pesos 8 minutes. Near the highway. Some noise from a generator on the back of the petrol station, better park a little farther to sleep. Tyres service.

YPF Río Segundo -31.65192, -63.85769

There is no one to get the fee, but there is a Box to drop the fee by yourself. People who don‘t do this, make problems for all Otter overlanders!

Larocque Bridge St-Stanislas de Kostka 45.21839, -74.11472

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