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On street parking on the block with the McCarren Pool. There were a couple of other vanlifers parked here. Free parking. Check signs as there are no parking stipulations from midnight to 3:00am a couple of times a week. Slept the night through with no disturbances. This block is a little darker than the other McCarren location listed. Peter Pan Donuts is a 5-minute walk from here. Some of the best donuts in the city!

Lorimer St (McCarren Park) 40.72128, -73.95064

10 bolivianos peaje (toll), friendly people

Toll Point -21.24544, -65.77709

Here’s an official toll point and charges you 5 BOB

Toll point -21.51255, -65.66891

Recycling dumpsters right next to the dump station on the way out from the welcome center/rest area.

I95 N Welcome Center 39.14179, -76.84546

The campground is close for the winter but you can park behind the museum. There is even one hookup 15amp (on the building wall). I came in just before 5pm and I did ask the person at the museum (his name is Scott) if it was Ok to stay overnight… no problem!! Great place (and free). Toilet available when the museum is open.

Ingersoll municipalities campground 43.03663, -80.86799

stayed here last night . was pretty cold but is kinda close to the freeway. I could hear it some times. but was a great place to stay for the night. I was the only one camping in the 20 degree weather

Dorr-Run Red Oak Trailhead 39.48585, -82.29171

Water pipe at the back of the little house at the fuel station. Not sure if it‘s drinking water.

Water at the fuel station 29.30461, 47.86406

From Kuwait to Saudi Arabia.
Took us almost 2h in total. Easy border crossing.
Kuwaiti side:
Go to the customs office at the left side right before the customs gate (they will sign the Carnet & give you 2 papers - don‘t loose the small paper! You will need it for Saudi!)
Pass the customs gate and drive to towards the passport gate. Go to the passport office on the left side right before the passport gate (get the exit stamp in your passport).

Saudi side:
Before the first big passport gate, go to the small building on the right side and get your visa & passport „stamped“. They will also do a picture and take finger prints.
(We applied for the e-visa a few days before the border crossing. It takes about 5 minutes and costs about 130€pP - with this multiple entry visa you can stay up to 90 days in the country)
Then proceed to the customs gate (here you have to hand out 1 of the papers that you got from the kuwaiti customs)
Then drive further to the „custom check“ (they just opened the door and took a look inside the cabin) and go to the small office on the left to do some customs paper work (Carnet de Passages is not necessary).
After that you‘re ready to go ☺️

Kuwait - Saudi Border 28.54487, 48.38856

Fuel station with diesel and petrol. Here you can also exchange money (at least Kuwait Dinar to Saudi Rial).

Money exchange at fuel station 28.43653, 48.49487

Eduardo Kessler solved our 9-months problem in finding a shipping line that accepts at reasonable costs our containerized Landcruiser from Uruguay to East-Malaysia (Bintulu).

Eduardo Kessler - Independent Shipping Agent -34.90410, -56.20624

Margaritas for 100 pesos, and actually cool atmosphere. Have swings and a kid food menu. Very clean bathrooms. Much better than other places down the street

Baja Kitchen 31.02153, -114.83356

Paid about 30 pesos per Kg of laundry, got it back folded in two hours. Great service!

Lavanderia Express 31.02293, -114.83472

Really nice place to spent some time, even if you don't plan an overnight stay. Here you can find a company of many-many sea lions that like taking sun bathes on top of a rock that's just in front of the cape. And since there's usually nobody else here, this moments of unity with the nature feel like magic.

punta los balcones -4.68189, -81.32598

I partly agree with the original review. Yet, I visited this place alone with a DR650, and for me it was one of the best adventures in the whole South America - and I'm not a rally pilot neither, not at all. So I personally would really recommend consider visiting it on your own, but only with these conditions:

1. You know what you're doing (especially in terms of your off-road skills).
2. You contact some locals and ask them about the roads condition. It might get changed quite a lot depending on when they got maintained last time.
3. You have some proper tires for sand and dirt (if it's a rainy season, since the surface might get really slippery).
4. You are of adventurous spirit!

It's also advisable to investigate the particular directions you're about to take in advance: neither Google maps nor provide adequate picture of this area.
Good luck!

Jalapão é Bruto -10.33331, -46.77721

Now there is a total new street - no 4x4 in the future:-)

P1300 29.14148, -10.40580

The street to the place is block now - so you can‘t reach. But in the surroundings there are more possibilities for a bushcamp...

Legzira Arch 29.43927, -10.12148

Good place, thanks for finding this!

If taking a minibus/shared taxi from the center/Irak museum then catch one that goes to "Mahmoudiyeh". It will pass by here and only costs 1000 IQD.

Palms of Baghdad 35.56322, 45.43475

Very good food, plentiful, clean and hygienic.
You might want to bring your own cutlery as they'll only give you plastic spoons :)

English spoken.

In my opinion much better here than what you get at the overpriced Palms of Baghdad (I ate there once to show my appreciation for the free parking).

Other restaurants in the area like e.g. "Organic Roots" (roughly 200m further) also look good.

"Ali Paris" restaurant 33.26546, 44.35489

We spent one night here. The guy who helped us into the camping area (with our van, but you need high clearance) asked us for a contribution. He originally asked for 100, we gave him 70 and that was fine.

Estacionamiento Sector Cascada 28.18344, -108.21230

amazing hostel! it's a Castle! with a nice swimmingpool.
nice beds, clean very friendly owner, many tourists. safe parking for motorcycle behind gate.
It is a bit far from town but with a primitivo Mex$8 your are in town and with an other primitivo mex$20 you are at the ruins.
they have a bar and a okeisch restaurant 1 min walking.

Mitico El Castillo 17.52157, -91.97962
The Lost Leopards

someone said this campground was $18 and was on a lake, but she is confused with the Santa Rosa State Park that is outside of town on a Army Corp of Engineers reservoir. totally different place.

Santa Rosa Camping and RV 34.94808, -104.66301

THIS IS FOR WALMART AT 1521 Sam’s Circle, Chesapeake. IOverlander makes it hard to review accurate locations if you’re not there.
Vagrancy here, did not feel safe.
Off-season in very cold weather the only place we could find in this entire city (including points north over the bridge) was the CB and Walmart 15 min south of here on Hillcrest Pkwy. MUCH better area nice area. CB had very welcoming staff and said we could stay however long we needed to. The (very nice) Walmart next to it had police cruising through but we saw a few car dwellers and a huge RV overnighted on the side (see listing).
Also Walmart in Newport News. Seemed decent and there were 2 RVs there.

Walmart Chesapeake 36.65789, -76.22536

Spent the night here. Zero issues. I was one of maybe 30 cars. Two vans. Felt completely safe. Would camp again.

Hollywood Heritage Museum Parking Lot 34.10813, -118.33645

This place is permanently closed.

Bush Camp for Bikes -26.48129, -66.00461

This place is permanently closed.

Ruinas Access Road -26.48060, -66.00778
Wendy & Graham

Immaculately clean. Lovely showers. Huge swimming pool. 3000 pesos for two people and a camper truck. Our third visit here. Unpleasant smell from abbatoir, depending on wind direction. Quiet on a Saturday and Sunday night.

Smata Camping -32.43366, -63.17880
Philipp Budweg

Nice grassy are with trees. BBQ spots, light and water at all sites. Clean bathroom and good hot shower. Owners are very friendly and helpful. ARS 1500 pp.

El Chacay -43.09255, -71.45925

far away from everything.
"nothing to do" here.
the car park is down from the property. no water, no electricity, no toilet.
everything is up and unavailable.
kitchen closed.
very pretty and we'll maintained.
but we don't recommend coming here.

Finca/Eco Hotel Aguas del Arenal 13.02768, -85.90310

Stayed here for a night w no issues! just us and one random truck that pulled up late (which would’ve maybe made me move if I was a solo female bc it is tucked out of the way.) Cars start coming in 7/8am

Park and Ride Lot 35.69997, -105.95339
The Lost Leopards

Stayed in Loop A, site 7, which is a pull-thru space and has electric. There is a hydrant/spigot at the road. The spot is fairly level, requiring a board under one wheel. Electric was steady @ 121v with adequate amperage to run a small heater. The pedestal had 15A and 30A receptacles.
We did speed tests with our phones.
Verizon was 32mbps down, 1.10mbps up, and I was able to surf the internet
AT&T was 67mbps down, 1.67mbps up, and we could watch videos.
The bathrooms were clean, heated and included free showers with warm water. The last time we stayed, the bathrooms were not very clean, and the flush water at the RV dump was not functioning. We did not attempt to use it this trip.
Make reservations online-$14 plus $4 reservations fee at Reserve America.

Santa Rosa Lake State Park 35.03666, -104.69067

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