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There are several spots with fire pits just a few meters off the paved access road. Far enough away from the highway to just hear faint background noises. Nice views, and due to the accessibility made a great quick overnight spot for us. Also, good Verizon coverage.

Power Line Road 35.83735, -114.53793

New, small, beautifully landscaped campsite from an emigrated German couple. Toilets and showers are being built at the moment. 10 euros a night. Shops and restaurants within walking distance.

Camperstop 37.60894, 23.03778

Quiet night in the woods. Good sized pull off. Don't park to close to the edge. It is a steep drop off. Woke up to one other car who stayed the night.

Pulloff on Hwy 1 39.85505, -123.72985

we stayed last night, with no problem the information center is completely closed, there's a couple big RV space is the parking lot, but the restaurant/bakery open and they make the best apple crisp pie.

Apple Annies Country Store 32.27227, -109.84111

Planned to stay 2 nights, stayed 5!
Lovely park with water, electricity and sewer for 300 pesos per night
Highly recommend

Villa Patzcuaro Hotel and RV Park 19.53382, -101.60977

Came in last night, it was full! But with my van, I was able to park by the fence facing north. Real nice. Took pic of sundown. I decided to stay out for today then visit cavern on Monday to avoid the crowd. I would come back again. Nice!!!

Sunset Reef Campground. BLM 32.11981, -104.42466

just a corner parking lot on the beach .10000 x 24 hr. noisy at night til all the malecon with bars open.but I survived ..

Beachfront Parquadero 8.42131, -76.78682

I just realized it was a saturday night ,so prob weekdays could be more quiet(?!) but yhe water looks really murky at moment.not sure was worth it to stop here but I had to for the night

Beachfront Parquadero 8.42130, -76.78679

Cool spot: little bit noisy with the bridge but ok. No one during the night. Very cool

río ostuta 16.49899, -94.43454

Nice place and friendly people, reasonable number of rv’s, dry place, recommand if you like to be free

Magic Circle (Clothing Optional) 33.60160, -114.19862

Large spot and very flat. High clearance recommended. It is best not to attempt when wet. No phone service.

BLM land 38.51521, -109.81939
nelson parra ramirez

Muy bueno el lugar. Perfecto para cargarse de energia natural. Muy lindo y completo buena experiencia para interactuar con la naturaleza. 100 puntos. 👍🏼👌🏼

Rio Negro 5.12281, -74.43137

ótimo pra fica a noite muito calmo tranquilo o local

Playa de Alem -20.79992, -40.58355

Propane fill tank off on the left side. Friendly staff. Discount Liquor & Wine store.

Port of Subs Discount 40.63793, -116.94278

Purified drinking water shop in Pacific Beach. Open 9 am- 7 pm during the week and 9 am - 5 pm on Saturday and Sunday.

PB Water Store 32.80022, -117.23530

Passamos o fds e foi bem tranquilo. Dormimos de frente pra praia.

Praia Maitinga -23.83412, -46.11798

Water park with several natural pools, you can enter with your car and find the best spot. You have bathrooms, parking and food. It’s recomended for week day less people on the place.

Ichanmichen 13.49520, -88.87508

Look for the 'pratios do dia' for the local stuff. 200-300 Mets per dish. Other more expensive options are available. We had mapata (delicious!) and the fish of the day.

Sombras Bar -23.85446, 35.54602

After or before the bridge, you can go down the river, we stoped there to have lunch on a Sunday, and there are many BBQ places that locals use a lot during weekend. Might be more quiet during week days. There are plenty of spots all along the river, for allt ype of rigs. We haven't visited the whole place but there might be a spot to take water near the BBQ area, and also toilets. We were there at 3PM, so we are not sure the place is opened at night, but it should be!

Riverside -30.85274, -64.97603

We arrived Saturday afternoon. Office was already closed and we had to do an online reservation/check-in. 45$/night. No showers or toilets. Good place to take a rest. Some road noise but quiet at night. Weak phone and wifi signal.

Hidden Lake Safari Ranch and RV Park 33.25322, -98.23756

Average camping side with very high price (100 Soles for 2 people and a Land Rover). Shower is hot, but very low pressure.

If you are really desperate, its ok. Otherwise plan to get another spot.

Fundo Que Que Norte -14.54848, -70.88126

Roadside Wide corner with a fantastic view between nemocon and suesca

Roadside 5.10585, -73.83160

Great dump station with portable water available. Address is 210 Shahone St

Wendell Public Works Dump & Water 42.77266, -114.70588

We manage to fill our US fixed tank here on a Sunday afternoon. Easy and fast. Possible to pay with credit card.

Abastible -38.75524, -72.63484

Beautiful spot with lots of space to camp. A few people came in and out during the day even in the off season. Certain areas are really filled with garbage tho. Watch out for the small cliffs if you arrive in the night.

Lighthouse - Fort Amherst 46.19062, -63.12934

Easy to make a reservation on website. $36 on the weekend. It’s crowded and without charm but it’s inside the park and near a shuttle stop.

Upper Pines Campground Yosemite NP 37.73356, -119.56073

the lower viewpoint on the gletsjer on the 4 hour trail

Platforma Baja -46.51666, -73.16275

the uphill viewpoint on the 4 hour trail along the glacier

Platforma Alta -46.51448, -73.16091

entrance to the path along the glacier to the viewpoints Alta Platforma and Baja Platforma. If gate is closed ask the Conaf guard to open (office 200m down the road). You cannot enter before 8:30 or after 13:00. Free enrtrance

Sendero Glaciar Exploradores -46.50134, -73.15017

CONAF office and entrance to the different trails. There are toilets and water. Entrance to the viewpoint and the sendero are free of charge. Viewpoint is short walk. Sendero is 4 h walk, you can enter between 8:30 and 13:00. Tours on the gletsjer also start here but must be arranged at Puerto Rio Tranquillo, with guide.

CONAF Office -46.49802, -73.15430

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