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Impressive view of the Pozos del Diablo. Crater 270 m in diameter with small cones in its center.

vue impressionnante sur le pozos del Diablo. cratère de 270 m de diamètre avec des petits cônes en son centre.

Polos del Diablo -52.11811, -69.65674

Small walk of about 200 m to a viewpoint on Lake Ana. From the parking lot you can also see the lake very well. There are sometimes flamingos.

petite marche d’environ 200 m jusqu’à un point de vue sur le lac Ana. depuis le parking on voit aussi très bien le lac. il y a parfois des flamands roses.

Laguna Ana -52.07647, -69.78152

price for cars 6900 in Argentine pesos and 18000 in Chilean pesos. for our motorhome truck (more than 8 m long and more than 10 tons) 14100 Argentine pesos. crossing time less than 30 minutes. no waiting at boarding.

prix pour les voitures 6900 en pesos argentins et 18000 en pesos chiliens. pour notre camion motorhome ( plus de 8 m de long et plus de 10 tonnes) 14100 pesos argentins. durée de traversée moins de 30 minutes. aucune attente à l’embarquement.

Ferry over Magellan Sts -52.77629, -69.29124

Motorbike mechanic, no sign outside, the guy is using his house garage so you might not see it straight away.
Changed oil of two motorbikes, sorted two oil leaks and found a spare part for 10000 pesos.

Taller de motos pytty -41.15471, -71.29807

Very good service. We went there because we didn t manage to put back our windshield with the new joint. Result the joint wasn t right and the garage couldn’t do it either. So they glued our windshield directly as many new vehicules have now. They took us directly and the prices are very fair for the amazing work they do.

Parabrisas - Windshield 17.06587, -96.68078

This is only open during summer season! I recommend the state park camping

River Side Boat Loading Lot 35.18836, -84.50270

Beachfront sites that stretch for a mile. Must self contained to use the sites. 4-bars 5G cell coverage. Fabulous sunsets. Friendly Park Staff. Low tide beach walk for miles. Popular surfing location as well.

Emma Wood State Beach 34.29043, -119.33667

arrived to a bit of a line up and fairly long wait only to be waived through because the military were seriously digging through a minivan packed with camping gear.

Military Checkpoint 27.29019, -112.92673

Beautiful view, but super busy. Lots of ATVs and other campers of all kinds. Verizon worked ok. Very very dusty.

Greasy Spoon Camping Area 34.87618, -111.90479

Wow what a great place, went there after a chaotic night in Mendoza, needing quietness and peace, i had a bath, in the clean river, and a bbq. Except sandflies, place is perfect, maybe don't arrive too early to avoid this **** insects.

Green riverside -35.38234, -67.64744

Since the Mirador a few hundred meters down the road was full of people we stopped here in a small gravel drive-in on the side of the road. very nice views and though close to the road not totally visible

Hidden Roadside 46.10143, -72.04838

Good place, quiet at Night, but you can not go to the hot tubes in Spring, to much water in the River, you can not cross

Baños Campanarios -35.93487, -70.60697

Place is pretty much rundown. There is water available and showers and toilets, but not in good conditions. Other than that it is okay to stay there.
But you have to pay a permit (5BZD pppn), which is ridiculous for what you get there.
The road to get there is under construction. If it rained recently it becomes a muddy hell in some places, so be aware of that!

Augustine / Douglas d’Silva 16.97305, -88.99532

allowed me to camp 2 nights under shelter for cost of 2 dinners.

dinner was 4000f, large beer 600f

Maquis restaurant Chez Kambiré 6.92524, -6.06149

Site #1 of NFS Dispersed Camping sites on Bannie Mine Road. Not for big rigs! This site is not level, but there are options for alignment. Set off the road by 40’ or so. Next two sites are more like pull offs, next to the road. Some good, partial sun for my solar. Traffic can be heard from the main road.

Site #1 Dispersed Camping 34.48614, -112.37147

Store is open, they have so much dutch stuff!

Dutch Import Store 49.30547, -124.42025
sonny jadun

Military post has a big yard and playground for the kids. Ample area to park. Ask the military guard who was at the post if I could park here. He did not have any problems. He said it's all good and safe. kids came around and were curious about the car roof top tent set up. After a while, they start playing around at the bask courts. I also asked them if it was a concern. They said no problems.

Military post and surrounding playground 27.29569, -108.05408
sonny jadun

Cerocahui main gas station only takes cash. Good service. I believe only gas station in town

gas station 27.30288, -108.04368
sonny jadun

I was planning to stay overnight at the playground by the military post in Cerocahui when got advised by one of a tourists guide at Centro(where I was watching Iglesia) to think about coming here and car RTT in the parking lot of Mirador. It was getting late and when I left at was 4 pm and sun was setting in. it took me around 1 hr to get here. Glad I came. Beautiful view of Urique river winding thru the Canyon valley. Gorgeous views. Gravel road drive here is windy, steep, pretty smooth but bumpy here and there. I did not see. many cars driving thru. couple of old lumber trucks smoking dark black smoke pass by. spent a long, quiet night. Nogales cell or WiFi signal available.
bathrooms in the parking lot were locked up for the night.

Cerro Del Gallego Mirador Parking lot 27.23502, -107.94087

Chill bar, but lot.
Pretty quiet during week.

Jailhouse Saloon 44.07020, -91.46354

Large spot. Shady. Swimming in the river (pretty strong currents but so nice for the kids…and us !)
Calm (during the week)

Barda del Medio Camp -38.72444, -68.16645

Great Tacoplace. Tacos starting from 8 pesos , con queso from 11 and taste is pretty good. They also have some great promotions.

Taqueria Tepuxtepec 20.90822, -100.74772

We went there with our truck camper, pretty exited about eating some proper italian food, but the owner didnt wanted us to park our vehicle inside the property cause he was afraid about the weight of our rig (how can damage his yard basically). In fact it is not a proper camping but more a bungalow renting hôtel kind of place. There is some spots for a tent or maybe they will even let a smaller 4x4 staying overnight but that is not very private... (in front of the terrasse of the restaurant). The owner was not mean to us at all but it felt like he didnt really wanted us there... so we left and went to the beach how is really lovely. The path to the sea is sandy but not that difficult. If you havent already deflate your tyres for the previous piste, that would be the moment ;)

Casa KasumayaKu 12.29004, -16.58377

25 instead 27 so still cheaper as everywhere else !

Afgri Petrol Station - discounted diesel -28.80956, 29.53261
LnB Roam Free

Rv park with no amenities. Kinda level. Check in and pay at the casino. It is $10 but if you sign up for thier club you get $10 in free play.

Wanaaha Casino RV Park 37.37447, -118.42866
Francine the Travel Machine

Great spot for a night, out of the wind. We stayed on a Friday and it was very quiet.

Gdor Gregores Centro de Motorhome -48.75249, -70.25432

Perfect site for all types of overlanders. Most of it is hard compacted gravel but some dirt areas as well. Can easily fit big rigs in here. Great mountain views, right by the river, and only traffic are locals.

Riverside Gravel Site -45.40575, -72.50061

This seems to be a popular place for overlanders. We stopped here for a night and saw several camper vans parked overnight as well. No one seemed to mind our tent. We set up on the concrete, between our car and one of the benches, which gave us a little bit of privacy and wind protection. On a Friday in late November, the bathrooms were all locked. Not sure if they’re only available on weekends or during high season. We walked into town to find a bathroom in a restaurant. The whole area is very well-lit - great for safety, not great if you need a dark place to pee in the middle of the night. It was a little noisy with locals playing soccer until late at night, but we didn’t mind too much.

By the beach walk -27.10699, -70.85121

We didn't find a camping here. Asked but noone knew.

El Calafate Puq -52.99486, -70.81862

We went there to ask for a place with the van. He told us that there were no showers and showed us only a dirty toilet. There is also no wifi (there is at the office, but he said there wasn't). Asked 15000. We thought this was to much for just a dirty toilet and left.

Cabañas Cerro las Piedras future rv park -52.99487, -70.81864

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