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Wendy & Graham

Immaculately clean. Lovely showers. Huge swimming pool. 3000 pesos for two people and a camper truck. Our third visit here. Unpleasant smell from abbatoir, depending on wind direction. Quiet on a Saturday and Sunday night.

Smata Camping -32.43366, -63.17880
Philipp Budweg

Nice grassy are with trees. BBQ spots, light and water at all sites. Clean bathroom and good hot shower. Owners are very friendly and helpful. ARS 1500 pp.

El Chacay -43.09255, -71.45925

far away from everything.
"nothing to do" here.
the car park is down from the property. no water, no electricity, no toilet.
everything is up and unavailable.
kitchen closed.
very pretty and we'll maintained.
but we don't recommend coming here.

Finca/Eco Hotel Aguas del Arenal 13.02768, -85.90310

Stayed here for a night w no issues! just us and one random truck that pulled up late (which would’ve maybe made me move if I was a solo female bc it is tucked out of the way.) Cars start coming in 7/8am

Park and Ride Lot 35.69997, -105.95339
The Lost Leopards

Stayed in Loop A, site 7, which is a pull-thru space and has electric. There is a hydrant/spigot at the road. The spot is fairly level, requiring a board under one wheel. Electric was steady @ 121v with adequate amperage to run a small heater. The pedestal had 15A and 30A receptacles.
We did speed tests with our phones.
Verizon was 32mbps down, 1.10mbps up, and I was able to surf the internet
AT&T was 67mbps down, 1.67mbps up, and we could watch videos.
The bathrooms were clean, heated and included free showers with warm water. The last time we stayed, the bathrooms were not very clean, and the flush water at the RV dump was not functioning. We did not attempt to use it this trip.
Make reservations online-$14 plus $4 reservations fee at Reserve America.

Santa Rosa Lake State Park 35.03666, -104.69067

Rv Resort, laundry, showers & souvenir shop.

Bear valley souvenirs/Sinclair gas station 37.96467, -112.41611

this is the right localisation but it seems to be in the wrong spot on the map on iOverlander...

34,2014874, -90,5712036

Clarksdale Visitor Center 34.20149, -90.57120

got here after dark so stayed in the main lot. some locals showed up infrequently and were not loud, but there is a cattle grate at the entrance that you will hear every time some one crosses. slept peacefully. a few locals showed up in the morning to walk dogs. did not notice any other vehicle dwellers. would stay here again. strong Verizon 4g.

Bloody Shins Trailhead (BLM Land) 40.97047, -117.69621

Very nice place everything are clean, the best camping in South America. The price is 2500$ day/person. The wine is very expansive.

Eco-Camping Viñas Nant y Fall -43.17021, -71.51106

Very nice camping with everything clean, the best of south America 2500$ day/person the wine is very expansive

Eco-Camping Viñas Nant y Fall -43.17016, -71.51104

Full hook up campground with laundry services and relatively close to town. Clean facilities. I would recommend as a stop over to dump and
refill with water or if you are staying in town for a few days. It’s nice to have full hook ups after dry camping for a while.

Rivera del Mar RV Park and Camping 26.01780, -111.34606

Super clean, very hot water with excellent pressure, tasty breakfasts, friendly staff. We came here for some much needed R&R after 9 days of motorcycling on the east side of the mountains. We meant to stay for 2 nights and ended up staying for 4. Totally worth the extra money we normally spend on housing. 50$ usd a day but hey 🤷🏼‍♀️ sometimes you need to treat yo self 👌🪩has a big garage in the back where we stored our motorcycles!

Selina Huaraz -9.52786, -77.52273

0,65/litro de propane for tank and others
Very nice people

propane 25.25823, -111.76902
Kimball Stone

Easy place. Chill. A bit of road noise, but it's not too bad, and the view over the water is nice. Got door knocked at about 10:30am by a friendly dude from the community organization who just wanted to go over the rules leaflet.
Told him that I got in late last night (Sunday) and planned to leave early Wednesday morning. He told me that'd be fine.

Definitely appreciate the community for making this available.

Union bay boat ramp 49.58550, -124.88639

This place is permanently closed.

Jeff Healey Park parking 43.63101, -79.49538

This place is permanently closed.

Jeff Healey Park parking 43.63101, -79.49538

WAUW worth a visited! 600 kwanza for 2 persons GREAT to see! There is restaurant and picnick tabels great!

Waterfall do Binga -10.98934, 14.09248

As advertised. Quiet. Uneventful night. There were 5 vans in the parking lot that were spread out. The parking lot lights go out after midnight and it’s basically dark. I didn’t ask if I could stay and there are no “no overnight parking” signs. Verizon signal 4bars and 70gb up / 15gb down. Security came through once or twice but no one was asked to leave.

Target Parking Lot 38.34741, -122.72054

This place is in wrong location - it is located at 15.55904, 32.55392

Afra Mall 15.55904, 32.55392

Confirmed with maintenance, water is potable 👍🏼the spigot is right beside the telephones

Coso Junction Rest Stop 36.04500, -117.94614

Estacionamento Público 24hs grátis ao lado da praia reservada do exército na Orla, Forte da Praia Grande.
Local muito iluminado de noite, monitoramento polícia frequentemente, tanto com viaturas como também por câmeras.
Local tranquilo, ao lado do Caiçara Píer & Restaurante. Não tem estrutura para motorhome, porém super fácil de conseguir água nos prédios e postos vizinhos.
A vista é bonita, praticamente de frente à praia. Ficamos por 3 dias e 2 noites.
Chamem no insta para maiores informações @OMundoComDalton

Estacionamento público -24.01654, -46.39994

Hay una placa claríssima que indica que està prohibido estacionar motorhomes

plaza ninos -49.33275, -72.88538

The road is all washed out Small 4wd ok. East of San Pedro. Be careful

Amazing Valley View 23.23971, -109.96617

stopped by for a refill but looked out of business

Mar De Cortes, Agua Purificada 31.02154, -114.83354

As described, wonderful and secluded. There is a dumpster if you want to pitch in to clean up anything.

Ford Lake free camping on lake 37.82345, -99.92027

Posto com excelente infraestrutura para os viajantes, possui muitos caminhoneiros, recebe muita gente durante o dia. pagamos 100 pesos argentinos para o banho quente de ótima qualidade.

YPF north of Trelew -43.22844, -65.29991

Park open, campsites maintained, pit toilet has toilet paper. Boat ramp looks unused (water lilies growing). Pay here box tarped up and therefore not operational. RV camping loop closed, parking at tent campsites available (35ft). Parking at boat ramp available; park marked as closing at 10pm, boat ramp use 24h.

Verizon 1 bar.

Faceville Landing 30.78638, -84.66552

The best informal campsite ever! It’s beautiful, calm, safe, we found water and electricity… stayed here for three amazing days. Highly recommend.

Picada Cafe Parque Historico Muncipial -29.44314, -51.13854

stopped in here for the night. great location. very friendly staff. amazing views. very fast wifi. $42 for 15 amp site. would imagine it being very busy in summer but in november there’s plenty of privacy.

Fernie RV Resort 49.51927, -115.05344
Dori & Mena

This place is permanently closed.

Near the US Naval Reservation 24.54918, -81.80391

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