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Lots of different places along this road. There were a few others here, but I kept driving until I came to a circular site right before the road got steep. Great views of the mountain and stars, very quiet. A rattlesnake stuck around for half an hour before making its way out.

Wild desert camping 32.78438, -109.60212

Boa mecânica, bom atendimento, preço negociável, proprietário gente boa, sempre querendo ajudar, honesto e troca o necessário.

Multimarcas R.B.R. Mecanica RAPIDA -0.00941, -78.44698

Stayed one night here and no one bothered me. The traffic from the intersection picked up around 9 in the morning (on a Tuesday). I parked next to the fence, away from the street light. Waking up in the morning was so wonderful! The Muscovy ducks came right up to my car and were rolling their necks and wagging their tails. Unfortunately, I didn't have anything safe for them to eat. As soon as another car came up, they quickly waddled over to get fed. They made this stay sooo worth it!

Dream Lake Park 28.68472, -81.50967
sonny jadun

This is the main parking area up to which 2x2 wheel cars are recommended to drive up to. Even though I had a 4x4 but not knowing what I will be expecting ans since no one was parked here so I stopped and parked the car here and walked and walked 3.5 km dowhill on the paved path to to the baths by the river.

There is a shack, gate post, and warning sign as you enter the posts on the cobblestone to the bath. From here, the road gradient is very, very steep. No problem with 4x4. please read other travelers' comments. They are correct and very relevant. My coordinates were slightly different (N 29° 39.499', W 107° 38.254')

During the walk, I did not encounter anyone, so I kept thinking no one was here. after about 1 hr walk when I got to the baths, so a local family from Creel (Alex Torres). quite a few members could speak English. I spent 2-3 hrs with them. Give me good pointers about Creel and where to eat.
The bath closes at 5 pm but you can rent camp there for the night if you wish. At 4 pm, we all decided to leave. Alex and his family asked me to ride back with them up to the parking lot in theirs 2 wheel car. 7 adults and 3 children boarded the car(photo attached), and up we went. Midway at very steep gradient, he had to stop and let off 2 adults as the car could not pull. After that, no problem getting to the parking lot. So yes, 2 wheel drive can make it if you are experienced with similar terrain. Make sure someone is here to bail you out if you decide to do it. If I am an overlander, I would recommend stopping at the parking lot.

(Parking of) Aguas termales de Recowata 27.65831, -107.63756

fantastic! portapotties with hand washing stations and a taco bell. blissfully flat after several days of street parking.

Pacifica Beachfront Public Lot 37.59745, -122.50300

Safe place to change money at black market rate, similar to the rates the street crooks offer.

Sulah Bureau de Change 6.60432, 3.35079

Vraiment beau spots, possibilité de faire un feu même

Water at hunting camps 34.83594, -91.54894

ficamos novamente nesse lugar. ótima opção!!

Barranco ocean view -12.14259, -77.02499

Tres relaxe on était seul
Petit sentier qui passe a coté

Farm Point Chelsea 45.60273, -75.88828

Stayed two nights and was the only one here. Great spot with lots of forest to explore. Not sure it's safe to filter and drink the water here, signs at Yosemite says there is still a dangerous algae bloom.

Babbling Brook 37.80840, -119.88613

Nice wifi and library. Private meeting rooms available for 2 hour bookings; just need to check with librarian and give ID as collateral

Fort bend library 29.53257, -95.53942

Very nice place to spend a day or night.

Official camping next to the river and a giant hanging bridge (start of trek to Cerro Lindo).

Has plenty of space for any rig, wirh fire pits and tables.

Potable water and hot showers all day long. A bar with snacks and food available. Super nice hosts (it's a family-ran thing).

1500 pesos pp in October 2022.

Camping Municipal Rio Azul -41.98371, -71.57084

We stayed in the parking lot near the few semis for 4 nights. The spots are not real level, however, it was fine. Free WiFi reaches the parking lot! Two dumpsters on-site and security driving by regularly. Really quiet throughout the day and night. You can buy day passes to the indoor/outdoor pool and there’s a shower in the restroom near the pool/fitness area. You can also call the resort/casino and request a driver pick you up at your rig and drop you off at the hotel lobby or casino. Everyone was incredibly friendly. We also unhitched and ran errands for a full day (called and spoke to security who said it was no problem at all to do so).

Isleta Resort And Casino Free RV and Truck Parking Lot 34.93451, -106.66342

Typical Cracker Barrel, next to a high traffic road so there was some constant noise, although really not that bad and nothing that earplugs couldn't fix. felt exceptionally safe because of the numerous hotels on the vicinity and a few other RV there the night we stayed. About 6 RV parking spots, if I remember correctly.

Could grab wifi from Cracker Barrel, maybe because we were parked on the closest spot from the restaurant. Had a pretty good night overall!

Cracker Barrel 38.40489, -78.90654

Really everything you’d need in a campground. Every worker we talked to was nice

Cape Henlopen State Park 38.77625, -75.09620

My experience was a bit different from other cyclist. Context: We arrived sleep deprived after our flights to Ushuaia and camping in the wind the night before and would have opted for a hotel/hostel if we had known the conditions before.
Compared to a couple of years ago the casa de amistad is now in the basement in a corner between storage racks and no longer in a separate room on the ground floor. That room is now full of refridgerators, only the door reminds of it's past. Other than a small cabinet there is nothing in the basement that reminds you of the history of the place. It is moist and there is a mm of dust on every object. The mattresses and blankets covering the mattresses extremely dirty. It was noisy until midnight. We did not meet Emilio and did not dare to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night because a gigantic dog that did not get the chance to smell us before was sleeping in the hallway we had to cross. The staff was friendly though, the shower hot but not clean at the end of the day. Apparently the cyclist community helped to crowd fund the rebuilding of this place, but it is no longer a comfortable place to rest in my opinion. I visited it 10 years ago, so I can compare. There are better options in town unless you're on a very small budget.

Panadería La Union Casa Ciclista -54.50936, -67.19781

Bridge is closed and under construction.

3t bridge -42.85497, -72.79823

Price still 4.000 pesos pp.
The trail just reopened after a storm. You can see (and climb over) some traces of that at the last part of the climb. But well accessible. Really recommend!

El Cañi park entrance -39.25557, -71.76621

Tim Hortons truck stop.
perfect for one night.
Many trucks came and go, not so quiet but safe.
Near to Tim Hortons so easy for bathroom.

Tim Hortons truck stop 47.50043, -67.39113

Stayed the night in the Walmart parking lot, there are signs stating no overnight but we asked employees and they said a lot of people still do.

We took the chance and weren’t bothered. We were also the only van/camper there. Stayed until 10am and left.

Street Parking 35.12986, -120.59548
Larry the Van

Nice, quiet night. Clean & a bunch of other vans.

Cracker Barrel 35.15860, -106.58588

Nice quiet place though overgrown. Host wasn't on-site when I visited so was able to fill up my water with the spigot at host site (about 10 ft from road). Some potholes on the road leading to the site so drive carefully. Would come back

Old Lock 1 31.57326, -88.03281
The Lost Leopards

Elk City Lake Park
Lovely, quiet park with many amenities. 8 RV pads with electric. There is shared water access in a ground box located between adjoining sites. Other reviewers said there's dry camping but we didn't see it used and don't know where that is. There were only two other sites used while we were staying.
Heated shower house 1/4 mile from RV area, free hot showers open until 5pm on weekdays and 24 hrs on weekends (according to sign on door 11-22-2022.) There are several playgrounds and at least two boat ramps. The numerous picnic shelters have tables and grills, but the campsites have neither. we were camped in view of the bandshell venue.There's a disc golf course and many hiking/biking/horseback riding trails at a couple of places within the park. Traffic seems respectful so riding or walking the road within the park would be pleasant. The dump station is free according to other re iewers but we never saw it or signs directing to it.
Verizon and AT&T both had signals and we streamed video. SPEEDTEST RESULTS
VERIZON: 152 ping, 19.8 down, 4.82 up.
AT&T: 40 ping 30.2 down, 21.6 up.

Elk City Lake Park 35.36627, -99.41598

We arrived there on a sunday evening.
50 pesos for each person for camping. You can freely fish if you have your material. There's a restaurant open until 6pm.
We also bought wood for making a fire.
At night, there are very gentle dogs and the owners close the gate of the lake at the very entrance.
Quiet and safe at night.

Reservoir 20.82900, -100.03605

If you find the biggest rock there is a perfect shelter under it. Big space covered from wind and rain. We didn't need the tent ! We made a firepit and left some wood for the next one ;) Enjoy !

Field with rocks by the river -11.99641, -76.11495
Francine the Travel Machine

Best selection in town of food, wine, etc.

Supermercado Campos de Hielo -46.62412, -72.67403

Migraciones atiende desde las 7am. El dia domingo también hay servicio.

Border Bolivia-Paraguay -21.67306, -62.45727

Migraciones atiende desde las 7am. El dia domingo también hay servicio.

Border Bolivia-Paraguay -21.67306, -62.45727

Desde Villa Montes hasta aqui hay asfalto. Entre Palos Blancos y Villa Montes es camino sin pavimento com grava suelta.

Final pequeño tramo asfaltado Bolivia-Paraguay -21.32255, -63.25693

Unica gasolinera del pueblo, donde nos vendieron con el precio para locales, la unica condicion es comprar en bidones y llenar el vehículo fuera de las instalaciones.

YPFB Palos Blancos -21.26688, -63.47586

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