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Unica gasolinera del pueblo, donde nos vendieron con el precio para locales, la unica condicion es comprar en bidones y llenar el vehículo fuera de las instalaciones.

YPFB Palos Blancos -21.26688, -63.47586

única estacion de servicio del pueblo donde obtuvimos gasolina al precio local.

la willam’s -20.01744, -63.53112

So we went here try to find a nice spot to stay but an unfriendly tour guide told us it wasn’t allowed to come here with a camper. If we stay, the fine would be very high.. so we left and slept in the village…
IG: on.vagabonde

San Joaquin park 20.83619, -90.40563

Stayed on the parking lot inside the park, it was great ! Very quite and felt very safe !
So close from the center and close to the ocean to see the sunset ;)
We couldn’t take some water to refill our tank as there were very few pression of water and we couldn’t « plug » our hose to the tap as it was very old.
4G of telcel
IG: on.vagabonde

Plaza Moch-Couoh 19.84665, -90.54007

Say that this place was closed but it wasn't. It was open. There is somewhat of a barricade, but with a small enough vehicle you can go through. I got through with my 4Runner with a few inches to spare on each side. There were no signs anywhere saying not to enter or that it is closed or that its private property.

The open area is a bit of a mess, garbage everywhere. But, if you have a 4wd and decent clearance, you can make it up the little hill and park in the forest. There is a fire ring. Space enough for one and no garbage around unlike at the bottom.

Porteau Cove Rd. 49.54744, -123.24281

Stayed a night no issues at all. Large lot to fit any type of vehicle. Called and they said they’d prefer us parking near the truckers by the road. Did that and it was pretty quiet all night long. Would stay again if needed

L'auberge Casino parking lot 30.20707, -93.25700

Primitive sites still $25/night. Full hookup sites are $40, partial hookup is $30, I think the equestrian was $35. There is a dump station on site you can use even if you stay in the primitive. Primitive sites are FCFS only. Also, you don't pay the $8 reservation fee if you just show up and pay for a spot there on site. Good cell signal here.

Lake Cahuilla Recreation Park 33.62720, -116.26917
Randy Oakley

No issues, road noise not bad. It was Revolution Day evening, perhaps resulted in less truck traffic.

Big space next to the gas station 31.02761, -114.85096

Ficamos uma noite apenas. Banheiro super limpo, Wi-Fi ruim, foi uma noite super tranquila.
As medialunas da lanchonete são deliciosas.

PAMpetrol -38.15542, -67.14489

good area to quick camp for one or 2 nights with errands in tuscon. didn't find as much garbage and trash as people described and drive around the whole place. came on Saturday really busy, but found a good spot with high bushes so we were pretty private. road noise was a bit annoying but that's what you get in the city. overall would stay again if needed around tuscon

Snyder Hill, Tucson, AZ 32.15774, -111.11582

Corner roadside pull off away from highway. Wild camping. Markers designating camping boundary. Very quiet, dark, solitude. No signals

Designated campsite 36.24738, -117.35453

Very friendly native host. 20$ for one tent 5$ p.p for a shower. With the map it was easy to find. You can also use google maps offline map.

Tear Drop Arch B&B 37.00219, -110.18434

Large space at the end of a forest road, doable in winter conditions with 4WD, easier in summer.
At the end of the road there is space for 3-4 small campers without being too close. There is an opening used for launching boats that should probably be left free.

Wide space at the end of the road 59.97269, 14.88214

At the first Watertap there is a lot of pressure, just put the hose directly on the stand, water taste good.
Drinking water.

Drinking Water 29.31390, 47.86208

This place is called Lodge Lago Las Torres. Follow the driveway passed the first building to the lodge and the owner's house. Stayed in the 2 bedroom cabana for 60,000 CLP. Very cool, rustic, spacious cabana. Space to store and organize bikes out of the rain. Would recommend.

Great new option on Ruta 7 by the glacier -44.76100, -72.20124
Hasan Khalil

Got in after 9pm, there were a couple big rigs and a tractor trailer, otherwise completely empty. Well lit, quiet, and trouble-free night.

Hollywood Casino Charles Town 39.29387, -77.85426

Perfect spot to shelter on a windy day. Beautiful beach.

And I was happy to find (and water) the baby palm tree. It’s only 4 inches tall so be careful not to run it over!

Arroyo bonita 23.29446, -109.43164

Not flat and not nice. We got there in the afternoon and we tried for half an hour to park (we have a pick-up truck with a camper on top). It's small and full of trash. We moved to the square: it felt safe, there are tiendas and lights, and a lot of barking dogs.

Flat spot next to the river -16.19594, -67.75376

Basically a parking lot next to the highway and train tracks but the price is right at $135/week for electric and water. Decent wifi, free laundry ($3 donation requested), hot shower with great pressure, and a kitchen with microwave and large sink. It's not fancy by any means but less than a mile from the center of Marfa.

Warning for the pups: put on booties or check paws often for needle-like stickers. They ruined the bottoms of my flip flops while walking around and I can only imagine what they would do to 🐾!

Tumble In RV Park 30.31191, -104.00711

Lugar fantástico. É fácil de chegar, não precisa de 4x4, mas um carro baixo pode sofrer um pouco, mas chega.
Fiquei dois dias. É um lugar que merece.
O por do Sol é perfeito, mas não deixe de descer a trilha até lá embaixo.

Los Gigantes -39.31976, -68.78698
Amar e viajar sm

Ficamos aqui, 1 dia local muito bonito e tranquilo, seguro também. Praia de Tabatinga. Não tem comércio por perto, precisar de mercado a 3km, então venha preparado. Somente restaurantes e pousadas.

Local, é bem movimentado, principalmente aos finais de semana.

Existem outros pontos que dá para estacionar ao redor, andando a pé vimos outros estacionamento, de repente pode ir e ver outros pontos a pé.

Sinal da claro e Vivo pegam bem por aqui, não tivemos problemas. Eu uso um amplificador de sinal de celular rural, faz contato que te envio a instalação.

Espero que minha experiência que deixo aqui te ajude. já estamos a 10 meses morando no Motorhome

Não esqueça de deixar seus comentários, sua experiência, poderá ajudar outros amigos viajantes também, como a gente usa o aplicativo que nos ajuda, vamos fazer boas descrições para outros viajantes, coloque suas experiências e detalhes.

Siga a gente nas redes sociais, irá saber mais sobre os lugares que ficamos.

💕Amar e viajar sm 💕


Lugar bom e tranquilo. Grande.

Great spot, quiet and huge area

YPF Rio Mayo -45.69040, -70.25624

Nice place to stay, on-street parking. It gets crowded during the day but quiet at night. There is municipality toilet and sink with drinking water just behind the gate, ask if you can't find it!

Toque Toque Grande -23.83421, -45.51040

Café and restaurant, amazing owners, really good food and fast wifi! Vegetarian options.

Ruta 55 -23.75693, -45.85761

Clean toilet, open. Cold beer and snack :)

Posto Rede Petrobeba -25.00150, -47.93310

excellent spot. tricky entrance to the campsite. we have a 2wd class b camper van with a high top and I walked the entrance first before deciding it was doable and made it with a bit of white knuckles on the steering wheel. lots of spots with great views of the ocean and an amazing beach. it's us and one other van on the entire beach. $100 pesos per night. Can't beat that. some fire rings and even a trash barrel.

Santa Rosalillita 28.66451, -114.24456

We camped here overnight. Super quiet. Of course, no bathrooms or anything like that. It's a quiet and level gravel lot by the river. Fisherman showed up in the morning to launch their boat. We waved.

Pearlington Boat Launch 30.24777, -89.61527

Beautiful spot by the lake. Be sure to call in and get your free permit for camping. A bit of a drive from the interstate, but worth it. We had no problems and it was quiet, clean, and peaceful.

Rosie Jones Park, Lake Murvaul 32.04598, -94.47448

Actually Del Mar park… quiet nice neighborhood non-beach park. Water spigot maybe open at night?

Jody Giannini Dog Park 35.39850, -120.85756

Had seen some campers on the bigger lot on the other side. But there are signs that don‘t allow to stay in the car. On this smaller lot there are no signs.
Only for Cars or Vans.

Park and Ride Colwood 48.44452, -123.46601

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