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excellent spot for a night. relatively quiet. safe. no problem.

Pemex gas station 19.88679, -101.50861

Nice place to stay. Good free wifi, Clean shower and toilets. Quiet, and good restaurant and bar.

25 000 TZS pppn or 20 USD.

Mwanza Yacht Club -2.52935, 32.89421

très content de cet arrêt! une petite place tranquille ou se reposer, à 30 min à pied du centre. piscine grande et propre. il faut négocier le terrain plat ;) personnel super. je regrette pas, il donne la clef d'une chambre pour la douche et les toilettes

Playa Azul Catemaco 18.42967, -95.09069

Nice place to have a cheap meal with parking lot. They have a dairy menu with cheap options like chicken, chips and salad for 3$/3.500kwa. Nice guy running the restaurant and also the lady in the bar service.
They also have toilets.

Framinoz Bar & Grill -14.07823, 34.91834

Great place. During day busy at the beach, near evening also coming and going if people but at night quiet place.

Parking in front of the beach -41.87767, -73.88528

Typical hardware store with propane and hardware to fix your vehicle.

Morgan's Ace Hardware 34.11760, -84.50812

Coordenadas ERRADAS aqui não tem posto de gasolina.

Praia do Frade -23.56382, -45.21780

Gorgeous scenery road goes nearly to San Javier. There are turnouts for horse trailers and camping in the first few miles. Some with shady mesquite trees. I was on a bicycle so I didn't go all the way up the road but I will come back later!

Oasis Primer Agua Road 25.94640, -111.40669

increíble camping libre con mucho espacio. vista de ambos lagos villarino y falcker. vinimos por una noche y nos quedamos una semana. No sé pierdan de ver a los conejos por la noche ! mucho viento a veces! no hay señal.

Lago Villarino -40.62357, -71.70545

increíble lugar con playa. Los baños un asco las duchas inundadas el agua puede salir fría y las canillas están rotas. 5 mil pesos argentinos por persona. es recomendable ir al camping libre de enfrente. tiene proveeduría muy cara. se llena de adolescentes con música fuerte imposiblw descansar.

Camping Falkner -40.64786, -71.70558

Muchos autos estacionados.. lleno de gente. hermoso lugar pero ya no es tan tranquilo como antes. camping libre.

Bahia Guadaparque Camping Libre -40.66354, -71.70235

Si necesitas una ducha cruzas al camping de enfrente pagas 100$ y te duchas !

Lago Villarino -40.67664, -71.69639

área de uso diurno hasta las 21 prohibido acampar. lleno de autos. hay un área de estacionamiento gratuito y otra que se cobra

Lago Espejo -40.68553, -71.69318

No problems. Rest area for both West bound and East bound.

Hwy 90 EB&WB Rest Area 29.31402, -99.38482

Actual price for 95 benzina: 158 pesos (01/23)

YPF -46.55054, -71.62735

Camping espaçoso e tranquilo. Mais areia do que grama e não tem muita sombra. Banheiros tranquilos, cozinha ruim. Tem maquina de lavar, ponto de água e energia. Aceita pets. Cobrou 100 a diária do casal + Motorhome

Villa Segovia -16.93202, -39.15002

No check for us, we going south! They check the car going 385 North

Inspection Checkpoint 30.12444, -103.24555

an old-fashioned printing press of handmade posters. super interesting.

une imprimerie à l'ancienne d'affiches faites main. super intéressant.

una antigua imprenta de carteles hechos a mano. súper interesante

La linterna 3.44789, -76.53937

Diesel at local price without questions…..

Gas Station -15.88603, -63.18966

This property has been purchased by a private party and will be turned into a housing development. Found out this morning when awoken by the police and asked to leave. A local up the road actually informed me of this.....

Was able to stay for two nights luckily....but seems it's no longer a valid place.

Bursera trail head overflow parking across street 33.30243, -112.10247
Wendy & Graham

We had our engine oil changed at this location. Excellent service. 21,000 pesos, including a new filter and 6 liters of synthetic oil. The workshop was immaculately clean. There is also a gomeria on the premises.

Suspension Lorenzo -33.56810, -69.01681

Clean public restroom with parking. Great spot!

Public Restroom 32.75662, -94.34373

Suescalada. Great shop that has lots of camping gear, sleeping bags, tents, camping stove propane, etc. 3rd floor.

Camping/Climbing/Outdoor store 4.64231, -74.07343

Pet, wifi, hotwater, family, Rv, shower, place,

Chalé Maré Mansa -25.37317, -54.49262

Parked our class c on this street for a few days/overnights while we explored Guadalajara. Felt relatively safe and quiet.

Neighborhood street parking 20.63909, -103.40911

We solved a brake problem in this workshop in Jacobina BA. Professional and dedicated team. There's an auto parts store next door.

Resolvemos um problema no freio nesta oficna em Jacobina BA. Equipe profissional e dedicada. Há uma loja de auto peças ao lado.

J Diesel oficina de veículos pesados -11.17612, -40.54132

Bolivia to Argentina
arrived at 8:30 am and leaving at 2:45pm
definitely would recommend coming in the afternoon. all busses showed up in the morning. immigration line up was over 2 hrs in the morning but now when leaving I see no one there.

you need to park the van on the street. do all the paper work of immigration and aduana at both countries. once done, talk to the traffic control agents at the bridge ( wearing florescent vests) they will let you know when you can bring the car over to the bridge for argentina aduana inspection

FYI, showed them insurance from home and they didn't ask for any other

Aduana Villazon-La Quiaca -22.09651, -65.59625

beautiful market

beau marché

hermoso mercado

Mercado market alameda 3.44789, -76.53937

Closed and guarded parking. Walmart 24hrs. But very expensive

Wallmart 24hrs and sam’s club parking 19.44964, -99.21875

Again like in every place the price went up… 50.000 for two persons (6$ppn).
Still ok, the place is really nice. A couple of the villagers on the way from the North were not so happy to see us…
I would not want to drive here with something much bigger than our Land Rover.

Amasiko Homestay and campsite -1.22789, 29.86822

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