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Very nice cenote. Few people and totally free as the others in this village. We slept on the parking 1 night. You can hear the highway a but but at night it is quiet

Cenote Ka Axal Tun 20.34213, -87.35346

Nice cenote in a cave. There is a lot of bat. You can park right in front of it and there is space to picnic

Chemuyil Free Cenote - In a cave 20.34627, -87.35654

Awesome cenote. Take your goggles to snorkle there are amazing underground caves !!
It can gets busy with groups but if you follow the path on the left you can go to 2 others cenote and no one was there. Amazing as well

Free Cenote 20.34024, -87.35383

Great little gym! Day pass to workout and use the changerooms w shower for $8.

MC fitness 31.34584, 109.55467

A little hole in the wall plaza at the far end past Bisbee - extremely cheap $1.25 per wash / .25 dry - it’s an old place with old machines - had to clean both machines as they were filthy but they worked fine, also had a change machine…. Not too busy on Saturday afternoon

Bisbee Laundry & Cafe 31.39716, -109.92975
Andrew Fulks

This is UC Davis property and overnight camping is not allowed.

Putah Creek Trailhead 38.51759, -121.75647

Spot très agréable pour la nuit. Les propriétaires sont accueillants et très aimables. Repas pour 18000 pesos par personne et nous avons laissé un petit quelque chose pour le service. Toilettes et douches.

Hotel La Batea 6.51974, -74.91673

this is a update at 01/2023 : gravelroad of 35 km is not bad sometimes narrow but big works are on going close to cholgo place to increase its size as in a few years the ferry to Caleta gonzalo will leave from this place and not from hornopiren any more... the place is rather nice and quiet to spend the night with nice view over the surrounding mountains the fjord and the island in the front.... Parking lot for 25 vehicles and no problem for rigs our own camper is 6 meters long, No facility!!

No ferry, end ruta 7 -42.13619, -72.46445

Best Torta and Burrito on our way in Mexico.
It was very delicious and a big portion.
43$ for each was very cheap
If you are hungry, you have to stop!

Torteria y Taqueria Los Amigos 19.99030, -98.70634

Sorry, below was a typo dryer $1.25 (35min).

Bisbee Laundry & Cafe 31.39720, -109.92972

Typical big box store parking lot. Fairly quiet even though you are close to expressway. Good cell service! Checked in to front desk and told us to park towards back of parking lot.

Bass Pro Shops 30.65890, -87.90414

I've been there and the description to get there is perfect. Going towards the hill, right after it we find several shacks, it seems to me that there are people living here now. We didn't feel safe staying in the surroundings, we went back to the road and looked for another place. I found a new spot, see "near Domeyko"

Old Mine Diggings -28.84513, -70.81810
Origenes Patagonia

Rafting, Riverbug, Sea Kayak, River Kayak, Multisport, Expedicions

Origenes Patagonia -43.18670, -71.86489

Dump station with water as describe. Need a hose.

Chevron 32.94404, -112.72928

isso TudoGostoso local interessante
o local e favorável e interesse o que eu faço pra vc e sua família também e o que eu faço pra vc e

chácara jatobá -15.57510, -54.32646

Camping muy acogedor con todo nesario baños limpios, ducha caliente, wifi, sombra, energía, cocina y comedor comunitario, muy cerca de playa y centro. Maravilloso 💕🌴😊

Guarda Do Embau Surf Camp -27.90055, -48.59278

kkk de vc e de onde vc é linda e linda e maravilhosa e maravilhosa e maravilhosa e maravilhosa e maravilhosa e maravilhosa e maravilhosa e maravilhosa e maravilhosa e maravilhosa e maravilhosa e

chácara jatobá -15.57073, -54.32380

I attach a photograph of the place where the water tap is located

Municipalidad -40.97281, -72.88371

Es el primer camping que se encuentra entrando al Parque Nacional Lanin. Tiene proveeduria, baños y playa al lago. Para acceder a WiFi se debe pagar una pequeña tarifa.

El Saltillo del Chucao -39.75729, -71.39154

nice service station with Urea adblue blueDef and a water tap for filling up the tank.

station service sympa avec Urea adblue blueDef et un robinet d'eau pour le plein du réservoir.

bonita estación de servicio con Urea adblue blueDef y grifo de agua para llenar el depósito.

Primax station Urea/water 6.08013, -75.63098

Southbound on R5, take C502 on the right. It appears on MapsMe, Ioverlander and GoogleMaps. There is a fork right at the beginning, I took the right (I didn't follow the left, towards the small sign with the red arrow). Walk a little way, and you'll soon be out of sight of the road. We took a secondary path to the left that took us to a maintenance road for the electric power lines. This is where this point is marked, but there are many places that you can choose, according to your preference. Absolutely peaceful and quiet, away from the highway and no one passed on the dirt road while we stayed here overnight. No need for 4WD. Good signal 4G from Entel

near Domeyko -28.93559, -70.89684

the road is being repaired, we had to wait for 20 minutes.

Highway in repairing 2.81047, -76.54432

Huge, busy shopping area with a 24-hour planet fitness. With security cameras. There are several semi trucks parked here. Obviously noisy, but since all public restrooms are shutdown, gotta improvise!

Planet Fitness Shopping Center 30.23495, -97.72163

Nice, flat parking just north of the little tienda Abarrotes Cristina. We needed a spot to stop before it got dark, and the young girl in the tienda told us it was fine to park there for the night, safe, and there are bathrooms next the the tienda that we could use. There are showers in there but I didn’t check to see if there was hot water. They lock them after the store closes though, but the next store down has gated restrooms you can pay 5 pesos for.
Not much going on in town that we could see, quiet enough for the night with your typical dogs at night roosters in the morning, and the occasional truck air braking on the highway can be heard.
Some LTE service available, but a bit slow

Street parking in quiet town 20.24908, -104.46939

Come straight to this place. Don’t waste any time at the previous control if you are leaving Bolívia. Go straight to the peaje box, at the end of the first control’s cue, even if that doesn’t look possible - there is only one box to go trough, with cars coming from both sides.

New Border Post -18.28423, -69.07580

Quiet night, the police came knocking on the door to ask if everything was ok at 9:30 p.m. In the morning the dogs bark at 7am. The stadium lights go out at night, that's good.

Quiet spot at football field 20.63095, -89.45983

Nice, 2 cenotes for 100 pesos / p, you can stay 45 min. Come early!

Cenotes X-Batun and Dzonbakal 20.67013, -89.77812

I was just told by security that we are not allowed to sleep here anymore. He was super nice and redirected me at the park in St-Donat.

P2 Montagne Noire 46.26020, -74.24879

Was here around noon and tried to look around the two tunnels but no signs of any bats.

Bat bridge 31.98792, -115.22397

Reeves County picnic area. Two covered tables and three trash cans and a decent Verizon signal. When you read the descriptions of other test areas along this interstate this place is quieter and less traveled while still close to the interstate and gas stations and a cafe on the south side of the freeway. Good for a night.

unnamed picnic and parking area 30.99522, -103.66183

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