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Playa Mulegé 27.18837, -112.20394

Nice spot with grassy area, nice sunset, a bit difficult to pass the boat access with a motor home but ok.

Lago Rosselot boat launch. -43.99624, -72.31074

Sleept here to cross the border to El Salvador.
Huge space, no structure but safe. So ideal before os after crossing the border.
(If you can, tip the security guard)

PUMA gaz station 13.53253, -87.50134

Nice place, very friendly host, street difficult for „normal“ RVs after heavy rain. Unfortunately a lot of barking dogs in the neighborhood. We would stay again.

El Valle RV Park 32.02005, -116.66875

Nice, simple, clean cabanas. We were charged 400 for one with a double bed - there would be space in the little kitchen/living area to fit more people if necessary, there are some hessian camp beds available. Cold showers and no wifi but very clean and fantastic, firm beds. Very quiet village. Maybe our best sleep in seven months of bike tour! There’s a sink and sofa, and a gas hob although it’s not plugged into gas. Maybe they’d sort that for you if you asked but we had our own cooking stuff.

We also asked about camping and only using a bathroom, we were quoted 200 for that but the bed looked so nice we couldn’t resist.

Centro Ecoturístico Paraiso Jaguar 17.16388, -94.78475

great spot & used by many workers which is sad… please be respectful with noise ESPECIALLY GENERATORS as many people use this spot to sleep all times off day!

Levinski Lot @ Big Sky 45.28839, -111.40043

Main city church parking lot. Quiet, secure, in front of hospital

igreja matriz de Vidal Ramos -27.39025, -49.36206
María Isabel

Costanera en el lago. sin servicios pero hacen fuego en fogón, agua natural, playa, sombra y sanitarios químicos a unos metros del camping.
se puede pescar.

Junto al lago Limay -40.05354, -70.02104

great place to land for a couple of nights. 300 pesos for dry camping and 450 for hook up. Beautiful beach and quiet town.

Playa Bonita Beach House 25.29575, -108.52469

We did an overnight here, it is really close to the Guatemala-El Salvador border. We were going to stay in San Cristobal at a hotel but didn't find one that was pet friendly we liked so we decided to give this place a try. it is right next to a small eco water park. There is a night guard on the property and we talked with a few locals and they said it was a very safe spot to stay. When were were they they were not open 24hr, they closed at about 8pm so we didn't have access to the toilets all night. Nothing faced, but it was free and very close to the border. It is always nice to give the night guard a couple bucks. You can follow our travels on our YouTube channel Chris and Tovah's Amazing Adventures.

shell gasolinera 14.28187, -89.72646

Do not park at the dog park! Was asked to leave by two police officers at 2 am.. Luckily one was nice!

Waynesville dog park 35.50517, -82.97785

Road to campsite is in a horrific state, ablution haven't been cleaned for some time. No maintenance to ablutions in Campsite, ladies... only one shower working shower Roses not there, door's don't probably close to shower cubicle.Men no lights in there ablution.Kitchen/laundry in very bad state.

Naukluft Camping -24.26553, 16.23917

Sauf pour une ou deux voitures au cour de la nuit nous avons passé une nuit tranquille. Très belle endroit tranquille.

Except for à couple of cars duri g the night very quiet night. Handsome place.

Franck Butler Park- West Boat Ramp 29.78801, -81.26715

This place is permanently closed.

Agua Purificada 16.99163, -89.69103

This place is permanently closed.

Agua Purificada 16.99182, -89.69110

A nice quiet park. I stayed overnight in my van and no one bothered me.

Hugo Point County Park 29.81204, -94.79637

Great place. Partial hook-ups $30
Kerrville, Tx

Kerrville Schreiner State Park 30.01293, -99.12052

price is now .50 gallon as of January 14, 2023

Self-Serve Water Kiosk 31.96929, -110.30737

Shady with good amount of room at most sites. The only WI-FI is at the headquarters building.

Skidaway Island State Park 31.95353, -81.04672

Awesome camp right beside the water - need a solid 4x4 to get down from the highway, big rocks. Great view and very peaceful. Some morning joggers from a nearby beach, free!

Private-free beach Near Requesón 26.63779, -111.83596

Great spot at the end of a spit. Grassy and flat. Saw otters, dolphins and birds.

Ozean camp -42.90176, -73.48413

A great place with swimming pool, Wi-Fi, hot shower, a wonderful view full of nature and very friendly staff.
We payed 90 BRL for camping (no tents allowed) with breakfast included with our VW van.
They provide electricity for your camper and water too
It’s a few steps away from the entrance of the cataratas and the Parque das aves

Eco hostel -25.60866, -54.48048

250 pesos for 2 people (2 beds). Room had plenty of room for both our bicycles. shower was cold but good pressure. Found one dead cockroach in the corner. Wifi was average/maybe slightly on the slow side. Beds has one thin sheet. Didn't see an air conditioner in the room but does have a ceiling fan. was perfect for us.

Hotel Los Pinos 20.27881, -102.48885

nice Malawi family and a very nice beach.
still 5000MK.

Kaliwombo beach lodge -12.35267, 34.05988

Dunes de Putu, coming from South the little street is 100 m after the Buggy Tours, there is no sign.

in the middle of the dunes -35.16638, -72.26238

This place is permanently closed.

Hostel Casa 32 4.62051, -74.07301

Please be aware that this is on private land with mining works. Caretaker does not take kindly to unauthorised visitors and will ask you to leave

Old refugio -52.88639, -71.11708

We came in looking for water (not potable). Two man’s where working in the park, so I asked if we could fill up our thank, they said yes, they were super nice. We bought stuff from the store as a thank you.

Plaza Santiago 23.48136, -109.71538

Nice area for camping. Lots of campers this time of year, especially with the RV tent show and rock/gem show going on. Slow reception with verizon in the evenings but not bad during the day. Great sunsets!

Plomosa Road BLM camping 33.76242, -114.18427
Patagonia Km0

YPF gas station with plenty space to park mini market with food clean bathrooms we sleep here one night in our way to the lakes
Littlebit noisy many trucks
Safe place

Gas Station -37.30647, -64.28852

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