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Coco past away in August 😢

Coco's Corner 29.51663, -114.29073

Nice spot, friendly people,with the sea nearby - hot shower and hot water for washing clothes.
1300 for 2 pax and a car with a bbq spot at each place.

Camping Municipal -49.30527, -67.72110

This place is permanently closed.

Golfo Azul Camping -40.79958, -65.06845

Horribel place and owner. The owner and his wife are very unfriendly. Verry expensive no service at all and they don't like overlanders. This place is like hell. The worst experience ever.Be wise and don't go there.

La Calao du Lac Rose 14.82969, -17.23169

This place is permanently closed.

Community Camping 6.74981, -11.38097

Decent enough hotel in a central area for a good price. 25k dinar for a single room with AC, ok WiFi, bathroom, fan, and drinking water. Breakfast is included. Staff speaks some English. There's a small gated side area where you can park motorcycles or bicycles if needed.

Jundian Hotel 30.51649, 47.83715

Very beautiful and clean place (entire park and campside). Chris and his staff are very professional and friendly. We saw many animals, even a lion (male)!

Tashinga -16.81244, 28.44637

You can park on top of the canyon (no shade), walk to the waterfall and go swimming. Or park down in the canyon between palm trees, but there is not a lot of space. Probably great for tenting. Entrance to the track where the main road makes a turn.
The rivers are a little bit salty. A few people pass here on motorbikes with their rifles to hunt ducks. It's possible to hike through the canyon to Keshit.Temperatures in November: 8-25°C.

The bad thing is, on the second evening police came and told us it is dangerous because of thiefs and wolfs, but we could stay. Next evening different policemen came and said it is very dangerous because of smugglers. They escorted us back to Keshit and said we can go to the canyon during the day. At the police station on the main road it is very loud, so we parked at another station (29.844, 58.151)

The canyon is a beautiful place, but maybe just come during the day or arrive in the evening, that nobody sees you and tells the police. Word travels fast in this small village.
Police was friendly and only concerned about our safety, because it is their responsibility. They don't speak english, we used Google Translate.

Keshit Oasis 28.85104, 58.11662

As described earlier but not mud when we came ( summer ). Room for lots of rigs and a very quiet setting between two fields.

Waikawa Freedom Camp -46.62226, 169.13385

Nothing to add - dynamite spot right on the lake ! A few spots are level, most are not. Clean out toilets

Man of the Trees, Kingston -45.29430, 168.75925

We were sleeping in an RV in front of the square and at 01:30 in the morning a very polite policeman knocked on our door and woke us up saying that there is a municipal ordinance that prohibits RVs from camping there. He informed us that the allowed place for RVs is the truck parking lot at the end of the seaside avenue.
Estávamos dormindo em RV em frente à praça e às 01:30 da madrugada um policial muito educado bateu à nossa porta e nos acordou dizendo que há um decreto municipal que proíbe RVs acamparem ali. Ele nos informou que o local permitido para RVs é o estacionamento de caminhões ao final da avenida beira mar.

Chaiten Town Square -42.91643, -72.70917

leading into semidesert area with many possibilities for wild camping. We drove around 5-10 minutes along the sandy track. Only garbage at the beginning of the track. Noone around ezcept from camel herders late afternoon. and a couple of locals came by to talk in the evening.
Nice area with great sunrise and sunset.
No need og 4x4.

beginning of rough track 26.89211, 70.95757

Smita, lovely owner of that place, let us stay, even though she is no longer having the posibility to stay for overlanders.

Rahul's Place at Govindmani Lawns 19.22555, 72.95880

Water reservoir with yellow, thick hose or small tap. Maybe slightly salty.
Also warm showers with good pressure.

Water and Showers 17.13654, 55.14881

There aren’t any signs up yet, but we got a knock just before 1am and we’re politely asked to move along. We moved to the Cracker Barrel a few miles south.

Planet Fitness Parking Lot 33.39133, -111.96164

New price for registration : 11000sdp (!!)
Need 1 photo, and your passport & visa copy.
Took 1 hour.

Alien registration office 21.80062, 31.35095

Place assez plate un peu en retrait de la route sur une crête avec vue. Quelques voitures en soirée, la nuit plus rien. A 1060m d’altitude, on a apprécié d’avoir moins chaud qu’en plaine. Nous venions de Amboy par la RN194 puis 30km de piste à faire de préférence en 4x4. C’était un samedi soir, on a préféré bivouaquer ici que d’aller jusqu’à El Durazno en saison touristique.

Dans la montagne à proximité de El Durazno -32.17604, -64.75522

Plenty of space and different privat lagoons to camp and explore. No coastguard around (so you can swim, kitesurf...).
South of this point the construction of the sindalah neom project is goining on. so you hear traffic and work going on.
4G with STC

Sindalah Lagoon 28.07542, 34.76220

Different small places to camp around the lagoon.
Coastguard station next. They came by. We were allowed to camp and swim but no watersports. Calm in the night. The whole area could be windy.
4G with STC.

GKA Spot 28.17412, 34.63985

very nice campsites with hot shower, electricity, beautiful views of the Spitzkoppe. $170pppn

Spitzkoppe Tented Camp -21.85114, 15.19510

Great place to spend the night. Good restaurant, clean bathrooms with free cold showers. Free Wi-Fi

Posto Don Pedro -15.73750, -41.33836

Place where truck driver sleeps, very quiet and with hot bath and 24-hour bathroom.

Local onde caminhoneiro dorme, muito tranquilo e com banho quente e banheiro 24 hrs.

Posto Ipiranga -23.66081, -45.43548

very nice stay here stayed for 3 nights in dorm room they are just starting to re-open the hostel for guest well worth a visit

Manga Rosa Hostel -25.49090, -54.57173

A nice popular place for tent camping but space for a couple of SUVs. we paid 8000/person hot showed timings 8-11am 7-10pm no kitchen but a counter space with Sink so you can cook with your own stove. Camper backpacker cyclist are here a lot. Great vibe, in town. they have a washer dryer so laundry stop.

Camping Laguna Espejo -43.18268, -71.86658

It's a real nice Camp. The track to rich here is a bit narrow for big rigs, but we got it with our Bullnose. 200 pppn

Mbezi -18.11368, 21.58074

Fantastic place to wild camp, safe with quite a lot of people excercising over the day time and just looking at the view. Ocean view next to the beach

Fornace Penna 36.71233, 14.75655

Good for one night, but not very well kept throughout the years. Room had broken parts and mold on the ceiling. Bed was good. There were no energy sockets in the room, zero. Bathroom had no curtains, so floor got wet after shower. Wifi was good. Breakfast is very small, a little bread, some butter and dulce de leche. I got there very late at night and was running out of options. They sensed it and charged 10.000 pesos for 2 people. I paid.

Hotel Alonso -51.61790, -69.22457
We're Lost in the Americas

Very good stop. Parked in the FDOT lot (across street from restaurant) during the weekend when it’s open to the public. Quiet and flat. No issues. Park is a nice spot to walk with bathrooms.

Parking at Cascades Park 30.43441, -84.27830

Paramos para abastecer e aproveitamos para pedir para tomar um banho, que foi gratuito. Não passamos a noite, mas o frentista foi simpático e disse que poderíamos ficar, caso quiséssemos. Muitos caminhoneiros, parece ser seguro para pernoitar.

Tigrão Gas Station -20.60169, -40.50250

Campground in Ernesto's backyard (search this spot on Google or Instagram). Cold shower, bathroom, wifi, benches, washing station, lines to hang dry, and two adorable dogs. Very tranquilo/ quiet (except for the rooster in the morning). Charges $2000 Arg as of 01/08/2023 but you can negotiate.

Casa de Ciclistas El Bolsón -41.93691, -71.53629

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