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Ótimo local para sacar dinheiro. Não há limites de saque e a fila é bem pequena.

Western Union -42.76894, -65.03963

Agree to everything that was mentioned before.
Wi-Fi super fast >50mbit

Cafe Lavanda Austral -46.84437, -72.70503

For those who deflate their tires to adapt to the terrain, this is your queue! This is the start or end of the rough section knows as Maldite 73 at the north end…
Not going over what the conditions are like as plenty has been written about in the post regarding this section of the road posted in G. Gregores.

RN40 Maldita 73 norte -48.87031, -70.91698

Basic campsite but clean, we paid 20reais each (we had a tent and two motorbikes)

Camping Pachuca -33.65851, -53.25101

Fuel station with snack bar and free toilets and showers. Ample, well-lit, paved parking.
Posto de combustível com lanchonete e banheiros e chuveiros de graça. amplo estacionamento iluminado e com calçamento.

Posto Domingos -5.24818, -36.37233

Free water fill in spot 102. Takes them a while to plow after a snow storm so you may have to wait a few days to access it.

Water Fill 38.94299, -119.97332

Really nice place to stay! Very close to the beach and the owner Adonis is friendly and helpful! Take the crocodile tour (free if you camp at the camping, otherwise $20,-), an absolute must do while staying here. Enjoyed it!

Camping Adonis 8.53897, -83.30141

Nice place and quiet, well situated.
clean room with private bathroom, AC and TV, 1 double bed and 1 single 25 000 colones per night for 2 pple.
Pet friendly.

Karen cabins 10.14609, -85.45168

haven't been sleeping here as it is not pet friendly

Hotel Las Tinajas 10.14445, -85.45154

They do not change money here, but they do at Hotel Kaiken.

WesternUnion (in bakery) -48.74782, -70.25378

Possible to change USD, CLP and EUR. Quite close to blue.

Hotel Kaiken (cambio) -48.74775, -70.25363

Wide open spot near the power lines on BLM land. Just off the road. Great views in every direction. Excellent cell reception. The towers are in view to the Northeast.

360 degree view 33.02554, -113.17207

simple but cheap accommodation. room with double bed and private bathroom + fan 12000 colones.
pet friendly and good to park the bicycles inside.

Cabinas La Central 9.96055, -85.11397

Some overlanders told us that they were told to be careful about this. After visiting some places we enter again to the city (at 8 pm) and the police was stopping every car. They asked us if we have seen a young teenager that had disappeared.
Then we googled these theme in this place and it seems that they are nowadays fighting against it.

White slave traffic -28.06674, -67.56550

We stayed one night in this place, we also have the same good comments!

Municipal Park/YPF -29.32722, -68.22778

Warning: I’m in a dually Sprinter van and just got stuck in the sand. I’ve tried everything to get unstuck but it’s just digging me further into the sand. Having to call a wrecker to get me out. I’m only 4ish feet off the hard pack too. Very surprised it got stuck. Fair warning to any other fellow Sprinters! Beware.

Crystal Beach on Bolívar Peninsula 29.44838, -94.63912

Still hot showers! On donation basis.. 3 showers for men, 1 for woman. Clean and hot

Free hot showers -53.80949, -67.77973

They let you fill your water tanks here. Super nice people!
It’s the grey box by the truck filling station

YPF gas station -53.81016, -67.77984

They do not do integrated ranks. Only removable. The associate directed us to ace hardware or amoco.

Tractor Supply 27.21013, -81.83971

Have seen about 10 mechanics in Baja with my shuttle bus and Tony is the BEST. Knows how to fix anything, speaks great English and does it for a great price. Highly recommend!

Tony’s Auto Care 31.86767, -116.58610

Excellent place to grab free potable water! Staff was very friendly and helpful. The accessories store is dog friendly!

Orangewood RV 33.63734, -112.30583

Still working, we filled up water with a seal and dumped in the toilet

IG & YT bob en cavale

Public restrooms and cold showers 21.19340, -86.80597

Still here but no control, just a sign and a smile

IG & YT : bobencavale

Yucatan/quintana roo border 21.19339, -86.80597

Great spot with lots of nice touches and amenities. Super clean and shared pretty kitchen, hot showers with good pressure, water fill up, dog friendly, and we loved hanging out with other guests and working in the shared palapa.

Peace Center 24.14970, -110.33038

Well, this one is trainspotting level.. Seems like the one on front is better.

Residencial Nueva Alpina -40.57953, -73.11188

Stayed here for 3 nights on our travels west. We reserved our spot in advanced. We arrived after the office was closed, so we did not check in. We got an aggressive nock by the ranger at 9:15am because we weren’t signed in. Even through it was reserved with our vehicle make and model… Office said the chained gate closes at 10pm and gave us a code which changes weekly. Overall not much to do here.

Village Creek State Park 30.25176, -94.17791

exactly as described. hose reaches all the way onto sidewalk! pretty park!

Turtle beach parking water spigot 27.21958, -82.51627

Stayed 2 nights and no issues! Fairly quiet and a few other campers parked close by. We’re in a pretty obvious converted van so similar sized vehicles should work!

Side street by park 34.14502, -117.98872

Drove straight through Northbound. Didn’t see anyone manning the checkpoint.

Zacatecas control bribe 23.87097, -103.08496

Very friendly owners. Clean hostel.
Laundry available for $2/kg. Double room is $20, private bathroom.
There’s also a kitchen available.
Secure parking (behind a gate) for a motorcycle.

Hostal Maria Princesa -1.39833, -78.42587

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