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we recommend! staff speaks also a little bit english!

Baja gas &oil 24.09908, -110.38569

As mentioned, mostly sloped, but go all the way to the top. Sells some chips and whatnot. Decent washrooms and cold showers, open all night. Good option in the area! 15k per vehicle for overnight, 5k just day parking.

Parquedero by Las Gachas 6.21421, -73.40358

We only paid the 4K all at once. Plus another 1K to enter Las Gachas. This is the shorter path to get there versus the free one. We had no issues with dogs.

Trail to Las Gachas 6.21307, -73.40540

Nice museum, owned and run by the great-grandson of one of the founders of Bella Vista. A lot of history crammed into a large barn, the owner, Ernesto Fischer, speaks Spanish and German, and knows a lot about the history. Definitely worth a visit. Monday - Saturday 7 - 11:30 am and 1:30 - 6 pm, Sunday 1:30 - 6:00 pm. Entry 20.000 GS locals, 30.000 GS foreigners.

Los Fundadores Museo y Antigüedades -27.04031, -55.58314

Não percam tempo procurando lugar para dormir na estrada. Venham direto no camping, é lindo!!! Pela ruta não dá para perceber que tem um vale lindo, com rio, animais e árvores. Entrando no parque nacional, é só seguir as placas para ir até o guarda parque. Passamos uma noite tranquila, segura e pela manhã ainda fizemos uma caminhadinha leve para apreciar o local. Vale a parada! Registre-se com o guarda parque para ajudar a manter o local ativo. @viajando.4x4

Área de acampe Los Choiques -47.36417, -71.26216

Mais uma coisa.. estamos de barraca de teto e tem proteção para o vento, mais seguro do que qualquer lugar que vimos no caminho.

Área de acampe Los Choiques -47.35998, -71.26033

lugar calmo e seguro para passar a noite, mesmo em alta temporada....muito tranquilo.....pessoas bem receptivas....peça permissão pra parar na "calçada"...

calm and safe place to spend the night, even in high season....very peaceful.....very receptive people....ask permission to stop on the "sidewalk"...

avenida dos sombreros -25.57851, -48.35476

Wonderful place as previously written now 150 per person in a camper washing 75

Jardin de Venus 18.69060, -88.38533

Comme décrit: tout est super propre, il y a la climatisation, la wifi, un petit parking et en plus le personnel est super gentil

Lavenderia La Diana 19.81978, -90.53939

We spend 3 nights in the parking lot. Very quiet and nice place. And free

Recreation Area 11.51124, -85.71653

Un vrai paradis, le sable blanc, la mer turquoise, les palmiers, les palapas, les pélicans, ...
Chaque palapa a l'électricité et une douche + robinet d'eau douce .
Et tout ça pour 200 pesos par nuit
Il y a des toilettes et la possibilité de laver son linge pour 30 pesos par machine.
Sean est adorable.
On venait pour une nuit et on est restés 2 semaines !!!

Playa Montes "Wild Beach" 18.95289, -91.27381

Small trail head off the main road.. super quiet we stayed here 1 night no problem, the trail is 8 miles along and we were warned there are lots of ticks on trail and a few bears. The stars were AMAZING at night.. incredible. Nice place to stay

High Bluff Coastal Hiking Trail West Trailhead 29.79100, -84.76731

Ecuador to Colombia
Ecuador check out is easy. Go to Migracion, give little paper you got on entry and passport and done. Next for our motorcycles we gave the TIP back and finished, all within 10 min. Then to Colombian part. Go to migration, get passport stamped and scanned and and show MIG on phone, just glanced at mine, ignored wife’s and you’re done, 10 min. Then to the Dian office. No copy’s of anything needed, BUT you have to check your vehicle in online at the website. Otherwise it’s not working. When checked in, the process is easy. I didn’t check In online beforehand so had to do it on the spot, which takes 10 min. per bike and the customs man was kind enough to upload the documents himself. The website is not very user friendly. All in all we spent half an hour checking out two bikes in. You get a mail that serves as tip, so no paper tip.

Aduana / DIAN 0.81476, -77.66236

nice place, clean & tidy, cool & very quiet at night, BBQ s with ranchos & seating, cold shower, bathrooms & pools.
The zoo is actually rescue animals, they get sent here by the people & by government officially, previously the government funded some of the costs of feeding them but now it is all paid for by the park despide more animals being sent here.

Parque Aurora 14.29228, -87.40505

Nice and quiet night. Flat spots right in front of the beach. We saw the police patrolling the beach during the night but they didn't ask us anything. The raccoons are patrolling as well.

Playa Blanca 10.06309, -84.95643

Bottles are NOT refilled, only exchanged.

abastible energia limpia -41.31581, -72.98521

Sleeping in the Pine trees, you need a 4WD because the road is quite bumpy.
1 bars of 4G.

Sleeping in the Pine 44.43114, -121.14883

Went here to camp and the store owner says they charge 20k per night. We asked about it being free city parking and he said no, it's private property. We went elsewhere for the night, but it does seem like a decent place with the rivers nearby to hang out in. Definitely more quiet then the actual balenario at the end of the road.

Pozo Las Glorias 6.23655, -73.41189

Hose to fill up for free your tank with fresh water.

Maplesville Rest Area 32.77909, -86.88719

Municipal building with free wifi, just off the road, second building on the right. Benches too. Shielded from the brutal wind.

Las Cipreses -43.18249, -71.64159

Very handy shop. Ours is a vintage 1977 dodge van and they were able to fix our suspension, side mirrors, wipers and a bunch of small things!

Frenos las americas 1.20723, -77.27870

Trailhead parking for a short hike to some very cool dinosaur footprints. Follow the trail past the closed gate and continue on the road up the hill (not down the stone steps into the canyon).

Beautiful area with lots of possible hiking. This is Grupo Mexico Land (a mining conglomerate). They sponsored and maintain the dino footprints sites in the area.

If you continue on to Sendero 1, 1.5 km down the road further, it's a good idea to park at the fork in the road where the left fork goes up a steep hill. We walked to Sendero 1 and the road gets pretty gnarly as you get close. A car might make it most of the way, but the last stretch is really washed out. Sendero 1 is in a building surrounded by a fence. Open only on weekends. (Sendero 2 is outside and open 24/7). There's a hole in the fence where people obviously sneak in during the week. The small building is unlocked and you can look at the footprints inside. No troubles. Saw some trabajadores (Grupo Mexico employees), but they just smiled and waved.

Don't take google maps' suggested route. It takes you through a small mining neighborhood and to a dead end at a water tower. Instead, from Esqueda take Camino de Esqueda (Cam. de Esqueda on Google maps) out of town. This spot is several kilometers easy of town. Cool footprints. Enjoy. FREE, but tip the Grupo Mexico employees if you see them.

Dinosaur Footprints - "Sendero 2" 30.69736, -109.50708

This is the correct road to the dinosaur footprints eco tourism site. Don't take the other route Google maps suggests, it ends at a dead end road by a water tower.

Road to Dinosaur Footprints 30.72039, -109.57123

Drain to empty a grey water tank near rest area exit.

Maplesville Rest Area 32.77909, -86.88662
Wendy & Graham

1800 per person plus a one-time payment of 1800 for your camper. The pin is at the entrance to the park off a busy road but the park is several hundred meters south of the busy road and very quiet. Swimming pool. Lots of room. We were pleasantly surprised.

Las Araucarias -38.95586, -68.18711

Very nice rest area beside the highway. I spent a night and a day here. It's very quiet compared to a truck stop, vendor machines, clean restrooms and kind employee who showed me where the free fresh water/dump station is on the site (no sign to indicate it).

Maplesville Rest Area 32.77792, -86.88674

local tranquilo, não tem energia elétrica

Complexo de Mirantes -23.62728, -45.39655

local top ...tranquilo muito bonito e seguro ....

Prainha -22.93517, -42.49310

Clerk said we could fill up our water tanks, no problem! Still free and available. Water tastes a little mineral-y but it's still potable.

Marathon 33.41499, -111.56325

Small grocery store with purified water inside meant for 5 gallon water bottles. No issues filling jugs. Charged me 15 pesos per jug.

Mini Super El Faro 24.11167, -110.42725

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