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From Ecuador to Colombia.
It took us 3 hours in total. Exit stamps at Ecuador migracion and Ecuador Aduana for the tip was fast. The line for Colombia migracion was long. Maybe it's because of the detour in Colombia more people are taking this border crossing. The Aduana of Colombia was the longest step. We didn't fill in the form upfront. We went to the fotocopia shop. For $5 the lady fills in the form for you. You indeed need internet to receive a password as a verification. Our Claro sim had sometimes some signal. So we were able to receive it without paying for the WiFi. You can fill in the form yourselves. See the photo's for the steps. We didn't have an accurate revision tecnica, but that wasn't a problem.
Overall, it was an easy crossing in our opinion, but we were glad that we were early, because around 12 they went for a lunch break and we were the last ones they helped at the Colombian Aduana.

Good luck!

Immigration and Customs Ecuador and Colombia 0.22817, -76.87294

Stayed here for a few days. Generally quiet. Found a spot about 150 yards from the road. No access to the water.

Mittry Lake Maze 32.82152, -114.45406

This is the place we're you stand on the very edge of the cliff and have a stunning view on the edge of the world. As mentioned on other point its difficult to reach by car because they blocked the road but as cyclist we could go and camp right here ! We arrived at 3pm and were alone until 4:30. Then some cars with tourist arrived for the sunset. They just took picture and as sun as the sin is down they leave, so you have the place for yourself !

(be carefully the wind can be very strong at night, there is some kind of cave in the rock's wall very protected from the wind if you need it).

the real edge of the world 25.25862, 45.25761

Super cool and kind host. 150 pesos per person. We have a small self contained van so didn’t need hookups so I’m not sure what that’s like but our spot was perfect to just pull in and park! There’s tables, lots of space. We were the only ones there. Bathrooms very clean, once again didn’t try the shower so can’t report on that. Lots of super cute puppies and beware if you go in January it might be very cold at night like it was for us!! Still amazing. Will stay on our way back through.

La Maquina 27.00547, -102.07780

Several spots with fireplaces on both sides of the river. Perfect for cyclists crossing the Paso Río Encuentro border (23km). Possible with 4wd too. We talked to some locals there who said it was no problem to camp here. Very quiet as there's no passing traffic.

Rio Hielo Wild Camp -43.51556, -71.61104

ok to pass the night. Some others travellers

YPF Gas Station -48.12425, -67.64339

good place to sleep behind the station. Restaurant is ok and propose diverses options of food. Shower 200

YPF Fuel Station -49.98021, -68.92974

We spent a night. No troubles and nobody came to see us. Very quiet until 6 in the morning. The parking has got some spots pretty leveled

Sam's Club 21.02486, -89.62432

very beautiful location in the desert
felt safe, very very quiet
many places along the old road

New 2020 spot on the new Mex 5 road. 29.58157, -114.38416

We spent a night here, when we arrived the health centre was closed (and the church is abandoned) so we couldn't use the facilities. We asked a family in the village if it's okay to camp on the field next to the church and they said it's okay, they even share their WiFi with us.
Two old men came around in the evening to check what we were up to, they were a but confused by our presence ( they probably don't see two foreigners asking to pitch their tent in their village very often) but they said it's okay to stay.
Except for birds and farm animals noise it was a quiet night

Faxinal Preto / Rio grande do Sul -28.53648, -49.88245

Called and asked permission to stay in our camper van and was enthusiastically told it was okay. Stayed two nights and had no issues. Found a nice spot in the back that was level enough. One RV and two car campers were there the night as well. Pretty quiet except for some road noise. Would stay again.

Cracker Barrel 34.24418, -77.87257

A Truck Stop Place with a Restaurant. Not too loud at night. We felt safe. Parking 5000COP, Shower 5000 COP. Good enough for a night on the road.

Trucker Stop 10.49805, -74.16205
Radio Baobab

Really nice scramble up the hill trough dense rain forest. A lot of little ladders/steps to help. View of glacier(s) is spectacular. 1 hour to go up. Starts by crossing the river on a suspension bridge. Nobody there to take payment. I guess they‘ll only be there occasionally.

Sendero - Cumbre de Cipreses -46.49172, -73.16553

Yes, you can stay a night or two but you must move out before 8am in the morning from Monday to Thursday. Washrooms are on the walkway at the beach and in the park.

Parking san fernandino 32.76775, -117.25191
It's not a slow car, it's a fast house

Not here. The shop mentioned is up the road. But it has a different name and is not a camping area. This whole mess should be deleted.

El Calafate Puq -53.03022, -70.83412
It's not a slow car, it's a fast house

This is NOT a camping place. It is a small shop. Different name. Just a kiosk/tienda. This is a duplicate down the road. Both should be deleted.

Calafate Puq -53.03897, -70.84467

Beautiful place, but as noted you can only hike the canyon trail with a guide. Even to just hike down the dirt road all the way to the parking lot where the trail begins you need to register at the "sportsman box", whatever and wherever that is.
Other than that, decent T-Mobile signal at this site and along this road.

Beunos Aires # 6 31.76016, -111.48382

Into the Restaurant Casimira Bugua, near the Post Office you can change Euro and Dollar in blue, at the first floor.

El Calafate -46.53829, -71.72860

Used the pools and showers, nice pool and private showers with private change space in the changing rooms.

However we went into the parks office to ask the city’s views on free camping, one lovely staff member was about to help us out when another lady working there told him to “stop talking as we don’t tell people that”. Super rude and strange! We were just in there asking for opinions to ensure we didn’t do anything wrong!

Currents Aquatic Center 46.87272, -114.00472

I pitched a tent here for several nights. The villagers, close by, are really kind and there are couple of shops and restaurants.
The river rises in the rain season so from end of April there might be less places to camp here. It's end of January now and it's perfect here.
There are many howling monkeys in the jungle on the other side of river so it can be loud at times. They are however harmless.
The only internet available here is the different WIFI tickets you can purchase in the village. They only work close to the shops you buy them.

Wild camp next to the river 16.34327, -90.76703

Restaurant with delicious dishes (> Le 130), pizzas and sandwiches (> Le 60). There are also croissants, cakes and coffee (espresso is Le 30). AC and Wi-Fi. A walking distance from many banks and Cotton Tree.

Crown Bakery & Confectionery 8.49066, -13.23268

New prices now (all in BWP): camping 210pp adult, 165pp child, 10pp infant, 50 for trailer. Riverview cottage 920pn for two people. Decide for yourself if too expensive or not.

Woodlands Stop Over Camp & Lodge -21.08109, 27.46403

In der Hochsaison keine gute Option. Viele Menschen den ganzen Tag über, teilweise auch Nachts. Viele nutzen den Ort zum picknicken, trinken & kiffen. Gerade Fläche für max einen Van oder zwei PKWs.

Laguna Trébol Grassy Beach -41.07026, -71.48942

Shelter is open currently. Four cycle tourists here tonight.

Refugio -52.28042, -71.34758

Nice place, just at the end of coastal area, just out of town.

Many overlanders staying there during the day and some remaining for the night. Stayed here a couple of nights without any problems. Nice views also.

Police drives around all the time. Around midnight one night they did ask us: where we were from, how long we are staying here and where are we going next and after answering they just said it's all good and wished us a good night.

Would recommend the place :)

* it's getting a bit trashy tho and lots of toilet paper lying around the beach, but this seems to be the case with all camp spots around here 🤷

Lago beach Llaguihue, Pueto Varas -41.31155, -72.97790

Stopped here for one night, from Mabua to Nossob, no facilities except pit toilet. Good shade. Millions of little butterflies, kind of annoying, they disappeared in the evening though. Started to see more and more game once we got closer to Motopi, they stay around the pan to lick the minerals and wait for rain to fill the pan with water. Big herds of oryx, eland, few jackals, springbok, steenbok. Watch out for venomous scorpions at the campsite, we found quite a few with our scorpion light. When we left in the morning we passed three male lions next to the road, very close to camp, beautiful. Nature is amazing again after the fires, very green, roads in bad shape, rough and sandy, reduce tire pressure (we went down to 1.2), drive slowly.

Motopi 2 -25.24949, 21.51190

Stayed at Motopi 2, see my entry there. To the previous post about the roads - yes they‘re in bad shape, but it‘s 4x4, it‘s pure nature, that‘s what you want I assume when you book to go there. Adapt to the conditions, drive slowly and carefully, reduce tire pressure, take your time and enjoy nature and wildlife.

Motopi 1 -25.24048, 21.40725
julia on the road

Much loved park with great trails and hidden fossils and footprints to boot. ATT signal was intermittent one bar with a booster. Clean showers with warm water

Dinosaur Valley State Park 32.24627, -97.81345

Really beautiful walk in the canopy !
100 cedi pp
Go early in the morning (8:30)

For camping, don't go on the parking it's way too expensive !
We found, with two other friends travellers, a nice and quiet spot few kilometers away (check on the map)

Kakum nationalpark 5.34840, -1.38355

Good place to find Land Rover Parts !
Sam has a lot of spare parts. He's friendly, helpfull and prices are quite good !

Land Rover Spare Parts 5.55840, -0.21322

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