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perfect spot to take a shower, full Up your tank! we went There 2 Time to take a shower ans no problem! they even have a hose

Bucktown Marina Park 30.02179, -90.12579

Pretty level parking, no wifi in lot but they have it inside.
Lots of transports tonight.

Cabellas 38.31407, -85.57082

The owners Nelson and Katty (we checked the spelling with her, so this is right!!) are lovely people and so welcoming. When we arrived we saw a for sale sign and got worried but went around the coner to the other gate and were welcomed with fresh avocados. Perfect spot!

Villa Paula 8.46746, -82.54709

está permitido acampar y pernoctar con motorhome, casas rodantes, carpas. no hay energía, agua potable, hay que llevar todo. no hay señal celular, menos wifi. una experiencia de naturaleza pura. no aconsejable casas rodantes que su tractor no sea 4x4 por pendientes pronunciadas. si se quedan en la noche deben registrarse. hay
parrillas y baños con agua para lavar.

Parque Nacional Monte Leon -50.01969, -68.51490

Was told “No Overnight Parking” by both customer service and the security patrol.

Walmart 35.20432, -106.65658

Cracker Barrel parking. Some noise but it's safe

Cracker Barrel 26.19384, -98.26500

I came to Sergios workshop 2 days ago for an alignment. He figured out significant issues on my Isuzu and has done the complete work in one full day. The situation drove me crazy but Sergio kept calm all the time and has done his work perfectly. I’m so thankful I met him.

Taller Universal 31.86211, -116.61225
Kara Metcalf

Public access recycling bins at local trash collectors office. Accepted during business hours (behind fence after hours). accepts glass, plastic, cardboard, paper, aluminum and steel cans. Does not accept trash.

Republic Recycling 34.50900, -114.34601

There are signs posted around the whole lot, No overnight truck or RV parking.

Walmart Benson 31.96974, -110.31516

Best shower deal! It was perfect as the comments relate. 2$ / per person and we use the « family room »

Southwest Community Center 45.47579, -122.72249

Huge gravel lot with plenty of room for rigs of any size. Road noise wasn't too bad, and it's close enough to the highway to be a convenient stop over.

Large parking lot next to permanently closed restaurant 32.02637, -110.71491

There are two mobile stuff shops. I entered the one with the simcard provider signs. Several offers, I got 20GB for 180sar.
10GB is 100sar, 1 week unlimited 200sar. They have even more offers.

SIM card 24.15422, 51.55787

This bank has an ATM to get money and also exchanges your money. I gave them 415AED and got 415SAR back. So they exchanged 1:1 and even the small 5AED bills. They didn’t speak English but understood what I want from them and they were really really friendly. Was a nice welcome to the country. :)

Money Change 24.13461, 51.57130

Lovely hot showers. Bring your own towels, register easily at the front desk with credit card and ID and enjoy.

Showers inside YMCA gym 32.66914, -114.64170

For petrol go to the car fuel station, for diesel to the trucks. Diesel was 0,80/Ltr. Only cash.

Fuel station 24.15301, 51.55887

We went at 4pm and waited 3hours to get in the ferry. We paid 18'000 CLP for a Motorhome on the ferry.

Ferry from/to Punta Delgada /Punta Espora -52.49417, -69.52001

As described, asked 50000 TZS at first but got a double room for 40000.

Mic hotel -6.79238, 39.21254

Parking LODI GARDEN, is good to be in the center of New Delhi, perfect if you travel with dogs because in this park are pet friendly and is very nice to walk.
Guarded by security cameras, open 24/7, free toilet open from 07:00 to 21:00.
A bit noisy both during the day and at night.

Parking of LODI GARDEN 28.36755, 77.18100

estacionamos para dormir en ligar seguro. tambien hay hotel barato. y si pedis permiso te dan wifi. tambien hay estacion de y baños

zandona hotel parking -26.35586, -48.86004

Seems open. I just passed by, but all signposts are up. Might be only over Christmas/New Year but I can’t imagine a place like this would be closed.

Kachere Kastle (Hotel & Camp) -12.00951, 34.05856

Good wifi, good place for the day, Not in the Night, car Race

Free fast Wi-fi 'WiFiUrbano' -51.61787, -69.20341

wonderfull place to stay. It is cheap and the price included a yummy breakfast. The owners are great people. The hostel is very clean, and comfortable. Besides the location couldn't be nicer, it is near the lake and the huilo-huilo natural reserve.

Puerto Fuy Chile -39.87158, -71.89047

Lovely view of the falls in spate as it has been raining

Sendero Padre Garcia -44.57835, -72.41075

Huge free area for camping. Grass, river, trees, birds... Must be almost the perfect spot. One working toilet, garbage disposal, bbq's (a lot). Some locals during the day (it's high season now), super quiet during the night. Very good claro 4G.
Enorme área libre para acampar. Hierba, río, árboles, pájaros... Debe ser casi el lugar perfecto. Un inodoro que funciona, triturador de basura, parrillas (muchas). Algunos locales durante el día (ahora es temporada alta), súper tranquilos durante la noche. muy bueno claro 4G

Parasol Free Camp -38.51917, -70.33165

Gas is only for the staff who live at the camp. The public cannot buy gasoline here.

Petrobras Gas Station -52.25998, -68.93065

Awesome food. Very nice service and comfortable place. Since it’s in a touristic area, it’s not cheap, but isn’t expensive either.

El Patio 140 -12.94673, -76.13276

i didn’t quite make it all the way. i camped in my 22 ft motorhome just after the cattle guard entrance and closer to the highway because i had more cell service here and needed to catch up on some work.

i’m not sure if there’s cell service at the farther coordinates listed, but it is nice to be farther from the road and stealthier.

my rig was very obvious from the road (highway?) but i had no problems whatsoever. there’s absolutely no place to camp for free in Jemez Springs in the winter so this is the best option if you’re headed to chaco canyon!

CDT Trail 35.97004, -107.00808

Nothing here, no police or checkpoint on this road

Agricultural checkpoint -30.03850, -66.87775

buen lugar para acampar todas las comodidades

Camping Martin Reta -38.89989, -60.34586

Nice wide space beside the river with some benches asound. Good view of the mountains. We stayed 1 night. Be careful of bugs at night.

Roadside rest area -37.82861, -71.67662

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