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Such a great place, not just for camping - even better for hiking. Stunning landscape. Don't miss to take a picture of the big trail map near the reception before you start exploring. The trails are good marked, but not everywhere. We had to pay 100 Pesos/person to stay overnight, normally it's 200. Enjoy!

Parque La Piramide 23.71789, -105.50601

Red spigot on the rigth side of the building just next to the air station. We asked inside if it was potable to which they answered that they couldn't be 100% sure but the spigot is connected to the city water system (that was good enough for us as it used to be connected to a well).
I tasted the water which had this good chlorinated city taste and smell that we like with a crystal clear apperance. Will update if we get sick 😂

Flying J 28.33687, -98.02440

Togo Embassy in Liberville. didn't go inside as heading south

Togo embassy in Liberville 0.41752, 9.42814

very nice view! The cakes at La ventana de Elisa are very good. The place is a bit noisy but safe to state a night

Casa Andrade -42.62073, -73.77060

still available for 700pP. parking on the street.

Hostel Rodinia -41.13666, -71.31080

Ecolodge with cosy bamboo-style cabanas right at the river. Peaceful. Concerts of birds and animals. Excursions during the day possible via boat to e.g Laguna, Bird Watching etc.
Meals are provided. Friendly and helpful family. Paid 100k COP/night for the double bed cabana, one person. Parked motorbike next to cabana. Cold shower.
Can be reached by motorbike, car, potentially also larger rigs. Yet would check in re road condition, especially after rain. Detailed arrival route to be sent via WhatsApp.
Nathaly: +57 318 6678946

Osprey Ecolodge 3.90417, -76.33931

Mini market but has everything. Even some vegetables and bread. There is not Too much space to
Park and you the road goes up.

La Jefa -52.77828, -69.29616

Uncle Sam's RV 409-789-7837. When you find a kind-hearted mechanic with high integrity, you have to share! Sam is the best. Reasonably priced. Will drive to you. And he's worked on EVERY kind of RV rig. I was impressed by his knowledge when I was having trouble with my electrical system.

Uncle Sam is the best! 29.30135, -94.79770

The route is not worth doing it! In total it's around 5 hours, but not too much scenic and interesting. For me a waste of time and fuel! Might be interesting for bikers.

panoramic route, depart. nueva segovia 13.52399, -86.26998

This place is good for campervans. Clean toilets and showers. Bbq places with lights. On the lake. Here are 5 campings.
We paid 30.000 for 2 nights. (1 night is 20.000)

Angostura 2 -34.14603, -71.37103

Lots of machines available. Washers $4.25 for a large load (maxi), $3.75 for medium (triple), $2.50 for small (double). Coins only. Dryers are free M-Th. Pretty clean, snack bar (cash only), bathrooms, everyone was friendly

Capri Laundry 35.15534, -107.84496

Found and bought a Kenda Big Block in 90/90-21 for 80$. Best option in Cuenca for our KTM690Enduro. All other brands were twice as expensive. Across the street is a moto workshop (tire change) and a moto parts store.

Moto Tires -2.90160, -79.00048

The showers are only open to the public from noon to 5 pm. They are closed for cleaning and Campground guests before that. I arrived at 8:45 AM and the attendant let me shower as a courtesy before she started cleaning which was very nice. The facilities were clean but the water started getting cold toward the end of my 10-minute shower.

Joshua Tree Lake Campground 34.20683, -116.24393

Perfect campground, run by a small family, even with a little restaurant (we didn’t eat there because we had our own food with us). The beach is incredible, the campground fits one Van and a lot of tents, we paid 200 pesos for two persons and one van. No cell signal at all, Wi-Fi at the tienda in the middle of the town.

El Paraíso de Asis 18.36373, -103.51368

According to USFS this is closed to camping for the first mile of the road. I didn't mark it as closed, because I guess if you want to go in a mile or more you can camp.

Bulldog Canyon OHV parking 32.24022, -112.75633

KTM dealership and workshop in Cuenca. We went there to look for new Boots and a front tire. When we saw the professional workshop and talked to the mechanics we felt this place is very competent and decided to let them service our suspension. The whole team worked great and did an excellent job on our bikes. They went far beyond a normal garage job. Thank You! We totally recommend this place.

KTM del Ecuador -2.89204, -79.02064

Dormimos una noche en este lugar y muy bien la verdad, una vista muy linda y pocas personas que pasan por aquí (las playas visitadas están en la entrada de la península).

Tongoy Sunset Views -30.24901, -71.50188

two night stay on the beach. good place to relax. not crowded. lot of cars during the day driving the road. trash and port potties.
got my pass at a gas station.

Port Aransas Beach 27.80986, -97.07054

Super nice with some threes as windprotection

Lago Fagnano -54.56637, -67.26641

It’s a very cute little restaurant - the owner is nice and the food is good but!!!! They have no menus which show the prices and there are three times! higher then normal- for example they charged us for a simple Milanese with salat and mash potato 6500 Pesos and for a lomo the same - one glass of water 500 and one glass of cheep wine 1500 Pesos - we ended up 23000 for very simple lunch and left with a bitter taste

La Ribera -54.56636, -67.26637

Dumping and water
Right after the gate.
Looks free, even if it’s in the forest state park.

Silver lake 28.57469, -82.22070

Called ahead to see if overnight parking was allowed. It is not allowed.

Walmart parking 30.41081, -86.82961

Dirt road isn’t too far after pavement ends. 5 others here but there was still room for our 40ft skoolie. No lights, very quiet night

Agua Blanca Ranch BLM 32.29190, -111.34773

Magnifique endroit directement au bord du lac. Grand stationnement droit. Au pied du départ de la randonnée des chutes (12km aller retour).
100c par adulte pour la rando, gratuit pour la nuit.
Coucher de soleil incroyable!

Beautiful place directly at the lake. Large niveled parking lot. At the start of the waterfalls hike (12km round trip).
100c per adult for the hike, free for the night.
Amazing sunset!

San Ramón Cascada 11.41557, -85.54087

No wifi. Great place, safe, bathrooms clean

Cracker Barrel 28.33162, -81.49942

We were unsure about staying on the square because we like to support the local campgrounds but planned on staying the night after visiting the town in the late afternoon/early evening. Around 7:30 pm a very nice policeman told us that camping wasn’t allowed on the square anymore and it was a new regulation. He told us that we could camp at the football field about 200 m outside of town which we didn’t do bc it was dark and we missed it. Ended up staying at El Padrino. The town itself is very cute. Mission is beautiful. Can hike up the hill above town and take in the view especially at sunset. Nice town to walk around in. Did not encounter any aggressive dogs so good to walk your dog around. Residents were all very nice and helpful when we were trying to find the trail to the top of the hill. Lots of little shops and restaurants on the square. Worth a visit.

Downtown San Ignacio 27.28381, -112.89759

This entire road is closed to camping according to USFS order

Not saying you couldn't stealth camp, but an RV or tent is gonna garner unwanted attention I imagine with the closure.

First Water Road 33.47145, -111.46922

Stayed one quick night. Guilt of not buying a pass. Rained pretty hard. There’s some spots with gravel that bode well when wet. We parked under an cottonwood that was muddy by morning. There’s a dry gully or creek crossing right as you enter with a slope. The mud stopped us from exiting in the AM in 2wd. Very sloppy mud. No problem in 4wd. Not a great view of river but good trail for dog walk. Did not experience the j-johns or bathroom.

Box Bar 33.74303, -111.66026

free site, no amenities, quiet. must register online or with a paper they provide. it's free

Grand Lac Campground (free) 31.12041, -92.02284

super clean, nice people and open all year.
9,50 for 1p, 1 bicycle and tent (low season)


Akrati beach Camping 38.17378, 22.33802

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