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Open. The road isn’t but the workers let us cycle on the new one whilst it’s under construction.

Definitely worth putting up with the headwinds for. Best we saw on the way from Torres. Lots of bus stops before but either being used as construction welfare or full of rubbish

bivouac (RHCP) Under the bridge -51.21969, -72.44887
Oregon outback campers

Wide open, fun place to explore. Late evening arrival so didn't get to explore for a perfect campsite, but previous mention of barbwire is incorrect! It's merely a gate, surely you have seen them before? Pull off the top tension loop, pull away, enter your vehicle, and reclose the gate.
Yes, close to the entrance is a little noisy with trains and highway travelers, but go deeper into the the area and it's much quieter!

Sonoran Desert National Monument 32.99476, -112.52498

Very quiet. And a good Walmart. No semis, but one other RV.

Walmart parking lot 39.72605, -91.39884

PL (EN below)
Camping prowadzony przez bardzo miłą rodzinkę. Atmosfera, miejsce i widoki są bezbłędne. Czuliśmy się tam bardzo wyjątkowo, a atmosfera napawała spokojem. Każde miejsce na campingu jest wyznaczone i znajduje się przy plaży. Miejsca są zadaszone, każde z nich ma stolik i gril z betonowym blatem osłoniętym od wiatru. Można skorzystać z prądu oraz miejsca w lodówce u właścicieli. Kompletny bark zasięgu sieci kominowej - nam to nie przeszkadzało, dajemy na duży plus. Łazienki są czyste z letnią wodą po całym dniu nagrzewania w rurach i zbiorniku. Wcześnie rano woda zimna. Na miejscu można zamówić jedzenie i picie - polecamy empanada de la casa. Jest przepyszna i przyrządzona również na miejscu. Polecamy w 100% - przyjeżdżajcie! 😀
10000 CLP za osobę

Camping run by a great family. Atmosphere, place and sights are amazing! We felt there exceptional and the place is externally peaceful. Each camping site is near the beach, has its own little roof and is equipped with table, grill with concrete wind shield. You can use electricity and a fridge at the common space. There is no signal in the area, for us it wasn’t an issue, and we appreciated it. Bathrooms are clean with warm (not cold) water after the whole sunny day. At the restaurant you can order homemade food and drinks - we totally recommend empanada de la casa. It’s delicious and made just before serving.
We 100% recommend this camping! 😀
10000CLP per person

Los Yecos -26.14517, -70.66763

This is not a free camp site but an informal campground.
Edward is the owner of this large property with new cabanas and several spots where it is possible to camp. The spots are not completely flat so you may need to put something under the wheels to level out your car. The official price for camping is 10 $ pppn, however we agreed to 5$ pppn after some negotiations if staying 2 or more nights. It is a beautiful open place above the river, we got access to one of the cabanas for electricity, toilet and shower, all new and clean.
The main focus of Edward are tours for fotographers. He has also developed a mirador to observe the king vulture. We made his tour to see this spectacular bird (40 $ pp), and a boat tour of about 3 hours (30 $ pp). Edward is a very nice and helpful person, and also an excellent tour guide.
The access onto the property is a short (only about 10 meters) but pretty steep slope on gravel/soil. Long wheelbase vehicles may have difficulties unless with good clearance. In rainy weather 4x4 is required for this slope.

Mirador el Pizote 10.66029, -84.24282
Aimee Helm

Stayed 7pm - 8:30am with no issues. Walmart has a glacier water refill .39/gallon. Located straight back from left entrance, at the end of the locked booze isle. There were several other rigs overnighting. Supported the place with my business, of course.

Walmart 41.77326, -124.19057

Beautiful, peaceful campsite with a big kitchen and a nice common area, right at the bay. Free kayak to use as a guest.

So many birds in the morning and at sunset. Aswesome!

El Chontal 8.70293, -83.48609

We did not make it, the last 3,5 km were too bad. We have a 4x4 sprinter but do not want anything to be broken. We first tried via Santa Ana Zirosto and dus not succeed. And the next day via Zacan. Now we are in Angahuan and go by horse!

Volcán Paricutín II 19.54159, -102.23446

Still open. Nice to have a fresh juice here. Pizzas aren't the best but ok.

Pizza Vesuvio -26.43932, 31.18341

Still works very well. Arrived at 7pm, parking lot attendant waved me in right away, I drove back to those 20 free parking spaces and was free to choose a parking lot. Good breakfast and public restrooms at First Station (nice restaurant area). Old town can also be reached on foot in 20 minutes.

The First Station - parking lot 31.76317, 35.22456

Lugar tranquilo para acampar. Conversando com o pessoal da casa paroquial, eles abrem o banheiro que possui chuveiro.

santuário Mariano -27.58401, -48.98301

Pull off about 100m by 100m wide. Any size rig. Might not be allowed but locals seemed to not mind. Good spot ANY rig. We are 10,000kg and 13m 22,000lb 41 foot skoolie.

Mountain valley dirt mine 15.24192, -90.26144

Campground is in the garden, 2 spots for campervans on the driveway which we used. Safe environment to camp and gated. Shower is hot and there is a mini market on site run by the same friendly owner, would recommend as it is on walking distance from city center.

Hospedaje Independencia -53.16346, -70.91750

what a stunning view, especially during sunset. Some foodtrucks during the day. BUT very busy with big campers during January, so bit noisy at night.

Beach parking -42.57631, -64.27629
Roadtrip 2020

Very nice backyard to stay the night or park when visiting the Copper Canyon. Rosa makes you feel welcome and is willing to help with organising the Chepe.
Room for 3/4 vans.

WiFi available.
We paid 50 pesos a night.

Rosa’s Place 26.36485, -108.59320

We didn't stay here but did stop in to empty our tanks, take on fresh water, and refill the propane. The office is open until 7p, however they will not do propane fills after dark.

Needles KOA Journey 34.86887, -114.64231

Only checked in to add the height and to say, that it’s still possible to stay for the night. (last comment 3 years old.) Still 20 km dirt road in both directions. Thick clouds and rain in the afternoon.
Tickets valid for 3 entries in 2 parks for 7 days. 94 BRL pp, 65 BRL for people over 60. Fee for camper vans 20 BRL per day.

Parque Nacional Aparados gate -29.15493, -50.06032

Nice little oasis in the chaos.
A bit pricy, 600k for a room for one person, but the service was perfect and you can pay with card.
Good breakfast (with real coffee) included.
Ismael and his mother are very helpful and eager to help with any problems you have.
In the evenings Sylvain, a employee at the Ivorian embassy, comes by and takes all your information for visas and the lassiez-passer.
I paid 400k for the LP and got it the next evening.

Les Palmiers 9.59223, -13.65743

This place is also know as Upper Echo Bay Campground. Once you're inside of the Lake Mead National Rec area you have access to this dump station with potable water and a trash dumpster. It is next to a FCFS campground that is dry camping only. Easy in and out.

Emerald cove dump 36.30868, -114.43472

Automated water and ice machine:
1gal water for 30c
5gal water for $1.25
10lb bulk ice $1.25
20lb bulk ice $175

Accepts bills and coins. Water for portable containers only.

Watermill water & ice 29.37101, -100.89988

National Park potable water right next to sani dump.

NPS Diablo East 29.47163, -101.01339

Amistad National Rec Area sani dump station right off highway. Non-potable rinse water, potable water, trash, fish cleaning station available. Free!

NPS Diablo East 29.47168, -101.01327

Price here has skyrocketed with the times. Entry fee to the cenote is 190pp. We were given the option to park overnight for an additional 100pp. We got them down to a round 500pesos for two people for camping and cenote entry. It's pretty expensive but seems to be on par with what's around here. The upside is we were the only ones and had the cenote all to ourselves after hours and that made the price bearable.

Cenote Puebla Fantasma 20.80070, -87.85691

This is refugio 1 on the way to Balcon del Pissis. It's a bit full of stuff (table, chair...), but ok for a night with wind protection.

Refugio 1 Pissis -27.67000, -68.32842

Very beautiful spot right at the rivermouth, lots of other good spots, too. Stayed two nights completely undisturbed except for howler-monkey concerts 😁

Playa grande 9.63588, -82.67846

Had no problems staying here overnight. Quiet and clean bathrooms. No other overnighters were there.

Walmart 30.00740, -95.28280
A sudden leap into boondocking

Another wonderful free rv/ Tent camping area on the Natchez Trace. About 20 pull through and back in sites with fire rings, picnic tables and Grills. Beautiful trails throughout. Nice bathrooms but no potable water so bring water and Bring levelers .. many sites not level at all but still an awesome place. Walk the trail or drive up to where the old Town of Rocky Springs once thrived. The church and a few other items are all that remains but there is a wonderful trail with tons of great historical information and the church is still open for visitors today. See videos and full reviews of all the campgrounds and pull off I go to on my fb group. A sudden leap into boondocking.

Rocky Springs Site 32.08805, -90.79927

This spot seems to be a confusion for everyone as to what is going on. When you enter the area you see a scorpion bay camping sign with spots on the ocean side and road side. As you continue down the road what I assumed to be the restaurant is on the right. There is a fence separating it from the road at the point. The point to the lighthouse had a few people spending the night and after the light house is the start of the fancy houses in a no camping zone. We stayed at the campground on the ocean side and weren’t bothered. Nobody came to collect pesos and the “restaurant” didn’t look open. The second night the police came by at 11pm but headed to the point passed the fancy houses. They passed by again around 20 minutes later to go back to town and didn’t stop. We spoke to several of the expats in the area and nobody seems to know what is happening with the campground and if it still is a campground or it is being re-zoned. The spot is nice but there are no toilets that I could see

The highway to San Juanito from ciudad is paved the entire way. There are a few spots where there are big potholes, or it is down to one lane due to erosion or sand. Near town there is a bridge that is out. It is marked by orange rocks but is not very obvious until you see the detour

Scorpion Bay 26.24635, -112.47740

Stayed over night. Gates were open after 10pm. Easy access and peaceful sleep. There wasn't any trouble with park rangers or police. Not sure about day time arrangements but there was plenty of available space for larger vehicles/5th wheels.

Veterans Memorial Park - College Station 30.64169, -96.29436

Estuvimos en motorhome durante 2 noches, hay mucho espacio para acampar también. Cuenta con electricidad, baños con agua caliente y cocina comunitaria. muy lindo y tranquilo el lugar. Hay un restaurant dentro del predio. La playa está cruzando la calle, se puede recorrer el pueblo caminando. Costo aprox 60 Rs pp en efectivo (con tarjeta 65 PP). Contacto +554891094445.
We were in a motorhome for 2 nights, there is plenty of space for camping as well. It has electricity, bathrooms with hot water and a community kitchen. very nice and quiet place. There is a restaurant inside the property. The beach is across the street, you can walk around the town. Cost approx 60 Rs pp in cash (with card 65 PP). Contact +554891094445.

Surf Camping Cardoso -28.60601, -48.82073

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