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Estuvimos en motorhome durante 2 noches, hay mucho espacio para acampar también. Cuenta con electricidad, baños con agua caliente y cocina comunitaria. muy lindo y tranquilo el lugar. Hay un restaurant dentro del predio. La playa está cruzando la calle, se puede recorrer el pueblo caminando. Costo aprox 60 Rs pp en efectivo (con tarjeta 65 PP). Contacto +554891094445.
We were in a motorhome for 2 nights, there is plenty of space for camping as well. It has electricity, bathrooms with hot water and a community kitchen. very nice and quiet place. There is a restaurant inside the property. The beach is across the street, you can walk around the town. Cost approx 60 Rs pp in cash (with card 65 PP). Contact +554891094445.

Surf Camping Cardoso -28.60601, -48.82073

further info about the ferry: if there's too many people waiting to go north the check in list of this camping is the official list for who gets to board the small boat first. there's 16 spot on the boat and room for 6 or 8 bicycles. the boat left ohggins at 8 and from below the camping at 11.

Candelario -48.87748, -72.73978

Clean and safe little spot to camp. No privacy between sites but everyone was quiet and kept to themselves. Some road noise. Sparkling clean bathrooms! 6 minute drive to bath houses in town.

Gulpha Gorge NP Campground 34.52419, -93.03648

Camping gratis. Hermoso lugar pero con bastante gente en temporada de verano al menos. Nosotros dormimos en la playa porque ya estaba todo lleno, nadie vino a decirnos algo. Un poco sucio pero gratis. :)

Lago Espejo -40.68572, -71.69473

Sommerwind is a wonderful atmosphere for any camper/van etc. There’s space for pets, you can ride your bike around the lake, they have a great selection of beer and wine. Hans is super helpful with everything you need.

I will say the wifi was not great. It was okay, but I had issues doing video meetings on the wifi.

Finca Sommerwind 0.38042, -78.08918

Stayed here one night. Bathrooms are not open all night! they are open 730am to 5 or 530pm. This street feels kind of sketchy once it's dark but honestly it was one of the quietest spots I've found in the LA and Pasadena areas and I wasn't bothered at all. No issues whatsoever.

Side street by park 34.14502, -117.98872

There's a tap of potable water at the right of the entrance of the Teatro Grego Chacho Santa Cruz, close to the one-wheeled biker sculpture. We spent one night here from Tuesday to Wednesday. The park was full until close to midnight. After that, mostly motorhomes and campers stayed. We felt safe and no one bothered us.

Plaza Municipal -34.61181, -68.34830

nice place near the center , owner friendly, I paid 85 bob With private restroom,hot shower.kiosko just near the place . possible to park my motorcycle in side the hotel.I recommended

Hostal Maria Victoria (~Casa de huespedes Maria Victoria) -19.58254, -65.75232

Dirty, loud, full of mosquitoes, the toilet was go in hold your breath and go out :)
Wanted to go to the guest house on the west side but it was fully booked by american archeological expedition.

Hotel al-Nasr 18.54860, 31.84615

Only camper here. Quiet even with a railroad track within 100yards, did t see a train until after 9am and it was a switch train(small). Good stop

Cracker Barrel 32.26949, -111.01111

we stayed here because of all the positive reviews. but in fact we would skip next time. facilities were worn down. hot water only available on set times and even then it was a disaster. just rinsed with hot water. soaped in and the water turns freezing cold. need to turn off wait some seconds, turn it on and wait dor it to be warm again. then you have warm water for 15 seconds before you can start over the ritual. they clean the bathroom 2 times a day. but since its high season they should clean 6 times. its very crowded and noisy untill late. it really needs an update for these prices. no properly working wifi when we were there. the owner is very kind. arranged tours for us with a little discount. we payed 7000 pp for staying with small campervan.

Camping Río Chirifo -46.62812, -72.67348

Wholesaler of batteries, inverters, solar panels etc. Fast and professional reply. In this quarter you find many more shops for these items. Quarter not suitable for big rigs - parking in 5 minutes walking distance available.

Euronet Batteries 24.64136, 46.72130
Rachel Vickers

This was one of our favourite campsites in Namibia! Gorgeous setting and really nice facilities. We had water both nights we stayed and they supplied us firewood. The host of the campsite is so helpful and took us to the Himba village which we enjoyed. Can also recommend the drive out to the skeleton coast view point.

Omenje Campsite Puros -18.76163, 12.94216

This would be a really beautiful spot if it weren't for the garbage EVERYWHERE. Clearly this is a spot that drunk gun enthusiasts in the area use to have fun without respect for the land. Pretty if you stay at a spot before the trailhead in view of Mt. San Jacinto, plenty of spots on this road though. We stayed here for two nights while we visited Joshua tree just an hour away.

Long Canyon hike trail head 33.95375, -116.45152

As described, we ended up going further on RT5 as it was a little too windy.

Wild camp at Ruta 5 (going north) -28.49243, -70.72388

As described, very quiet. A local came by to ask if we were tourists and ok.

C-455 just off Route 5 -28.16466, -70.61098

ótimo local.....camping colaborativo......valor apenas para colaborar com o progresso do camping

Amigos da Enseada -26.22003, -48.50081

Nice little rv park right in Patagonia. Full hookups, can take big rigs or rv towing a vehicle. About 30 min from Nogales. Paid 35 bucks, including electric/water. Good cell service.

DMB RV Ranch 31.54306, -110.75032

Estacion de servicio BR con darsenas atras donde pernoctar, electricidad, wifi baño, agua. exelente

Shell gas station -10.77400, -37.13118

Campground in a park, used for day/night use as well as camping. $500 per person plus $500 for the tent. Bathrooms are basic and rundown, so are showers but they had hot water. Train ran frequently and with its horn at times through the night. Police stationed in the park and drove through regularly.

Parque Plaza Montero -36.00627, -59.08213

Nice place to stay before or after crossing borders, they will receive you very well.
They have a spot to camp and for rigs, if you are interested in preserving the Mother Nature they can tell you about their projects and are very interested in create a international community. Arrive early or stay for a few days or

Flower Nursery - Adonay law office 13.57811, -87.82039

We spent a night there. Juste perfect place to sleep. With a nice view and a river

Gorgeous Valle Wild Camp -46.47649, -73.19786

Absolutely lovely campsite set above Lake Nakuru with some beautiful viewpoints. Very friendly team, nice restaurant and bar, flat grassy site, excellent WiFi, water tap, gorgeous bathrooms. Spent 2 nights here to explore Lake Elementaita.1000ksh pppn

Kambi Amani -0.31862, 36.02719

Crossed from Kenya into Uganda. No hassle, no queues and efficient stamping of passport/CDP out of Kenya. Similar stamping into Uganda. Note that now customs are charging road tax for vehicles at a minimum of 3 months (60usd). Currently you cannot buy just one month (20usd). Confirmed this with another Overlander who crossed the boarder recently.

Borderstation 1.21612, 34.73259

The Gamkaskloof road took us 2.5 hours. The road was graded recently and in a good condition. The sharp bends in the road let us maneuver a few times which was a good experience for 4x4 driving. We loved the campsite and were standing at “Ella”. The shower and toilet was basic but useable. We paid R140pppn. The shop at reception has lots of jam and local produce. We loved our stay!

Piet se Staning -33.35852, 21.68978

Camping de excelente estrutura, banheiros com água quente, cozinhas, churrasqueiras e até geladeiras de apoio; passamos 2 noites muito tranquilas. R$40pp.

Camping Parque Estadual Itacolomi -20.41932, -43.50806
RdamNatas Panamericana NL

It was indeed safe and level and free wifi in the kid’s playground, but it was the noisiest night we ever had. The racing around town with loud music started at 22:00 and stopped around 5:30. If you are like us, I wouldn’t stand here.. even with earplugs in it was too loud for us,

Playon Motorhomes -51.61730, -69.20835

There are signs saying the place is a private property, but there were around 5 cars parked there when we arrived. It's possible to make fire. We stayed overnight and it was awesome! I rarely saw an open sky like there. Awesome night! The river is accessible and there are small contentions creating natural pools. Beware the water level changes constantly, raising or lowering. There is a siren that sounds when the level is about to change, but better not rely on it, specially if you're in the river (you may not hear it). As others said, no infrastructure. Many people come during the day and leave when the night falls. We were the only ones there at night. The water level never reaches the cars if you park under the trees. I would say it's safe.

Riverside -34.87627, -68.56550

The view in the Canyon is amazing! The Place is good if you have no other options or are tired but it is full of trash like toilet Papier and feces.

Roadside Pull Off -44.65433, -72.38935

Pulled off here and pulled up under the trees and it was a great spot for us. Lots of shade and a creek nearby for water to boil. Not great cell phone signal though had some 2G.

Terrific Tazas -35.33526, -71.10930

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