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buen lugar para parar con un techo si necesitan sombra. Canilla con agua no sabemos si es potable. enfrente un descamento policial con wifi pedirle contraseña al policía. ojo con los posos del puente bajar la velocidad !!
muy lindo lugar para descansar un poco. no hay señal

Ruta 40 House -39.44080, -70.17990

buen lugar para descansar con parrilla, mesas y bancos con techos, canilla y toma corriente. es un lugar con poco espacio no entran muchos motorhome . hermosa vista del volcan.

nice flat beach -37.86302, -71.04172

hermoso lugar parar acampar frente al lago con una hermosa vista del volcan, no se puede hacer fuego, no hay luz, no hay canilla con agua. pero podés sacar de la plaza de centro a solo 300 metros. mucho espacio para elegir.

Caviahue Beach Camping -39.48642, -70.25300

Además cuenta con una plaza si estás con niños/as

nice flat beach -39.50084, -70.28420

Kayak wash with freshwater taps. Not sure if drinkable right away but we used inline filters to fill our RV tank.

Nice day use area with some good walking trails in the area too!

Weedon Island Preserve Kayak Launch 27.84439, -82.61134

Wonderful park! Really big area, clean open bathrooms, large lots for parking, loads of picnic areas . My dog is a HUGE FAN!!

Cooters Pond Park 32.43066, -86.39985

A mirador just off W-15 but very quiet at night. With a wonderful view over the village and the sea.

Mirador -42.04140, -73.46163

3 BZD for refilling a 5 gallon jug. Friendly stuff, clean place!

Agua Magica 17.50939, -88.20900
Uncle Rich Explorers Club

Spent the night here with six other travelers in the parking lot. No trucks tonight so nice and quiet

Walmart Super Center 30.51842, -86.46165

Returned to this beautiful spot on the way to Big Bend. Was here two years ago.

Titus County Freshwater Supply District 33.08917, -95.01341

Hosteria and restaurant.
Here for a meal. Great variety of food and excellent WiFi. Had tuna and garlic potatoes and merluza (hake) with a mound of mash with a side salad. Go for caramelised onions on side - they are soooo worth it. Num num
Little bit cool inside but worth it for the food. Didn’t stay here but there are rooms. Waitress speaks excellent English. I want to practice my Spanish !

Lafquen Antu -44.73170, -72.68237

I asked inside. Yes it is potable water and can fill up, free. On left side of building right next to the air pump station.

Pilot Truck Stop - potable water- free 32.12609, -110.87401

This is an animal rescue center. They also have a veterian clinic. They help injured or ill streetdogs and cats get back to good health and then try to find a home. Every last weekend of the month they do free sterilization for cats and dogs. This helps to get the popolation under control and reduce the suffer from streetdogs and streetcats. If you see animals in a really bad condition, please contact them to see if they have space.

Monday - Friday: 16:00 - 18:00
Saturday: 11:30 - 15:00

You can come during these hours to visit the shelter. If you like, you can go for a walk with the dogs or play and cuddle with the cats. They’re all always happy to get attention. Every saturday you can also help with bathing the dogs, which is pretty funny too! :-)

Please leave a donation here or bring a bag of dog food. They are doing great work and need the support.

If you would like to help at the sterilization weekend or would love to volunteer for a couple days or weeks: please contact the shelter in advance for more informations.

SOS el arca Animal Rescue 20.63044, -87.09122

Free parking by Audubon park public swimming pool, enjoy the park, the pool has been closed for a couple years if it reopens its free

Audubon Park Lot 29.92501, -90.12957

Servicio de Guarda de motocicleta, cafeteria libre de Cortesia, wifi, baño privado

Residencial Santa Cruz -14.83361, -64.90732

Currently day use only, not sure if it’s temporary or permanent

La Pastora 23.48762, -110.27356

Couldn’t make it in my 13meter 41’ skoolie.

Lamanai Riverside Retreat 18.07715, -88.55701

We saw that the welder pinged in this town was abandoned but on the way out of town found this guy. He did some work on our truck's skid plate and charged a more than fair price.

Diez Hermanos Lindquist 31.90595, -116.27314

a very safe place. can park here without problems with the pick up and our caravan 4 meters. the place has hose safe water near the corner. you must have a gripper for open and close it. has 4G signal if you purchased a Chip in Chile

on parking in front of police station carabineros -39.34788, -71.70659

Charged me 950 pesos for me and my dog. I tried to bargain with the guy but he wouldn't budge and I didn't feel like shopping around.

The courtyard is nice and gated at night. The room was decent and the wifi was pretty good.

Had some great tacos down the street but in the end I absolutely hated this town. Sand dunes are over rated and if your going whale watching go to San Ignacio instead. There are stray dogs everywhere and across the hotel was an abandoned building with 20 stray dogs inside that went crazy whenever me and my dog would walk by.

If your reading this, keep going to San Ignacio instead. It's a much better town.

Cowboy Hotel 27.96686, -114.02663

Paid 60.000 COP for a double room.
Safe parking in a garage for a motorcycle.

Hotel Kuelap 0.80660, -77.58267

Great place to stay, lots of different spots. We came with a campervan and a small tent. In the evening there were some fisherman, but during the night we were alone!

As mentioned in other comments, turn away from the lake (right turn if coming from Villarrica, left turn if coming from Pucón) onto a dirt road and from there a left turn on a steep road down (take the second one), follow the river to the beach (1 minute only).

Lakeside -39.30066, -72.06800

free water and free dump station. nice rest stop

south bound rest stop 31.88422, -86.61097

Estação com excelente estrutura. Ducha quente, água e Wi-Fi. Cafeteira com calefação e bom sinal de Wi-Fi. Excelente atendimento.

YPF -53.81007, -67.78045

tried to sell it to me for the international price, but I countered for 5, and we settled for 6 into the tank.

YPFB -19.12522, -65.26270

still the same price and question from the police

Peaje and police checkpoint -19.54708, -65.72360

the coffee machine looks legit, but it was to late in the day to get a coffee. only place in the area that would let us come in with our dogs. tons of gringos in here. I got a pork sandwich and it was pretty lackluster in every way and didn't come with fries.

Cafe La Plata -19.58952, -65.75319

As described. Overlanders pull through gate then 180* to the left, camping in front of Overlanders sign on cistern and around lone shade tree with picnic table. Paul and facilities are a short walk down the road to the east. Staff leave after 2:00 pm. kids still on break so don't know that situation.

Rancho El Camino 24.19528, -110.20224

Great spot. We parked in the back corner of RV lot. Security makes rounds which is great and really quite quiet

Riverwind Casino 35.17747, -97.50301

Typical Walmart lot in a huge retail complex. Spent one night in our Class B with no issues. Good cell service

Walmart 29.54092, -95.01977

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