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25 soles per vehicle + 5 soles to use toilet

no electricity or water hookup
water at beach too rough to get in

Las Aldas Guesthouse -12.08080, -77.01371

spent the quiet night here. still a good spot while in the city.

Walmart Saguenay 48.40296, -71.05880

Passamos uma noite e foi super tranquilo. O posto tem um amplo espaço de estacionamento, banheiros com ar condicionado, banho gratuito e ponto de energia dentro do banheiro masculino. Você pode também lavar o carro caso queira, perto das bombas há uma mangueira e sabão que é disponibilizado para carros e caminhões. Há água gelada potável disponível para beber e também um restaurante com lanche e comida para quem quiser. Passamos uma noite e nos sentimos seguros.

Posto Eko -18.80662, -39.89663

César is a brilliant mechanic.he checked my Toyota brakes for a reasonable it🔥

César mechanic -32.75781, -70.59358

Lovely place, perfectly situated. Welcomed by Rodolfo.
No camping, my car is accepted as a "motorhome". Price is 85 brl for one night, one car, one person which I find a bit steep.
Noise from jet engines, starting airplanes, there must be an airport in the vicinity. Like 200m from here.
More annoying is the almost constant traffic of low flying sightseeing helicopters, though.
Goes on all day.
If you seek quiet, forget this.
The bathrooms for the "motorhome lot" are about 100m away. It is actually the showers and loo of the pool next to the restaurant, no special sink.
In the motorhome lot there is one pole with three power outlets, plus two water faucets. The water faucets didn't work when I tried them.
A bit of a (gentle) rip off, all of this.
BTW not clear why this is called eco hostel.

Iguassu Eco Hostel -25.60866, -54.48039

French passport
1 week to get the visa

The woman who took care of us was really friendly and helpful
Here are the documents we needed :
- Attestation de Résidence (we got this paper at the police station of 12eme arrondissement for 2000 CFA - to have it you need a letter from an ivoirian resident with copy of his passport)
- yellow fever copy
- hotel booking in Ghana
- passport copy
- application form (online) printed and signed
- covid vaccin copy
- 1 photo

Before coming you have to book an appointment online ;)

Ghana Embassy 5.35882, -3.98705

El Patagon
10.000 pesos for two people and our truck camper. Small campsite, can probably accommodate two vehicles. Each site has a different shelter with seating, a table, and possibility for a camp fire, with wood provided by the owner. Bathrooms are reasonable, although no hot water for showers at the moment as gas had run out. There is a tank with potable water available. It’s a nice, quiet spot for a night!

Camping Patagonia -45.42468, -72.43047

Good location at entrance to town. It’s a parking lot!!! Occasional vehicles entering at night but mostly just the sounds of frogs and other small critters.

Parking lot Guatapé 6.23363, -75.16340

Place it now more a worksite! Suuuuper muddy

Between Sultanköy and Tekirdag 40.99706, 27.65428

No fundo do posto tem um estacionamento, passamos a noite e foi tranquilo, só precisa sair às 07h, caso contrário tem que pagar estacionamento.

Dormimos no posto -15.59302, -56.09180

We stayed one night at the camping of the natl park. 10bz/person for camping and 10bz/pers entrance free for the park. Really quiet, cold shower and toilets. Clean. They can sell you a garrafon of purified water if you need.
We did Antelope hike in the morning and bird loop. Then we drove to the second parking lot to go to Lower and Upper Bocawina falls. The road to go there is bumpy, narrow and there is branches. We are 3m and sometimes it was hard. All the hike are worth it. The jungle is so beautiful and the workers there are so sweet. You can easily spend 2 days there.
LOT of mosquitoes !

Mayflower Bocawina National Park 16.93045, -88.38625

Just control insurance

police 17.17054, -89.05137

Many flat spots next to the river on this side. Cannot pass the broken bridge so need to take the asphalt street on the eastern side of the river either from north or south.

Some locals spent their afternoons bathing in the river but night was very quiet. Water is refreshing. There would be enough wood for a campfire.

Broken bridge river camp -28.46614, -67.11625

Very cool and free spot for a refreshing dip on hot summer days!

We went up to the second pool, the water was not at all dirty. It’s in general a little bit brown-ish but nothing bad. We enjoyed it a lot!

The toilets at the entrance were disgusting though, not clean at all, we floor, no tp…

Incredible river in desert Canion -28.48914, -67.11808

Spent a pretty quiet night here. One guy knocked on the window asking to borrow a light but other than that super tranquilo. Can access water from the river. Seems like an abandoned old campground. Entrance a bit steep and wet from the rain but made it fine up and down in 2wd 4Runner.

Pasé un noche tranquilo aquí solo en un punto alquien tocó la puerta para pedir fuego. Aparte de esto super tranquilo. La entrada un poco empinada y mojado por la lluvia pero llegué bien en mi 4x2 4Runner. Acceso al agua del río. También hay lugar para poner carpa.

Riverside -45.56837, -72.05549

Nice and big gas station, but with limited space for parking over night behind the main biulding. You can stay in the front. The restautant for the truck drivers has some ventilation device thats extremelly loud. Avoid parking too close. Clean bathrooms. Pricey food. Water and dump station for free. We didnt get electricity.

Graal Topázio -22.61128, -47.35809

RV Park away from the beach. Full service, water, power, and sewer. Approx 16 sites, $500 Peso per night plus 3.6 Peso per KW/H for power. Concrete pads between sites.

Las Guineas RV Park and Resort 20.95697, -105.34730

Visa extension office where you can extend your visa exemption for 30 days.

Immigration ‘office’ is in IT Square building/shopping centre on floor 3.

Good idea to come early as they only let 300 people in a day. Lunch break 12pm to 1pm.

Come with a copy of passport page and entry stamp page so you don’t need to pay for it (although you can here) and a passport photo.

Very organised queuing system.

Visa Exemption Extension 13.88564, 100.58120

Do not stay here. Store closes at 9PM, security came to our van at 9:30 and told us we couldn't stay. 4 minutes away is Cracker Barrel, stayed the night there with several other vehicles no problem

Coors Blvd WalMart 35.11198, -106.70033

Confirming the info below, price is 8000 for adults and 4000 for kids. You can also just pay half of that for a daily picnic (I think that is what locals do), they have grills and tables on the camping spots

Camping La Isla -37.21334, -72.36516

Walmart parking. Noisy place

Parking Walmart. Beaucoup de bruit

Walmart 27.76828, -98.04334

Plenty of campsites in this area, the coordinates should be accurate to where we stayed, but i have 0 bars with Verizon, so who knows. roughly 15 minutes from marked entrance of the WMA, beautiful drive. little to no traffic , a few work trucks for the WMA have passed by but other than that nothing.

Clinch Mountain Wildlife Management Area 36.92259, -81.84045

Indeed a beautiful spot to stay for the night. We liked it so much, we came back after visiting the park. We had a clear day with no wind, which made this spot the best we've camped at in a long time: very quiet and no trash at all, hopefully it can stay that way! (please bury or take your toilet paper as well- leave no trace!)

grassy site near park entrance -50.39768, -72.72992

beautiful place to stay for one night, had no issues! great view and amazing sunset!

Ocean View -33.43073, -71.69700

Still a nice walk! You have a nice view of the glacier and the Cuernos mountain peaks and the waterfall (lots of water in January).. east hike.. 1hr one way

Mirador Cuernos -51.06128, -72.99123

Great place to stay for the night. security guides big trucks in where to park, so things remain pretty well organized. we were told the casino allows one to stay 2 nights; just make sure you drive your rug away during the day for a couple hours.

Gila River-Lone Butte Casino 33.28963, -111.94322

An excellent Indian fry bread food stand making popovers and Indian tacos with beef. $7. Really filling. Delicious. Not many other places to eat in Sells.

Food trucks/stand 31.91575, -111.88964
Avi Baram

Water booth, $1 for 5 gallon, 25c per gallon. Pay with coins.

Ehrenberg drinking water. 33.61219, -114.51160

Dormimos duas vezes em dias diferentes e foi muito tranquilo. Tem movimento do pessoal na praia até tarde mas é bem seguro! Apesar das placas de proibido pernoitar com Motorhome não tivemos problema mesmo a polícia fazendo algumas rondas.
Tem wc público no local.

We slept twice on different days and it was very peaceful. There is movement of people on the beach until late but it is very safe! Despite the signs prohibiting staying overnight with a Motorhome, we had no problem even with the police doing some rounds.
There is a public toilet on site.

Beach front parking lot -34.04229, -53.53980

They don’t refill bottles anymore, only sell.

Lipigas Osorno -40.57640, -73.09856

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