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one km from the center of coroico , quiet place with swimming pool ( not used) 120 bolívars included breakfast, simple room with private bathroom.owner friendly. large parking for for my motorbike and safe . I recommended

hôtel Loma colorada -16.19376, -67.74063

Beautiful, well maintained park with lots of trash cans available. We stopped for ~7mins at 4pm on a Thursday. Many water spigots all of which were turned off. A couple of these spigots had plastic switches that did not yield any water. bathrooms were locked. In the short time we were here two vehicles with fully tinted windows were circling the park slowing down each time they passed us. We waved and made our exit.

Punta Colonet Free Camp 31.07191, -116.21137

We found this place rather odd. The view is definitely nice and bathroom in one of the rooms is ok but the people were not really kind only when they needed money (for a guided walk or something). Maybe just the wrong time. We paid 25.000 pppn.

Sipi Guest House 1.33575, 34.37647

Nice camping site, you are literally in the middle of nature.
Friendly owner and staff.
I had a great day there, even if it was only for the night.
I was greeted with a very cold beer 😂 and the next morning owner Hans gave me a ride to the tarmac so I could continued my tour to Swakopmund.

Camping Kaliombo Safari Lodge -21.96265, 16.24299

Nice shop with cold drinks and great Biltong.
Very friendly staff.
A good place to rest from cycling, in my casa.

Wilhelmstal Pad Stal -21.91308, 16.32330

Tried to stay overnight but the parking area is cordoned off. I parked on the side of the short access road instead. Quiet.
The park itself is highly policed, with a bag check before entering the trail. People are friendly.
Extensive restaurant area with bathrooms at the waterfall itself.
No animals to observe.
Very good WiFi at the restaurant area.
No cell reception in the access road.

Veu de Novia waterfall -15.49164, -55.27080

Well worth the short ride (exactly 1.3km on my bike computer). there was one other cyclist when we arrived at 5pm, and only 2 vehicles and 1 motorcycle passed during the evening. River was too cold for more than a pits and bits wash. There were a few mosquitos so keep the tent closed.

Rio Oeste - Sandy Beach -43.66214, -72.34164

There are six real showers for men and women.

Picnic Park 16.71312, 42.07480

Lavies can escort you to this place for buy SIM card. You should asking for that many time, because they don't want lost time for that.

SIM card Optel 30.20052, 67.00834

Clean bathrooms. Papel soap and clenex. Great place, the river flow and stop by the sea level. Sometimes river, sometimes lagoon.

Laguna Verde Camping -54.84546, -68.58011

Still seems to be the cheapest option. We paid 44 BZD per person one way to San Pedro.
Very organized now, you get boarding passes with QR Codes and so does your luggage. Everything gets scanned.

Carribean Sprinter 17.49569, -88.18662

Slept two nights here. Occasional car going by at night but not enough to disturb the sleep. Not much cell service. Good spot for a quick stop. No parking restriction signs and the Loghthoise Inn manager said tour buses park here without issues.

Lighthouse road 36.63041, -121.93139

Very competent and thorough motorcycle mechanic.

Nano Mecanico -33.11503, -64.37788

Funniest viewpoint. Because 'it's a viewpoint' it is super busy. But you don't see anything because of the overgrown bushes. Better stop at one of the smaller gravelplaces towards San Martin

Mirador do lago Vilarino -40.46119, -71.58028

we stayed here two nights- a very fine place. At the day a lot of friendly locals came fir Picknick and swimming, at night we were alone.

Riverside -32.22072, -64.56300

We came here just for lunch and it's really nice ! It seems perfect for spend a night.

However we were here during the high season and there were a lot of people ! We even saw a bus arriving when we were leaving. But I guess at night it's more quiet, even during high season.

Cascada Cifuentes -38.62735, -60.60652

Conseguimos encher nosso gás brasileiro utilizando nosso adaptador. Foram muito prestativos e nos cobraram 80 soles por 10kg.

Fill propane tanks and accesesories and adapters -12.04264, -77.05223

Dirty and lots of machines out of order but it’s a descent spot. $3-$4 washers and 25 cents per 7 min dryers. Change machine is NOT working so bring quarters!

Mad Jaxx Coin Laundromat 33.60962, -114.60458

It is a beautiful place, with lots of native and silent vegetation. Its owners are very friendly and cool.
It has access to this beach and is close to Pucon
I recommend it.

Eclipse Camper Park -39.30583, -72.08463

Wonderful, serene and secluded campsite. We got our own private spot in the bushes with clean ablution/shower, tap/sink, table and fire pit. Jan welcomed us openly despite lacking a reservation, he was a very friendly and attentive host, offering us firewood, ice and providing us with whatever we needed. The beach is just a few meters away, we got to enjoy it all for ourselves. We highly recommend this place.

Cannon Valley Estate -34.32832, 21.90017

Perfect beautiful little meadow for camping before going next morning to see the monarchs.
When we came back from our hike there was a herd of sheep licking tthe salt off of our truck! Guess it was still dirty from our drive south😁
Woke to frost
Be sure to look at the stars at night, and take a walk down to the creek to see the salamanders

Mariposas well hidden 19.66790, -100.27422

As described, clean and a beautiful view. You heard the trucks, but they were several hundred feet away so not too loud.

Mirador next to the Pucara -18.39106, -69.64141

Fantastic place to get water! We were able to pick up a 5 gallon jug of alkaline water as well as filling up our van water tank with potable water which was a real treat! Their facility is clean and organized.

Purificadora El Pescadero 23.36600, -110.17159

Really nice grocery store with lots of supplies. Good veggie selection too. Prices seemed reasonable.

Salgado Groceries 23.36588, -110.17087
A sudden leap into boondocking

High Island Beach on historic highway 87 ... the Gulf of Mexico.
☆☆☆ only 3 stars due to the fact that the place really is no longer there. After many hurricanes destroyed this section of highway 87 all efforts to make repairs were abandon and the place has been left a mess of concrete and asphalt. It was ok for one night I guess but it seems to be a popular pull of for tractor trailers and dump trucks to take breaks and the parking area is very very small. Not able to pull onto the beach I found a place by the " porta potty in a shack" ( which reminded me how thankful I am to have a bathroom in my motorhome ). The cross that was put where the beach once stood was comforting to look at while I sat and waited to see how close high tide would come to my parking area... I didn't like how close it seemed to get .. the area didn't feel welcoming or safe at all and being right on the corner of the highway headlights and noise were very frequent. The plus side was it was free and there were tons of shells.. this is stop # 116 and my 13th month on the road.

High Island Beach 29.54953, -94.38899

This place is SO gorgeous. 4.8/5 stars on google! Absolutely recommend you come here! Sure the dirt parking lot for the entrance to the cascades for free seems like a good deal, but this is so much better for the small fee they charge.

190 pesos per person per night for camping in their lot and using their shower, banos, hammocks, garbage, electricity plug in, fire pits / firewood and enjoying their grounds (spectacular horticulture and view of the river). I also paid 50 pesos per load of laundry.

There were only two spots to plug in (by the reception or by the 15 person bus loading area. We chose neither since we have solar, and the better spot was in the corner of the parking lot but the option was offered.

They have an option for breakfast and dinner cafeteria like meals. They quoted 140 for breakfast and 160 for dinner. We bargained cheaper and another guest said they did as well, so give it a try!

The cabins look so cool and not too expensive when they quoted us (790). Camping would be sweet right by the river. Parking is not the greatest so if you’re a very big rig, I’d go to the free parking lot down the road (it’s quite big). They have a round about you could turn around if you tried. I’d say, 25 feet. We are 32, but with trailer disconnected we fit in two parking spots and levelled ourselves with blocks. Worth it though! An oasis, magical feeling here😍 Large 8-9 foot gate I assume they close at night. Haven’t seen a security guard around the grounds.

No wifi here but 2 bars of sufficient Telcel data signal.

Aldea Huatesca 22.09809, -99.13956

Great place to stay in Doha, directly at the Mina Corniche. Stunning view of the skyline of Downton Doha especially at night. You can watch giant cruise ships. The are Restaurants nearby and a toilet is about 500 m away between Shops and Restaurants opposite on the other side of the street.
Very neat and clean. Nice people around, visiting the Corniche.
We stayed two nights and even staying longer doesn't seem to be a problem.
After the second night, two very friendly security guys from Bangladesh came along and one of them asked me to make a photo from my passport, that's quite normal. In the middle east, police and security always wants to be able to report who's hanging around.

Waterfront parking 25.30657, 51.55383

We had some problems with our airconditioning of our 36 old Toyota land cruiser. Nestor helpt us filling new gas.

Nestor Galvan -37.38559, -64.59278

Good and quiet place to spend the night. Free to stay. Did have diner at hostel $4.50 pp.
Can use WiFi and toilets for free. Stays open during night. Very close to Laguna and not (at all) as busy as the other parkings.

Runa Wasi -0.86923, -78.91725

Such a beautiful spot! Free!! Boon-docking. Peaceful and all waterfront spots it seemed like.

Lake Holbrook Campground West 32.68724, -95.54732

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