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Stayed a quick night at the gasstation-hotel-store. Bathrooms are fine, Wi-Fi is slow (password for hote-Privada is: hotel4321
Drinks, snacks and ice cream are sold in the store.

Bajo Caracoles - Hostel y gasolinera -47.44426, -70.92649

There is an other spot under trees just 200 m. Further. Be aware it is to roads to come here from the town the shorter one is very steep, only for 4x4 with low gear.

Riverside Wild Camp 9.77375, -83.86098

As mentioned many times before - incredible views and very friendly / helpful team at the lodge. We camped w our RTT and we’re able to look out over the valley - also restaurant was simple but decent food (ate here on the first night, and second found somewhere in town based on recommendations). They allowed us to access to one of the bungalows for shower & bathrooms - which offered clean ablutions (hot water is available most of the time - but when I tried the power was cut-off, so it was cold for me).
Roger was very helpful also in arranging activities - we did a long hike and abseiling (15 usd for the hike and 50 usd for the abseiling - would highly recommend both but the abseil only if you can stand heights, also you can do an ‘extended’ hike for 20 usd).
We paid 30,000 pppn, and meals were on average 25,000 pp.

Sipi Guest House 1.33577, 34.37642

You can visit the park and use the facilities for $1. They have a single private stall shower in each bathroom. It was really hot and worked great while we were there. Unlimited use. Bathrooms were gross and not well maintained but there was tp and soap and the shower was worth it.

Burns Campground 29.59085, -91.51430

A decent site for small to medium vans or campers. Would not recommend for tenting as the site is very rocky. Access via Foley Creek FSR is pretty rough and potholed. 4x4 with ground clearance recommended. We had to back in to the site and it was a tight squeeze for the Sprinter, but we were able to level the van on the site. No cellular coverage. There was a premade rock fire ring on the site.

Foley Creek FSR Creekside Site 49.11227, -121.62761
The Long Drive Home 2015

One of the best campsites we have been to. Owner Luis and Wife Juliette treat you like family. They have top notch facilities, you name it the lodge has it: gated secure compound for parking, ac rooms( you can hire a tent or use your own RTT/ tent if you like) good shower/ toilet facilities, washing machine/ dryer, swimming pool, shop with overlanding supplies and gadgets, nice bar, even a gym and salon for hair cuts and such if you are in need. Himself a keen overlander, Luis is always ready to help and even arranged his trusted mechanic to do some vehicle repairs for us. Juliette is a great cook and they use local produce, much of it from their own farm. We really enjoyed our time here. Highly recommended.

Kakuako Lodge -8.79263, 13.39891

Good place to overnight it’s Parador El Potosino Norte
Also has Church’s Chicken. Ask the guard if you can park overnight in front parking lot away from the trucks

Pemex ES13391 20.26576, -103.42215

Overlanders’ central in El Chalten. As described, still free. You’re in between other campers so felt very safe (also to leave the car and go into town - walking distance). Thanks to some big rigs we were able to find very good wind protection for our pop-up roof. Very quiet at night. There is indeed a pit toilet, but you can also walk to the visitor center to use their (modern) toilets during opening hours (close at 17h).

Parking Lot across from Visitor Center -49.33611, -72.87983

Great place to stop for a night. Cops seen patrolling the area. Safe. Near trains, but seemed like white noise.

Winslow Visitor’s Center 35.02561, -110.70438

Stayed here one night. Part of the lot has signs up saying no overnight parking. If you are closer to the main street directly in front of Planet Fitness you should be good.

Planet Fitness 30.28684, -81.43578

Great place to stop just east of Dallas.
Clean and safe.

Lots of lights—so be prepared to cover windows.

Rest stop 33.13036, -95.81602

It’s open :) Host is very kind and accommodating. The summer camp for kids is happening and the hours are 1pm-6pm. At 6pm you set your tent and use all facilities again.

We’re on bikes and the host let us leave all of our stuff at the campground while we ran errands in Bariloche (there’s a bus every 1h from the supermarket). We came back later, set the tent and enjoyed some nice showers.

Recommended. 2,500 p/p.

Camping Club Danés -41.08481, -71.16872

This place is a car parts shop and they have large a mechanic workshop at the back. We went there to repair an unknown mechanical issue with our car, the mechanic who looked after it (Cristian) worked hard to find the fault (car stayed in the garage for 4 days and we came by twice a day for updates, they did a lot to locate the faulty part which did not show up on scanner). We were charged $200,000 for a fuel pump, fuel filter and spark plugs & coils. Not a mechanic myself so hard to judge whether they should have found the fault in 1 day but they gave us a good impression as Cristian was either working on our car or gone for a test drive every single time we checked in (twice a day). Had been to 2 other mechanics previously who did not want the job and got rejected by Nissan as well. Great place to get your car fixed.

Antonio Castillo -37.46836, -72.33534

Nice dog park, easy to find. Slightly noisy with traffic but pleasant place all in all. Well lit and felt safe

Plaza Triana -34.17850, -70.71330

It’s back in working order. Padlock is removed during visitor center business hours. Sign says to use spigot by restrooms during non-business hours.

Oasis Visitor Center 34.12882, -116.03731
CorysVanLife on YouTube

I didn’t have a quiet night. It may have been because it was a Friday night. There were people coming and going all night, several loud cars racing down the road next to the gravel parking lot, and there were a group of teens drifting a truck through the parking lot between the parked cars. It may be quiet on a week night, but the Friday night I was there was definitely not quiet.

Carlsbad River Walk parking lot 32.42687, -104.21896

they do not offer camping anymore but we could pay a dorm bed for 1300 pppn and stay in our RTT instead. it was the only budget place we found near the city and airport.
free wifi. clean abolutions. there is a bar, billiard, restaurant and pool. the staff was very friendly.

Tulia Backpackers -4.02364, 39.72080
Kombinando Roteiros

Posto muito bom, atendimento top e o banho atende o necessário, wi-fi também é bom

Posto Pelanda II -24.27179, -49.73262

Nice for a picknik at the dam, some concrete tables still there. Nothing else. Ablutions wasp infested and dysfunctional, do not enter! No water. We did not stay here.

Mezilume Dam -20.54298, 28.46099

Nice cave, only a short hike. Some info posters at the parking. No staff around. We recommend to also climb the rock behind the cave for fantastic views.

Nswatugi Cave -20.53540, 28.47504

Very nice big campground, there weren’t too many people when we came on friday, we parked on the left at the end so we get some grass instead of pebbles.
There are two bathroom blocks, one is new big and very clean (closer to the snack bar) and the other one is quite old but still clean (on the left after the police/first aid building).
People put loud music on but they stop around midnight, I think loud music is not allowed at night.
The river is quite refreshing to swim, there are lifeguards only on weekends.
We didn’t pay anything.

Balneário Vila Natal -25.07446, -54.30926

They tried to charge us more for gas because we are foreigners. They wouldn't serve us and any pump except the one they double the price on. we left without fuel.

YPF Station Overnight -27.44260, -55.87685

On the way from Playa del Coco to Tamarindo you need to cross a really deep river. Only for cars with high air intake! Not possible to cross with low cars.

River crossing 10.49481, -85.72590

We got caught in a snow storm (end Jan) and decided to stop here for the night. Very friendly police, we were allowed to use their clean facilities and they offered us hot water. Mi Casa su Casa.

Check point on the way to putre -18.21832, -69.32106

I asked how much money I can get, if somebody will sent it. He was very stressed, lot of work. He really didnt answer.
very good Service, with lot of money, the other Kioske at 25 de Mayo.

Western Union - Hollywood Kiosko -42.91137, -71.32127

We were in Cerro Castillo on a very windy day. Here it was a bit protected by an abandoned house. The ground us very flat. No noise from town, not even during the Gaucho festival.

At the town end, wind sheltered -51.25698, -72.33967

Parking, food, the region is a great to explore, geosite its so beautiful

Roger Medeiros -6.04402, -36.35282

The road is very rutted in a few places way before you get to the site, would recommend high clearance.

Temporal gulch ridge site 31.57124, -110.76244

We left the car during 4 day. We paid for 3 night. Very easy to left the car. Security guards 24h.

St Josephs Cathedral -6.81966, 39.28824

This used to be an old camping site but the owner decided to close it because people were unrespectful.

Nevertheless, if you go ask the lady in the white house (on the right, next to the gate) she will probably let you access to it.

You then need to drive (or cycle) a path for about 700 meters and you'll get to a place with old cabañas (flat terrain for vehicles) and a small wooden bridge (only accessible by foot) which will take you next to the river. There is a lot of shade there and it's perfect to spend the afternoon and the night.

Respect the place and don't forget to take your trash with you when you leave.

Old camping site -37.09908, -71.99512

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