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Camp on the beach of Lago Peten behind the Hotel El Muelle. Room for four, five, six small campers. You can use the facilities of the Hotel restaurant, and the hotel WiFi should just reach the parking area. Nice swimming from the pier, and a beautiful sunset.

Price: 100 quetzales

El Muelle 16.98800, -89.69256

The road in was a lot rougher than we thought. 4WD is an absolute must, and there can be low hanging branches. Bring a saw! You can camp in a big area behind the admin buildings, and there are some facilities available. Nice and quiet spot in the jungle, and the only place to camp close to the El Zotz ruins. From here we started our trip through the jungle to Uaxactun (4WD+winch+saw&axe!).

Price: free (park entrance was 80 quetzales)

El Zots Park Administration 17.24142, -89.80544

A quiet little village as close to the El Mirador ruins as you can drive. From here they have five day treks into the site. We asked around and locals told us we could camp anywhere, and that it was a friendly neighbourhood. We popped our roof top tent just next to the airstrip that went straight through the village. We ate at a small restaurant nearby.

Price: free

Airstrip 17.46214, -90.05369

This is a big finca/ranch just off the highway about half way from Tikal to Rio Dulce. The camping facilities are good, plenty of space, and they have a great restaurant. Most of their guests rent rooms or cabañas. Lots of activities and tours can be arranged from here.

Price: 100 quetzales

Finca Ixobel 16.30335, -89.42032

Local family building up a camp ground and hostel just across the road from the entrance to the Copan ruins. When we were there it looked like a construction site, and the facilities wasn't much to talk about. Okay for a nights stay though, and will probably look better by the time you get there. Looks like they are also setting up a restaurant/bar.

Price: 150 quetzales

Mauricio's House 14.84009, -89.14724

Finca Bavaria is located in the city center, and let you camp on their property. A friendly old man was taking care of the place when we were there, and they have a restaurant. We went into town for dinner, and it was a really nice little town. Feelt safe, and there were plenty of restaurants and some grocery stores.

Price: 100 Lempiras

Finca Bavaria 14.59128, -88.57950

D&D Brew is a guesthouse run by an american, and he brew his own beer which is for sale in his bar. Room for a small camper or two in their parking lot, and you can use the guesthouse facilities.

Price: 100 Lempiras

D&D Brewery 14.94664, -88.03803

We were looking for a place to camp, and we'd heard that people had been allowed to camp in this hotel's fenced parking lot. Not so this time. We asked several of the hotels in town, but the only place that would let us camp was the local Texaco gas station in the city center. Too noicy and too crowded for us in our roof top tent, so we decided to check in to a room.

Price: 280 Lempiras

Hotel La Esperanza 14.02997, -86.57050

This is a restaurant just outside town which will let you camp in their parking lot. Relatively quiet when we were there, but we don't know how it is in weekends. The owner can also arrange for a tour through the canyon - the local tourist highlight.

Price: 110 Cordobas

El Mirador 13.48478, -86.58653

Jinotega is a cosy highland town. The hotel Sollentuna Hem (a Swedish name) let us camp in their backyard and use the hotel facilities. Not sure if this will work for everybody, as I have a feeling that being able to speak Swedish really helpt in the negotiations. However, the hotel is nice and the rooms are not too pricy. There was also a possibility for camping at the hotell across the street (see the other camp list).

Price: N/A

Sollentuna Hem 13.09523, -86.00098

Great camp site, but there is no name on the gate. The reason is that this is a holiday house for the owner and his familiy, and getting the right permits for running a camp ground is not too easy. However, this place has a beautiful location right on the lake, and the swimming is really good. The parking is not very level so it might be necessary to move a few rocks around. The owner encourraged us to let other travellers know about the place, and it is a good base for exploring the area. It is about 20 minutes to drive to Granada, to Volcan Mazaya, to "the white towns", and to the Volcan Mombacho.

Price: 100 Cordobas

"George's Holiday House" 11.93094, -86.05447

This beach is as nice as they come. Camping Mathilda is about 20 minutes driving out of town, and can be a bit tricky to find. You camp almost directly on the beach behind a fence. Facilities are across the road (dead ends here) in the guesthouse (cabañas and dorms). You can walk along the beach from here to good surf beach with a restaurant and surf board rentals. We ended up staying more than a week...

Price: 200 quetzales

Camping Playa Matilda / Los Playones 11.29764, -85.91472
PikiPiki Overland Blog

The best overland must stop in Ethiopia and Addis Ababa. Rahel the owner is running the place after Wim passed away. There are rooms to let or camping on the grounds and a restaurant.

Wim's Holland House 9.00981, 38.75522
PikiPiki Overland Blog

Wims Holland House has always been the must go to place for overlanders in Addis. Since Wim's passing Rahel his wife has taken over and still doing a great job. They have lost a portion of their campsite due to bureaucracy nonsense but it's still a very nice place with good food and nice people.

Wim's Holland House 9.00997, 38.75498

Camping in the middle of the town, 65 NAD = 7 EUR p.P.

Acacia Camp -20.46558, 16.65412

This is a propper camp ground run by a Dutch couple. There are no hoook ups, but a kitchen area, and nice and clean toilet and shower facilities. It is also possible to ret rooms or a couple of small, basic cabins. Narrow gate! Difficult or impossible for bigger rigs.

Price: 14 USD

El Sol Verde 10.71825, -85.40881

Camping available on a field just ouside the gate of a developed hotspring. Location is about 10 minutes drive out of town towards Lago Arenal. the ground is not very level, but it is possible to find a deasent spot. Should be okay also for RVs. You don't have to pay the entrance fee to the hotsprings, but for 8000 colones per person it is a nice alternative for the evening. They are open until 10PM.

Price: 4000 colones

Therme los Laureles 10.48933, -84.67819

This is a free camping area right on the lake just outside the town of Nuevo Arenal. We had only opne night here, but we've heard about other travellers staying for some time without any problems. While in town make sure to visit "The German Bakery" (Tom's Pan). The bread and pasteries are fantastic!

Price: Free

Municipality Area 10.53710, -84.89353

A small camp ground with a fantastic location on the beach on the Nicoya Peninsula. Surface is firm sand. Several good beach restaurant nearby, and a short walk to a grocery store. An easy place to stay for a few days or weeks. Tight corner which will give bigger rigs a problem.

Price: 6000 colones

Camping los Cocos 9.88131, -85.52461

This is a smalll restaurant that offers camping in between the trees a few meters back from the beach. Quite a few local people camping here (in tents), but nice and quiet during night. Rough access road, but should be navigable in a small rig.

Price: 5000 colones

Camping Tanga 9.76981, -85.26497

Another paradise place on the Nicooya Peninsula. Beach front camping, and not crowded at all. This place is 10 - 15 minutes from the town of (Playa) Santa Teresa where you can go for party, supplies, espresso, shopping, surfing, or just hang out with other travellers and backpackers.

Price: 8000 colones

Mar Azul 9.61061, -85.14475

Flutterby is a guesthouse with a small parking lot. If you are any higher than 2,8 meters, you won't get in through the gate. The guest house has great kitchen facilities and a hang out are. Lots of backpackers also stay in thisa place. Walking distance to the beach, and a very laid-back and relaxed atmosphere!

Price: 6000 colones

Flutterbye Hostel 9.15393, -83.73790

The hotell does not have safe parking or any real camping facilities. When we came along, Sprinterlife had persuaded them to let them camp in their van in front of the hotel. The hotel is in the city center of Turialba, and you might as well park on the street. However, we could use the toilet in the reception area, and we could sit in the lobby using their WiFi. Didn't sleep too well this night.

Price: 4000 colones

Hotel Interamericana 9.90417, -83.68247

A fantastic beach camp right on the Caribbean Ocean. Good swimming and snorkeling, and there were several restaurants near by. The toilets were a little run down, but okay. We planned to stay one night, ended up staying three, but if we hadn't had a shipping appointment we would have stayed longer...

Price: 5000 colones

El Arrecife 9.64100, -82.68982

Pension Topas is a guesthouse run by a friendly German, and he will let you camp in his garden. Not a lot of space, but it is possible to fit at least three small campers. One toilet and shower is available, and there is a common area on a roof covered terrace. WiFi. Excellent location a couple of minutes walk from the main plaza. A small ferreteria (hardware store) just across the road.

Price: 10 USD

Pension Topas 8.77283, -82.43200

Botanical garden with hotel and campsite, bad infrastructure at campsite but nobody showed up to collect camping fee anyway

La Rochelle (Penhalonga) -18.90457, 32.69100

240 Mt = 5,50 EUR p.P., quite expensive, loud, no direct access to the beach

Pemba Magic Lodge -12.96597, 40.56712

5.000 TSH = 2,5 EUR p.P. after negotiations, simple toilets, a lot of rubbish, loud music from the bar

New Ngonda Camping Site -6.82768, 39.33225
PikiPiki Overland Blog

On the beach campsite. Cool bar and restaurant area with small huts to stay or camping. Store bikes there to visit Zanzibar.

Mikadi Campsite -6.81914, 39.32107
Lee Mowers

National Forest Service Campground Schnell Ranch Recreation Area Here. 6 or 7 very large campsites each could hold several Tents or RV's post COVID19.

Schnell Recreation Area 46.88892, -102.26148

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