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Best ice cream & sorbets in Baja! Modern, new.. One spot stop Beach front location & plenty of parking inc. on the beach no 4WD needed. Delicious fresh seafood restaurant & craft cocktails/beer next door. Made IN HOUSE from local products. Wifi available for good price. They even make their waffle bowls & sugar cones in house...unique to this where else in Baja has them. Higher quality & better in flavor & texture than the cookie cutter version in America. Available in bulk 1/2 liter & liter. Free pup cups for your doggos. Vegan & sugar free options available. Traditional flavors like Oreo, vanilla, caramel, chocolate and fun flavors like pistachio, sorbets made with fresh locally sourced fruit. Rotational specialty flavors made from local candies and products. Ex. Tequila almond, Bailey's. Will make mangonada upon request and custom toppings like Nutella, caramel, coconut, nuts, sprinkles, anything you want. The owner, Patrick, is friendly, speaks English well. Young & looking to grow a progressive business here. Donates to local events (churches, people w disabilities, presents for children @Xmas) fair prices...same for locals & tourists. Open 11-9 every day. Look for the big colorful ice cream above sign.

La Fuente Ice Cream 24.08958, -109.99285

Perfect location right on the beach. Very modern, well designed. Seating on the beach or patio. Clean bathrooms and potable water served in glasses. kite surfers to watch while you dine. They make their own IPA and have specialty craft cocktails well presented and delicious. mezcal...guava...passion fruit drinks...

Food.. best tuna tartar I've ever had!! Specialty unique tacos and daily fresh catch are all top quality and local. Sashimi options. This is a higher quality restaurant than most in Baja and therefore has a bit higher pricing, but portions are generous, taste is on point and very fresh...worth the extra alone for the view. Young brother & sister opened it after COVID. They have created selfie opportunities that are great. oh...and easy beach parking no 4WD needed. Go next door for locally made ice cream or order one of their desserts featuring it. This place is a gem.

La Tuna Fresh Seafood & Craft Cocktails/Beer 24.08958, -109.99280

Beautiful park with fountains, flowers, mossy trees and tennis courts. However, in the morning we had an officer taking photos of our van and I came outside to ask if there was a problem and she said Savannah has an ordinance that prohibits people from sleeping in their cars. She said she wouldn’t ticket me now but if she came back the next morning and I was still there, it would be a $30 fine. I guess that’s the same you’d pay at a campground haha but just know that Savannah actually isn’t necessarily van friendly, you’d have to go to an RV park in Savannah. If you’re willing to risk it, this is a great place to park.

Tennis Court Parking 32.06501, -81.09672

This is half gelato place, half restaurant serving decent both. The prices are pretty standard (higher end), the place is lovely as are the staff. We had ice creams and main meals and used their very strong wifi too for some time one day. There is parking around the side where there stones are (if none at the front). Clean, stylish and healthy, fresh food.

Freddo Food and Ice Cream -54.82911, -68.34640

huge place, easy to reach (except the Tunnel on HWY 110 - 3,80 Max high and very dark), 16P/h Cars, Trucks and Busses 23P/h, waste boxes, near to center, night quite between 11pm and 6am, very bright- lots of light around, City views, all walking distance, smell is bad some hours

Estacionamiento Guanajuato 21.01688, -101.26579

Hard to beat - perfect beach camp site with shady palmtrees and a wide beach. Only a few locals came around during day, very quiet.
We strongly recommend to spend some days here and enjoy the beach.

Playa San Miguel - North End 9.81608, -85.31761

Common ground at the easky Castle to pitch a tent and park up. Barrier at the official parking but you can park up along the road or pitch a tent along the road. busy spot with surfers staying over night. at the end of the road is more common ground to park or tent.

Easky Castle 54.29199, -8.95751

Direct access to the mangrove, but you will not see the sea from here. Some fishermen come here to access to the lagoon from the mangrove. Very quiet place. Good Internet access (Telcel). We come here from the long sandy track coming from the north. From the south it is easy to come here.

Mangrove Bend Wild Camp 25.22575, -112.09388

Good welder. Give him a call if he is around of just show up. 0351 274-6332
The workshop is inside the garage shown on the Google Street food Pic.

Welder "Electriciano" -46.44328, -67.51492

free wifi here and toilets! no need of password.

wifi copec gas station -46.62382, -72.67367
RdamNatas Panamericana NL

Here you can fill your watertank (if you take gas)

Shell gas station filling watertank -51.71464, -72.48358

After reading the comments, we decided to film about 2-3 km prior. We got waved to pull over after he asked if we were travelers. They definitely saw that I was filming. Asked us a few questions then checked the inside of our van. One of the police officers was super friendly and chatted away with my partner. He let us go and told us that he was on our side and gave us a fist bump. Haha ya ok...

Corrupted municipal and state police officers 19.91074, -90.42418

according to the sign, no dogs allowed here

Playa en Lago Mascardi -41.13135, -71.29114

cones out to slow people down but no one out today

GENDARMERIA nacional -41.58685, -71.49203

room for 2 big rigs to hide behind some large bushes. the road from this pin goes into the forest for a couple hundred meters and dead ends, this part is not for big rigs, and then then turns into a trail. the overgrown, but obvious, trail is maybe a half of a kilometer long to another beautiful camping area at a bend in the river.

nice quiet far from the eye of the road spot. -41.52186, -71.45583

many signs with "no dogs allowed" here. wouldn't allow us to eat outside even though there was not anyone else here.

El Viejo Almacén El Foyel -41.65850, -71.45998

there is a big pullout at this pin. at the southern end there is a road to the water. in 100m there is big wide turnaround spot out of sight of the road that is pretty level. big rig friendly. definitely no need for 4x4.

Side of the road next to the river -41.72385, -71.45673

Very nice place to stay for a night. Nobody bothers. Public gym and pool next to it with some music. Stops at 10pm. Quiet night. Little tiende in the near with nice fresh bread.
Water tap in the park/plaza

Plaza with water ! -19.99581, -69.77291

Good for the night. Some shade of the trees. Looks like it used to be a more camping/picknick area. Stream is full of plants. In my opinion definitely not potable.
Some horseflies.

Dam Santa Fe -21.88729, -69.53351

Right on the beach. Waves are good for surfing. Watch out for the currents. Between a bumpy road and the ocean. Other side of the road is a entrance to a guesthouse. But lot of vegetation in between.

Matapalo bench 8.38535, -83.28105

buen lugar para descansar, muchos camiones que entran y salen. tienen un "quincho" con las duchas,sillones y comedor con TV para los camioneros,pedimos permiso al encargado y nos permitió bañarnos gratis!!

good place to rest, lots of trucks going in and out. They have a "quincho" with showers, armchairs and a dining room with TV for truckers, we asked the manager for permission and he allowed us to bathe for free!

YPF -51.62249, -69.26042

Lovely owners who are very helpful and accommodating. Definitely the best campsite in the area. Restaurant and bar, swimming pool, grassy stands, enough shade, braai area, childrens play area, water in the showers are heated by donkey boiler at night, clean and neat. Recommended

Kingfisher Inn -14.39058, 35.21859

This place is run by Lassi. He helped us to find a new leaf spring for our rig in no time and let us work in front of his workshop. Super friendly guy, can probably do most of mechanical work.

If you want to check before WhatsApp him: +241 62957847 (he will answer in the evening)

Car&Truck Workshop -0.69838, 10.24281

Could not come here with a big rig. Muddy and washout roads. We stayed next to the central plaza, which was ok for one night.

San Miguel Laguna -16.69936, -60.95633

we spend two nights here. its very quiet and safe. on the other side of the road there is a small market artesano. behind those buildings there is a tap with potable water.

San Jose Beach Parking Lot -27.33946, -55.87220

I managed to get to the waterfall by going through the village on a backroad , the one suggested in previous comments. It is quite steep and grassy but ok on a smallish motorcycle. I met another motorcyclist on a big bike who had been stopped at the main entrance to the village. He had insisted (15 times) that this was a public road and to let him pass... eventually they did. It seems that after 4pm the men with a rope go home so if you can't do the side road or deal with confrontation, after 4pm would be good.

Entrance to Tamul - upper waterfall 21.85037, -99.17720

What a great great place.
Very tidy, well kept and super nice host
River is lovely BUT from the camp you can follow road (on foot), right when you get to river, turn right, go around the gate and follow the trail (stay left).
About 2 from camp you will find the waterfalls. SSSOOO worth it. Definitely amazing find. We stayed three nights just so we could go back to the waterfalls and hang out for the day.
We were all alone both days we were at the falls.
About 2/3 the way to falls on trail, there is a fork, stay left. If you go right you hit fence anyway in100 meters and know your off track.
Little overgrown but you will hear it and follow the sounds. So worth it.
Highly highly recommended

La Poza De La Culebra-Rio Sapo Protected Area 13.92980, -88.10002

Iraq -> Turkey
We arrived at 10am and crossed at around 7:30 pm. After around 9 hours. Other people some days later had the same.
The Iraqi side was not the problem. like described we had to pay 38.000 Dinar for the car, for the stamp in the CDP than we had to wait for around 3 hours that the Iraqis check our car and took the stamps for the passport.
They checked just quickly.
Than we were out of Iraq and had to wait on the border bridge for 5 hours. because the Turkish side was closed with a gate and they open it just for maybe 20 cars.
We had to wait until I was dark and it went strange on the bridge. No security staff, a lot of people smuggling cigarettes and they tried to hide it in our car!
when we were in the Turkish border. They checked quickly the car and signed the passenger list. make sure that you have one. Take the stamps for the passports for all passengers in front of the place where they check the cars go not to the passenger office where many people wait. also smugglers want to hide stuff at you.

all together it was the most crazy border cross. make sure to go early to the border and keep an eye on your car.

Iraq / Turkey Border 37.14395, 42.56932

Spent 3 days there. 3 services (or supposed).
200p/person/night. Travelling with a 24feet RV.
Clean swimming pool.
Nice beach.
windy when we were there.
very low water pressure.
Irregular power. My phone was plugged in a whole night and I had 1% in the morning. Back to "normal" (that is charging when plugged), in the morning. Fortunately, we didn't need to use our AC.
70p to go to Casitas (next pueblo) to the restaurant, tienda and pescaderia. We asked the Lady from the campground to call a cab for us.

Mar Esmeralda RV place 20.30001, -96.84445

Stayed here one night. Nice area and good price with 100p for vehicle. We really wanted a campground, because it was so hot, that we wanted to sleep with open doors. Nice owners! Saw them cleaning the pool the next morning, but the natural creek was more to our liking;)

If you have any questions or want to see photos:
IG: freetgoesworld

los capulines 17.32260, -91.70076

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