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This Truck stop has a dump station (cost $10) with gas and diesel pumps right there so you can dump and fill up at the same place. They do not have potable water, however.

Flying J Truckstop 33.46064, -112.20491

$6 for a swim and a shower. Really easy to use and no problems. FYI- says no camping in lot.

Finley Aquatic Complex 38.44928, -122.72777

nice place.
direct on the see.
camping sign not allowed to camp.
but 100 meters to the west is another small parking place.
were you can overnight.

there is a fireplace 50 meters to the west nearby the beach (in front of the wooden scaffolding).

100 meters to the west a Bunker from ww2.

and a historic defence wall from the year 700 or something.

absolute a great spot to start when you got from the ferry late.

Badplats Skåre Skansar 55.37397, 13.06602

This place is permanently closed.

Aduana - Customs -10.80820, -65.34890

This place is permanently closed.

Aduana Guayaramirin, Bolivia -10.81011, -65.34688

there is no free showers with the purchace any more. regular bath is 500 pesos.
bad service, not recomended!

Transpetrol -52.74710, -71.00917

I wasn't able to find this place.

Fry's Gas Station 33.06724, -112.04631

Kaiser doing trailhead 👍
Park under the highway and hike down to the right following the wash all the way
3ish miles out and back
River with awesome views just around the corner after springs

Kaiser Springs Trailhead? 34.56298, -113.49677

they are constructing there, and parking has a very low barrier, not even campervans pass

Poilhes 43.30554, 3.07960

lugar lindo, tem praia e lagoa. não tem eletricidade. lugar calmo a noite e movimentado durante o dia

lagoa grande praia -17.30974, -39.22108
# vanessabthevan

Rear Parking Lot of the Hotel. Had dinner in the restaurant and no charge to spend the night. Check with the front desk and / or the bartender.

Catavina Hôtel Mision 29.72763, -114.71941

This place is in wrong location - it is located at 18.53014, -88.29517

Kombi Jorge 18.53014, -88.29517

I wasn't able to find this place.

Maverick 40.38630, -111.91268

Visitor center moved to downtown but overnight stay ok, Highway patrol station next door , Apple Annie’s , a cute gift store and pie store on site. Quiet and dark, great night

Apple Annies Country Store 32.27215, -109.84093

we had to turn around 1,5km before the hot springs because the road was blocked (see Pictures). Looks like the owner is either not there at the moment or this place doesen't exist anymore.

Botijuela Hot Spring -25.75370, -67.81165
VAM Life 25

We went with our 25 feet. IMPOSSIBLE even for van, because you have branches over the little road. Our B+ is 10 feet 7 inches hight.

Las Huertas 21.80642, -99.18664
It's not a slow car, it's a fast house

El Avión-
An old abandoned airplane with a fun story. A small coffee, tea and dessert shack in the trees. Parking on main highway or turn and park on side street. Wifi as mentioned. Interesting place. English and Spanish spoken.

Coffee shop at old plane -43.00890, -72.50610

Local muito tranquilo e seguro, de frente pra a praia, com chuveiro e torneira na pra cá do parquinho

Street Parking -26.92964, -48.63057
It's not a slow car, it's a fast house

This place is permanently closed.

Camping Ruta 7 -42.91769, -72.71170
It's not a slow car, it's a fast house

This place is permanently closed.

Chaiten Town Square -42.91643, -72.70917

this place is OPEN - we are here now!please correct the wrong announcement that the place ist closed!

Paraiso Suizo -34.78919, -55.43140

Nice campground with hot showers, pool, electricity, wi-fi and tables. Closing at night sometimes at 6pm, later in the WE.

Club Social Akaray -25.52599, -54.62662

Nice clean overnight parking. Second time I’ve stayed here in the last week. Had to make a trip up to Lake Michigan last week and this is the halfway point. Plenty of stores nearby. Trash cans in the parking lot with designated RV parking lanes. I’m in a converted Mercedes Benz 4WD Sprinter and I’m able to park in a smaller parking spot so I don’t have to take up an RV parking spot. Only downside is you are going to be directly next to the freeway. But if you don’t mind having white noise in the background? It’s a great place to stay for free. I would recommend at least going in to eat though since they are nice enough to allow us to use their parking lot.

Cracker Barrel (Effingham) 39.13886, -88.55894

parked in the revelstoke city street next to rumpus

Street in Revelstoke city center 50.99714, -118.19327

No water/shower/flush toilets between November and April. One vault toilet at the edge of the woods. Deserted here in March.

Graham Cave State Park 38.90906, -91.58192

A camping é perfeito ! Acampamos ao lado do rio e fomos muito bem recebidos

Camping do Cocao -20.52192, -46.51096

This place is permanently closed.

Gravel lot by Brantley Lake 32.56439, -104.39792

Ahora se llaman San Pedro domos, después de la pandemia ya no tienen camping.

Los Abuelos -22.90795, -68.20273

Site 45
R1 100
Site abit far from toilets.

Montagu guano caves -33.82419, 20.17235

Super windy! But it seems to be the only option here. Very quiet though.

Flat area near river -45.28506, -72.13218

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