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friendly owner. we stayed here with the van. 7000 pp. hot shower, little kitchen, ok wifi.

Camping & Laundry Cochrane -47.25457, -72.57515

Super bummed to confirm this spot is closed. We overnighted here multiple times and now is very obviously marked. It also has new Portapotties which are IMO gross and the CA lazy way to make more accessible. This area has become much more difficult for travelers with lots of rules and empty campgrounds that have reservations that never show up.

Edge of Sea Lion Cove 38.94385, -123.73272

Really good place to stay one night. Early in the morning (6am) some traffic and noise.

Home Depot - Marathon 24.71271, -81.08460

Great spot - we’ve spent many nights here over the past few weeks and even multiple nights in a row without issue. There are at least 3 or 4 other private vehicles here each night, a work truck and a couple sedans, and a local taxi service parks their short bus and van here overnight too. You’ll hear the local college’s band practice Saturday mornings occasionally and the church bells will wake you each hour if you’re a light sleeper, but otherwise it’s a great spot. Really safe, just local kids skateboarding some nights and occasional police parked here hanging out.

Uphill Public Parking Lot 34.53455, -83.98675

For us, this is the best wild camping spot in Ushuaia.No facilities, just water from the river
But great views, safe and far away enough from the busy road.

Ruta 3 river Camp -54.76230, -68.19409

magic place, just at the knee of the road close to the little bridge. Very quiet at night, little trafic during the day nearby

Al lado de un rio muy bonito -21.42263, -67.62845

Bridge only a footpath or for bike’s not passable for cars.

Bridge not for Vehicles -1.76071, 29.28968

We left the car here for 5 night during our visit at Buenos Aires. We needed some small things done at our van. They fixed it in those days.

Andean Roads -34.45084, -58.68201

Came here for 7 days! Mixed it up with trying two cabins and parked at a tent site at the end of the island. Absolutely gorgeous sunsets, and amazing pricing for both cabin ($74) and tent sites ($14). We were pulling a trailer but were self sufficient. They let campers use the dump station and there is hose to clean your tubing (potable water, but may be contaminated with sh*t on the hose end). There is an updated two shower stall on each campground area (there’s like four areas) that they’re proud of, it has air conditioning and heating inside them. Amazing trails to hike. Amazing customer service 8-5pm as well. You’re on your own after hours, there doesn’t seem to be much security rounds either. Park maintenance trucks roll through the days but never did I see them at night.

There is a lot of locals driving through no matter where you’re parked, the local town Wister seems a little rough, and our gas jerry can got stolen off our rig. Make sure you lock up your things good.

Wister State Park 34.94377, -94.71932
Furthur Off Road

Had an awesome two night stay at Las Olas right after arriving in Mazatlán via the La Paz ferry. Hosts are excellent people with a wealth of knowledge of the area. Len made some great recommendations for places we will definitely check out on our way to Guadalajara. Also took us on a fun little ride in his VW buggy to a nearby restaurant that was very good. Can’t recommend this place enough!

Las Olas Overland 21.47079, -105.19319

Gasstation with LPG. Very friendly like most people in Iraq. We filled our 2 kg gas bottle and had no issues using it with our gas cooker.

محطة المعارض النموذجيه 30.48198, 47.81105

Fantastic place! As described previously. Wonderful garden, awesome bathrooms, welcoming hosts! The perfect place to chill and relax.
During our 4 night stay, we were almost the only guests. Very calm.
20000 pp pn

Camping Guaimaro 6.65093, -73.22304

A beautiful spot with plenty of room, a shelter with picnic table and outdoor grill and fire pit. Has some springs just down the highway (Pitt Springs and Blue Springs) great for a swim to cool off. Booked online. Would definitely recommend this place.

Wolf Pond North, NW Florida Water Management District 30.42274, -85.60691
Chateau Ski

Very quiet nice camping area up a rough road. Has a pit toilet that is not maintained during the winter so bring your own TP. Isolated but gorgeous views. Still there are some people that live up the road as we heard vehicles going by from time to time. Even saw a big propane delivery truck slowly lumbering up the road.

Arrowrock Reservoir USBR 43.60370, -115.89906

on street. Noisey with traffic during the night. only stayed one night.

Around the park -51.73093, -72.49786


Dennison Park 34.43724, -119.20402

Excelente servicio de migración y aduana, nos tardamos menos de 1 hora, dejando todo registrado y las preguntas aclaradas... bolivia nos da la bienvenida...

Migration at Puerto Acosta -15.85492, -69.01250

Pasamos una perfecta noche en la playa del lago Titicaca, además de realizar senderismo al dragón dormido para contemplar el atardecer... los locales nos vendieron algunos productos de sus chacras...

Quilima Lakeshore -15.85494, -69.01250

This is an excellent, secure place to stay on the Brazilian side of town. Renato and his wife were very accommodating and amicable. We found the price to be much better value as compared to the other hotels in the vicinity. The room was spacious, very clean, and came with air conditioning. Breakfast (coffee and sandwiches) was included in the price. The property offers a secure garage, that has an alarm and cameras.

Pousada Chui -33.68969, -53.45193

Passamos 5 dias aqui, lugar muito tranquilo, wi-fi é bom. Procure o Lucas no Restaurante saborear e fale que o Luciano indicou, ele vai fazer uns preços top. A lagoa é muito linda, na seca ela chega à 2 metros de profundidade, na cheia ela chega à 8 metros de profundidade. Tem banheiro limpo, silencioso, seguro...

Lagoa Barreiro Azul -2.76463, -42.49169

Good and convenient spot. Quiet at night, safe. There’s cameras. WiFi signal was weak in our van, but did manage to get there. At Chedraui they sell nice artisan bread (but be aware: it’s fresh in the evening, not in the morning).

Home depot 20.72258, -103.41353

Great little lodge that helps to fund a local orphanage. Room with double bed, TV, and hot shower for 230 Kwacha. There is a restaurant that does amazing dinner and breakfast. We had a full bream with chips for 60 Kwacha and a cooked breakfast for less. Not sure about the internet as we didn't use it. Incredibly friendly and helpful staff. Secure parking. Definitely worth staying if you need a place to stopover in Serenje.

Serenje Soch Inn -13.22501, 30.22861
Penelope S.Miller

Campsites delineated by tree stumps. Spacious with trees in between sites. Bathrooms clean, hot showers. No electricity at sites. A generator is used in evening to provide electricity for lights. Nice beach all along. Peaceful and quiet when we were there.

Los Cipreses -40.93602, -71.40560

camped in a tent in the middle of a fish camp. in late winter the shacks were mostly unoccupied, there were probably only two or three fishermen staying a few hundred meters to the south. Not too windy behind the structures, some trash. Easy access with any vehicle.

Takoumba Fish Camp 29.06367, -10.47357

Gourmet food, eco friendly, pet friendly, fresh ingredients, private dinner, picnic basket, organic and delicious! For reservation WhatsApp (+52)664 3750790 Instagram and Facebook Nautilus.BioChef

Nautilus by Anabel BioChef 28.97872, -113.54704

Covered space for around 8 tents. Great indoor common space with gas/toilet/power. Men's and Woman's showers. Friendly owners onsite.

Camping Las Confluencias -45.80804, -71.92631

Homestay or possible Kibbutz (the house has Hebrew writing outside). Another two cyclists we were travelling with experienced a hostile situation here. They were picked up during a storm, given free shelter, but then things took a turn. The hosts suddenly got angry and demanded that they 'fight' each other for their bunkbeds. Bizarrely, they managed to convince their hosts that a game of darts would suffice and managed to placate them with this. The following morning they were ejected suddenly without warning. Be warned.

Potentially dangerous situation -46.38746, -72.73563

See warning for potential danger at location below. Could be the same place.

Cabana ?? -46.37467, -72.75496

very nice and simple Cafe with WiFi. the owners Name ist Mariano. He is Argentine from Cordoba. muy amable!

Cafe La Mona -17.39093, -66.15448

Slept 4 days. Great place. Súper cold. Ask for bathrooms in antes tienda, the 2usd you pay for entering includes them.

Best spot to camp -0.86865, -78.91528

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