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We only spent one night because our visa and TIP were running out. It’s a beautiful peaceful spot with an incredible sunset. We paid $6 pp to camp including electricity. It was hot so we turned on our A/C for a while and the electric outlet was able to handle it. There’s only one toilet and shower so I don’t think you want to come here on a weekend if it’s full. The road up is steep and some tight turns. A big American RV might not make it. If it’s wet at all I wouldn’t attempt it. We have friends with very capable 4x4’s that couldn’t make it up when wet. You have to wait until late afternoon when the road is dry to come up. A rainy day would be impossible. If you’re tired of loud noisy trash filled camping, this place is paradise..

Hosteria Salango, Islamar -1.59985, -80.85338

Casino RV Parking Lot. Very quiet except a dog barking and very safe. Lots of vans, trailers, and RV’s. Verizon 5GUW 4 bars.

fantasy springs casino truck and rv lot 33.72481, -116.19573

stayed a second night. quiet, no problems.

Playavista Discovery Creek 34.01221, -118.40371
Michael Head

UPDATE: Neighbors quieted down, and we slept well. The beds were very comfortable. I would highly recommend staying here.

Hotel Alma Viajera 27.96672, -114.03286

a small supermarket where you can pay with bank card

Shoppers Supermarket -3.40490, 36.74872

The icon is on the road, clearly incorrect. The Pilot is maybe a quarter mile from where the icon currently displays.

Pilot gas station 32.72089, -111.54912
Fotógrafo Joselito

Ponto de apoio, possui energia 220v, água, Wi-Fi, descarte de esgoto ambiente com sombras, tudo grátis, local cercado, câmeras de segurança, no centro da cidade,
contato 47-99191-5433

Fotógrafo Joselito -27.08708, -48.91083

We slept one night here. Pretty safe. We asked for permission before sleeping.

Dormimos uma noite aqui. Bem tranquilo, sentimos seguros. Pedimos permissão no balcão antes de pernoitar.

Belvedere do espigão -29.00751, -51.54729

This icon is also in the road and should be moved to the correct spot. This Pilot also has a water icon on your map, and that is in the correct location.

Pilot 32.73693, -111.55043

If you are traveling trough Tanzania and need to fix your car, Sky’s Workshop (new name!) is definitely the place to be! Gertjan and Baraka can do everything, from fixing gearbox to engines and fixing our leaking diesel tank 😄

Skys Workshop (formely Ajabu Adventures LTD Garage) -3.39476, 36.61191

The bridge in the village is sometimes blocked for a few hours because they are building a new bridge there. But when we arrived at the roadblock, we immediately found someone who showed us the way up to the campsite. If it's blocked, you go up on the right side in the village, and the route Google is showing you also works. Otherwise, just ask someone!
The campsite is beautiful and made with a lot of love. Linda, the manager, warmly welcomed us and said she would be there anytime if we would need help. There is a hotel close by where you can get WiFi and drinks and there is also a local place on the other side of the road, where you can have breakfast and dinner for an affordable price. We also did a coffee tour with some locals, which I can just recommend. Just ask for BABU Kahawa.
They have warm showers and clean toilets. There are also shelters for sitting and you have water at the campsite to do the dishes. Beautiful place!!!

Coffee Tree Campsite & Chalets -3.25866, 37.51745

Great spot to spend sometime, plenty of space for any size rig, garbage, dry toilet, outside shower and water valve to fill your rig, very low pressure so be patient it can take up to an hour to fill, same for the shower very little pressure.
2 nice grocery store in town that has everything you need.

La Ribera Public Beach 23.59979, -109.57514

I wasn't able to find this place.

DTB ATM 1.69192, 31.71467

This place is permanently closed.

Puerto Sánchez Lakefront -46.59449, -72.57940

This isn't a allowed camping area. Please erase this site.

Puerto Sánchez Lakefront -46.59134, -72.57974

el camping tiene agua caliente, techo para poner la carpa, unas mesas para cocinar. No tiene luz eléctrica pero se puede pedir que te carguen el celular en la tienda del lado que es de los mismos dueños

Cabanas El Manio and campground -43.41449, -72.36655

Really nice place with a lot of spot, with shade. Water available at some taps. Baños are not in good conditions.
Amazing sunset and you can swim in the river.
A lot of sand for the kids to play and a nice lady selling sandwiches milaneses.
Quiet and welcoming.
Mosquitos 🦟

Camping Municipal (Playa Paraiso) -26.40769, -57.14349

This place is permanently closed.

Aqualift 19.05519, -98.29659

We tried to withdraw money here with a Mastercard, but they told us they only allow Maestro and a local Chilean card. We at least were able to change dollars to pesos with the bank teller, and they give a pretty good rate!

BancoEstado ATM -47.25567, -72.57759

The upper parking is open and very quiet at night - further you can’t go by car - entrance to Gorge is closed - Cafe & Restaurant are demolished - the good thing is: view over Ihlara Gorge is still possible and for free 😊

Parking at entrance of Ilhara Gorge 38.25204, 34.30341

Great spot to stop for a car wash. Tall enough for our lifted truck with cab over camper. We came in with super thick mud dried on. They sprayed it down with their pressure washer including the underbelly for 450 pesos. The older man running the place spoke good English.

El ARCO Car wash Y Oil Change 27.97027, -114.04618

Nice little kitchen and facilities. Careful with a tent on the half walls, dirt gets blown up against the wall and into the tent. If you set up a tent here make sure to use your rainfly.

Rada Tilly - Camping Municipal -45.86131, -67.47881

*not 2680… sorry, it’s 3700 Pesos one way!

Ferry to Isla Lemuy -42.64144, -73.72311

The website to sign in for a free camping permit is

Barry M. Goldwater Range 32.70408, -114.59452

As others have described, this is a free public campground for which one must register online in advance. It has a locked gate, which provides some security. When you register, you receive the combination, which is changed regularly. The sites are level, and some have water spigots. Flush toilets with a hot shower. Bathroom was clean. Mix of sun and shady options. Most seem to have picnic tables and fire rings. There is some road noise. Sites are somewhat close together, but not bad. ATT has 5G, and one bar cellular.

DuPuis Management Area 27.00446, -80.55999

Lovely chalets in a green paradise right at the beach. (10x better and calmer than busua) Paid 200 cedi per night. Simple room with Fan and small but clean bathroom. Transport from agona is 40cedi, from busua 100cedi (there were no collective taxis available). The taxi will drop you on the other side of the Lagune. There is a wonky bridge to walk over, you'll see the orange chalets after 3minute walk along the beach. It seems possible to drive here (there were some non-4x4s parked) but my driver told me it would take 1,5 h from busua. But maybe he just exeggerated, because he didn't want to go the long way round. Great affordable food too. (breakfast 25cedi / main meals 40-60cedi)

Hideout Lodge 4.82601, -1.91306

NO campers vans or rvs allowed as of March 2023. only tents
Management noticed damage to the lands and they plan on investing into it but haven't yet

Tropical Education Center 17.35922, -88.54316

I wasn't able to find this place.

San Antonio Este -42.76342, -65.03635
Amar e viajar sm

Ficamos aqui por 5 dias, íamos pegar um vôo daqui de Teresina, então ficamos 5 dias aqui, aproveitando para resolver algumas coisas, como endereço de correio e outras. Depois deixamos o Motorhome no estacionamento do Aeroporto 28,00 a diária.

Aqui é uma cidade muito bonita e fácil pra resolver as coisas, porém algo que nos chamou a atenção foi, do primeiro ao último dia que chegamos sempre aparecia visita,.aqui tem um grupo de Motorhomes e eles viram a gente parado aqui e já vieram dar as boas vindas, vindo aqui provavelmente vai aparecer alguém para te dar as boas vindas.

O local é bem tranquilo durante o dia, na parte da tarde início da noite chega gente para fazer caminhada aí tem um pouco de movimento, ao finais de semana também mesma rotina.

A cidade e muito quente, então colamos nossas redes no bosque da ponte para passar a tarde. Não deixe de ir na torre paga 4,00 por pessoas

Tem base da guarda 24 horas, vc em frente o bosque com árvore, porém não tem energia, tem banheiro ao lado da guarda, tem bebedouro com água bem gelada atrás do banheiro. Não tem energia água no bosque do lado esquerdo tem torneira com água só encostar o carro e abastecer.
Tem padaria a 900 mst tem mercadinho a 800mts, na rua de trás, após o lixão pegar rua até avenida depois de uma igreja. Tem wi-fi grátis e 850 mts tem lavanderia 60 minutos, você paga apenas 15 o cesto grande de roupas e 15 pra secar.

Sinal da Claro e Vivo pegam bem, não tivemos problemas, eu uso um dos Chips no amplificador . Eu uso um amplificador de sinal de celular rural, faz contato que te envio a instalação.

Espero que minha experiência que deixo aqui te ajude. já estamos a 1ano e 2 meses morando no motorhome, estamos subindo desde Santa Catarina Itajaí, em todos lugares que parei irá encontrar informações e 99% - 0800

Não esqueça de deixar seus comentários, sua experiência, poderá ajudar outros amigos viajantes também, como a gente usa o aplicativo que nos ajuda, vamos fazer boas descrições para outros viajantes, coloque suas experiências e detalhes.

Siga a gente nas redes sociais, irá saber mais sobre os lugares que ficamos.

💕Amar e viajar sm💕

Public Parking - Estaiada Bridge -5.07043, -42.80192

water works well. its behind the building. wlan is about 2mbit

Shell Gas station with non-potable water 16.98513, -88.29758

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