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next to the soccer field
Saturday morning market
local producers and crafts

market 16.85971, -88.28281

Surf spot, mellow vibes. Motorcycle travelling perfect camp. Amazing sunrise with the pelicans and sunset, wild and pristine beach. Osvaldo and his wife are amazing as people already mentioned. They have a nice menu and prepare amazing fish.

Shower, toilet and electric outlet. Covered palapa with my tent. 50 pesos/person/night.

Telcel internet does not work here. Spotty coverage for calls only.

Blue Rock Restaurant/Surf Camp 16.00801, -95.40028

i was here out of the season (februarie).
quit no tourist,
i asked the locals if it was ok to stay overnight.
no problem they say.

all shops closed.
toilets closed.

600 meters walk to Ales Stenar the viking stonehenge.

parking by haven 55.38351, 14.06318

No evidence of a checkpoint going southbound today.

Checkpoint 25.48303, -108.22712

We stayed here one night but it is now obviously an active eco resort as caretakers and guests arrived in the morning! Everyone was friendly but it felt awkward being here so we left.

Reserva Chara Pinta 23.58993, -105.86978

Unflated spot but ok with pool access. Easier access for long motorhome than Las Brisas.

hôtel terrassas de Guadalupe 6.21499, -73.40365

Nice and beatifull place. Complete kitchen, bathrooms and hot water. Swingpool and great place for happy hour. Cabanas for rent, horses for rent. Nice Brazilian food.

Ze Velho Chales Overlander -20.23160, -44.34032

very friendly owner and great place to stay. I paid 100rand for 1 person in a tent with bicycle. kitchen, clean water and hot showers. plus there is some hiking and bouldering. apparently during winter when it's bouldering season, there can be up to 200 people come through (not all camping) but I was the only one here in summer. definitely recommend!

Kleinfontein -32.09661, 19.05565

Fill up water at the gas station. I saw also laundry and showers.

Pilot truck stop 29.49413, -95.91263

parking on a little street. quiet between 9pm-6am. good for a quick stop and close from the road to La Bufadora

street parking 31.72889, -116.57986

We came here based on iOverlander recomendation and it was not a good idea. The swedish owner is not here anymore, back in Europe, and you will likely find better garage around. We needed to take out 1 leaf of leaf springs to make the suspension less stiff. They did the job finaly, but in such a small area of the suspension sucessfully messed liked 5 things, inclusing cutting the central pin (not necessary), grinding into the leaf itself and welding directly to the body of leaf itself. They will not do a single one step more than the absolute bare minimum to make the work a little better. Definitely not recomended.

Taller Automotriz Sueco 13.06464, -86.34721

Even it seemed to be officially close, this camp appeared as a blessing due to our late arrival time. We stopped and tried to park away from the highway, where a pair of horses appeared!

Mountain View RV Park 37.88173, -109.34124
Anouk Desjardins

Still 200$ , Santiago is the owner. Very friendly. Water and electricity and nice bathrooms and grassy we loved it, stayed for a night

Nautica Las Olas De Valle 19.22473, -100.13964

Excelente para pasar la noche. Lugares para estacionar con electricidad. Baños muy buenos.

Posto Coqueiro -32.08308, -52.24669

Very good Tacos, very fresh and delicious prepared, one of the best we ate in Mexico. The owners were very hospitable. Who has hungry should definitely stop here!

Artojeria El Entronque 21.20493, -87.72221

there is a spigot around back but worker was rude and told us the water isn't potable and to go pay for water at the grocery store

Marathon 32.17509, -104.37640

good, as described. fyi the rinse hose leaks at the top and sprays everywhere.

Carlsbad 32.41015, -104.22472

Lugar tranquilo, vista das montanhas com estrutura de cozinha, banheiro, chuveiro quente, área para barraca de chão e teto.
Camping de pequeno porte, não chega motor Home.
Ladeira bastante íngrime.

Para entrar ligar antes para o Evandro (11) 99866-0204

Refúgio Mantí -22.69109, -45.69883

Super quiet spot, we were alone. The guard is very kind and proposed us a more quiet spot for the night.
The next day we visited the park, even on a Saturday there were not many people.

We didn't pay anything, neither the night, nor the hike

Parque Nacional Sarigua 8.01150, -80.48450

Great spot! Nice commercial machines, very inexpensive, clean, two working change machines, parking, front loaders around $2-$4. We’ll kept.

Brite Wash Laundromat 31.34844, -109.54568

They also have ham and cheese or salami and cheese sandwich, good and cheap

Panadería San Cayetano -48.74759, -70.25844

now 47 for an auto. no problems here today for us

toll casetta 24.69072, -107.52371

this toll is now 205 pesos for an auto. quick and easy for us today

Toll 24.57263, -107.43227

The water pump at this location is OFF as of right now (February 2023).

canco 50.68564, -120.35542

Hard to find drinking water vending machines on N Padre and here is one. $1.50=5 gal $1.00=3 gal .35=1 gal and it’s cold!. It’s next to Texas Mesquite bar b for as ling as they will be here. Also ice bags.

vending machine 27.61827, -97.22031

Great. Hot showers 3$. Clean and semi private.

Community Centre 49.40946, -123.52226

Thank you for for your help on ioverlander; It is the the oportunity to remind everyone that it is important to make a reservation if you want to stay on our campsite as recommended on this app. This campsite is popular and not so large; Please inform us with your set up; Size of vehicules, the number of nights, the number of poeple and about pets; In your case you did not make any reservation, we just did not have the right size of plot available on the site to accomodate your size of vehicule and tow vehicule. Then 2 other campers staying at the time, on the site had very big dogs and it was to wonder about your pack of 2 small dogs. All in all it is good that you found another spot on the lake that was not too much out of your way. We wish you happy travels and till hopefully another time.

Pasaj Cap - Lago Atitlan 14.72320, -91.24986

As described. Road in actually improves as you go, if you are good for the first mile or so, you should be good all the way. Some areas of deep sand, some dips that may drag back bumper on long rigs. We had no problems in a 2021 Transit AWD long wheel base, extended length (23’ long with 6ft to bumper behind back axle, running board clearance of 4”). Stayed at site FC 7 (see photo of updated map from April 2022) 1.5hr from registration / headquarters. This site, like many has a shade structure on a concrete pad, fire ring, grill on stand and rustic composting toilet. It is one of the few with decent river access (low water when we were here). No cell at all. Game warden stopped by, checked our permit, moved on. Warden said no stay limit in this area. Very clean considering how remote, we did some clean up of broken glass, etc… you should too. Wildflowers just starting to bloom in late February. Really awesome spot, will come back for sure! Gas and supplies in Marathon (1hr from registration / headquarters), cool little grocery / cafe / coffee shop / firewood called French Grocery, highly recommend.

Black Gap WMA 29.56675, -102.77511

According to the staff of the chairlift the road has been closed from here onwards, since January 2023. It shall remain closed for the next 30 years for renaturation. Only permitted vehicles, e.g. tour agencies, could pass.

Road Closed for 30 Years -39.38221, -71.97039

The entrance is on 1621 Vicente Perez Rosales. iOverlander suggests it is 1 block above

Climbhouse -41.32865, -72.95672

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