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Still a great place to eat. We loved the veg. tagine. They brew their own beer which is very welcome after the watery Beninoise. Also filter coffee available.

Chez Guillaume 10.29697, 1.38194

Museum about the history and different ethnicities of the whole region. 1500cfa per person for foreigners. They will show you the different scarves of the different ethnicities. Guide speaks French only. Guide Paterne showed us around, he spoke very slowly French.

Musee Regional de Natitingou 10.31080, 1.38031

Atchafalaya themed rest area, with lots of tourist information about the region. We asked to make sure we could stay the night, they said yes, but they don't want to compete with surroundings campgrounds. I took that as meaning to not squat there.

As others have noted, 24h restrooms and free coffee when the visitor center is open.

Rest Area 30.34150, -91.72198

Stayed one night in my Kia Sedona minivan with no problems. 3 night maximum, but I’d probably only do 1 night as there isn’t any real dedicated camping spots. They also either took down the Christmas lights that everyone mentioned or they did not turn them on the night I was here which was a bummer as that was the main reason I picked this spot as I slowly make my way to Big Bend. All in all though a good stop for a night. Town has a little grocery store and some restaurants and after 10 it was nice and quiet.

Junction City Park- Tent camping only 30.48911, -99.76044

Small free parking lot. Quite and safe area. Nobody bothered me.

Staples (Free overnight) 25.79755, -80.18825

Water faucet good to fill up bottles and tanks! The pressure is good and if you have a hose you can park right next to it and fill your tank.

Water faucet 9.65688, -85.06587

There are several public parking spots along the Avenida del Mar in Maitencillo. During the day, in the high season they might charge you. I understand that it is ok to stay there. We saw several RVs and trailers. We stood 2 nights. The sound of the waves is amazing. The road is quiet after midnight. There are no services at all. If you need a toilete or a shower you can walk to the fisherman marker.

Maitencillo -32.65142, -71.44294

This place is open and still there. Closed on Thursdays.

Ambrosía Taller de Pan 5.59637, -75.81673

This is not a border to try late in the day - I arrived about 3:30pm and they tried to tell me it was too late already. After some discussion they did let me through though.

I didn’t have any issue with them asking me for photocopying and they were all very kind and friendly.

Congo - Cabinda Border Police, inmigration and Customs -4.98920, 12.05516

Still good - very kind people who were happy to let me stay.

Catholic Mission Cabinda -8.98741, 13.49878

Fill your gas bottle here. We left the bottle here for 2 hours.

Native Gas 13.41516, -16.71497

They fill butane for 500 Dalasi for 5kg. For swiss bottle don't need a Adapter.

Native Gas 13.41516, -16.71497

Camped here for the night while cycling through Belize. Charge for camping is just BZD20 for two people in one tent.
Lovely spot by the river, good restaurant and a short walk into town

Lamanai Riverside Retreat 18.07715, -88.55701

Nice meadow surrounded by trees for wind shelter. Access is easy, no 4x4 needed. Very quiet. Good 4G signal (but not as good as downtown).

Roadside -47.24847, -72.57425

The people from the histeria nearby Sr every lovable and they make you take a shower for free.

Camping Municipal, Santa María -26.80494, -66.07350

Many 🐧🐧🐧 you see on the island! Beautiful to see so many 🐧🐧🐧 at the view point Halifax!

Halifax viewpoint -26.65595, 15.08280

We seeing many dolfins playing in the water before the beach in the morning! Worth to see this!

Dolphin beach -26.65149, 15.09043

Very good 🍣🍣🍣 they make it fresh!
When you want to fish here 🎣 in the area you must have a permit ➡️ by ministry of fisheries (with building) it cost N$ 14.00 it is very cheap!

The Portuguese Fisherman seafood restaurant (next to the museum) -26.64661, 15.15253

Very good appelstrudel with koffie and tea!
Nice camping, toilet (no toilet paper) and shower are clean with mirror! Hot water shower. You can sleep at the ⚪️ houses it looking fun but inside are very clean too!
The owner very nice and have chat with us
Shop you can buy this: water, bag, biscuits, meat for the braai! Wood for the fire you can buy. Camping you can braai. No electricity at camping place only lamp and no wifi signal.
There is shade by tree and asbin. There is a swimmingpool
You must come to this place it shall surprise you! The owner has is heart and soul in this place N$180ppnp for camping place

Canyon Farm Yard -27.21753, 17.90971

A running family restaurant in an big blue house. It’s open from Wednesday to Saturday til 9pm. You sit in the garage and see the owner during cooking. She is sooo friendly, the food very delicious and the prices are really fair and cheap. Very good quality!

Carrys Kitchen 17.77223, -88.53791

Did everything in 1 hour. Depends for sure to the people in duty if they want to check really everything or just a short look in the car. We were lucky. Had asked for just 90 days though...

BELIZE TO MEXICO 18.92540, -88.16587

Stayed here last night. A few cars came and went and parked the boat launch between 1am-3am. Looked like mostly kids going to walk around and dip their feet into the water and a few people launching their boats for some night fishing.

No one bothered me and it is quite pretty here in the morning. Pretty popular area, lots of boaters here in the AM in March. Lots of signs here, but only one says “no camping allowed (“tents, trailers, RVs”, I posted a picture of the signs). It sounds like this means you’re not allowed to set up shop here and make this place your campsite for days on end, as if it were a campground. Since there are no “no overnight parking” signs, it seems like you’re allowed to park here if you just need a place to crash for a night. I would stay here again if needed

Buster Boyd Access Area 35.10702, -81.03957

Stayed a couple nights and saw others as well. Police patrol nightly. Longmont ordinance says allowed to park 48hr then have to move 600ft and can't return to the same spot for 7 days. Big Lots down the street is another decent alternative.

Walmart - Longmont 40.20524, -105.10088

Got here around 9:30pm. Pretty nice and quiet place to spend the night. Didn't notice much road noise from the bridge. At least one other person there overnight. There are quite a few people who come here to workout and exercise early in the morning but no one bothered us or anything. Would stay here again

Under the Bridge 30.28852, -81.41949

$70/night (+$7 processing, +$ for showers/dumping) for an oceanfront spot. I booked same day mid-week. Good bathrooms and great Verizon service.

South Carlsbad SB Campground 33.11048, -117.32255

unfortunately we had our Hammock stolen overnight. The place is gated so we assumed everything was safe considering lots of people had left all sorts of things outside of their vehicles. the site itself is OK, toilet is pretty basic, no shower but good access to the beach. We left after our first night after fellow campers told us that the drunk uncle on site has been known to take things during the night. It's a shame as it could be a great spot

Cocolito Campground 13.51210, -89.59943

Nice family showers ! 3$ (3 tokens) minimum now to start the shower. They still say 8 mins but we got almost 12 ! We were in the 3rd of 4 family bathrooms. We found it quite amazing for us as a couple !
We could even enjoy the warm in the laundry with a lot of plugs-in for our laptop and phones...

Shower at campground 36.99848, -111.49766

Really amazing library ! With an amazing view !! And very good WiFi ! I never saw that before ! plenty of services ! Books for give or buy, computers, videogames, puzzles, activities... Would love to spend more time here and around Page city !

Page Public Library 36.90894, -111.46245

We "parked" here for the night and made a nice hike from here to the santuario with beautiful woodcarving. Don't miss it!

Plaza Chochis -18.14914, -60.03059

Not possible to go here with a big rig like ours because of low hanging branches and the first part is dirtroad which gets slippery and soft when raining.

sanctuary -18.13634, -60.04371

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