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Rafael has completed the rework of the place with nice and clean bathrooms and showers, large kitchen and sitting area. We were charged 25 kpppn, including electricity and wifi.

La Cabaña de Don Luis 6.24493, -73.41698

Very nice and well managed butterfly gardens. Open 9.00 am to 3.00 pm. Tours inclouded in the entrance fee, highly recommended! You get to see butterflies, insects, scorpions, beetles, birds and eventually small animals. 18.00 USD per person. You can come back as many times as you want within a few days!

Monteverde Butterfly Gardens 10.31007, -84.81984

The park is open now. Many fisherman et 2 rvs here this morning

Fred Stone Park 26.56901, -97.42929

Dormimos 2 noches en esta plaza y nos sentimos muy seguros. Hay siempre familias, niños jugando.. hay la policía, iglesia, poder judicial en la plaza.

Plaza principal -16.97250, -65.41928

fantastic location with Jungle walks. we parked / camped at the restaurant . We were greeted upon arrival by the guy in reception. he said the charge was 9.47 USD per person plus hotel tax of 1.70 usd and service charge of 1.86 usd making it 22.5 usd. Eating in the restaurant made no difference to this price. However, our friends camped there just a few days earlier for free as they ate in the restaurant. Be prepared to pay.

Mayflower Bocawina National Park 16.93045, -88.38625
Alan & Amy

As described, very quiet and safe. Close to everything (it's a very compact town).

Manzanita Public Parking 45.71858, -123.93279

Accepting guests again. Checked my passport when I arrived. Everything else as described. Friendly place.

Bomberos Nacaome 13.52831, -87.49075

Parking lot on the Planet Fitness left hand side ( facing the entrance ) . Super quiet night . Trains passed by in distance but little noise . Together with other 3 vans . We do have the gym membership so we can use showers , restrooms and obviously the gym .

Planet Fitness 32.16654, -110.98910

Very very noisy. Sleeping here would be tough with it being so close to the road, and parking spots are too short for vans to fit.

Rest stop west bound 40.67101, -99.12169

Tried to enter with a 40 feet rig but was impossible to get in although we gave it many tries. Could have parked in the street right in front and pay to use facility but decided to check campings at the next beach instead

La Tortuguita 16.54618, -98.93262

Beautiful campground. We saw a wombat here in the night.

Thredbo Diggings Campground -36.44655, 148.42538

**Edit. Mid morning a couple of local men came and wanted 100q. Not a good place to stay after that experience.

Gravel site with view 15.44410, -89.61492

Great spot. 14 day camping allowed. A few small washes to get through but I did fine with my 22 foot class c. Plenty of spaces.

Plomosa Rd East 33.90552, -114.02980

200p a night, we have showers with hot water and clean toilets, we are waiting for you :)

Paraiso Misional 27.28230, -112.89311

Careful parking here overnight. Some pullouts are semi-private land. I got the knock around 9PM and had to move. Cop let me park in a lot near the station for one night.

Corte Madera 37.91775, -122.52836

There’s a no camping sign that’s been covered by a few stickers. The lot just south of it seems chill. Watch out for cats !

Pistol River North 42.29773, -124.40866

Some road noise but better than the rest area down the road. Nice walking paths around and some interesting things to see along the way.

Archway Monument 40.67077, -99.03965

It’s a nice oasis of peace, not too much noise and people. Rabby, the manager, is a great guy!

campINcox 21.31735, 92.03967

It was great to be here, would recommend 100%.

Not big rig friendly on the center itself, the road to lead here is very steep and sandy on the last 1km and needs 4x4. Our 2WD 50hp didn't make it without some assistance ;)

To clear past posts up a bit:

Marco runs the Divecenter, he is not always in Angola, why it is important to contact him in advance (see whatsapp above).

He doesn't own the Compound! He is not making up the prices for camping but his non english speaking partner.

Gervasio is a guy working for the partner, not speaking english aswell.

Marco is sometimes the intermediate to sort out accomodation for travelers.

It is mainly a dive center with very good facilities included in the price if you stay overnight. You can use everything, from shower, kitchen, washing machine, shorepower.

Price for Camping p.p. was 7000kwa.
Price for Room p.p. was 10'000kwa.

Diving: 34'000kwa.
Multiple dives: 30'000kwa.

The place is beautifully decorated and Marco gives his heart to the place. He is very helpful and kind, building up this nice spot here.

Diving and snorkeling is amazing here, I saw Seahorses, Grouper, Torpedo ray, Morays and many more.

Sadly locals are fishing in the Reef.
The government is not reacting yet.
If you have ideas, contacts to NGO's concerning Marine conservation, please forward them to Marco.

This beautiful unterwater paradise needs to be protected!

We enjoyed our stay and in doubt, we don't get a revenue for this comment :)

Ombissi Dive Centre -12.58500, 13.26530

The road is blocked, area marked as private and there is no possibility to stay.

Lakeside 51.30219, 15.55921

Follow road 647 up around the bend to the left, take the second left road (the first road has a gate and leads to a bat of water), this leads to a spot with a fe options. Turn around can be tricky but possible in a van with small motorcycle trailer.

Roosevelt Lake Overlook on Rd 647 33.71231, -111.20238

nice place for self storage with a few parking lots in the outside but very competitive and close to the airport. felt very safe to us. they got some more storage places in the city, some more focused on car storage with awnings

ucanstore self storage -26.15901, 28.18477

Very cool guy who gave me insurance for 4 months for my 4 runner toyota (12 CV /1995) for 23500 cfa. It was on Saturday

PA assurance 16.02477, -16.49499

Nice campsite and a few cottages in Drakensbergen South. Place is also a paragliding school and they do fun paraglides as well.

Very nice owner. We paid 100R pppn.

Wild Sky Paragliding -29.81688, 29.76455

camping bom com alguns pontos de luz e água, árvores e sombra. banheiros limpos, chuveiro quente, pia para lavar roupa e louça com água quente. tem um riacho onde algumas crianças estavam brincando e um campo de vôlei onde locais se divertiam. cobram entrada para passar o dia e a noite. 400 o dia, 800 a noite. pagamos 1600 para 2 pessoas e nossa cadelinha. Bastante cachorros, aparentemente de rua, correm e brincam pelo camping, todos muito simpáticos. tem Wi-Fi mas não é muito bom. nossa barraca levou duas mijadas.

Camping Municipal, Las Lajas -38.51991, -70.36135

good spot along the beach. military are standing all night not far so we felt safe. direct access to the beach.

Dead end road -20.27817, -70.13022

Port is charging 50 BRL for disembarking with your vehicle. Aggressive, but not insistent sellers everywhere.

Santana Port -0.05733, -51.17891

Belvedere prive avec piscine 30 bob pour la nuit et 20 bob pour utiliser la piscine. Endroit tres tranquille avec une tres belle vue sur la ville.

Belvédère La Colina -15.84097, -67.56920

6000pp . don't think there is hot water out back for the showers. otherwise 5*

Camping Patagonia -45.42475, -72.43078

dump station had a cone on it, and a water pipe, but not marked potable, and water not available. I don't know if that is for winter season, but we didn't use it.

Free Dump Station 33.60189, -83.66268

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